What Anagarika Dharmapalathuma said In 1926
Posted on March 10th, 2013

This is What Anagarika Dharmapalathuma said In 1926


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    How true!

    How did he know all these in 1926? Amazing!

    But even he couldn’t foresee the halal curse. Halals destroying Buddhist temples.

  2. Ben Silva Says:

    I have said the same thing.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Unless you are not a Sinhalese, please read it carefully and analyse what has happned since that statement was made rather than foolishly jumping saying “how true ?”, ” amazing ” .
    Well, Sinhalese have overcome the weaknesses metioned in frist tow paragrphs by 1886 , that took 60 years.
    But the weaknesses mentioned in the last three paragraphs have become much worse than Dhramapala’s time.

    Different problems have arisen. A lot of educated have left the country to serve Suddas, inlcuding myself. We must take responsibility for that.
    Dhramapala is definitely did not practice right speech according to Buddhism, but he did not complain about Nibbana or getting rid of desires. Instead he is takling about getting rid of “power hunger (bala tanha)”, one form of “tanha”.

    He hit the weaknesses rightly.

    1. Desire to see fair coloured skin.
    2. Desires for materiality disregarding humanity.
    3. Desire to earn money working for Marakkalaya ( for eg. Saudi killers)
    4. Desire to get rid of Sinhala names ( like Ben Silva and Mervyn Silva) and value western society rather than Sinhala cultural heritage (like Ben Silva).

  4. Nanda Says:

    not 1886 , 1986 – moderator can U help me to adjust that please ?

  5. Nimalsiri Perera Says:

    To be fair to Sinhala Buddhist, they have achieved getting rid of caste easily, using western names (except expatriates who have started changing the names eg: Piyadasa to Peter , Ananda to Andy , Bandula to Ben , etc).

    Something interesting are,
    1. “changing religion for a piece of meat ” – did this ever happened ?
    2. ” becoming slaves to the white man, Tamil and Muslim man” people commenting here have achieved that ?

  6. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    let me add a saying by ven. mahinda, the tibetan monk who was the mate of my father at piyaratane. ‘suddage padayath sinhalayaater mehiri naadayaki’ – trans – ‘even the fart of a white man (i presume he meant british) is a melodious to sinhala man’.
    yes, from a naagsalan culture in sri lanka it has turned into a ‘chicken culture’ now – thanks to wahaabis who kill animals to feed the sinhala buddhist – what hypocricy! isn’t it? on one side sinhala buddhist utter paanaathipaathaa…. and then order chicken whenever they have rice. they can’t just go without it.
    we had anagaariker dharmapaaler , ven. mahinda, ven. soma etc. but nothing changes with the mentality and actions of sinhala buddhist. we need to re-establish the heladeepa with our buddhist sinhala values before they get wiped from the face of heladeepa. to do this we must oust the current political system. allah and halalaa must be controlled before it’s too late. nip at the bud.

  7. Piyadigama Says:

    අරාබියේ………. අල්ලා
    මූණ වහපු…….. .බිල්ලා
    ගෙරි කන කැත …බල්ලා
    උන් විසිකර …….පල්ලා

  8. hela patriot Says:

    Anagarika Dharmapala is right. The predicament of the Sinhala Buddhists is due to 3 reasons. 1) The ahem hamuduruwane mentality . Every regime from the Senanayakes Bandaranayakes , Jayawardena , Kumaranatunga and now Rajapakse are never criticised and questioned They can do anything they like , they believe the minorities are king makers and give in to every thing they want.2) The anti buddhists economy- The bandaranayakes nationalised the wealth of the Sinhala Buddhists be it the nationalisation of the buses, land, paddy lands act . The minorities in business who never paid taxes were never touched. These minorities after the open economy has acquired a lot of wealth. Capital creates capital. To cap it all the government borrows money, prints money ( steal from the people) and give it to the busisnessmen to create more money. The most of the businesses are held by minorities. There is no creation of wealth but the economy is mainly buying and selling and on debt. So you borrow and steal from the people and give it to the businessmen to create wealth. Majority of the busnessmen are from the minorities thus the majority sinhala buddhists are pauperised and the minorities given stolen money to create more money. This is not taking into account the corruption which is mainly carried out by the businessmen with money. 3) allow Saudi Arabia, India to support the minorities who are further enhancing the wealth of the minorities. The predicament of the sinhala buddhists must be put on the door step of the So called Sinhala Buddhists rulers aided and abetted by the corrupt buddhist clergy.

  9. Vis8 Says:

    What a visionary! These words hold true very much today. Hope some visionary leader will rise up to save Sri Lanka.

  10. Piyadigama Says:

    Only Ranasinghe Premadasa, Dingiri Banda Wijetunga and Chandrika Kumaratunga had at least Sinhala names. Other leaders had foreign names like Don Stephen, John, Dudley, Solomon William, Dias Bandaranaike, Junius Richard and Percy.

  11. Kit Athul Says:

    Piyadigama, do you know how many names did Angarika have? Do a little research. How many times did he change the religion? Where did he lean UBA and UBALATE? Gotham Buddha adressed a gathering AUSHMATHYA. Do you know Anagarika went settle down in India and why was he kicked out of India? Mervin Percivil has done million times more than the Anagarika (What was Anagrika’s real name?) for the poor Buddhists.

  12. Voice123 Says:

    Piyadigama, Chandrika isnt a Sri Lankan name. Its origin means “moon shining” in Hindi and is fairly common among them. Hindi isnt a Sri Lankan language – yet.

  13. Piyadigama Says:

    Kit Athul

    His birth name was Don David Hewawitharana. But he didn’t stick to it. He changed it to a good Sinhala name.


    Chandrika is a Sinhala name. Any other language also can have that name but still it is a Sinhala name too. Sinhala and Hindi has many similarities. But that does not mean one originated from the other. They are sister languages not mother language and child language. They both may have a common origin.

    If you read and understand what the great man said then you will see what the type of names he was against and the reasons for it.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Good news. Halal GONE!

    Well done Bodu Bala Sena. Jayawewa!!

    Halal certificate will NOT be shown on products.
    Halal fees will NOT be charged.


    The nation must thank and worship Bodu Bala Sena for their PEACEFUL and EFFECTIVE work.

    Now we should STOP this halal discussion. It’s all OVER.

    Thank you Muslims. You have shown you are true SLs like us. (There are some extremist swine still left as with ALL communities including the Sinhala community. e.g. Laksiri Fernando, Chandra Jayaratna, Jeyantha Dhanapala).

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    With all due respect to Rev Anagarika Dharmapalathuma.

    Sinhalese are not THAT WEAK and STUPID after all.

    They have overcome,

    1. caste problems MORE than Tamilians, Indians, etc.
    2. Tamil terrorists
    3. Halal
    4. the killers of Ven Soma Thero (now they are in prison)
    5. a foreign funded coup in 1962

    Now the priorities are,

    1. Sinhala as the ONLY official language (English a national language and Tamil a minority language).
    2. Buddhism state religion.
    3. RETAKE the north as a Sinhala majority area.
    4. INCREASE Sinhala population growth rate.
    5. CUT DOWN the ameba population growth rate of the 2 largest minorities.
    6. PUNISH ALL criminals
    7. BAN all racist parties.
    8. DEPORT ALL Indian Tamils to India.
    9. Arrange LOW COST boats for people who DON’T LOVE SL to go to Australia as refugees (and ensure they go to the bottom of the sea without a trace. Let the Hell’s Navy welcome them.)
    10. SCRAP 13 amendment.

  16. Voice123 Says:

    I also suggest we change the name for our currency from the English-Indian word “Rupee” to the name that existed prior to colonialism. Does anyone know what it was?

  17. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    lorenzo – good news that the allah hulaala halallaa is gone –
    this is a plus for sinhala buddhist majority in sri lanka. we should show who is in command, like majorities in other countries.

    sinhala pundits predicted we will not win the tiger war and we should negotiate with them like the slimy sleezy ranil’s attempt.
    now the sinhala pundits attempt to ignore the wahaabi threat and attempt to advise the govt. to quell sinhala buddhist extremism. no one targets decent muslims, the bbs is counter attacking wahaabis who has a specific agenda in sl guided by saudis etc.

    i must add to lorenzo’s list – 11. limit two children per family in sl. give monetary intensives to have only two kids and cut off incentives if anyone falters. this is the only way muslim especially wahhabi population can be controlled.

    no one should sell property to wahaabis in especially colombo from now on – enough is enough we want to hear sinhala language in colombo.- wahaabi expansionism must be stopped in colombo and else where in the island. gosl must forcibly re-take buddhist temple land lost to wahaabis in the east immediately.

  18. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    also bbs must now gather momentum to focus on a peoples political movement and capture power in heladeepa and chase all these corrupt slfpier, unpiers and jvpiers and other piers from the face of heladeepa and all these corrupt buddhist mahanayakes. i am pretty sure some genuine leader will emerge from this movement.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m disappointed about your attitude towards the GREAT NATIONAL HERO who was EXTREMELY respected by JR and MR.

    AD created a movement. That is why Sinhalese survived and REVIVED.

    The above statement was said in 1926.

    In 1927 that Indian Ghandh came to SL. BUT he had NO following!! Only a VERY FEW went behind him but MOST SLs REJECTED to follow him. Why?

    Because by then SL had a GREATER LEADER – AD.

  20. Christie Says:

    Mohandas Karamchand (the worlds most celebrated paedophile and the British Indian colonial parasite who made his financial and political fortunes from black Africa) came in 1927 and was instrumental in forming the Jaffan Youth Council that lead to most of the problems of the island nation.

  21. Senevirath Says:


    1.. AARTHIKA WAHAL BHAVAYA— OPEN ECONOMY– NO MORE “granary of the east””””



  22. Senevirath Says:


    “””” langa paathaka hitiya nam kate masuran


  23. Lorenzo Says:


    Wish you the same.

    We CAN nail ALL anti-SL MFs, one traitor at a time.

  24. Nimalsiri Perera Says:

    This statement (assuming it is true) was stated in 1926.
    Anagarika Dharmapala (AD) was given the name David at birth (1864), being the son of furniture king H.Don Carolis.
    He learned Buddhism under the influence of Venerable Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thera and Migettuwatte Sri Gunananda Thera and adopted the name Anagarika ( Homeless) Dhrampala. He renounced the wealth, position and comforts of a home life, garbed in the simple attire of a Buddhist devotee he became a Buddhist propagandist.
    He did not give in to sexual desires and did not marry unlike most commentators here. Ben Silva, who claims Buddha is stupid to give up desires and seek extinction, says he said the same thing as AD. I am not sure whether this man or woman , Ben Silva is wearing any clothes to say so in a public forum.
    Anagarika Dharmapala’s services to Buddhism was enormous, considering the fact that he operated in an era of real Kalu Suddas and Tamil dominance. The most outstanding thing in his life was the active part he played to resuscitate Buddhism in Ceylon and the contribution to the nationalist movement. He campaigned for these worthy causes amidst tremendous difficulties.
    He worked tirelessly to claim back Buddha Gaya for the Buddhists from Hindu India. Ben Silva, who praises, Indians for giving up Buddhism and belittle Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha is dare to imply he is a modern day Anagarika Dhramapala.
    In this computer age, it is no surprise that Athapatthus become cyber Anagarikas.

  25. Nimalsiri Perera Says:

    “Let me be reborn. I would like to be born again twenty-five times to spread Lord Buddha’s Dhamma.”

    – Anagarika Dharmapala’s last words when he died in India in 1933.

    If Ben Silva is striving to emulate him, what will be his last words ?

  26. Voice123 Says:

    Piyadigama says: “They [Hindi and Sinhala] are sister languages not mother language and child language”

    – Ok Piyadigama then can you get your Hindian “big sisters” to stop joining in with Tamil Nadu, Eelamists and the West to attack the Sinhala? If people like you who subscribe to these theories, could work on the Hindis, it would be to our advantage but so far NO LUCK! Thats because genuine relatives DONT behave like that. Repeat – relatives DO NOT behave like that. Truth is, Hindians consider the Hindu-Tamils closer relatives. WAKE UP. Eelamists are laughing at us right now. Fact of the matter, this sister this, relative that mentality is a Hindu concept. Buddhists (and all higher forms of spirituality) do not judge a person by their ancestry, birth or earthly status.

  27. Kit Athul Says:

    Lorenzo, yes every one respected Angarika after his death. That is not the isssue. The issue I high light is the way he spoke. UBALTA, THPILATA. SUDDHA. At the time of his death he was insense. He openly said that he regretted that he was born in Ceylon. All the people listing to me are stupid and I am the only intelegent one! He was a Catholic at first. Both his parents were Catholics. How did the Don David part come to his name? I do not have any written articles about him but about six years ago some one publishes a detailed record of this man and what he did. Who put this current article on Lanka web? Tamil Sangham. for what? You Sinhala do not have leaders you Sinhala are not Buddhists. This was published to deviate attent to Tamils organising in Geneva. It is to show that World Tamil Forum is a better organized than MR administration. We still do not know how the British ruled the world. “SUDDHA” was created by the British to show that if the skin is pale pink, that they are a superior race than the black and the light skin Sinhala.

  28. Voice123 Says:

    Good points Kit. Who knows why this was posted now.

    Noteworthy analysis of the so called white race also. You’d need to live in a country like America to see how they unite, exclude and exercise privilege and hegemony simply behind their skin color and all the myths and doctored history about their alleged superiority. Thats how they quietly colonised the world while black and brown killed and bickered over religion, language, caste, tribe, leadership struggles etc. Do you for one moment think our government and armed forces would be facing all these war crimes allegations, fictitious channel 4 type attacks, boycotts, disinvestment, Navi Pillais, etc if we were mostly pink people? Do you think Hindians would launch their remote and proxy attacks on us? Do you think even one suicide bombing would have gone unpunished, let alone 4,000? Do you think we would be left alone without any protective umbrella of major military alliances?

    Lets focus on the present.

  29. Kit Athul Says:

    Voice 123 says is right. but he does not know the difference between Sinhala and Hindi. Chandricka is not a Sinhala name says voice 123.There is a big difference between Sinhala and Hindi, which both of you don’t know.HINDI, spoken in India, and URDU, Spoken in Pakistan, are very close languages. Urdu is more Arabic than Hindi, neverthelsee, Hindi is an Arabic language based in SANSKRIT, which in turn is an Iranian, Arabic language.

    Sinhala is based in PALI an ancient language which has no connection to Hindi or SANSKRIT. The only so called European language close to PALI is POLISH. Polish Alphabet and PALI Alphabet are identical. If Voice123 and Padiyagama wants Sinhala name to replace Indian, hindu name Chandricka, then I suggest CHANDARAYA. May be both of you should write (Add my nane to it as well) to Chandricka and suggest that she should change her Hindi Indian name Chandricka to a Sinhala name CHANDARAYA, and become a born again SINHALA, I am sure she will do it. She is right now in Sri Lanka.

  30. Piyadigama Says:


    I think you have problem with the English language. Just because the two languages are sister languages (not sisters), it doesn’t mean people of those languages will work together. Hindi and Urdu are very close but that hasn’t unified the two giants.

  31. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    what a load of bs – kithsiri atulatmudali!!!!! – before you preach others get your facts correct – maybe as buddha said to almighty baka or omnipotent god ‘your memory lapses as you have being in existence for a very long time’.

    sanskrit is not an arabic language,, it’s persian. iranians are persians like every indo-european, aryan(linguistic group) in origin. if you dig into this middle east conflicts you will find that all other arabs use arabic language, except iranians and kurds, the difference – sunni and shites, that is the root cause of this conflicts other than the jew factor.

    sinhala is a mix of paali and sanskrit. i wonder where you got the impression that polish and sinhala are identical and of the same origin – in fact there is a first time for everything – congratulations you made a name for yourself. omg you are a far cry from my most admired politician/technocrat lalith. are you a related to big ben? you must have read a good amount of useful books written by useful persons.

    where did you get your liguistics skills my dear old man? you could be jolly well compared to that nigantaya, the old fool who castigated tahthagata and eventually vomited blood in his death bed.

  32. Nimalsiri Perera Says:

    Kithsiri Athulathmudali,

    Where is your answer my friend ?

    AD also the pioneer of “Amadayapa Vyapaaraya”. Why ? while Kalu Suddas were merrily having whisky and brandy in Colombo, Suddha introduced illicit liquor to the poor in the Sinhala villages and towns. Thanks for AD’s awakening messages, we managed to survive, unlike aboriginal people of Australia and other countries where Suddha use this method too.
    Please do not join the hooligons who insult the “Sinhala Boudhaya”.
    Do not insult AD or Bandaranayake, without these two Sinhalaya would have been extinct by now.

  33. Piyadigama Says:

    Thank you Nimalsiri Perera for that information.

    Grateful Sri Lankans will always cherish Anagarika Dharmapala. I wish not to talk about the others. They are not even worth mentioning by name. Anagarika Dharmapala has made enough statements about them.

  34. Piyadigama Says:

    I think Kithsiri Athulathmudali is an Indian agent pretending to be a Sinhalese. He talks against India and Indians but he is against anything against India which is his mother country.

    This is the curse of JR the engineer of the July 1983 riot that was the worst part of Sri Lankan history. Unfortunately JR’s July ’83 hooligans were not punished and some of them escaped to USA through India.

  35. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    np and p, (i just hate typing and capitalising this stupid inconsistent language – u all must do english like when u send sms – its very easy – pl follow – pl kill and ridicule this language)

    kithsiri atulatmudali is no indian agent – he lives in florida and is mentally disarranged, who once accused me for piggy back on jayantha liyanage when this man challenged tna’s conflict stand with 6a in our dumb constitution.
    he sometimes do naughty things as plucking kurumba and doing the job on the beach – his old ways have not changed. he is a cousin of that great lalith a – in fact a disgrace to la.
    his thinking is fairly screwed up (this is my personal observation) in so many ways and he found me talking sense only once.
    the great work ad did in buddhagaya alone is enough, to pull it from the crutches of unclean indians – i was there for 6 months and the admiration even indians have for ad is humongous. ven sumeda at sarnath is doing great work by teaching people about ad and performing everyday the recitation of dhammachakka pavaththana suttra (come rain come sun) in the temple he built with the money collected by donors.

    kithul raa beela verivena athula once labelled out great prof. lawyer who was in the icj, a fool – he is trying to be too great above all these great men – and smart like the big ben fellow and the known-er of things other people do not know.
    this time he faltered miserably – now let us see how he gets out of this hole!!!!

  36. Lorenzo Says:

    “The United National Party (UNP) today welcomed the scrapping of the Halal logo in Sri Lanka, UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said.”

    – dailymirror

  37. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    “Kithsiri Athulathmudali is an Indian agent pretending to be a Sinhalese”. Very true.

    Kithsiri Athulathmudali has tendency to accuse any good patriot as part of a tamil sangam and destroy them totally. He wants to personally attack the Sinhalese Buddhist. Being a true Tamil agent, he now makes a vicious attack on the Great Patriot, Anagarika Dharmapala, who came from a very good Sinhala, Buddhist family. Simply go to Buddhagaya to see what the Great Dharmapala had done.

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