INVESTIGATE Jayantha Dhanapala
Posted on March 11th, 2013

Ernest Perera 

There is a saying that people in glass houses should not throw stones. Jayantha Dhanapala needs to be reminded of this. Now steering a retired club called the Friday Forum “”…” a group of antiquated Colombo elite most of whom have had a clear history of attempting to destabilize Sri Lanka thinks his gory past of betrayals can be forgotten easily. The public must now seek a thorough investigation into Jayantha Dhanapala for the extent to which he used his office to betray the nation which will serve as lessons for the others taking similar paths.

 His educational and work experience in the international arena notwithstanding does not necessarily erase the fact that Jayantha Dhanapala was one of numerous men holding Governmental portfolios who betrayed the nation and continue to betray the nation.

 His roles as Secretary General of the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process saw nothing but appeasement no different to what the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister is now doing. Both these two individuals were architects of the 2002 Cease Fire Agreement that will go down in history as the greatest betrayl for which the UNP Leader Wickremasinghe also shoulders blames.

 In drafting PTOMS and ISGA to other documents with the LTTE, Jayantha Dhanapala needs to be investigated on how far his office has been used alongside legal consultants like Lakshman Marasinghe to override the Constitution of Sri Lanka fooling leaders using their knowledge. The Government must realize that there are many more such people amongst them and the foreign ministry head is just one of those bag and baggage.

 Now leading some retired club called Friday Forum, Jayantha Dhanapala is continuing to issue statements against the interest of the country camouflaging himself behind a group of “supposed” intellectuals who are not intelligent to read between the lines.

 What kind of patriotic person would advocate R2P alongside foreign funded NGOs and Dhanapala also needs to be investigated on what Governments/NGO provide funding to him.

 This is what Jayantha Dhanapala said in 2005 of the PTOMS: “A team led by me negotiated the draft MOU with the LTTE with the facilitation of Norway and every step of the negotiating process was supervised by the President” (Chandrika B) now Wickremasinghe is courting her to use as a sacrificial goat at the next Presidential election so that he can continue to be the Opposition Leader till death us do part. Probably Chandrika will fall just as did Fonseka. Bless their ignorance.

 If anyone goes through Dhanapala’s statement it is easy to realize what a double tongue talking individual he is and the fact that he drafted agreements like the PTOMs/ISGA where Prabakaran and LTTE were given the right to borrow money from world institutes which the SL Government had to pay back clearly speaks volumes about the traitor in him.

 As for the 2002 ceasefire he along with Austin Fernando approved sophisticated technical equipment to be shipped to the LTTE which was detrimental to the forces. As for the ceasefire itself have we forgotten how humiliated our soldiers were placed because of this damn ceasefire for which Dhanapala and GL shoulder accountability.

Our soldiers had to listen to the jeers of the LTTE made against them, while LTTE carried arms our soldiers had to be without ammunition, LTTE motorcades had to have soldiers standing on either side of the road in a mark of respect, soldiers were even sent letters through LTTE letterheads asking them to leave the forces and look after their wives and children”¦ the list of humiliations are so long that neither these two men deserve even a handshake from any of us.

 Jayantha Dhanapala now talks big and talks of values and integrity and is pointing fingers.

The country should now point fingers back at them and demand the Government start an investigation into their shady pasts to bring out exactly what traitors they are.

 Investigate Jayantha Dhanapala and let the People of Sri Lanka know exactly how he betrayed the nation.

10 Responses to “INVESTIGATE Jayantha Dhanapala”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I think along SAME LINES.

    SL tried to send this TRAITOR to UN to replace Monkey Boon. Glad it didn’t work.

    An INTERNAL traitor is worse than an external enemy.

  2. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    what the ff needs is a f in front. most pundits thought gosl wouldn’t win the war with tigers and the best path was to negotiate. mahinda, gota, sf and the men/women in our forces proved them wrong,now the same old bums are against the wahaabi expansionism. these colombon bums needs to appreciate what the majority of this nation’s aspirations. conditioned by especially anglo saxon ungulates manipulation, they need to ‘uncondition’ themselves of this ‘english thinking’. human resdponsibilty is far more applicable today than the bs ‘human rights’. what we now need is a peoples movement, like the bbs, to get rid of corrupt political parties and structure our country on those lines of yesteryear. just fine tune and modernise the administration we had. i hope the president will just ignore their fff clarion calls and take right action. the action took by the halaal certification people should have been imposed on them by the government – anyway the outcome was in everyone’s favour. now we need to go further and curtail wahaabi expansionism especially in the east, before it’s too late and in colombo. we need to take drastic action sparing the decent muslims.

  3. LankaLover Says:

    This is a man without a backbone to stand up for his country. I was observing him for some time, and can confidently say that he is just a selfish idiot who want to s*ck up to all what is (not)UN for an imaginative status quo.

  4. ranjit Says:

    We have heard enough of these traitors to our Motherland. Those Gollubellas won’t win any election for another 50 years. They were trying every trick of the pack to destabalize the country and bring another dark era but mark my word they will never succeed because our people understand the truth and recignize their cowardice and trecherous acts to their own homeland. Dhanapala can fool some but not all. Let these idiots talk like parrots. Our President knows how to deal with them. 4 brothers have the strength,stamina,courage and power to deal with any traitor in my country. God bless them all.

  5. Senevirath Says:




    ANY ONE INTERESTED PLEASE READ “”vimutthi magga hevath apaagatha novana maga”” PAGE 150-158.(sarasavi book shop)

  6. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    Jayadevae Uyangoda, Jayapathi Wickramarathne, Sunila Absekera, Nimalka Fernando etc are stooges of Tamil separatists

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    if G.L PEIRIS is TRAITOR than why he still in foreign minister post !
    you modayas , if you did not have GL Indian( IPKF) forces would have been back again in SL now !

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some 500 yrs of Colonial rule (with brainwashing) -> World wars I&II -> Cold War -> plus various -isms -> plus he who pays the piper calls the tunes = Confusion

    Stay away from paymasters !

  9. Marco Says:

    It’s rather a pity the author nor any of the contributors above read the Wikileaks cables regarding JD stance and his suspicions of LTTE whilst he was Secretary General.

    Nevertheless, JD would have a smile on his face if he does read the above.

  10. Senevirath Says:

    wait and see if unp wins G L P will again join it . from the begining he was against a unitary lanka and against sinhala chinthanaya we know his “PETIKIRIYA” from the time as v, c colombo faculty

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