What Sri Lanka Is Today And What It’s Not !
Posted on April 19th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

April 19th, 2013

The North of Sri Lanka the focal point of this item needs to be viewed in an entirely different perspective relative to realities that prevail there as opposed to the negative portrayals presented by many who refuse to accept the astounding progress the Nation has made as it contravenes what they once envisioned it as a platform for their personal agendas not conducive to the overall well being of the nation as a whole resulting in frustrations beyond the realm of conceding towards the comon good and this is an eye opener to the world.

While some leaders of the western world continue to finger point somewhat blatantly and in every conceivable sense erroneously based mostly on coercion by the enemies of the state ensconced in the West who are popularly known as the Tamil Tiger supportive Diaspora ~ expatriate Sri Lankans who have banded themselves into the biggest problem creators, rabble rousers and presenters of lies and innuendo.

 There are many perceptive observers and analysts around the world very much aware of how wrong the distorted portrayal of Sri Lanka is.

And there happen to be most unfortunately very gullible persons who fall into the category of the finger pointers refered to previously and hopefully this will make them more aware of the salient truth rather than the distorted innuendo which holds sway at times, yet much in favour of the freedom loving people of Sri Lanka and her administrators where the proof is truly in the pudding! and evident virtually everywhere you look with the artifacts of progress looming larger than life and growing by the day.

What many term the scourge of Sovereign Sri Lanka, the infamous Tamil Tigers are long gone now albeit after nearly three decades of internal armed insurrection that once seemed never ending and put down by the resilience of Sri Lanka’s Administration and her Armed Forces yet strangely although not surprisingly the efforts to recussitate the scourge seems to continue at times surreptitiously and sometimes glaring if one considers the pro Tamil Tiger brigade in Tamil Nadu India where some of the somewhat deranged voices in leadership there even have the nerve to talk about acheiving Eelam in Sri Lanka which to all intents and purposes are those in a wilderness of ignorant thought and it sometimes prevails over rationality where even the West at times is hoodwinked by these deadbeats.

 Hence it becomes thought provoking and demands a response of substantial voluminous argument leaning on rationality!

It seems fair to say that many recent visitors to the North as well as officially appointed observers with freedom of movement to mingle and interact with the common man in towns such as Jaffna have discovered a transformation from what it was during the time of the terrorists and return to their domains amazed at what thay have seen first hand and even more amazed at how some elements choose to portray differently and insidiously what it truly is.

 Some of their observations have prompted many who agree with the thought and principle that Sri Lanka today is indeed headed towards a great progress and development, to take umbrage at the lies and innuendo which continue to plague Sri Lanka where perhaps the insight presented here will dilute and eventually dissuade all of Sri Lanka’s critics particularly those choosing to level Human Rights Violations Accusations as well as denigrate at every given opportunity the present Administration, that thay must surely be on the wrong track.

Simply put, in the eyes and minds of those reporting favourably about the North and East and towns such as Jaffna and the residents there, they appear to be finally emerging from the fear, subjugation anxieties towards their existences where the means towards a decent life for their families and hope towards posterity seem something real and tangible by sheer intensity of growth of an open economy and a huge improvement to the quality of life today visible in many quarters in post insurrection Sri Lanka with particular reference to the North and East.

After nearly three decades of suffering mainly at the hands of the Tamil Tigers today they live in hope and are being encompassed favourably by the merits of globalization, the freedom to move with no suppression or restrictions and the younger generations of the populace suddenly steeped in the availability of a decent life and a chance to make good for themselves which appears to have evolved in a manner hitherto unknown where these areas even during British Rule going back in time were once mantled with a deep rooted conservatism and traditional Tamil values which seem to have far exceeded metes and bounds and today resonates to a more westernized and relaxed tempo which speaks much for what the government has accomplished towards the development needed to rehabilitate a once oppressed environment where people had little hope under the Tamil Tigers.

In this context it seems time appropriate for the name callers and finger pointing critics of Sri Lanka’s return to normalcy which for some appear to be a bitter pill to swallow for very apparent reasons, to see for themselves first hand and call a halt to all their attempts to drag down Sri Lanka whilst acknowledging the progress the Nation has made towards the future.

 That they need to be able to draw their conclusions first hand rather than hearsay, conjecture and speculation where the need to broaden their perspective of what real development entails as in the case of Sri Lanka is imperative which despite the problems encountered from a socio economic perspective has done extremely well as an emerging nation so much so that today the US categorizes her as a middle income nation where the irony of it all appears to be highlighted by the covert insinuation of the US Secretary of State who uses his rhetoric as a platform to justify cuts in Aid whether it be due to pressure from Sri Lanka’s enemies or his own personal convictions with rank disregard to statistics which still point towards a greater level of economic support from the richer nations.

For a tiny nation of 25,000 sq. miles and a polulace reaching to the 20 million range once almost brought down to her knees by the viles of terrorism Sri Lanka has done appreciably well and something which cannot be contradicted or disrupted for all the wrong reasons.

Case in point for her Western antagonists who do not seem to want to accept what Sri Lanka is today in a progressive perspective and prefer to delude themselves about what she’s not !



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