Gordon Brown’s Shocking: “It Was the Right Decision”
Posted on March 22nd, 2013

Forbidden Knowledge TV

Gracious! Have we been bashing the bone- headed legal actions being promulgated  within the Good Ol’ USA a tad overmuch,  of late? No problem!

On this monumental 10th Anniversary  of the Invasion of Iraq by Coalition Troops,  we can bash others today, starting with our  pals across the pond, with whom we share that “special relationship.” This clip was sent to me by its creator, Anthony Lawson, retired international ad man – and now, active activist.

No joking, folks. Today is a day to honor our  troops for dying or for having their lives  senselessly destroyed by the psychopaths who  sent them into harm’s way – and let’s not forget to offer our deepest heartfelt apologies to the uncounted millions of Iraqis, whose lives went from bad to much, much worse (those who survived), because our governments lied to us and because of what our Tax Dollars did to them.

And even though our joint troops are now mostly gone from the scene, our Tax Dollars will continue to cause horrific birth defects and cancers among Iraqis, due to the sheer tonnage of Depleted Uranium scattered all over their land.

Let’s not fail to mention the wonders that these actions have done, in boosting our prestige on the world stage and then there’s the economy…if I had wanted to destroy the moral and fiscal health of the USA, I couldn’t have come up with a better knock-out combo like the policies unleashed both on- and offshore by the past two regimes.

I can’t help but feel like the wholesale destruction of all involved was totally on purpose, especially when I see how the former Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown, in the video linked below was in on it, too.

Video (about 4 mins):

Gordon Brown’s Shocking: “It Was the Right Decision”
– Alexandra

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