The Trojan Horses Theory of the Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa: How True!
Posted on April 11th, 2013

by Garvin Karunaratne Former SLAS- Government Agent, Matara

Our Defence Secretary has said well of Trojan Horses type of activity by foreign sources.

He has referred to Non Governmental  Organizations(NGO).  To my thinking these nefarious activities have been done by Governments as well.

Sri Lanka is an unfortunate country  in terms of foreign interference.

In the 1971 JVP Rebellion it was established that the North Korean Government played a role in it and its Embassy was  closed down and the Ambassador and staff deported. It was found that the N.Korean Embassy had withdrawn and spent a colossal sum of money in a subversive manner.   During the height of the JVP attack a strange ship appeared very close to Matara and Dondra and was seen over our field glasses to be unloading some thing to boats.  The Army Unit  sent  a message to headquarters  and in response one of our planes came, flew over it and machine gunned the boats. The ship vanished.  At  that time we were holding the City of Matara and even the inner coast of Dondra was not in our control. In many Districts, the Police and the Government held only the major cities. Once in a casual discussion I had with Dr Colvin R de Silva, I asked him as to whether in his opinion Rohana Wijeweera was the leader of the movement.  Instead of answering me he asked for my opinion and I said that I felt that Wijeweera was only carrying out orders for someone else.  Dr Colvin said that he too felt it that way.  It was a Fidel Castro type of attempt to take over the country in one day.

Another covert  operation that caused a major calamity was the Red Banna Settlements Project implemented by the Norwegian Government in  the Eighties. Unknown to the Sri Lankan Government, the Norwegian Government opened up a land settlement scheme in the Weli Oya area- the bridge between the Northern and Eastern Provinces and settled Tamil youths from the hill country of Sri Lanka.  This was done without the approval or knowledge of the Sri Lanka Government.   This was a sheer attempt by the Norwegian Government to provide a handicap for Prabhakaran’s LTTE.  It is ironical that the Norwegian  Government was later entrusted with peace negotiations with the LTTE. The Norwegian Government should have been sent packing lock stock and barrel and we should never have had anything to do with them. The Norwegians also fully supported the LTTE. Though the Government trusted the Norwegians later, Norway showed its full support for the LTTE in the PTOMS Agreement signed with the LTTE where in administration the LTTE was accorded a greater role and power than the sovereign Sri Lankan Government.

Even then we yet go to lick the boots of the Norwegians.

It is unfortunate that  we have been unable to get rid of the Trojan Horse that was implanted on us by India. The Trojan Horse is the 13 th Amendment to our Constituition.  The aim is to bifurcate our country and divide it into sections so that the LTTE could rule the merged  North and the East while through the Provincial Councils the rest of the country will be divided into a number of  States.  We have seen how Vartharaja Perumal  declared himself independent.

It is important to note that the 13 th Amendment was never passed by a Parliament that was free to vote. President Jayawardena had undated  letters of resignation from all Members of Parliament which he used as a method of forcing the Members to vote as he wished on pain of dissolving Parliament if they did not follow his instructions.  It is also a fact that President Jayawardena did incarcerate all Members of Parliament in a Five Start Hotel under military guard and he will personally go and escort the Members of Parliament to Parliament to vote as he wished. Thus the 13 th Amendment is not democratically decided on, though it was subsequently approved by  the Supreme Court, by a majority of one.  This was the time when the bungalows of the Judges were stoned to make them heed.

Is it not a fact that Indian fighter planes flew in sorties over Colombo to frighten President Jayawardena to submission.

We are nearing the election to the Northern Prov incial Council. 

To my mind the powers already given to the Provincial Councils if  implemented on will ensure that the working of all development work from the Central Government will come to a halt. The Provincial Councils already elected do not assert the powers conferred on them and thus the full force of the Provincial Councils has not been felt today.  An elected Northern Provincial Council which will comprise  TNA personnel who are totally anti Sri lankan and entirely pro Tamil Nadu will lead to a situation where there will be a de facto different State.

As an officer of the Administrative Service for six years I was covering the entire island and I could never have implemented any work effectively if I had been constrained  by Provincial Councils. In detail.

I was once in charge of the Vegetable and Fruit Purchasing and Sales Scheme of the Marketing Department.  Sri Lanka is a small country with different climatic zones.  Up country vegetables have to find sales in Colombo and the urban areas and the Marketing Department purchased vegetables and fruits  all over the island. It was I that fixed purchasing prices for vegetables and fruits all over the island and at least twenty lorries and twenty wagon loads  came in every day,  which had to be marketed in Colombo.  The officers in the producer areas had to carry out my instructions and any interference by Provincial Ministers would have not enabled us to do marketing keeping a low margin of fifteen percent or less. That is how inflation was controlled till the Marketing Department was privatised and abolished by the IMF and the UINP. A detailed paper on the Marketing Department Scheme is in my book: Papers on the Economic Development of Sri Lanka(Godages,2012)

When I handled fertilizer distribution to the entire island it was a major task to send supplies and to approve loans to cooperative societies. If we had to work with Provincial Ministers and Provincial Secretaries this task would never have been possible.

When I worked in charge of the Southern Province I had to accept every day around twenty wagon loads of paddy from Batticaloa, otherwise the farmers in Batticaloa would not be able to sell their paddy.  Though I was physically in the Southern Province I handled the sales of Red Onions for farmers in Jaffna and the disposal of paddy for farmers in Batticaloa. In a 13 th Amendment situation  the Provincial Minister in the Southern Province from whom I had to take instructions would not have allowed me to spend my time for other Provinces.

In other words the working of many development programmes will grind to a halt if there are Provincial Councils. They will be a hindrance.

Thus the  13 th Amendment is a Trojan Horse and it is time that we set fire to that Trojan Horse before that Trojan Horse opens its sides and controls our country and bifurcates it. These days at times I sense that the militant youths in Tamil Nadu are intent on invading us.  The 13 th Amendment  is a path to that invasion!

What is sad is that we have amidst us immature and inexperienced persons who cannot fathom what will happen to our country  if the 13 th Amendment is implemented.

It would behove of the Government to have a referendum on the 13 th Amendment before that Trojan Horse dissipates us to oblivion.

Garvin Karunaratne

Former SLAS- Government Agent, Matara

10 th April 2013

22 Responses to “The Trojan Horses Theory of the Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa: How True!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Who sent this 13 th Amendment Trojan Horse to SL?


    Some people have forgotten it already. Not Gota.

  2. herman Says:


    foreign interferences in SL did not start will the north Koreans. In the past, the villainous Portuguese, the outrageous Dutch, the atrocious English had destroyed SL lives, the BUDDHA DHAMMA, plundered valuable resouces, culture, etc. Recently, the involvement of Norway, UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, India and the UN all trying to undermine SL’s sovereignty was evident.

    SL can obtain its Rightful status in world politics only if its Leaders are wise and can align the country with policies and foreign forces that can balance this delicate minefield in world politics.
    Firstly, SL must destroy the 13A amendment.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    The TNA acts freely calling for an ISGA in the North, in spite of the Anti-Secessionist Laws already in place in Sri Lanka (Clause 6-A – Act no.6 of 1983). Why do we have Laws at all if we do not implement them ?
    Is the TNA like Kim Jong of N. Korea – allowed to run amok instead of acting like responsible adults ?

    Implement the 6-A as well as remove the 13-A. Then all that war with the ltte will be meaningful for the ordinary Lanka citizen who longs for some peace and space to grow.

    What we have is a perpetual destabilization in Lanka while other islands such as Madagascar & Mauritius enjoy peace. What a price to pay being neighbor of Tamjil Nadu plus some ports !

  4. Universal Citizen Says:

    The One who needs peace needs to understand and come to terms with oneself first and probably at last too..

    As long as there is no peace and understanding among the citizens of the country and there are divisions and mistrust the external forces can explore it to their benefit.

    All effort should be taken to promote Nationalism in the Country. And this should be done in all good faith ( meaning no ulterior motives). No section should think they are smarter than the other, because it is not the case with the Human race.

    Few actions will be:
    Mechanism to respect all languages.
    All government departments / boards to have technocrats representing all sections / communities.
    Education – all communities to have access and facilities on an equity basis and promote Nationalism/peace.
    All regional councils to have representatives of all communities irrespective of the majority in the area. ( meaning there will be a Sinhalese representative even if the area is 100% Tamil and there will be a Tamil representative even if there was no Tamil in a particular area)
    All forces ( Police, Navy, Army, Airforce) will be a equal opportunity employer representing all communities. ( Today what ever said and done the perception is that all forces are Sinhala forces and not Sri Lankan. )

    If we can inculcate peace and trust among our citizens and develop a culture of nationalism, then we don’t have to worry much about the External forces.

    Unity is strength, even if it is small..

  5. Kosala777 Says:

    It is only Gotabaya who has the guts to dismantle the 13th amendment

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Universal Citizen
    Today what ever said and done the perception is that all forces are Sinhala forces and not Sri Lankan !
    What you expect from Sinhala Nation not from Sri Lankan Nation !

    If you are a Sinhala sakotharaya I would be very happy as atleast one modaya understood !!!
    If you are a Tamil Sakotharam I would be very sad as you sakkiliyas never understood !!!

    Naalai piraaku Saiva Thamil Eelam !!! ( like Jesus will back !)

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Universal Citizen,

    You say : “The One who needs peace needs to understand and come to terms with oneself first and probably at last too.. ”

    That is all well and good in theory. But, One cannot have INNER peace if millions are without peace around One. Peace within oneself is the ultimate goal for all, but millions are IGNORANT of such a fact. Even wars are fought for Peace.

    How can there be a true Peace when destabilization is constantly ‘exported’ to Sri Lanka via Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty issues carried into Lanka via Tamil illegal migrants, and the TNA exploits this situation to pad up numbers for Separatism ?

    The kind of Idealism as you state may never happen so long as the main Tamil political party, the TNA, espouses Separatism and tends toward that all the time, with joining up with Tamil Nadu ?

    The end result of TNA action is Destabilization of Lanka.

    We say Implement the 6-A and remove the 13-A. Then we can have a reasonable Peace to move forward toward Idealism.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Tamil political party, the TNA, Sinhala political JUP( used to be JVP waw problm party), Muslim political MC !is not our problm parties !

    problm between Tamil Sakkiliyas & Sinhala Modayas !!!

    Unit in diversity , no short cut !!!
    Abey Demilas , Oya Sinhalaya , eya Muslima !!! How can be We all one Family ! Yes we can be one Nation that is (i)Lanka(i) Nation not Sinhala Nation !

    Do we understand ? No

    so Naalai pirakkum Saiva Thamil Eelam !

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Bloody Endians are angry with Gota again.

    “India today disapproved of a top Sri Lankan Defence Secretary ‘s reported remark about it regarding terrorism in that country, saying the armed conflict there was a result of Colombo denying rights to Tamils there.

    Responding to Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s reported remark that India could never absolve itself of the responsibility for creating terrorism in his country, Indian Minister V Narayanasamy said the statement was not acceptable.

    As far as India is concerned (late Prime Ministers) Indira and Rajiv Gandhi supported Tamils. We even lost Rajiv Gandhi (in an assassination by LTTE). He sent Indian Peace Keeping Force to help Tamils. Rajapaksa’s statement is unacceptable. Sri Lanka is responsible for terrorism as Tamils took to terrorism because their rights were denied,“he told reporters at the Chennai airport.

    New Delhi did not support any kind of terrorist activities, he said.

    India has a duty to protect Tamils wherever they are and it had pressed for independent and credible investigation into alleged war crimes by Sri Lankan army at the UNHRC, he said.

    “Unfortunately, state political parties are concealing that. The truth will come out ultimately,” the Minister of State in the PMO added.

    He also denied the Centre was not acting on attacks on fishermen from Tamil Nadu allegedly by Sri Lankan Navy.”

    – adaderana

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    No, Kumar, the problem is between Tamil Separatism via Tamil Leaders and lack of Targeted Action by successive GoSLs to stop Separatism. The proper action is to implement proper Laws to stop Separatism as in India, not a mere Clause 6-A. Also removal of 13-A foisted on Lanka under Duress and therefore Null & Void.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    The proper action is to implement proper Laws to stop Separatism as in India !
    We sholud follow fully what indian done to stop separation not half !!!
    Language base State created ( TN, Kerala,Kanada, Anthira etc..) & 16A implement to stop separation !!!
    same thing if we had follow we would not lost 200,000 life of or brothers & Sisters ok , late but not late now!
    Can we implement 13A fully to decentralised power to all Nine provicial councile AND implement immedeatly similar indian 16A !!! ? NO why ….because This is Sinhala Bhuddist Lanka all kalalathoni Saiva Demila should send back to India (TN) !

    This Tamil Leaders are for their own Colombo cinnama garden life & their childen to educated in England !

  12. Naram Says:

    We have to remember the Coup D’tat of 1962 also in this discussion. Perhaps Mr Karunaratne can share with us the interesting discussions he may have had with politicians at the time. THere was a discussion about it more recently where it was said that there were plans to allow the Prime Minister at the time Nre Sirima R D B to settle downin London with her family ar political refugees, whilethe Army – Navy – Police set took total control.

    If I remember right, the folks who were found guilty were set free in the end by the British Privy Council following the change of government in ’64. I sat the accused parties in that event could bebe considered a Trojan Horse living among the Sri Lankan polity.

    In reply to SA K could he substantiate with population numbers in the said states of India – also with minority numbers in each state. Please note Sri Lanka already has legislation for reasonable use of Tamil. How do they compare with the minority rights in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andra, Kanada etc.

    Many say Tamil speakers are at a disadvantage in many states of India. Most folks faced with the situation understand the difficulty of governance and are happy to learn the local languages and Hindu. That is why in the NWP of Sri Lanka one sees highest level of amity among communities.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Please note Sri Lanka already has legislation for reasonable use of Tamil ! yes in legislation like 13A all in legislation !
    What we nee implement them !!! I know you won’t for another thosand Years like We won’t give up our separated eelam dream !!!

    We all Modayas & Sakkiliyas have to live with it ! that is Our Karma !!!

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Language base is alright for a huge country like India. Almost all the sub-states of India are larger than Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is only 20,000 sq. miles. If language based areas are appreciated, then one must go to a country where such ideas are suited to that country. It does not suit Lanka to have language based areas. You are seeking Separatism by another name, which will tie Tamil people linguistically and culturally to Tamil Nadu, which in turn makes small Lanka a mere appendage of unfriendly and backward TN !

    No go there, my friend. Not a single person with any common sense will back your idea.


    Agree with you on this : “Many say Tamil speakers are at a disadvantage in many states of India. Most folks faced with the situation understand the difficulty of governance and are happy to learn the local languages and Hindu. That is why in the NWP of Sri Lanka one sees highest level of amity among communities”.

    Anyone is free to learn any language in Sri Lanka.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    25,000 sq. miles

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    No go there, my friend. Not a single person with any common sense will back your idea. ! it remin me

    Hon Appaththurai Amirthalingam said once ,
    Chinhalanukku senthu valavum theriathu , pirinthu valavu theriyathu ) Sinhalese do not know how to live togeter or live separately )!

    No go there? Where ??? that is your sinhalese mendality , We Demilaya are belong to mother lanka that why we we kicked out IPKF even though Indian had offered us NEP in gold plat !!!

    I am sure you won’t understand what I am talking about as We live with you last 2,500 years, we know your mendality my sinhala sakotharaya !!!

    Anyone is free to learn any language in Sri Lanka.? NO
    can a child in Chunnakam Mahaviddiyalam learn sinhala ? NO
    can a child in Mattala Mahaviddiyala learn Demila ? NO

    a single person with any common sense will back your idea ! Fully implement 13A & similar indian 16A immediadly (over night) !!!
    our problm will desapare itself over night !!!
    Doucles Devanda will be elected as fisrt Chief Minister on NP in Sep 2013 !!!

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    Whatever Tamil leaders have done, past and present (TNA), it is to further a Separate state for Tamils only. Can you deny that ?
    Kumar, you must accept the fact that we are very wary of your inconsistent and untrustworthy TNA leadership.

    A sense of Freedom must be brought about here so that anyone feels free to learn any language in Sri Lanka. That is true Democracy. Choice of language must be from us, the People.

  18. S de Silva Says:

    Gota MUST immediately and oficially challenge the statement by the Indian Minister V Narayanasamy’s staement that Tamils have ‘reduced’ rights in Sri Lanka. The challenge must be for Narayanasamy to state what the rights are that the Tamils do not have that others do and if he fails to do that in a reasonable time of 14 days to officially call him a b***y Tamil liar!

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    You know very well that there is a sense of Freedom in the South to learn any language the people please. What about the North ?


    Some random comments :

    (a) The Trojan Horse of Greek myth was a hiding place for Achilles the Invincible and his comrades. But even Achilles had a weak point, i.e. his heel – thus the Achilles Heel, or weak point. An arrow shot by Paris, one of his opponents, killed Achilles when the arrow went through his heel. So also the 13-A. It has MANY weak points, the chief of which is that it disunites the people of Lanka. It was placed under Duress, therefore null & void. It is costly and useless to Sri Lankans. It gives a sense of false aggrandizement to some thug types in the PCs. It runs counter to the motto on the Indian Flag which says “Truth wins”.

    (b) India must now give space to Lanka to grow, as much as India wants to grow, so do we. The Cold War is over. Russia is part of the NATO group along with UK, etc. There is no need now to stick with old rules dictated by the earlier Cold War. However, we of the East have to be mindful of the new areas of competition in the world such as in the Money Market and Resources.

    (c) Re Mr Narayanasamy’s comment on ‘Reduced Rights’ of Tamils of Lanka :

    Mr Narayanasamy, with all due respect for the Office you hold, we have some comments on what you have stated.

    (1) Tamil people have on their own ‘reduced’ their own rights due to Caste based upbringing that starts in Tamil Nadu. The Buddha said that ‘a
    person is high born or low born according to actions only’. The mostly Buddhist Sri Lanka follows their Buddhism through FREE education & health care so that people are looked after.

    (2) Mr Narayanswamy must be realistic about the historical facts about the INIDAN Tamils of Sri Lanka. Most of the Tamils there who opted to go back to TN under the Sirima/Shasthri Pact did not go back. They are still here with their children & grandchildren.

    (3) It is the Hindu Caste system has kept the Upcountry Tamil Labor sector (generally known as INDIAN Tamil sector), in a strange kind of bondage to the tea plantations from British times. It was the British who brought in some ONE MILLION low caste Tamils to Lanka for the British tea plantations here. It is up to the Upcountry Tamils to voice their feelings to the public through the media. As far as we can see, all Tamils are offered by the various systems the freedom that are enjoyed by others in Sri Lanka. It is up to the INDIAN Tamil community to partake of these freedoms.


    Mr Narayanasamy was born in Pondicherry, India.

    As at date, the Scheduled Caste population (low caste & Dalits) of Pondicherry numbers are give below. Source : Govt. of Pondicherry.

    The Scheduled Caste population in the Union Territory of Pondicherry is 1,31,278 as per census of 1991, which is found to be 16.25% of the total population of 8,07,785. The regionwise breakup is as follows :

    Region S.C. population % on total population
    Pondicherry 1,01,298 16.65
    Karaikal 25,817 17.72
    Mahe 123 0.37
    Yanam 4,040 19.90
    Total 1,31,278 16.25
    As per the Constitution (Pondicherry) S.C. Order 1964, the following 15 communities are notified as S.C. in the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

    1. Adi Andhra 6. Madiga 11. Samban
    2. Adi Dravida 7. Mala, Mala Masti 12. Thoti
    3. Chakkiliyan 8. Paky 13. Valluvan
    4. Jambuvulu 9. Pallan 14. Vetan
    5. Kuravan 10. Parayan, Sambavar 15. Vettiyan

    The fact that Scheduled Castes of up to 16.25% existed in 1991 shows that the Caste System is still alive in Pondicherry. This shows that ‘REDUCED RIGHTS’ are AUTOMATICALLY imposed on the lower caste folk of Pondicherry, Mr Narayanasamy’s birth place.
    There is no such AUTOMATIC imposition of caste on the Tamils of Sri Lanka. It is merely a self imposed mindset. It is up to the Tamils of Lanka to let go that Caste bound mindset.

  20. Vijendra Says:

    It is good to see that someone in power sees the true picture, but as we all know, that alone is not of much use. It must be transformed into action!

    If the GOSL and its advisers had any strategic thinking capacity, immediately after the culmination of the bloody war during which both Singhalese and Tamils died in substantial numbers, they would have analyzed the facts and understood the facts and taken the right actions . Instead, they were groping in the dark as far as building a united Sri Lanka.

    Even though there is considerable progress economically since getting rid of the terrorists of the LTTE, their proxies and foreign war-mongers are still plotting to sabotage the government’s efforts to bring about peace and prosperity to all Sri Lankans. Its time for the leadership to understand this and draw up a strategy to unify the country and to put the traitors behind bars, to prevent them from spreading hatred and divisive political agendas in connivance with India, and Tamilnad in particular.

    So much has been said about the obvious Trojan Horse, the 13A, people are getting sick and tired of the GOSL leadership for no action. If the MR govt. expects Sri Lankans to vote them back to power, in spite of the fact that Ranil and the group have self-disintegrated themselves into chaos, it is time to show by action that they are eliminating the ethnic divide, reduce the colossal wastage of the PCs and improve the economic prosperity of the country as a whole by getting rid of this cancer implanted by the Indians.

  21. Naram Says:

    IS our friend SA K suggesting that

    -Tamil folks lof Ponnambalam Sambathan or Premachandran calibre are forced to make a living as Sakkiliyas due to their poor grasp of Sinhalese
    – all resonable requests by Tamil parties from the time of Independence to provide Jaffna schools with Sinhala teachers were refused ?

    – TNA parties warmly welcome the return of ethnicaly cleansed Muslims back to their fold

    – TNA parties are committed to eradicate all caste based privileges in Jaffna

    Only TNA parliamentarians have risen out of dire poverty by becoming MPs. In Sri Lanka’s rich list there is not a single Tamil.

  22. SA Kumar Says:

    before may 2009 VP was problm now TNA is problm to solve our Sakkiliya Demilaya problm ?
    You Sinhala modayas never learn any think for last 2,500 years you want me to believe any think now !!!

    We will see in Eelam War V !

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