Sri Lanka blames India for protracted war – India responsible for Lanka’s 30-year war – Defence Secretary
Posted on April 10th, 2013

Courtesy : Government Information Department

Sri Lanka Wednesday blamed India for the Tamil separatist war which dragged for 30 years on the island.

The information department quoted Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as telling the local media that India could never absolve itself of the responsibility for creating terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Had the then Indian government acted with responsibility, Sri Lanka wouldnƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t have experienced a 30-year war, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said on Tuesday. People of all communities would have been still suffering the horrors of war, if not for the eradication of terrorism in May 2009, following a three-year combined security forces campaign, the Defence Secretary said, noting that India could never absolve itself of the responsibility for creating terrorism here, though some of those directly involved in subverting Sri Lanka were blaming the Rajapaksa administration for the plight of Tamil speaking people here.

He was responding to former Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Hardeep Singh Puri.

Puri had been directly involved in the Indian operation against the then JRJ government in the run-up to the July 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord, Rajapaksa said, alleging that he was one of those aware of the Indian operations here.

The Defence Secretary said that both Hardeep S. Puri and his wife, Lakshmi had been attached to IndiaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s mission in Colombo during the tenure of J. N. Dixit as IndiaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s High Commissioner here.

Puri had now called for an investigation into what he called specific allegations of war crimes during the last 100 days of military operations.

ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-Those demanding accountability on Sri LankaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s part for alleged atrocities committed during the last 100 days of the conflict were silent on the origin of terrorism here, ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-the Defence Secretary said.

Rajapaksa said that Puri should realize that the Indian intervention here had caused a major regional crisis, when Indian trained Sri Lankan terrorists raided the Maldives in early November 1988. The international community should consider a comprehensive investigation into the issue beginning with the Indian intervention, he added.

IndiaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s former Permanent Representative could help the investigation by revealing what was going on at that time.

The defence Secretary pointed out that Dixit, in his memoirs published during his tenure as the Foreign Secretary, had acknowledged that arming Sri Lankan Tamil youth was one of the two major policy blunders of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Commenting on PuriƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s allegation that he (Rajapaksa) wanted to do away with the provincial council system and criticism on recent attacks on Muslims in Colombo, the Defence Secretary said that the Indian official couldnƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t be unaware of what the Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik had said before he slaughtered 70 men, women and children. Breivik declared that he wanted the drive out Muslims out of Europe the way northern Sri Lanka was cleansed of Muslims during 1990. The Norwegian was referring to massacres carried out by the LTTE during President PremadasaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s administration.

The Defence Secretary said that those critical of the Sri Lankan government should peruse former Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal SibalƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s recent piece to India Today.

The LTTE had used children as cannon fodder and Prabhakaran had forced the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to recognize the LTTE as the sole representative of Tamil speaking people. The TNA couldnt even finalize its candidates list for parliamentary polls without PrabhakaranƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s approval, the Defence Secretary said, alleging some interested parties were reluctant to acknowledge the fact that Sri Lanka was a much better place today without the LTTE.

He was responding to former Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Hardeep Singh Puri.The Island a local English national paper reported today quoting the Sri Lankan Defence Secretary who is also the younger brother of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Puri had been directly involved in the Indian operation against the then JRJ government in the run-up to the July 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord, Rajapaksa said, alleging that he was one of those aware of he Indian operations here.



22 Responses to “Sri Lanka blames India for protracted war – India responsible for Lanka’s 30-year war – Defence Secretary”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia is SL’s PERMANANT enemy.

    This is a fact.

    So what are we going to do about it? Keep 13 amendment alive? Demilitarize north? Give into Tamil (Endian) demands?

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    India has NEVER ACTED RESPONSIBLY with regard to Sri Lanka.

    First, India implanted terrorism in Sri Lanka, training, delivering, funding and supporting the Tamil Terrorists.

    Second, India violated Sri Lanka’s sovereignty dropping food and supplies to the Tamil terrorists on the verge of defeat.

    Third, India military invaded Sri Lanka under the guise of “Peacekeeping” to protect its separatist clients, partition Sri Lanka, and carve out an independent state of Eelam for them.

    Fourth, India threatened Sri Lanka with permanent occupation and forced the 13th Amendment to the Constitution on Sri Lanka,

    Fifth, when India realized the Pan-Tamil Agenda threatened its own integrity, it turned on its Tamil terrorist surrogates, and backed out of Sri Lanka when it could not cope with the Tamil rebels it had heavily armed, leaving Sri Lanka to cope with a much bigger terrorist problem.

    Sixth, when Sri Lanka was struggling against the well armed LTTE, it refused the Government of Sri Lanka arms to defend itself, and even prevented Sri Lanka from acquiring Chinese 3D radar systems to protect its air space.

    Seventh, after the heroic Sri Lanka Defence Forces finally eradicated the LTTE in May 2009, India re-launched its efforts to create a captive Tamil constituency in Sri Lanka, collaborating with Western Powers, and Tamils in India, Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora, to DEMONIZE & LABEL Sri Lanka as guilty of war crimes.

    All of this is designed to REIMPOSE Indian CONTROL over Sri Lanka, and to forestall its RAPID POST-WAR DEVELOPMENT.

    INDIA is NO FRIEND of Sri Lanka …. during the last 30 years, and NOW!

    Sri Lanka should SCRAP the 13th Amendment, limit Indian involvement in Sri Lanka’s economy, trade, politics, and defense.

    GOSL: PLEASE get Sri Lanka out of India’s DEADLY EMBRACE NOW ….before it is TOO LATE!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Except Gota others don’t seem to care. But Gota has no power to ACT politically.

    Gota should BUILD his OWN political power bases and get into politics. MORE people will support Gota than MR or BR.

  4. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    i was an advocate of gota becoming the next nominee for presidency in heladeepa, instead of mahinda, although most didn’t appreciating it. for that to happen he should join the slfp and the central committee (i don’t think he is a member of slfp). this tough stance he is taking could very well be the work of others including his brother, as the latter is not in a position to air his views being at the top. thats a good bloody strategy.

    if these guys fail the sinha+hela buddhist in our country, the only alternative is for the bbs to take matters into their own hands (as they challenged the govt on halal issue and succeeded), go for a people’s movement and capture power in the country with the help of armed forces as happened in few countries in asia and africa. well this is radical but this could or should happen.

    the main problem in sri lanka is the level of corruption from bottom to top. remember how arms were smuggled right from the port of colombo to north, bribing the custom officers, the police on the way etc. how could sinha+helaya stoop down to this low level, i wonder, to amass money and not worried about the motherland.

  5. Charles Says:

    Pourri in French is Rotten The French word sounds Puri-Hardeep Singh Puri

    Remove 13A and charge TNA for high treason.

    Thank you Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse

  6. shenali Says:

    Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse is by virtue of his post only a public servant.

    Accusation of India being responsible must come from the President of Sri Lanka followed by a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the entirety of the conflict which would then be able to unearth

    1. India’s role in initial LTTE and other Tamil militant training in India by retired Indian army officers and handled by RAW (JAIN COmmission gives full details)

    2. Sri Lankans involved with LTTE over the years – all locals involved directly and indirectly will emerge with full details. They must be included into a Hall of Shame list for people to remember.

    3. International NGOS/Humanitarian Orgs/Foreign Parliamentarians/Foreign Govts – who were also involved in helping LTTE will also emerge… this will strengthen Sri Lanka’s credibility and help exonerate ourselves at UNHRC to show the truth.

    A COI is a must – simply blaming India and not doing anything about it will not suffice at this important juncture.

  7. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Today is my day!
    Finally a true patriot, a war hero and a MAN spoke for us.


    1. Now let the Endia enforce 13A f-off together with Endia.
    2. Accuse Endia of war crimes officially.
    3. Sign a MOU with China on mutual security support.
    4. Ask world body responsible to inspect Endia’s nuclear power plants.

  8. Vis8 Says:

    When the USA has its right to speak, it is always correct: here’s Wikileaks “India-gave-LTTE-Rs-50-lakh-as-compensation-for-Indo-Lanka-pact” :

    What bogus acts of ‘politics’ by these fake Indian “politicians” who care about nothing other than their own gain.

    Sri Lanka will not be intimated by these jokers.

  9. Dilrook Says:

    Agree with Shenali; it must come from the President. This is the second time the President has spoken through a civil servant. Last time its was Lalith Weeratunga reading Gota’s War who charged India of helping LTTE terrorists. President’s conduct undermines the good intentions of the Defence Secretary.

    Today Sri Lanka is in a precarious situation. An Indian political delegation is currently visiting while a Pakistani defence delegation is also in the island. These two regional powers pulling parts of the country apart along religious and ethic lines. Chinese military presence can pull these together and put the national leadership in a better bargaining position. The old nonaligned approach does not work today. Today’s bullies follow a hardline approach – you are either with us or with them.

    Aligning with all the regional superpowers is the way out of this. Indian war crimes in Sri Lanka and 13A are just two sides of the same coin.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    While Nations always act in their self-interest, China has consistently identified its self-interest with Sri Lanka’s.

    The United States and India have much learn from China.

    The principal lesson they should learn is to ALLY themselves with the MAJORITY COMMUNITIES of NATIONS instead of conniving to create minority FIFTH COLUMNS to UNDERMINE the majority community.

    It is the alliance of the United States with the MAJORITY COMMUNITY of the British Isles, spanning two world wars despite the initial enmity created by the War of the American Independence and the War of 1812 in which the British even burned Washington, DC, that has created an enduring partnership between the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Instead, for example, had the US espoused the IRA against the British and sought to UNDERMINE that nation, there would have been no British contingents supporting the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan because the British public is generally opposed to these two foreign wars having no direct benefit to them.

    Both the United States and India must LEARN from China and support the interests of the grea6 majority of people of Sri Lanka to develop ENDURING ALLIANCES that will survive changes in the Government of Sri Lanka.

    If however, they persist in their present course of action, they will only PERMANENTLY ALIENATE the vast majority of Sri Lankans instead of earning their ENDURING FRIENDSHIP, for we Sri Lanka have VERY LONG MEMORIES immune to transient obfuscations.

    Make no mistake, Sri Lankans will hold those who DESTROY THE LIVES of their loved ones, UNDERMINE THEIR LIVELIHOODS, and ERECT BARRIERS to achieving our National Goal of becoming the New Wonder of Asia and join the First World at the end of the next decade, ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.


    ‘China has no self interest in SL’

    Priyanka Kurugala

    Deputy Head of Mission and Political Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Colombo Ren Faqiang delivering the Keynote address. Picture by Sumanachandra

    China and Sri Lanka are true friends, and cooperative partners. More Chinese tourists are to visit this beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Deputy Head of Mission and Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Colombo Ren Faqiang said.

    China has no self interest in Sri Lanka. What China pursues is common development and mutual cooperation. Sri Lankan friends will see more Chinese state-owned and private enterprises make investments in Sri Lanka, he said.

    He was delivering the Keynote address at a seminar organized by Sri Lanka-China Social and Cultural Cooperation (ASLCSCC) at the National Library Services Board yesterday, under the theme of China’s New leadership and a better Sri Lanka-China Relations.

    After the new Chinese leadership took office, we have confidence in expecting brighter prospects for China-Sri Lanka ties, he said.

    Ren refered to the recent telephone conversation between President Rajapaksa and new Chinese President Xi Jinping and noted that the Lankan President was among the first six Heads of States to wish the new Chinese leader. During the conversation with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, President Xi stressed that China would firmly support Sri Lanka’s efforts to protect its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said. The phone call by the Chinese leader to President Rajapaksa shows the great importance China has attached to its relationship with Sri Lanka and has injected a new impetus to further development of the bilateral relations, he said.

    Ren elaborated the Chinese Dream, a concept pushed forward by Chinese President Xi, which means the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It includes the country’s prosperity and people’s happiness. When the People’s Republic of China celebrates its 100th anniversary in the middle of the century, China will be a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist modern country. Pursuing the Chinese dream is conducive to realizing the world dream of durable peace and common prosperity, he said. China’s sustainable development is good news and vast opportunities to the rest of the world. When China continuously grows, it will provide more products and markets to the world and it has more strength and power to support and assist the developing countries, including Sri Lanka, he said.

    Executive President of ASLCSCC, Indrananda Abeysekera, also spoke.

  11. Sri Rohana Says:

    That’s true as Sec. Defence says. He knows all those facts and he was in SL Army with General Densil Kobbekaduwa.
    India had 32 camps to train tamil terrorists against Sri Lanka. During 1983-87 Indian spy service RAW trained, provided arms and logistic support, financial support to LTTE, EPRLF, TELO, EROS, TNA and PLOTE. For what purpose they trained tamil terrorists? It is well-known that to massacre innocent Sinhala citizen’s in their own country. We can still remember in Weli Oya, Kent farm and Dollar farms LTTE terrorists massacred not only innocent Sinhalese but even their unborn babies by machete.
    According to figures there were more than 5000 tamil terrorists directly trained by RAW. Can India deny it? Can India and RAW deny that they have not trained most dangerous terrorist leader in the world Velupillai Prabakaran and his deputy Pottu Amman in Sirumalai Camp in tamil nadu in 1984 for terrorism against a sovereign state and India’s neighbour Sri Lanka?
    Can they deny that they have not trained Pottu Amman in 1983 in Himachal Predesh terrorist camp? Can they deny they have not trained TELO leader Sri Sabaratnam and LTTE Eastern Province leader Karuna Amman in tamil nadu? (Karuna Amman openly said that he was trained in tamil nadu)
    It is well known fact and proved red handed that India is the culprit to do all sort of terrorism in the region. They trained terrorist against Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal.
    Only Hon. Secretary Gotabaya has courage to say so. Why not our journalists write articles on this topic? Why not LLRC considered this factor in their report? How come India vote against Sri Lanka in Geneva after violate all fundamental universal ethics against her neighbour. Why not we tabled a motion against India in 2014 in Geneva HRC? There is no point of crawl in front of India. It is high time to expose Indian double standard.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    What happens now is WORSE than war We could WIN the war and Tamils suffered MOST in war.

    However, there seems to be no way out of this political solutions BS.

    I have a plan. How did we manage to AVOID giving political solutions during the war?

    Tamil politicians were hardliners and we could not agree to anything. FANTASTIC!! So no political solution.

    But some Tamil leaders REDUCED their demand and were willing for a COMPROMISE. VERU DANGEROUS had it gone ahead. Then LTTE killed them calling them traitors of the Tamil Elam cause!! FANTASTIC!! So no political solution.

    We should form a group with weapons who would put posters AGAINST ANY Tamil leader who would agree to a political solution (other than Elam) calling them TRAITORS, SELL OUTS, etc. ALL Tamil leaders who agree to a political solution will be gunned down like LTTE.

    Other Tamil leaders (these are the people who make political solutions like 13 amendment a REALITY) will fear for their life and shut up.

    So only 2 type of Tamil leaders will remain – patriots and full separatists. We can arrest full separatists because it is against the law!! Or a rival group may look after them.

    This is the MOST effective way to AVOID this political solutions BS.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    I agree with Sri Rohana,

    It is HIGH TIME that Sri Lanka disclosed to the ENTIRE WORLD the criminal acts perpetrated by India, Tamil Nadu and the Sri Lankan Eelamists.

    We certainly have the detailed information necessary to do that, some of which was found in LTTE archives after their facilities were captured by the Sri Lanka Defense Forces.

    Sri Lanka’s enemies think that they have evidence against Sri Lanka including those Photoshopped fake pictures trotted out regularly by the BBC, but that stuff can’t hold a candle to the vast trove of detailed evidence the GOSL has in its own possession.

    Let us stop playing rope-a-dope with Sri Lanka’s devious enemies: GIVE THEM BOTH BARRELS where the FIG LEAVES cover their crown jewels!

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    “In the editorial titled A brother out of control (August 16, 2011), The Hindu raised the observation, “President Rajapaksa would be well advised to distance himself swiftly from his brother’s stream-of-consciousness on sensitive issues that are not his business. This includes an outrageous comment that because a Tamil woman, an “LTTE cadre” who was a British national, interviewed in the Channel 4 documentary was “so attractive” but had been neither raped nor killed by Sri Lankan soldiers, the allegation of sexual assault by soldiers could not be true. For this statement alone, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa must be taken to task.”

    – the Hindu

    So the dirty Endians are AGAINST Gota.

  15. Voice123 Says:

    China is the only big enough counterbalance to rogue state India. The worry is China isnt powerful enough -yet. We have to handle the West carefully. We must remind the West that only recently India was their sworn enemy and will one day stab them in the back unless they crack down early on rogue state India.

  16. S de Silva Says:

    As identified by Shenali: “simply blaming India and not doing anything about it will not suffice at this important juncture.” Yes, we need action and NOW and all that needs to be done is listed above by many. Only key item that appears to me to be missing is our failure to include the naming of India and the LTTE at the UNHRC for accountability and the present state of the resolution for uni-lateral accountability focussed entirely on SL is grossly unjust and remains to be formally rejected by SL. (Our man at the UNHRC, Mahinda Samarasinghe has indeed feebly rejected the resolution but the GoSL need to expand and clarify that). Urgent Presidential action is required on these matters. The time for talking and appeasement of India is over – S de Silva – London

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    AVOID this political solutions !
    Tamil are alway Tamils & all of them are Eelamist that mean anti Sri Lanka !!!
    We call us Ceylonese not Sri Lankan !!
    If any one say few Tamils are patriots to Sri Lanka that is not trure that person name only Tamil ( eg: late Kathirkamar ) but he have changed to him self as Sinhalise( not Sri Lankan) !

    so end the story is Naalai pirakkum Saiva Thamil Eelam ( like jesus will back tomorrow) !!!

  18. Sri Rohana Says:

    Ananda thanks for your comment. To expose Indian corrupted politicians we need to have an intelligent, knowledgeable and tactful foreign service. But our foreign service has many A.C.S Hamid, Tyronne Fernando and Chandrika’s era corrupted, half dead, greedy, selfish, little taught, their kids education oriented, political appointees similar to thodol baba Shenuka.S.
    Can we satisfy with our diplomat’s contribution to present Sri Lanka foreign policy? As a tax payer I feel it is utter wastage.
    Do they have tactical policies or counter strategies against our enemies India, U.K or U.S.A. I don’t agree with Dayan.J’s 13+, but in 2009 his tactics worked well in Geneva and he defeated British imperialists and European neo colonists in diplomatically with his counter resolution. Either we like or not we have to appreciate it. If not, 2013 puppet show would have come on 2009 in Geneva.
    Is there any one in foreign-service has similar tactics. Can Ravinatha or Shenuka think of similar counter resolution against U.S.A and India in 2014? We have to get ready for 2014 HRC. Either in U.N.O or the Geneva H.R.C is the best place to expose Indian, U.S and Anglo European hypocrisy to the world.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thanks to Def. Secy Gotabhaya for truth well spoken !

    Seen in the clear light of day of the earlier Cold War between the Superpowers, we can see that both India & Sri Lanka were engulfed in hidden machinations coming from abroad. India did what she did then because of her Superpower neighbor and Lanka’s JRJ going too westward toward the other Superpower. Various groups formed within both countries during the Cold War times, and they hold sway to this day, somewhat diluted, but still in existence.

    The Tamil Nadu Separatist issue though quelled by India’s Anti-Separatist Law, is still simmering in the minds of TN leaders. Moving southward into Sri Lanka is an option now that expansion into/with other South Indian states under the Dravidanadu Plan has been squashed.
    Also solving Tamil Caste/poverty problems for Tamils of TN via Sri Lanka is another attraction for TN leaders, tying up with the TNA in Sri Lanka in the guise of trumped up Human Rights issues to form Tamil only Eelam.

    Tamil Nadu’s self created problems are the problem for both India & Sri Lanka.

    Best secure Sri Lanka from within. Removing the 13-A ought to be the next sensible thing to do. To do this, moving away from India emotionally may have to be done for at least for some time ….

    This is a problem that should be solved from within Sri Lanka. Too much involvement with any outside country, however sincere, will bring its own new set of problems.

  20. Christie Says:

    India is involved with all its colonies be it Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Malasia, Burma, Fiji, Singapore, Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa to name a few.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    J.N. Dixit has said in his memoirs that : ” … Dixit, in his memoirs published during his tenure as the Foreign Secretary, had acknowledged that arming Sri Lankan Tamil youth was one of the two major policy blunders of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi”.

    We haven’t forgotten how J.N. Dixit exerted undue pressure on JRJ to do Dixit’s ‘commandments’. Dixit was known as the Indian ‘Vice Roy’ of Sri Lanka. Chennai born J.N. Dixit (not a Hindu) died of a heart attack when the Tsunami struck in Dec. 2004. Did he fall ill and die on hearing that the Sea Tiger might had been swept away by the Tsunami along with some ltte
    VIPs ? The Tsunami was the beginning of the downfall from power for the ltte.
    Those policy blunders of Indira Gandhi – were they not also J.N. Dixit’s Eelam dream plans ?

  22. SA Kumar Says:

    downfall from power for the ltte.- yes sea Tiger ! but Tigers never disclosed any lost of sea tigers in Tsunami now We know when & where these 500 of small fighting boards are gone !
    after Tsaunami VP elected ( banned NEP people to vote RW) MR as President Eelam war IV come to the end !

    Now Indias are doing ground work in Jalpanam !

    We will see you in Eelam War V !

    Naalai pirakkum Saiva Thamil Eelam ( no soni, no paranki, no seena , only for Thamils ) Naam Thamilrar !!!

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