Mudslinging campaign against Sri Lanka: Channel 4, the mouthpiece of LTTE diaspora
Posted on February 24th, 2013

by S. Thillainathan

The London based Channel 4 TV station is the mouthpiece of the LTTE diaspora. The LTTE rump is said to fund this station heavily to carry out its mudslinging campaign against Sri Lanka. The money raised by the LTTE rump in Britain and Europe is allegedly spent lavishly on such covert operations against Sri Lanka.

According to reliable sources, the LTTE pays the Channel 4 TV station almost 300,000 dollars annually for the services rendered.

The Editor and presenter of the Channel 4 TV station is Shirani Sabaratnam. She was born at Vaddukoddai in Jaffna. When she tried to enter Sri Lanka on June 5, 2011 she was detained at the Katunayake airport by Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities and later deported to Britain. It is reliably understood that Shirani, a former member of the LTTE had arrived with her British husband from Britain, via Dubai and when she was detained at the airport her husband had disappeared.

When she was questioned by the authorities, she said that she had used different passports to travel to Sri Lanka’s North, during the war against terrorism and after terrorism was eradicated.

Her husband, Stuart Cosgrove is a director of the Channel 4 Station. They are reportedly playing a major role in diaspora activities against Sri Lanka. The authorities believe that the husband and wife duo had visited Sri Lanka to do another documentary which was critical of the Government.

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  1. Vis8 Says:

    For those ‘journalists’ who wouldn’t know: this is a Sri Lankan Tamil speaking. Not like your refugee friends who have some $$$ of terror money to spend on you, eh?

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