The Back Ground to US Resolution against Sri Lanka.
Posted on March 21st, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

 It is a sad day for those who love Sri Lanka, and those progressive people who watch Sri Lanka’s evolution as a great country which has risen from ashes so to say to become the envy of some and a beacon of hope for others.

 American State Department, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry or even President Barack Obama -they are really of no use to us the people of Sri Lanka.  They care little for the people,  be they Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim, their main interest  in Sri Lanka is to what extent they can make use of the Sri Lanka- the country in their plan of a political strategy.

 The resolution USA got passed in the UNHRCouncil today is a display of its utter  hypocrisy.  USA has really nothing special that allows them to move  a resolution against Sri Lanka.  USA State Department therefore turned to Navaneetham Pillay the most controversial Commissioner of the UN Human Rights Council.  Most of the US Resolution against Sri Lanka contains Navaneetham Pillay’s earlier antagonist demands against Sri Lanka.

 There is no secret that Navaneetham Pillay- a South African Tamil is backed by the anti-Sri Lanka Pro terrorist Tamil Diaspora, and she wants vengeance from Sri Lanka government  for the elimination of Tamils as much as the pro-terrorists Tamils of the Diaspora.

 There is no point asking her to come to Sri Lanka, as any one  like her coming with a prejudiced mind against Sri Lanka will change nothing.  She had apparently sent a delegation  to make an evolution of Sri Lanka’s progress since the defeat of terrorism.  But that delegation had not been able to contribute anything  constructive for Navi Pillay to change her mind about Sri Lanka.  Instead of the findings of the delegation she had delved into the  report of the  Darusman Panel to include its findings in to the resolution prepared by the US State Department.

 Who had the “big” idea of taking only the last phase of the Sri Lanka’s military operations against the terrorists for a probe into the killing of civilians  and call for accountability, leaving out the previous 27 years of continuous massacres, assassinations, bomb blasts , and killing by  human suicide bombs of the terrorists ?

 These were all pre-planned , USA and its allies never expected  Sri Lanka Armed Forces to win in military operations  against the terrorists. They wanted terrorists “safe and sound” to form a separate Eelam State. 

 They saw to it by first suggesting to Sri Lanka that the only solution against terrorism is a political solution, then they arranged  with Netherland as a mediator several rounds of peace negotiations with the representatives of the  Government,  and the terrorist. The Mediators with the support of the then Secretary of Defence Austin Fernanado  raised the status of the  terrorists to a Armed Force  with the representatives of the terrorists given military insignias such as Colonels, Captains  and Commissars. Political Wing Leaders, Sea Tiger Commanders etc.

 The stage was thus set for the emergence of the terrorists into an Armed Force of a future Tamil Eelam State.  Unfortunately for the Western manipulators, the terrorist Talaivar  Prabhakaran was not ready for peace negotiations, as he wanted an  unconditional formation of an Eelam State.  Therefore, he deliberately  broke off the peace negotiations in order to wrench off forcibly  a territory for an Eelam State.

 Then the West through Netherland as a Mediator drew up the CFA setting up terrorist controlled areas and government areas.  The terrorists used this ” CFA Plan” to develop  its military force, stock arms and ammunition , set up factories to make bombs, submarines, protective earth mounds, set up road blocks and train a platoon of Black Tigers specialising in suicide human bombs. 

 The CFA barred the Sri Lanka armed forces from firing at the terrorists, on the other hand the terrorists set up claymore bombs, trained grenade lobbers, and snipers and carried out  massacres, bomb blasts, and assassinations and  took refuge in the terrorist controlled areas into which the police or the Sri Lanka Armed Forces could not enter in search of the miscreants.

 But the terrorists sure of their superior military power provoked the Armed Forces which did not have even modern  guns to resists the terrorists.  It was in such a provocation that the terrorists closed the Sluice gates of Mavil Aru depriving about 60000 farmers of water and  making 2000 hectares of land uncultivable.  It was then that the Government deployed its Armed Forces to open the Sluice gates.  The terrorists attacked the Armed forces cutting their access to the gates.  The Armed Forces retaliated and that was the beginning of the determined military operations by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to end terrorism which finally came to an end in May, 2009.

 During the course of that strategic military operations the West kept on  harping on a political solution, hoping the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  will be defeated by the superior terrorist forces.  When they saw that at last the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had adopted appropriate military strategies, and saw that the defeat of  terrorism was imminent the West sent emissaries to Sri Lanka.   

 David Miliband and Bernard Kouchner the Foreign Ministers of UK and France  met the President of Sri Lanka  and demanded him to agree to a Cease Fire.  The President and the Armed Forces  refused to  a cease fire at that stage,  and even refused an entry visa to the Swedish foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

 An extract from a relevant report:  ” Sri Lanka- The New Great Game” in The Diplomat Blog  read, “”¦.

 As the conflict drew to a close in the first half of 2009, there were a spate of diplomatic incidents that reflected growing tensions between Sri Lanka and the West. Sri Lanka rejected Britain’s appointment of Des Browne as Special Envoy to Sri Lanka and declined entry to Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. In addition, a joint visit in April 2009 by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner to secure a ceasefire led to a further souring of relations. Meanwhile, in April 2009, Sri Lanka’s application for a US$1.9 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund met with US resistance. “ƒ”¹…”We have raised questions about the IMF loan at this time. We think it is not an appropriate time to consider that until there is a resolution of the conflict,’ said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the time”¦”¦”(

 Sri Lanka stood steadfast not  giving in to any “great power” and won the war eliminating the terrorists for good.  But antagonised the USA and the West in the attempt and its final victory over terrorism was not felicitated to by the USA and the West.

 The USA and the West has still not given up their “plot” to  annex Sri Lanka in their plan for a USA political Strategy in the Indian Ocean against China, into which it has roped in India.  USA and the West still refuse to condemn the terrorists. They avoid being drawn into “condemn” the terrorists and call for an accountability for the disasters it caused  from those who contributed to terrorism in Sri Lanka such as the Terrorist Front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora, and the Associations such as the Global Tamil Forum, Tamils for Justice and the Tamil National Alliance, so on.  That is the very reason why they have restricted their focus on the last phase of the military operations against Terrorism by the Sri Lanka Armed forces, to avoid  accusing the terrorists and call accountability from those who represent the terrorists now,  on available factual evidence against them.

 This is the back ground to the US Resolution against Sri Lanka passed at the 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to-day the 21 March, 2013.  In which not only India but also Japan had stabbed Sri Lanka in the back, despite presenting them with two elephants. !!!.

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  1. herman Says:

    We need more “Rukshan Pereras”, SL can do so much better if some of its Best Brains in the east and west, relocates back to their True Motherland!

    China, Israel, India, Japan Malaysia, Singapore and many more countries developed rapidly, mainly cos many Patriots volunteered and returned to their respective Motherlands from the west, especially.

    Rukshan, after living in the USA for about 30 years, returned to Sri Lanka. The Multi-Talented singer / songwriter / record producer penned a song against the UN and the channel 4 video, check it out:

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “In which not only India but also Japan had stabbed Sri Lanka in the back, despite presenting them with two elephants. !!!.”


    A total waste of a foreign trip.

  3. Voice123 Says:

    Japan today is controlled by the USA. Even if they want to support us they cant because ever since the atom bombs and America subsequently helping them to develop, they are terrified of going against Amerca. Japan is only good for trade, investment and tourism. Dont expect logistic support.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    …… also Japan had stabbed Sri Lanka in the back, despite presenting them with two elephants. !!!.”

    Let us pray to all the gods, that the two elephants go mad and run amok on their streets…

    Mario Perera

  5. amy poirier Says:

    Please accept my apology on behalf of myself and the Americans that I know for a fact did not want this for Sri Lanka. I am truly sorry for the actions taken in Geneva. Please remember that is NOT reflective of all Americans.

    Please do not allow this to even cause hesitation in the great positive direction Sri Lanka is headed. Change takes time Sri Lanka has come so far and the best is yet to come.

    May peace come into the heart and minds of all the suffering.

    Peace, Amy

  6. aloy Says:

    We are in this situation due to the manipulation by colonial powers for over 500 years; they helped change the demography of northern areas and gave undue advantages to the tamils to the detriment of Sinhalas. They continue to do it. DS had a strategic plan to change it and unfortunately for us he died (or was he killed ?) and that stoped with it. I urge Gota to revive it as that is the only way we can solve this problem permanently. There will be no other person to do it if we miss this opportunity.

  7. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    Amy you are a great lady. The writing by Stephen Long also helped. Thank you to both and please keep writing.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia had tried to change the resolution with GENOCIDE word included and an INTERNATIONAL investigation.

    USA has stopped it saying that will NOT have support in the UNHRC.

    REGRETABLY thousands of Endians still live in SL without any harm.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks to Mr Charles Perera for his heartfelt articles in defence of Sri Lanka.

    Two small corrections :

    (a) Japan ABSTAINED from voting. You know, conquered territories …. Please see article below on vote.
    (b) It was Norway who mediated so called Peace deals in Lanka re the ltte, not the Netherlands.

    It is now up to all concerned public organisations to move Parliament to safeguard the country.


    “Resolution on Sri Lanka was adopted a short while ago. 25 countries voted for the resolution, 13 against with 8 member nations abstaining from voting.

    3.57 pm: UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka adopted 25 – 13 with eight abstentions

    The UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka has been officially adopted by the council, with 25 members voting for the motion, and 13 voting against it. There are eight abstentions. The numbers are almost unchanged from that of last year. India voted for the resolution.

    India’s envoy Dilip Sinha made a strongly worded statement on Sri Lanka, saying that it was imperative that Sri Lanka implemented the recommendations of the LLRC and moved forward in accordance with the 13th amendment to its constitution.

    “It is vital that Sri Lanka addresses issues like missing persons, detainees, and the return of private lands by military”, Sinha said, adding that the measures taken so far were unsatisfactory.

    Sinha added that it was India’s belief that the end of the conflict provided an unique opportunity to Sri Lanka for reconciliation and the opportunity needed to be grabbed.

    “India is Sri Lanka’s closest neighbour and share thousands of years of relationship. We cannot be but untouched by what happens in Sri Lanka”, he said, adding that India would continue to enage with the country.

    Sinha also urged the President of the UNHRC to accept an invitation by Sri Lanka to visit the country.

    3.52 pm: Update – JAPAN will abstain from vote on Sri Lanka

    Japan will abstain from the vote, said its envoy while asking the Sri Lankan government to move forward on the recommendations made by the LLRC, and appreciating the assurances made by President Mahinda Rajapasaka when he visited Japan earlier this year, that Provincial Council elections would be held in Jaffna.
    3.49 pm: Thailand to vote against resolution, Korea to vote for
    Both Thailand and Republic of Korea have expressed satisfaction with the Sri Lankan government’s steps, but while Thailand said it would vote against the resolution, Korea said it would support it.
    3.42 pm: Why this obsession with Sri Lanka, asks envoy

    Warning that resolutions such as that which was being brought against Sri Lanka would cause the UNHCR to suffer the same fate of its predecessor, the Sri Lankan envoy is asking “why this preoccupation with Sri Lanka on an inordinate and disproportionate level. It has been just three years and ten months since the war ended. We have demonstrated so much progress in a short period of time”, he asked.

    The Lankan envoy also indirectly lashed out at the United States, saying it was only targeting countries that did not conform to its political agendas. “Today it is Sri Lanka, tomorrow it will be any country which does not adhere to the agenda of those who bring forward this resolution, who claim to stand for Human Rights the world over, while actively pursuing agendas other than Human Rights”, he said.
    3.35 pm: Sri Lanka takes the floor, says ‘pessimistic’ draft is unacceptable

    An extremely indignant Sri Lankan envoy has taken the floor, saying that the draft resolution is completely unacceptable to Sri Lanka. “The preambular part of the text is intrusive, replete with misrepresentations, focuses disproportionately on the negative and eliminates or is dismissive of the positive”, he said,

    “There are also aspersions cast on domestic processes which are undergoing without any foundation”, he said.
    3.30 pm: Venezuela slams Sri Lanka resolution as ‘hypocritical’ and ‘double standard’

    Venezuela has rejected the resolution against Sri Lanka, saying that the resolution does not have any genuine cooperation or dialogue which is the cornerstone of any meaningful resolution. The envoy slammed it as being ‘hypocritical’ of ‘double standard’ and said that Sri Lanka was being targeted despite the meaningful steps its government had been taking to foster reconciliation.

    He added that Venezuela would vote against the resolution.
    3.27 pm: EU, Switzerland, Brazil and Sierra Leone to vote against Sri Lanka

    The envoys from Ireland (speaking on behalf of the EU), Switzerland, Brazil and Sierra Leone have all welcomed the resolution on Sri Lanka as being geared towards helping the country promote national reconciliation and accountability, and have said that they will support it.
    3.17 pm: India ‘urges’ Sri Lanka to move forward on reconciliation
    India’s envoy Dilip Sinha is reading out a diplomatic, yet strongly worded statement on Sri Lanka, saying that it was imperative that Sri Lanka implemented the recommendations of the LLRC and moved forward in accordance with the 13th amendment to its constitution.

    The 13th amendment establishes the Provincial councils in Sri Lanka, and was an attempt to devolve power from the centre. It was introduced to the Sri Lankan constitution at the behest of India in 1987, and recently was called into question when President Mahinda Rajapaksa ruled out devolution of power in the Tamil dominated North and East.

    “It is vital that Sri Lanka addresses issues like missing perosns, detainees, and the return of private lands by military”, Sinha said.

    Sinha added that it was India’s belief that the end of the conflict provided an unique opportunity to Sri Lanka for reconciliation and the opportunity needed to be grabbed.

    “India is Sri Lanka’s closest neighbour and share thousands of years of relationship. We cannot be but untouched by what happens in Sri Lanka”, he said, adding that India would continue to enage with the country.

    Sinha also urged the President of the UNHRC to accept an invitation by Sri Lanka to visit the country.
    3.10 pm: Pakistan to vote against US resolution on Sri Lanka, takes dig at India

    The Pakistan envoy has said that the draft resolution against Sri Lanka was overly intrusive and interfering, adding that Pakistan was appreciative of Sri Lanka’s efforts to foster reconciliation and its continuing efforts to update the council on steps being taken in this regard.

    And in what can be construed as a dig against India, the envoy said that Sri Lanka had suffered for many years from “externally sponsored terror” and said the country needed more time to right all the wrongs that had been perpetuated on it.

    He added that Pakistan was of the opinion that country specific resolutions must be of a constructive nature to bear any fruitful results, and that the Sri Lanka resolution was not an example of such a resolution”.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes Fran Japan abstained this time. Last time they voted FOR SL.

  11. Charles Says:

    Thank you Fran for the confusion of Netherland for Norway.

    Japans abstention I cannot understand as it was the country that lost a large number of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki marking the end of the World War II; The Enemies of Sri Lanka claim Sri Lanka killed 40000 civilians at the end of the terrorist war. Who is more guilty Sri Lanka or United States of America ?

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,

    In my opinion, Japan lost its sense of Honor, true pride, or moral high ground, in WW II when they backed Fascist Dictator Hitler. It is now the ‘humbled country’ doing the wish/bidding of the conquerers, in affairs of the world, such as in the UN.

    Sri Lanka must watch out that we do not join that list of the conquered through loss of Honor. I hope Lanka Parliament will remove the 13-A (after an island wide Referendum as per the Constitution) which will bring in more real inter ethnic/religion Trust in the nation than any other act.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Japan lost its sense of Honor, true pride, or moral high ground !
    India lost it pants !
    America lost it bools !
    China lost it shirts !
    Pakistan lost it ,… what … underwear !
    who else Koria … malaysia… !

    you sinhala modaya ….. you lost our mother lanka now !!!!

  14. Voice123 Says:

    Fran 13A is now out of our hands. GOSL will be now be forced by India through the UN to pass the 13th amendment and the population will be ethnically segregated by geography and polarised as a precursor to ongoing destabilisation. This is India’s continuing game. Eelamists will be given further false hopes of Eelam by India and will try more terror tactics. Damn shame.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Segregation for Tamils of Sri Lanka will lead to the reinstatement of the Tamil Hindu Caste structure. Also, too much unsupervised economic freedom will lead them to nefarious activities which will harm the whole of Lanka. Further destabilization and results therefrom will be our lot. Such behavior patterns and destruction of property (in London, UK) were witnessed by the western countries that hosted Tamil refugees. Tamils infighting among themselves will destroy themselves and others, as we have already witnessed. Their best chances are to live among others anywhere in the world and integrate as best as possible. Reform comes from within as advocated in the Hindu Raj Yoga.

    It is Tamil Nadu politics (mostly via DMK) that destabilises Tamil communities all over the world. TN has to stabilise through practice of Hindu YOGA traditions, and let go old ways, as did Greece which was also stuck in mini-god image worshipping etc. No hope for Tamil people everywhere till TN stabilises. India’s Lok Sabha knows this fact very well. The Lok Sabha was against India going against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC, but DMK prevailed – the old separatist bogey, no doubt.

    It will take a long time for TN to sort out matters re caste/poverty. See how TN refused to host the Asian Games which would have brought so much relief to that area and modernised and developed the area. Sri Lankans & GoSL have to guard the Nation now.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Pls read as “Reform comes from WITHIN EACH INDIVIDUAL as advocated in the HIndu Raj Yoga”.

  17. Voice123 Says:

    After India implements its 13th curse, non-Tamils will have to fight through the courts for the right to live and own land or even to receive police protection from Tamil thugs in the Northeast. Sri Lanka CANNOT and MUST NOT accept such an unjust flagrantly racist and discriminatory outcome. 13 countries voted with us. All is not lost. I forsee this as the beginning of a diplomatic fight back by us.

  18. Voice123 Says:

    Given northern voting patterns, the TNA is likely to form government and encourage illegal immigration frim Undia to tip the population in their favour. There will be much bickering between south and northern administrative units. I forsee the Sinhalese being forced once again to take up guerilla warfare. Good idea to strengthen our ties with China, Pakistan and even Naxal groups etc within India.

  19. Voice123 Says:

    The Sinhalese are better than the Tamils at guerilla warfare and dont need propping up by a diaspora.

  20. SA Kumar Says:


    So Naalai pirakku Tamil Eelam !!!

    you modaya !

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    We already have Saiva Thamil Eelam since 1948 !!!

    one country two language or one language Two country !!!

    know Two become four !!!

    Bhudist Sinhala lanka , Saiva Thamil Eelam , Halan Tamil Muslium state & Paranki Sinhala Christin state !!!

    end with nine !!!

    You modaya & Sakkiliya never learn !!!

    India was our big brother now make them as big boss to us !!!

    now shut your mouth & back to listern them !!!

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    The 13-A is existing in Sri Lanka. It IS in our hands to remove it.
    By voting against Sri Lanka at he UNHRC, hasn’t India, in a sense, cut us loose from Indian hold, so that we are free to get rid of the 13-A ? It was imposed on Lanka during the Cold War. The Cold War has finished.

    Also, less dependency on Tamil Labor, please !

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Since the DMK is identified as the main source of trouble in India for Sri Lanka, it’s leader, Karunanaidhi, warrants a closer look. Here is his profile, from the net. Anyone can see that he roots of thinking are in fiction and not fact.

    “Muthuvel Karunanidhi (born Dakshinamurthi, 3 June 1924)[2] is an Indian politician who has served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on five separate occasions. He is the former chief minister. He is the head of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK),[3] a Dravidian political party in the state of Tamil Nadu. He has been the leader of the DMK since the death of its founder, C. N. Annadurai, in 1969.[4] He holds the record of winning his seat in every election in which he has participated, in a political career spanning more than 60 years.[5][6][7] In the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections, he led the DMK-led DPA (UPA and Left Parties) in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to win all 40 Lok Sabha seats. In the following 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, he was able to increase the number of seats for the DMK from 16 to 18 seats, and led the UPA in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, to win 28 seats, even with a significantly smaller coalition. He is also a playwright and screenwriter in Tamil cinema. He is called by his supporters as Kalaignar (“artist”).

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ” … his roots of thinking are in fiction ….”

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, most of the current business world thinking is still going on in an Old Fashioned Linear way, putting Money, Resources etc. before human life, liberty, health & happiness. There are large groups in the west pushing this old stuff away, and bringing to the forefront what really matters. Even in Food, organic produce is preferred by most people, if they can get it at a fair price.

    As for joining up with various factions because they appear to be ‘winning’ in material wealth & power, let’s learn from Japan’s mistakes, not duplicate them. Staying balanced won’t be easy, but there is victory even in the striving.

  26. Senevirath Says:

    The best time we had to remove 13 th was after killing prabhakaran. But mahinda avoided it.
    I dont think he has the back bone to do it now.

    Mahinda was the best out of the lot but he will not proceed further for the upliftment of sinhalese. He will never be a DUTUGEMUNU VIJAYABAHU,or Parakramabahu “” on his own””

    All Sinhala buddhists irespective of their political parties should force him to do the “REST””
    I.f he does not comply we have to find a suitable man very soon. no time to waste.

    This is the time for action. Please join with all the patriotic organisations and organise meetings all over the contry and wake up our people. Already bodu balasena has set an example .
    If karunanidhi can resign from the govt . to help out siders why cant u do it for us . IF THERE IS A POWERFUL BACKING MAHINDA MIGHT DO IT

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    Yes, powerful backing is what the President needs to remove the 13-A. At the end of the day, everyone, not only the Sinhale, will be happy that the death dealer 13-A is gone. India will probably be the happiest !

  28. aloy Says:

    Obviously you do not live in SL. There is a drama being played in parliament about one of the men you have chosen. The rest of your comment may be ok.

  29. aravinda Says:

    Charles and Fran, thanks for your contribution.

    Indian action against Sri Lanka has has altered the relationship between two nations forever. Today India is America’s bag man, bell boy or pimp in Asia. It is sad to see a great nation fallen so low. This could change a when a real Indian patriot runs India. Today it is run by the Roman Church.

    Japan has shocked us all. It appears Japanese have short memories. After the second world war, In 1951, when “The Treaty of Peace with Japan (Treaty of San Francisco) between Japan and Allied Powers was signed by 48 nations, Sri Lanka was her greatest defender. This treaty served to officially end World War II, allocated compensation to Allied civilians and POWs who had suffered during the war. Sadly like Iraq today, there was no compensation for Hiroshima or Nagasaki civilian victims.

    The major supporter for a post-war FREE Japan was the delegation from Sri Lanka ( then Ceylon). While many other nations were reluctant to allow Japanese to run their nation and insisted that the terms of surrender should be rigidly enforced to destroy Japan forever, it was J.R. Jayawardene (then Finance Minister) who spoke in defense of a FREE Japan and said Sri Lanka refused to accept the payment of reparations that would harm Japanese economy. His reason was words of the Lord Buddha, ‘hatred ceases not by hatred but by love’.

    The last words of JR’s speech was ” We extend to Japan the hand of friendship and trust that with the closing of this chapter in the history of man, the last page of which we write today, and with the beginning of the new one, the first page of which we dictate tomorrow, her people and ours may march together to enjoy the full dignity of human life in peace and prosperity”.

    Japanese may have short memories. But we don’t. We are like Elephants, we never forget. Forgive yes, forget No.

  30. Voice123 Says:

    nalai pirakku is Hindias joke on you. Modeya
    “one language two countries” never is. This is Hindias lie which you believe. Modeaya.
    LTTE people murdered, died and suicided because they fight the wrong entity. Modeya.
    Sri Lankas will lie down and be bossed by Hindians? Wrong again. Modeya.

    Tamil Terrorists – Modeya x 4. Not too late to wake up.

  31. Voice123 Says:

    Aravinda, Japan didnt shock me at all. I knew AmeriKKKa always pulled their strings.

    Senivirath, what you are saying can happen with powerful backing. We are a small nation. Plenty of “Davids” around the world are opposing the “new Goliath”.

    The diaspoa terrorists and their lie- machine, like modeya prostitutes for Hindia, monitor this website, trying desperately to get clues about how we will respond.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    No more violence anywhere, no more killing, PLEASE.

    Just get the 13-A removed. Bodu Bala Sena must participate in this venture.

  33. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    After India’s betrayal in Geneva (2nd time) the government should have criticised India. We must show we have a backbone and that we are a proud people. To see a newspaper photo today where two of our important ministers opening a trade fair with the Indian high Commissioner yesterday in Colombo, shows we do not care about the betrayal (note India cancelled the defence conference with Sri Lanka). India (and also the US) know they can do anything bad to Sri Lanka and can get away with them. Next year they will give us a severe punishment, we may continue to embrace them,

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is Tamil Nadu DMK leader, Karunanaidhi, who has let down both India & Sri Lanka. It is HIS threats that prompted India to vote against Sri Lanka.

    Let us please keep to the REAL problem at hand, which is Tamil Nadu DMK & their Expansionist ideas into Lanka.

  35. Voice123 Says:

    Fran Diaz, I agree with a lot of what you say, but this time you have myopia – Tamil Nadu myopia. Get more powerful glasses. The problem is not so much Tamil Nadu as CORRUPT and caste-ridden mentality Tamil Nadu politicians using the levers of the Indian Union and sympathy amongst a large swathe of India’s 1 billion population and the global Indian diaspora for their cause. This is the REAL problem. Either that or you are living on a different planet to me!

  36. Kit Athul Says:

    herman, thanks for putting the Rukshan Perera’s URL. It is time that the filthy rich Sinhala Americans lliving in California did similar things to their mother land.

  37. Fran Diaz Says:

    Voice 123,

    I am correct and so are you. I am not so much focussing on corruption – that is their problem. I am focussing on caste/poverty issues of TN. It is correct to say that TAMIL NADU leaders using both Sri Lanka & the Indian Union etc. for their advancement and also distract the lower caste/Dalit origin Tamils that their solutions lie outside of Tamil Nadu, such as in Sri Lanka. Tamil Nadu is the key as they were trying to Separate the entire South India from the North. There is also jealousy at Lanka advancing economically.

    Have you ever asked yourself why no Tamil Nadu Vellala caste politico has ever suffered in TN, even though in Sri Lanka both able Sinhala & Tamil politicians have been killed over many years ? That is because those in TN successfully exported their caste wars to Sri Lanka, and continues to do so.

    It is our people who have not recognised this fact and allowed thousands of Tamil illegal migrants to come to Sri Lanka. As a nation we have been myopic. It is pointless shouting at the west when the problem is Tamil Nadu at our very door step.

  38. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, have you ever wondered why the ltte was grown in Tamil Nadu during the COLD WAR years and why after the COLD WAR
    was finished, Norway took over the outfit ?

    Therein lies the fact that Sri Lanka was turned into an international playground – which suits Tamil Nadu leaders very well.

  39. Fran Diaz Says:

    The good news is that both Sri Lanka & India will not allow re-Colonisation. They will both remain Non-Aglined Democracies.
    That’s a lot of Common Ground !

  40. Lorenzo Says:


    Endia is NOT non-aligned. Endia is aligned to Russia on one side and aligned to USA on the other. Endia is a DOUBLE ALIGNED country. SL is a non aligned country. So absolutely no common ground.

  41. Fran Diaz Says:


    While what you say is true, it is the Non-aligned attitude and India NEEDS that makes India run with Russia one day and USA the other. In Lanka’s case, we take help from whoever who offers us help in our NEED – China, mid-east or USA/west, irrespective of political/economic/religious ideology. Being Non-aligned is right for any country, and that is where the world is headed, irrespective of any alternate thinking.

  42. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, we think that “Alignment” toward one group or another should be made a redundant matter for all countries in the world. Countries should be free to give and receive help in all peaceful causes. That should be the ideal the world should work toward.

    With Energy needs coming from several renewable natural sources, and fossil fuel a thing of the past to quarrel over, may be that ideal will be possible.

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