Give It A Break Tamil Nadu, Neither You Nor India Have A Right To Intimidate Sri Lanka The Way You Do Constantly!
Posted on April 7th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

April 7th, 2013

The haranguing of Sri Lanka by Tamil Nadu politicos at every given opportunity and India acquiescing based on the dependency of certain top dog ruling party personalities who would rather dance to Tamil Nadu tunes than acknowledge the incongruesness of it all needs to be highlighted and brought to a halt if India truly wants relations between the two neighbour nations to be cordial and friendly from every perspective!

It seems somewhat of a worthless double standard on the part of the Indian hierarchy to oppose only certain issues related to the Tanil Nadu bickerings yet pay undue attention to items which are glaringly contentious and at times steeped in innuendo and cooked up fabrications where it becomes painfully obvious that the Indian response from tne top is based on their dependency on Tamil Nadu towards their political survival and none other!

A clear examplre of this has surfaced yet again when Union Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan Opposed a FICCI-sponsored Sri Lanka visit of a team of Parliamentarians starting tomorrow, where according to her opinion she believes it would deeply hurt the cause of Lankan Tamils and asked the industry body to cancel it in expression of solidarity with them.

Not only is this statement of hers fickle and irresponsible but it brings to bear how biased the Indian infrastructure in some cases are where the so called “cause of Sri Lankan Tamils’ appears to be taken out of context when applied towards what the nation of Sri Lanka was subjected to on the instigation and support of many Tamils who supported the cause of Tamil Tiger terrorism.

This done from within and without Sri Lanka which realistically compounded the well being of many other Tamils who today have accepted the jurisdiction and the response of the Sri lankan Administration towards their well being and needs.

She is indeed a catalyst towards intended animosity if that would ever surface in entirety where India should advice her of her irrational request together with the rest of the bleatings which emanate constantly from Tamil Nadu courtesy of the likes of Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi and Vaiko which are a vexation to the spirit of kindred friendship and empathy India needs to show towards Sri Lanka and should not be steeped in subterfuge of veiled pretence!

To be bold as to say that “she feels this is a trip which if undertaken, will be deeply hurtful to the cause of innocent Sri Lankan Tamils. I feel very strongly that FICCI should show solidarity with this cause, and refrain from sending a Parliamentarians team to Sri Lanka at this time,” which she has stated in a letter to FICCI President and quite simply oversteps the metes and bounds of her jurisdiction for starters as well as her choice of words to describe the Tamils of Sri Lanka as innocent victims, which are in fact

quite duplicitous as it was Tamil Nadu that initially helped the viles and villifications of the terror group the LTTE and supplied them with all the requisites towards an insurrection against Sovereign Democratic and Territorially Integral Sri Lanka. The greater issue of victimization and suffering in this instance were the majority Sinhalese and other ethnic minorities.

On his basis alone Ms Natarajan does not have any justification nor ground to stand on and should take comfort in how the Government of Sri Lanka today has taken a very magnanimous approach towards restituting the Tamils who at one stage were hell bent on destroying everything the Nation of Sri Lanka stood for through their champion Velupillai Prabhakaran fuelled by Tamil Nadu and if she needs education about what it entails should make a positive attempt to acquire it rather than rant on about circumstances which she in all probabilities know little about!

Impassioned over the “anguish and turmoil” being felt by Tamils and the whole country over the human rights violations against Sri Lankan Tamils whether or not it had been supported or taken seriously by FICCI ( by now a mere cliche attached to the clarion calls of Tamils around the world with no basis towards justification)

is of little or no consequence as it is more mythical than factual and a tool of intimidation created based on the lies and cooked up evidence of the global Tamil Diaspora in accordance with the disgruntled fraction of Lankan Tamils whose obective to set up a separate Tamil State within Sri Lanka failed miserably where the effort apparently still continues unabated!

The real anguish and turmoil may it be said was felt by the Sinhala Nation together with all the ethnicities alongside them who saw the injustice that was done to Sovereign Sri Lanka based on the puny expectation that a miniscule minority could ever overpower a nation of resilient people whose history reaches back many millenia but in the end justice prevailed and all the hooing and haaing from Tamil

Nadu or any other part of India should be of no consequence towards the progress and development of Sri Lanka which continues to be acknowledged as meritworthy from many parts of the World together with the precedent setting manner in which terrorism was eliminated and the only accountability needed is towards the manner in which it was sustained for nearly three decades and who in fact was truly responsible for it. Hopefully then all the voices calling for punitive action against Sri Lanka and other impositions intended to disrupt the smooth functioning of the Nation based upon their own agendas

will be transformed into voices in a wilderness of real doubt and incomprehension!

7 Responses to “Give It A Break Tamil Nadu, Neither You Nor India Have A Right To Intimidate Sri Lanka The Way You Do Constantly!”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    My answer to a comment by “logic” on the “Messing with Sri Lanka” article at

    “logic”makes the same argument for annexation of a part of Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu that Hitler made on the eve of WW–II to annex the German-majority Sudentenland region of Czechkoslovakia to Germany. Anxious to avoid war the Allies acquiesed but lost both their honor and the peace they sought to preserve. Hitler’s demands for “Unifying the German People” did not end there; it extended to Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, the Ukraine etc. By these arguments, ANY local-majority of one ethnicity can be claimed by a neighboring country. Incidentally, Hitler’s “logical” arguments killed more German people than he annexed to Germany.

    India should be WARY of these COMMUNAL arguments for annexing parts of other countries. India’s neighbors, in the West (Pakistanis/Kashmiris), in the East (Bangladeshis, North East Frontier peoples, Burmese), and in the North, (Chinese) would be only too happy to carve up India using this tool, gifted them by Tamil Nadu Racists.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Exporting various wars (e.g. earlier Cold War) onto Sri Lankan territory should NEVER be allowed. Tamil Nadu sees expansionism possibilities through acquiring parts of Lanka, as well as sorting out caste issues in TN through Lanka. India has to exercise much more control over Tamil Nadu leaders aspirations of Separatism. Sri Lanka is NOT up for sale !

    TN leaders will never take a break from harassing Sri Lanka ! Lanka must keep off dealings with TN (economic, tourism, etc.) as much as possible. TN behaves like a separate ‘country’ within the Indian Union, and must be treated as such.

    Most of Lanka’s troubles with India are because of (unfortunately) Tamil Nadu.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    I totally agree with your statement, in particular that ” TN behaves like a separate ‘country’ within the Indian Union, and must be treated as such.”

    I would also qualify Tamil Nadu as ” …. a separate country, INIMICAL TO SRI LANKA, within the Indian Union ….”

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka denounces hostile attitude of India’s Tamil Nadu state

    Apr 08, Colombo: Sri Lanka on Monday strongly denounced the hostile attitude of Tamil Nadu state of India passing a resolution against Sri Lanka and calling the island nation an unfriendly country.

    The External Affairs Ministry in a strongly worded statement said demands to stop calling Sri Lanka a friendly country by some are disturbing and do not relate at all to the continuing friendship and cooperation between India and Sri Lanka that has stood the test of time.

    The Allegations levelled against the Sri Lankan State, its leaders and Security Forces are based on hearsay, misinformation, misperceptions and ethno-nationalistic ideologies.

    The Tamil Nadu government last month unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a referendum for a separate Tamil Eelam. The resolution urged the central Indian government to stop treating Sri Lanka as a friendly nation and impose economic sanctions on the country until the Tamil issue is resolved.

    The Sri Lankan government said the demands and recommendations made by the Tamil Nadu government and pro-Eelam political parties in the Indian state, ostensibly to obtain political rights for Tamils in Sri Lanka, have no relevance to the ground realities in Sri Lanka but can militate against the efforts taken by the Government of Sri Lanka to provide justice and to arrive at arrangements for reconciliation.

    Stressing that allegations leveled against the Sri Lankan State, its leaders and Security Forces are based on hearsay, misinformation, misperceptions and ethno-nationalistic ideologies, the government said describing the military conflict with the LTTE and its concluding phase in an “emotive and unrealistic manner “and demands for international intervention in Sri Lanka are “devoid of merit and smack of prejudice.”

    Addressing the complaints of alleged attacks on Indian fishermen by Sri Lanka Navy, the Sri Lankan government said its Navy is under strict orders to treat all Tamil Nadu fishermen, who cross regularly into Sri Lanka waters, in a humane manner.

    However, the government reiterated that it has continually advised the Indian authorities to take appropriate measures to prevent the very large number of fishing boats daily entering Sri Lanka’s territorial waters and exploiting fisheries resources, causing grave damage to the livelihoods of fishing communities in the North of Sri Lanka.

    The Sri Lankan government said it would like to invite all those who make unfounded and exaggerated allegations as well as unrealistic demands as solutions to Sri Lanka’s future to visit the country and ascertain the progress on the ground it had made for the conflict-affected people since the end of the war.

    Sri Lankan government reiterated that it is willing to conduct inquiries into any allegations, if duly presented to authorities in Sri Lanka, through the judiciary and military tribunals, in line with practice followed by all other democratic nations.

    The government said it is keen to move forward with its efforts at equity and justice, notwithstanding the innumerable crimes and acts of terrorism committed by the LTTE, mostly against Tamil Sri Lankans.

    “Sri Lanka needs time and space to move forward on the course already charted in order to provide justice and dignity for all Sri Lankans,” the government stressed.

  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I believe Tamilnadu hostility towards SriLanka has nothing to do with the imagined discrimination of SriLankan Tamils, which is only to to deceive the Tamilnadu Tamils for political gain.

    The real reasons in the order of importance shown below, could be:
    1. To divert attention of Tamils in India, from the unbelievable self benefiting corrupt activities Jayalalitha, Karunanidi, Vaiko, Seeman, Nadiyavan etc of Tamilnadu are accused of;
    2. Jealousy over SriLanka’s rapid economic progress, increasing the gap between the comforts of Tamils of Tamilnadu and that of SriLanka, where SriLankan Tamils always enjoyed a better lifestyle, with equal opportunities even for the so called lower caste tamils, other than during LTTE terrorist activities;
    3. Incompetence of Jayalalitha and Karunandidi, both of whom cannot compete with the SriLankan economic development rate set by Rajapakse and therefore, hellbent on stopping or retarding such progress;
    4. A separate state for SriLankan Tamils as Tamilnadu has so far miserably failed to separate from India,

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    We have always said that a Tamil Dominated Northern Provincial Council was the FIRST STEP to an independent Tamils-only Eelam.

    Well, here is the PROOF: TNA says a Provincial Council under the 13th Amendment IS NOT ENOUGH for them! Nothing will EVER BE ENOUGH!

    Are we still supposed to PARLEY with UNREPENTANT SEPARATISTS, or should we SCRAP the 13th Amendment, draw up the drawbridges and PREPARE TO DEFEND the Integrity of the Motherland?

    There is NO OTHER CHOICE!

    Sri Lanka Tamil leaders demand an interim self-government

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 10, Colombo: The Tamil people in Sri Lanka can find solutions to their grievances only through an interim self-government, Tamil political leaders have told the visiting Indian joint parliamentary delegation.

    Demanding an interim administration, Tamil representatives who met the Indian MPs in Jaffna had told the Indian delegation that the Provincial Council system under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution are inadequate to solve their problems, BBC Sinhala Service reported.

    Quoting the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP E. Sarawanabawan, the BBC said that all Tamil MPs belonged to several parties and the religious and civil society leaders asked the delegation for an interim self-government.

    “We all said we wanted an interim self-government,” the MP was quoted as saying.

    The TNA MP has said that the Indian parliamentary delegation did not respond to their request.

    A five-member joint parliamentary delegation comprising delegates from all Indian political parties arrived in Sri Lanka Monday night for a for a five-day tour from April 8-12. The visit, organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), is aimed at enhancing the relationship between the two countries.

    The delegation comprises Saugata Roy (Trinamool Congress), Sandeep Dikshit (Congress), Anurag Thakur (BJP), Dhananjay Singh (BSP), and Prakash Javadekar (BJP) accompanied by two FICCI representatives.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    India has NEVER ACTED RESPONSIBLY with regard to Sri Lanka.

    First, it implanted terrorism, training, delivering, funding and supporting them.

    Second, India violated Sri Lanka’s sovereignty dropping food and supplies to the Tamil terrorists on the verge of defeat.

    Third, India military invaded Sri Lanka under the guise of “Peacekeeping” to protect its separatist clients, partition Sri Lanka and carve out an independent state for them.

    Fourth, India threatened Sri Lanka with permanent occupation and forced the 13th Amendment to the Constitution on Sri Lanka,

    Fifth, when India realized the Pan-Tamil agenda threatened its own integrity, it turned on its surrogates, and backed out of Sri Lanka when it could not cope with the Tamil rebels it had heavily armed, leaving Sri Lanka to cope with a much bigger terrorist problem.

    Sixth, when Sri Lanka was struggling against the well armed LTTE, it refused the Government of Sri Lanka arms to defend itself, and even prevented Sri Lanka from acquiring Chinese 3D radar systems to protect its air space.

    Seventh, after Sri Lanka Defence Forces finally eradicated the LTTE in May 2009, India re-launched its efforts to create a captive Tamil constituency in Sri Lanka, collaborating with Western Powers, and Tamils in India, Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora to DEMONIZE & LABEL Sri Lanka as guilty of war crimes.

    All of this is designed to REIPOSE Indian CONTROL over Sri Lanka, and forestall its RAPID POST-WAR DEVELOPMENT.

    INDIA is NO FRIEND of Sri Lanka …. during the last 30 years, and NOW!

    Sri Lanka should SCRAP the 13th Amendment, limit Indian involvement in Sri Lanka’s economy, trade, politics, and defense.

    GOSL: Get Sri Lanka out of India’s DEADLY EMBRACE NOW ….before it is TOO LATE!

    Gotabhaya reminds former Indian UN rep of his role in Colombo during 80s

    By Shamindra Ferdinando
    April 10, 2013, 9:16 am

    Had the then Indian government acted with responsibility, Sri Lanka wouldn’t have experienced a 30-year war, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said yesterday.

    People of all communities would have been still suffering horrors of war, if not for the eradication of terrorism in May 2009, following a three-year combined security forces campaign, the Defence Secretary said, noting that India could never absolve itself of the responsibility for creating terrorism here, though some of those directly involved in subverting Sri Lanka were blaming the Rajapaksa administration for the plight of Tamil speaking people here.

    He was responding to former Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Hardeep Singh Puri.

    Puri had been directly involved in the Indian operation against the then JRJ government in the run-up to the July 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord, Rajapaksa said, alleging that he was one of those aware of the Indian operations here.

    The Defence Secretary said that both Hardeep S. Puri and his wife, Lakshmi had been attached to India’s mission in Colombo during the tenure of J. N. Dixit as India’s High Commissioner here.

    Puri had now called for an investigation into what he called specific allegations of war crimes during the last 100 days of military operations. Those demanding accountability on Sri Lanka’s part for alleged atrocities committed during the last 100 days of the conflict were silent on the origin of terrorism here, the Defence Secretary said.

    Rajapaksa said that Puri should realize that the Indian intervention here had caused a major regional crisis, when Indian trained Sri Lankan terrorists raided the Maldives in early November 1988. The international community should consider a comprehensive investigation into the issue beginning with the Indian intervention, he added. India’s former Permanent Representative could help the investigation by revealing what was going on at that time.

    The defence Secretary pointed out that Dixit, in his memoirs published during his tenure as the Foreign Secretary, had acknowledged that arming Sri Lankan Tamil youth was one of the two major policy blunders of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

    Commenting on Puri’s allegation that he (Rajapaksa) wanted to do away with the provincial council system and criticism on recent attacks on Muslims in Colombo, the Defence Secretary said that the Indian official couldn’t be unaware of what the Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik had said before he slaughtered 70 men, women and children. Breivik declared that he wanted the drive out Muslims out of Europe the way northern Sri Lanka was cleansed of Muslims during 1990. The Norwegian was referring to massacres carried out by the LTTE during President Premadasa’s administration.

    The Defence Secretary said that those critical of the Sri Lankan government should peruse former Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal’s recent piece to India Today.

    The LTTE had used children as cannon fodder and Prabhakaran had forced the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to recognize the LTTE as the sole representative of Tamil speaking people. The TNA couldn’t even finalize its candidates’ list for parliamentary polls without Prabhakaran’s approval, the Defence Secretary said, alleging some interested parties were reluctant to acknowledge the fact that Sri Lanka was a much better place today without the LTTE.

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