The Allegations And Cooked Up Stories Continue Fuelling The Flames Of Conjecture But Where’s The Proof?
Posted on April 26th, 2013

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

April 28th 2013

   What a climate of lies and innuendo !!! one might surmise in some cases of expatriate Tamils visiting Sri Lanka  and returning to their adopted domiciles  when stories of capture, torture and mistreatment which somehow cannot be substantiated with proof  surface yet sufficient to fuel all the flames of accusations against a Government which tries its utmost to reconcile with all expatriate as well as residential Tamils but never gets due credit.
And of course for the enemies of the State it is yet another golden opportunity to jump to the chance of furthering their  false portrayals towards creating further havoc on the international platform and the global arena which as usual is gobbled up by every gullible critic of Sri Lankan matters with their holier than thou mentalities on the planet  ~ some of whom are well known to languish in certain parts of  South India  as well as  others floating around in their vehicles of self appointed sanctimonious sympathy for so called displaced Tamils whom they in fact helped displace with their empathy for a certain secessionist objective called Tamil Eelam and now either label themselves or are in fact labelled the Tamil Diaspora leaning towards the cause of secessionist  Eelam so will they ever give up providing their continued consternation and chagrin towardsr a cause which they will, no matter how hard they try, never accomplish!? 
When the Sri Lankan Army  very recently rejected allegations by a Sri Lankan Tamil living in Australia who claimed to have been tortured and abused by the Army Intelligence officers while he visited the island recently they seemed very justified as they as well as the Government of Sri Lanka are no fools to want to invite undue publicity towards a cause which related to Government policy and has been executed imperatively and unerringly to the letter!
After the defeat of the Tamil Tigers,It has been the objective of the GOSL never to compromiseor jeopardize what the President has always maintained that all Tamils will be treated fairly and has even gone to the extent of providing rehabilitation for some who were directly involved with the terror group and relented eventually. Today there are many examples of this and many thankful Tamils given the opportunity to merge into normal Sri Lankan society with all the related freedoms. Logically there seems no reason for the Army to single out a returning expatriate Sri Lanka where everything points to the allegations being cooked up for the specific purpose of discrediting the GOSL.
Such individuals sometimes go to great lengths to try and substantiate their accusations against the Government . This is not the first time nor will it be the last but unless tangible proof accompanies such accusations they are best trashed or the individual brought before a court of law and made to show cause as to why he may not be prosecuted for attempting to cause mischief against a Sovereign Government which has done more than mere lip service to address the needs of the Tamil community as well as those of all Sri Lankan citizens after the armed insurrection which was legitimately put down.
It seems preposterous that the Australian media has quoted  in a tone of voice that seemed to acquiesce the allegations that a Sri Lankan Tamil man named ‘Kumar’ who has reportedly claimed alleged torture and rape  by Sri Lankan Army intelligence officers while the victim was on a three week stay in the country where these claims will remain mere allegations unless substantial proof is presented but there probably is a felt need for both the Governments concerned to take preventive action against such individuals who return to Sri Lanka where perhaps their movements need to be monitored towards upholding the cause of justice from every perspective and relative to a Sri Lanka fast returning to normalcy.
When military spokesperson Ruwan Wanigasooriya has responded that the false allegations appear to have been made for a specific reason and that it probably was an attempt by parties that campaign in Australia against extradition of economic refugees who illegally migrate purely for economic reasons there is more than a ring of truth to it. Based on the many attempts in recent times of similar actions by a few others on the anti Sri Lankan Bandwagon reeking of covert skullduggery which can be well associated with the Tamil Diaspora as part of their modus operandi it becomes even more plausible.
Hitting the precise target of objectivity with seemingly unerring accuracy in the words of the Army spokesperson” there seems little reason to doubt that this is yet another attempt to paint a false picture in order to pressurize the Australian Government towards  influencing the current policy of deportation where  close to 1,000 persons have been returned to Sri Lanka and not surprisingly they lead normal lives,” and for one disgrunled individual backed up by hordes of equally disgruntled Tamil Diaspora to suggest otherwise seems somewhat incongruous albeit in keeping with their avowed dedications to discredit the GOSL at every given opportunity.
The full account of the allegations which lack  tangible proof towards confirmation has been reported as follows and picked up by many global news agencies which as usual has caused enough cheap sensationalism for some for whom it appears to be sufficient cause to once again label the GOSL as culpable despite lacking in credibility towards reality based on hard facts.
 Quoting ~ 
“In an interview with Australian media, the victim ‘Kumar’ said that as he returned to Sri Lanka in March, less than a week after his arrival he and his brothers were allegedly abducted at gunpoint by two men in a white van.
He alleged that the men claimed to be army intelligence officers and grilled him about links to the Tamil Tigers, which he denied.

He further alleged that on the fourth and final day of his ordeal, Kumar’s captors branded his back with hot irons and he only made it back to Australia because his uncle paid a $20,000 bribe to his captors.
The military spokesperson however said that such allegations were just another attempt to justify illegal entry into Australia and to resist the Australian government’s stand on illegal asylum seekers who migrate to Australia and other western countries purely for economic gains.

Last year the Australian government announced that almost half of the asylum seekers who arrived in that country were from Sri Lanka.
The Australian government has been sending Sri Lankans home, citing that the threat of war and persecution is over in the island nation.” end quote.
Given the nature of what has transpired in the past  relative to similar cases, torture marks and injuries could be simulated but as to how they were acquired and those responsible something which needs to be proven beyond reasonable doubt by the accusers and leaves room for much speculation that this indeed is another case of false presentation, cooked up lies and innuendo. 

8 Responses to “The Allegations And Cooked Up Stories Continue Fuelling The Flames Of Conjecture But Where’s The Proof?”

  1. crobe Says:

    I would be seriously interested in knowing why “Kumar” left his good job in Australia to go to Sri Lanka to look after his ailing uncle/uncle’s business when he had other family there?
    Did “Kumar” possibly want a good reason to come back to Australia and apply for asylum since he was only on a work visa? Sounds very convenient.

    What happened to “Kumar”s brother? Looks like his brother was living safely in Sri Lanka. Also, in the first interview, he said nothing about paying a bribe to get out of Sri Lanka. Also, his claim that he doesn’t want to come forward to lodge a complaint seems unbelievable because, 1. If his brother was let go, then they know who the brother is and by extension, the family. 2. If “Kumar”‘s uncle gave a bribe of $20,000 for his release, they know who the family is. So, pretending to be afraid for his family seems a lie.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    We have to think outside the box to overcome this problem.

    Our INNOCENTS look so naïve.

    The biggest gullibles are not the Australians but SL authorities who think doing good to these people will make them good!!!

    There are hundreds of thousands of anti-SL persons in SL mostly in the north and Batticaloa. If they go in boats to Australia and the boats sink 4 hours into the journey without a trace, we have lost groups of anti-SL plotters. Who gains? SL.

    Canada, EU, NZ have STOPPED giving visa to Tamil beggars. Besides these countries are too cold for Tamilians now as they are not as desperate as in 1983 to 2009. So expect more BS stories and antics from them in future to get Australian visa.

  3. sridaran Says:

    TAMIL BEGGARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people really don’t want to reform , isn’t it ? The Lanka Web editorial is about the antics of the Tamil Diaspora – and this Diaspora consists of a few thousands . But the insulting comment has nothing to do with the main topic under discussion. The Population of Tamil Nadu is about 70 million and the tamil population in SL may be around 2 million. And a person who calls himself a Tamil derives great pleasure in calling his fellow 72 million people ‘ BEGGARS ‘ . People who insult their own community will also insult their own mother !!! I have seen Chinese beggars begging in the streets of Shanghai . When I visited New York, I saw begging on the NY streets. I have also seens white beggars on the streets of London. Even Sri Lanka has its share of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim beggars. This is a universal phenomena !! I tell these creatures with a sick mindset – reform or BE REFORMED !!

  4. Voice123 Says:

    Some Australians are extremely gullible and any negative story about ANY non-European/ non-Western country, they unquestioningly believe. If a sensible Australian asks obvious questions like what Crobe asked above (why is this fellow whi supposedly risked his life to flee “torture” going back to do his uncles business?), he or she will be pounced upon by do-gooders and terrorist diasporans howling about “racism”. It is very emotionally charged and intimidating. they make allegations of torture and murder and tell the sensible Australians asking sensible questions that they themselves are responsible fir this alleged “torture and murder”. So the sensible people find it easier to stop asking questions and just let the diaspoterrorists do whatever they want. Who are the real racists here? We need to get together with sensible people in the West, who ask sensible questions about illegal immigration. Sure they are only trying to protect their own countries and peoples, but there is a commonality of interest with us here. As Sri Lankans, we can do a lot to shield them from false accusations of racism and emotional hype and allow them to come out openly and disclose all the facts to their countrmen. This is an as yet untapped approch. (Real) Sri Lankans in Australia, please take note.

  5. Voice123 Says:

    Almost anyone in Sri Lanka can get their hands on a white van (why do these people always choose white vans and never black or blue or red or whatever color!) and pretend to be government or military, especially if it helps a multimillion dollar people smuggling project. They have enough ill – gotten dollars to pay golayas/stooges to pretend to be military or government. HELLO! Wake up gullible Westerners.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    These terrorists are BETTER in Australia than SL. We should get rid of them all and hope either the sea or Australia accept them, certainly NOT SL.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Murderer (when he was in the SLFP) and rapist (of a Tamil schoolgirl when he was in the UNP) is OUT!!

    He has gone to see the president.

    This is SHAMEFUL. He looks better than he was! He avoided prison by hiding in hospitals like the dust-allergic army general. A massive crowd has welcomed him. WTF?

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Duminda Silva should be punished for his crimes. Otherwise the govt. is going to be VERY UNPOPULAR.

    This is a disgrace to soldiers who sacrificed their lives.

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