America’s Killing Fields- American State Department should think twice before passing resolutions against Sri Lanka.
Posted on February 22nd, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

The  Indian Express of the 20 February,2013,  reports of the deep concern of the “benefactors” the Angel of God the  USA State Department on whose  kindness seems the  future of the   Sovereign State of Sri Lanka depends .  USA thinks it had some hand with the Almighty God during  the creation of the world to give a little place for Sri Lanka at the tail end of the Indian continent.

How can we otherwise understand their deep concern which is reported  as having been expressed by one of its  angels Victoria Nuland who perhaps knows nothing about Sri Lanka other than what she had read in reports handed over to her by her bosses in the State Department  to be read. Se had read out  ”  we continue to be deeply concerned by allegations of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights in Sri Lanka,”

Who are making this allegations ? Should they really believe these allegations against Sri Lanka?

 No they should not because  US Sate Department knows better than any one what the violation of Humanitarian Laws and human rights is  as they do it on a daily basis in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and did that without impunity in  Libya.  They are not doing any thing different in Syria with the local “rebels” “”…”in reality terrorists, interposed carrying American arms and ammunitions.

 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, “ƒ”¹…”Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”  Matthew 7:1-5

The parable talks about hypocritical type of judging that points out wrong in others lives and ignores the wrongs in ones  own life.

That is exactly what the USA State Department does.  Nuland the spokesperson for the US State Department adds, ” At the end of this conflict, we support a full accounting for all who are engaged in acts that violated international humanitarian law,”

Victoria Nuland,  it is very interesting to read what your State Department which thinks it is clean as silver says, but what it  had been doing in Iraq,  a country which  had no weapons of mass destruction  as claimed by Bush administration as an excuse to declare a war against Iraq in 2003, is a shameful crime against the people of Iraq..

Please take note  and keep it in your mind Nuland, next time you read out your State Department note against Sri Lanka to the Press, that between March 2003 and 2012, Iraq Body Count Project reported  110 937 to 121 227 civilian deaths, and 172 907 Civilian and Combatant  Deaths in Iraq.  During the same period  the number of soldiers killed is reported as 4486.


Victoria Nuland please take a breath  before you read what  harrowing tales are written of the violation of human rights by the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan.  They are still more harrowing than its  bloody massacres and most humiliating and shameless Abu Gharaib Prison Tortures  in Iraq.

It was reported  that ,  “The Army staff sergeant, stationed at a U.S. base in Kandahar, entered three Afghan family’s homes at 3am and began the vicious killing spree. Relatives of the dead said he then ‘poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them.’

The shooter is an Army staff sergeant from Fort Lewis-McChord in Washington state, and was believed to have acted alone. “


Victoria Nuland, please note and report to your bosses in the USA State Department  that in another reported incident,

  “Twelve American soldiers face charges over a secret “kill team” that allegedly blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies.  Five of the soldiers are charged with murdering three Afghan men who were allegedly killed for sport in separate attacks this year. Seven others are accused of covering up the killings and assaulting a recruit who exposed the murders when he reported other abuses, including members of the unit smoking hashish stolen from civilians.”


 The likes of these  never happened in Sri Lanka.  And yet the US State Department thinks it fit to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights  for eliminating terrorists, merely because the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations  want America to do so.

 From who should the UNHRCouncil demand accountability, from USA or Sri Lanka ?

 The UK Channel 4 which makes fiction collecting images and doctoring them to show that Sri Lanka Armed Forces had committed war crimes, could  without taking so much of trouble  make a true horror film from what the American Soldiers are doing in Afghanistan

The more indecent is the American war in Afghanistan  which began in 2001 and which has now spread to Pakistan where civilians are being killed on a daily basis by Drone attacks against which American  anti war group Code Pink is campaigning.

Afghanistan was a country impoverished and the people were  suffering  without basic amenities after it had been occupied by the Russian Armies and then the Talibans. Immediately after that the Americans went to war in Afghanistan looking for Al Quaida terrorists.

The poor people in Afghanistan has had not a moment of peace.  The Americans drop bombs , shoot civilians, but has not been able to improve the living condition of the people who are worse than they were before.  America and its allies have killed 15,500 to 17,400 civilians  in Afghanistan.

The ” Costs of War” reported, “The killing in Afghanistan is not winding down:  in fact the annual death toll has risen since the war began in October 2001, and according to the United Nations, more civilians died there in May 2011 than in any month since 2007.  More lives are being lost as a result of war than when the Taliban was in control. The first half of 2011 saw the most intense fighting since the early part of the war. 

Civilians are being killed by crossfire, improvised explosive devices, assassination, bombing, and night raids into houses of suspected insurgents.  Unexploded ordnance from previous wars and from US cluster bombs continue to kill after the fighting stops.  “

It adds further “The war has also caused invisible wounds.  In 2009, the Afghan Ministry of Public Health said fully two-thirds of Afghans suffer mental health problems”¦”¦”¦

The war related indirect deaths in Afghanistan, as with any war, are caused by many factors, including disease due to lack of clean drinking water, malnutrition, and reduced access to health care.  Environmental disasters, such as drought and floods, make living in war zones more difficult, and create what the humanitarian relief community calls “complex emergencies.”

Victoria Nuland  welcomes the report by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillai,  noting the strong concern about the government of Sri Lanka’s lack of action to address these long-standing issues of reconciliation and accountability?

And had added, “”We plan to introduce our own resolution on this into the Human Rights Council,”   Navi Pillai- for the information of the American State Department is the most downright unfit selection of a candidate  to be the UN High Commission for Human Rights. She is a Tamil and an extremely biased racist. She had been brought up to hate those who ill treated  Tamils having suffered humiliation from the South African apartheid regime. 

Heads of International Organisations should be selected for their ability to take object  unbiased views on important issues, and the genuine  sympathy they demonstrate for  human suffering.

All that big talk about assailing Sri Lanka for fighting real terrorists- which the US State Department has failed to see as terrorists,  but as  harmless “rebels” or “revolutionaries” as it was in Libya,  can not  hide from the world the most heinous crimes against humanity and violations of human rights by the American Armed Forces.

It is reported that , “The estimate that over a million Iraqis have died received independent confirmation from a prestigious British polling agency in January 2008. Opinion Research Business estimated that the death toll between March 2003 and August 2007 was 1,033,000.


Another hotspot of  American Killing fields is Libya.  Of course Obama administration wanted to show the world  and assure the American’s at home that America will not send Soldiers to Libya. For America and its allies the Libyan theatre of war was merely assisting the ” Libyan Revolutionaries” from Bengazy.  But of course  America played its roll by sending  aircrafts, bombs , and arms and armaments and provided instructors on ground.

Kevin Baron of the National Journal covering the business of war  says Gaddafi  is the “billion dollar man”. Because , he says, “According to the Pentagon, that was the cost to U.S. taxpayers for Muammar el-Qaddafi’s head: $1.1 billion through September, the latest figure just out of the Defense Department.”

Kevin Baron gives all the following details about the terrible war in Libya where the actual number of deaths cannot still be ascertained .  And paradoxically the American State Department is asking Sri Lanka for an accountability in a just war it fought against terrorists in side its own territory.

“NATO aircraft, including those supplied by the U.S., totaled 26,089 sorties and 9,618 strike sorties through Wednesday. More than 70 U.S. aircraft have supported the operation, including Predator drones. NATO flew 67 sorties and 16 strikes sorties over Libya one day before Qaddafi was killed. The NATO mission also employed submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, destroyers, frigates, and supply ships–as many as 21 vessels at one time. Additionally, as of one week ago, the U.S. had sold participating countries in the operation roughly $250 million in ammunition, parts, fuel, technical assistance, and other support, according to the Pentagon.”


But having reduced Libya to rubble after all that bombardments by USA and the NATO Armed Forces.  They have left the scene leaving a free hand to the Libyan terrorists, who they call revoluitionaries. Nothing is settled in Libya. 

 Though they called Colonel Gaddafi a Dictator,  he was the only Arab Leader who used the petrol money the country was earning for the welfare of the Libyan People.  Every one in Libya had a home and a vehicle.  There were good schools, universities, hospitals and  Dispensaries  .  The shops did not lack goods.  The  Libyans had a high living standard. 

 But now no body- least of all  America and its allies that destroyed Libya  have come back to reconstruct the  bombed Libyan towns and homes,  and give the Libyan people a minimum of what they had before America came with the NATO Forces to destroy Libya and kill Gaddafi calling it the liberation of the Libyan people.

  Cynthia McKinney went to Libya when it was under attack by NATO Forces.  She afterwards wrote a book “”…” The Illegal War in Libya.   Reviewing her book Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report wrote:


“‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they must first make mad’
“”‚and that was how the western powers and corporate media
portrayed Muammar Qaddafi for decades as he nationalized
Libyan oil, raised the Libyan standard of living to one recognized
by the UN as among the highest in Africa, and began promoting an
African currency and development bank to free the continent from
the IMF.  When the ragtag group of “Islamist” fighters from Ben
Ghazi given diplomatic cover as the Transitional Council began
their NATO-supported assault, one of the first things they did was
to seize the Libyan central bank, until then one of the few still
controlled by government in the world.  If this makes you wonder””‚
and it should””‚then this is the book for you.  Kudos to former
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her truth-telling DIGNITY
journalists who put the complicit Western-backed human rights
NGOs to shame.”

 The UN High Commission for Human Rights Navi Pillai the greatest critic of Sri Lanka is “hell bent” to take Sri Lanka  to tribunal for war crimes for eliminating “her dear Sri Lanka Tamil  terrorists”, was invited to come to Sri Lanka and see  for herself whether Sri Lanka segregates the Tamils and has denied them any thing that has been made available to other Communities.  And speak to the people and  have a first hand knowledge whether the Sri Lanka Government or its Armed forces  have committed any violation of human rights during, or after the terrorist war.  But she has refused to come.

 Navi Pillai , if she is sincere and unbiased should  have  taken a lesson  from Cynthia McKinney- a great humanitarian and a fearless speaker for the underprivileged whose human rights  are not just  violated but devastated, and visited Sri Lanka to see for herself the  ground situation in Sri Lanka..

 In view of what  has been written above it is for the American State Department  to  reconsider their proposed resolution against Sri Lanka, as America has  violated human rights and committed serious war crimes , while Sri Lanka has only carried out a just war against terrorists within its own territory, in order to protect its people and its territory.

 The Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations and Fr. Emmanuel’s Global Tamil Forum are promoting terrorism having done nothing to ameliorate the condition of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.  It is therefore time that continuous accusations against Sri Lanka are stopped by USA and the International Community to allow the  people of Sri Lanka  to live in peace and allow them to develop their country and find happiness after having suffered for thirty years under terrorism.



19 Responses to “America’s Killing Fields- American State Department should think twice before passing resolutions against Sri Lanka.”

  1. herman Says:

    The US government is the big bully not only towards outsiders but also on own people. Its makes a mockery of human rights and yet we have our own foolish followers of this distorted version of human rights.

    Its time that the SL press highlights some of the atrocities and horrors done in the US, which the US government had concealed. We can start with the most recent – the 9/11 attack on the world trade towers and the killing of JFK.

  2. Christie Says:

    US is acting as a puppett for India and Indian vote in the US.

    Our attention should be India, enemy then and noiw.

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Drones only kill terrorists, they say………………….

  4. aravinda Says:

    We continue to be deeply concerned by violations of international humanitarian law and human rights in Iraq, now believe to be around 700,000 direct and indirect deaths thanks to American invasion to rob this nation of crude oil. We are also concern about this bankrupt military giant, venturing in to Asia and Africa with the sole purpose of robbing natural resources of these continents.

    Once upon a time Romans, British , French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ottoman, Genghis Khan, Nazis and few other build powerful military machines to rob other nations. America will go the same way they went.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Where was the human rights watch when Americans killed Osama Bin Laden in cold blood in front of his family? They are famous to say sorry when ever they kill an innocent civillian but why not for others? The guy who shot Bin Laden has no job,no medals nothing but just see what we do in our small country Sri Lanka to those who sacrificed their lives to save our Motherland. Come and see how we treat the war heros and their families.Take a lesson from us you white pigs.

    As long as we have this native village boy as head of the Government those hypocrits in the west will harass us that cannot be stopped because we have our own traitors like Ranil and the clowns who were supporting them with false information to get some green bucks and good life. They should be burnt alive in hell for their treacherous acts against our Motherland. May God save our country from all evils and allow us to live in peace and happiness.

  6. Christie Says:

    It is India and Indians who are taking on the islaqnd nation and the Sinhala people. What about Indias’s huma rights record? I am sure most of the people on this forum who attack the US vehemently are Tamils or who lives off Indians and Tamils.
    I agree US plays a part, but India is doing the job. India voted against Us last time. Navi Pillai is an Indian colonial parasite.

  7. douglas Says:

    In my opinion, the BASHING, U.S, The West, UN, NGOs,Human Rights Organizations and the Seperatist Diaspor OUtfits is not going to bring any tabgible benefits to Sri Lanka. All facts given above are known world over and nothing seems to be happening, excepting once in a while expression of condemnantions from few countries.


    It is very disheartening to say that we have not taken any meanigful steps in the direction of raising the above questions and doing something to benefit ouselves. One of the biggest failures is the “incapability to identify” the excistence of an “alliance” of the forces working against Sri Lanka. This “ALLIANCE” consists of West, Americas, Human Rights Groups, The NGOs, The Seperatists Diaspora etc. We relied heavily on the “Donor ” countries including India and today pay a heavy price. We failed miserably to put our house in order after the war and started a life style of affluence thereby allowing the “Administrastion of Affairs” of the country to deteriorate to a stinking high. The lead role in this way towards deterioration was played by the Politicians at all levels (Centre and Local), a culture of “Impunity” to engage in corruption, wrong doing, lawlessness, mismanagement of State Assets and Resources was brought in, the role of the Law Enforcement was openly destabilized, the social value systems were ruined and the whole “Governing System” of the country today is like a “rotton, stinking jak fruit”. What are we doing today to stave off the “stinking mess”: cover it with an “aromatic coating’ by spend millions and millions of public funds and loans to “beautify” the country with “super mega projects” than to provide the basic need of the society and add and increase the “Public Debt” load. Even these “super mega projects” bring in only 25 to 30% net asset value and the rest is “spirited out”.

    The above situation of the country has provided a “playing field” for these “Big Powers” to band together with the UN and its Agencies, NGOs, the Diaspora Seperatist outfits to attack and destabilize the country. So instead of “bashing” these vultures, isn’t it better late than never to indenfity our own failings and put our house in order and showcase our country WITHIN and to the OUTSIDE WORLD as a NATION AND A COUNTRY, WORTHY OF RESPECT AND TO EMULATE.?

  8. Nanda Says:

    Human rights, freedom, democracy in USA has been rotting since 1940s, not improving.

    Biggest “killing field” by USA was Hiroshima and Nagasaki, don’t forget that !
    USA, UK jointly manufactured a bigger “killing filed” in Germany, before that.

    We have a right to create our own minute “killing fields” ( minmum of 2 ) in order to develop.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with Douglas on the problem and what to do. BUT what we SHOULD DO is not that easy to understand for some.

    We should,

    1. protect UNITARY SL
    2. as a Sinhala Buddhist nation
    3. just like MOST other democratic countries do
    4. by DESTROYING all possibilities of Tamil Elam

    So what should we do?


    2. FORCIBLY POPULATE Jaffna, Vanni, Trinco with Sinhalese, Muslims, army

    3. ELIMINATE ALL anti-SL terrorists starting from the 133 Tamil Christian clergy who have written the 2013 US sponsored resolution at UNHRC!!

    This has to be done creatively. Child sex abuse cases can take care of MOST of them. Accidents, personal fights, land disputes, road rage, etc. can take care of the rest.

    4. WEAKEN Tamils economically so that they will BEG the govt. FOOD NOT DEVOLUTION.

    e.g. In 2008 Tamils did NOT demand devolution. They BEGGED for food and safety. Now they demand devolution.

    IF we give into Tamil demands, there will be MORE DEMANDS!

    This is what most DO NOT understand. (Tamil does not mean ALL Tamils but MOST Tamils of SL who either support Tamil racism OR WORSE do NOT oppose Tamil racism.)

  10. Charles Says:

    It is sad that, for some people, Sri Lanka is only” rotting jak fruit”. But the fact that they do not want to see is that the foreign countries that they do not want to disparage, have not done as well as the country they call the “rotting jak fruit”. The country they slight as a “rotting jak fruit” to-day is the admiration of many genuine unbiased people . It is hated by those once affluent countries because they have not done so well as the country which for some is a” rotting jak fruit”.

    The enemies of the country they call a ” rotting jak fruit” keep repeating the same accusation all over again in every International Forum just to discredit the “rotting jak fruit” . Therefore there is nothing wrong in reminding the enemies of the “rotting jak fruit” over and over again that they are the rotten violators of human rights though they point their finger at the this wonderful country Sri Lanka, who some seem to think it fit to call it a “ rotten jack fruit.”

  11. Nanda Says:

    “WEAKEN Tamils economically so that they will BEG the govt. FOOD NOT DEVOLUTION.”

    Why no use the Australian Standards ?

    1. Open plenty of places selling alcholo at very cheap price, say 50 Rs per bottle.
    2. After 1 year start paying some free money to “interviewed” tamils.
    3. Use the earned money fro 1 to continue 2 from 3rd year up to 10 years. Leave them alone. No police is necessary.

  12. ranjit Says:

    Bravo Charles for your comments. There are two kinds of people in our blessed country. One who loves and one who hates it. Those rotten Jackals who has left our country in search of good life abroad thinks they are living in heaven and criticize our small beautiful country. Majority value everything what we have today in our country except those enemies who left in search of better life and doing nothing except tarnishing their own country by uttering rubbish to plaese their white masters.

    Now we have a system in our motherland not like those days when those traitors in the opposition governs the country. Have these rotten eggs visited their Motherland after 2009? Come and see and comment. Beautifying the country is not a show off. Those days everything was only for afluents in Colombo but now it’s the other way. Walk around and see you rotten jack fruits and talk to the ordinary people in the village and you will come to know the truth about our beautiful Motherland.Dont criticize living under the petty coat of white hypocrits. New Roads are neccessary, New Airports,New harbours,Schools,Hospitals,new projects are neccessary for a developing country like ours. It’s not wastage all those are for the benefit of all Sri Lankans including Rotten jack fruits who are living outside. I hate traitors and those who do not admire the progress we have achieved after 30 long years of war.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    It was really stupid for Douglas to criticize the good work of the govt.

    BUT, he has identified a GENUINE PROBLEM we MUST resolve.

    Look at the INCOMPETENCE of many SLs in the govt. in relation to this UNHRC issue and connected issues. Our enemies WITHIN SL have a field day!

    How can Kasippu Joseph and 132 other criminals write to UNHRC, USA, etc. and demand SL is further humiliated?

    How can we tolerate TNA terrorists who are busy going around the world trying to get ALL UNHRC members to vote AGAINST SL?

    Why govt. is letting Pakiya, etc. get away?

    Govt. GIVES IN to EVERY DAMN Indian demand. Who is standing up to it?

    Nothing has been done to FRAME Adel Balusingham for war crimes!!

    This INCOMPETENCE put security forces men’s lives, reputation and future at risk.

    Compare that to the service by Gen. Shavendra in NY. Why these heroes have to fight BOTH BATTLES while some DIP-LOW-MATS just eat taxpayers money?

  14. RohanJay Says:

    Well Said Charles Perera, I don’t always agree with you especially when you said nice things about Obama back in 2008,2009,2010 and 2011 when the evidence from day one was Obama was a creation of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Zbigniew Brzezinski while most Sri Lankans were getting duped by Obama a pure wall street, City of London Marketing creation to push the imperialist agenda. I wasn’t duped because I was reading stuff and taking to heart info from excellent American Journalists like Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley and one of the best British Journalists who researches the truth who previously worked for the BBC in the 1980s named David Icke. These gents tell the truth of whats happening in our world. I hope people will listen to them more. In fact here is David Icke’s excellent article released when Obama was elected which I read called the “The Naked Emperor”. People like Charles Perera were singing Obama’s praises loudly at the time on this site without doing the required research.
    Here is David Icke’s excellent article below.

    , but in this article you are absolutely spot. I think you have finally seen the light regarding Obama is just another fake. He was no friend of Sri Lanka.

  15. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles, ranjit, Lorenzo and other readers: I am SORRY for hurting your feelings. The term I used was not in anyway to make reference to my country Sri Lanka. Would not anyone feel “furstrated and disgusted” the way our “Administrative Authorities”handle matters both internally and internationally? It is in that context that I made ference to the “Governing System” and did not intended to refer to Sri Lanka. Perhaps I would not have made myself clear in making that reference to which I intended to.

    Further than that I do not wish to make myself clear, in relation to the “huge bunglings” of day to day administration of the country, because that would be liken to “looking up and spitting”.

  16. Charles Says:

    Thank you Douglas for retracing your steps. We should not look up and spit.

    I have no personal interest in any person or the government. But there had been no political leader before Mahinda Rajapakse who had been able to change the face of Sri Lanka, as MR had been able to do.

    Of course he is not without fault. But before looking at the negative side, look at the positive side and acknowledge the formidable development that had taken place in Sri Lanka. He has been able to give a new sense of Pride for us to be Sri Lankans. The problems Sri Lanka has is not all the making of the President or his government. We have to go a long way before every thing is put in order.

    But are the so called developed countries without problems, scandals, fraud, and corruption ?

    It is the human nature to nail the one who stands for justice, and do what is best for the suffering people. We have many examples: Jesus, Gandhi, Luther King, Lumumba, Kennedys, Lincoln and the list is long. Therefore before we nail some one… it is best to look deeper to see whether we are nailing the correct man.

    RohanJ , Thank you. I will read the article.

    Thank you Nanda, Ranjit, and Lorenzo.


  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Did I say Gen Shavendra?

    He has done some EXCELLENET work recently. Tamilnet carries a beautiful foto of Gen SS with US marines!!

    When Tamilnet cries genocide, it MUST be good for SL.

    “Suspect genocidaire gives U.S. marines lessons in war

    [TamilNet, Sunday, 24 February 2013, 17:38 GMT]

    Tamil activists questioned the bonafides of the U.S. Government in the US attempts to push for accountability in Sri Lanka’s war, after the alleged war-criminal, Sri Lanka’s United Nations Deputy Permanent Representative Shavendra Silva, was invited to speak on “defeating terrorism” at the United States Marine Corps University in New York. Sources close to policy makers in Washington said that the approval for the “lecture” would not have been given without the knowledge of the US State Department and Department of Defense.

    Well done Gen SS. We are very proud of you.

  18. Ratanapala Says:

    Sri Lanka must move from Dependence to Independence. First and foremost we must be self sufficient in our essential needs, then no country in this world can dictate terms to us. We are already self sufficient in many areas thanks to Mahinda Chinthanaya, but there are still many more that needs to be worked at. We are still dependent on India for many of our food needs. We must move away from this scenario.

    Emphasis must move away from the cities to the villages. They are the ones that need to be strengthened. Beautiful and clean cities are a necessity, but the country cannot depend on those accustomed to city luxuries to make sacrifices when the time comes. Wise leaders know from where their support comes from. The Colombians and their like in other cities have failed the nation time and again.

    We must have strong disciplined armed forces deployed throughout the nation to keep the peace the nation fought so hard to achieve.

    We must cultivate and have good all weather friends in foreign lands including India. We cannot equate the whole of India to Tamil Nadu. There must be a diplomatic offensive to win over Non Tamilians to Sri Lanka’s cause. The long term objective of the Christian West is to dismember and balkanise India. Every Indian will suffer if this happens.

    The rest of the world will treat us as Karapincha – use and throwaway when not needed – if we fail to stand on our own feet it will be our doom!

  19. Dilrook Says:

    On Balkanising India.

    India is already Balcanised from its patchwork of monoethnic enclaves called states. Collapse of the Indian Balkan Union is inevitable as the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. China and Pakistan also plot for the disintegration of the Indian patchwork union hurriedly put together by the British in 1947. Sri Lanka survived better when there was no India, however, the record has been very bad after the creation of the Indian union.

    Reaching out to non-Tamil “Indians” works best when Tamil Nadu is not in a union with India.

    In fact Mahawamsa and Chulawamsa provide many examples of this happening in the past. To mention just a few; King Vijayabahu the Great and Parakramabahu the Great received military assistance from the nations of Kannada, Kannuj, Kalinga and Kerala in their campaigns against Tamils. Velusumana rode a Sindh horse known for their military value. Emperor Asoka (whose kingdom unfortunately spared the Tamil south of India) bypassed Tamilakam to reach Sri Lanka. These two eras followed the longest Tamil invasions in the island spanning 77 and 44 years.

    Such strong unions cannot be reached with any of these old friendly nations because now they are in a union (India) with Tamil Nadu.

    Spate of anti-Sri Lanka agitations currently in Tamil Nadu, arming the LTTE and imposing the Tamil homeland concept via the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord and 13A are the work of the Indian central government. Tamil Nadu is a convinient and useless excuse for India to interfere in Sri Lanka. A disintegrated India will be weak enough it will have enough border disputes and much less military strength that it will never be able to dictate terms to Sri Lanka. All these anti-Sri Lanka moves by India strictly follows the 3-tiered Indian global strategy enumerated by C Raja Mohan. Even before Tamil Nadu antics started in 2012, India had decided to vote against Sri Lanka. In 2013, India has already decided to vote against Sri Lanka next month. Tamil Nadu antics is India’s justification, not the reason.

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