Bodu Bala Sena and Mrs. Chandrika
Posted on April 27th, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema

I have always felt sympathetic toward the three Bandaranayake children because their father was killed cruelly and they suffered tremendously in their younger days because of that.  Mrs. B could not handle them well as a single mother because she also got forced into politics by the circumstances. There was a baby sitter like person to whom the guiding of the young Anura was entrusted, but I was told by an eye witness that in the old senate building cafeteria Anura was secretly given a glass of whiskey or brandy. It was this “secret treatment” that finally killed him prematurely with gallons of liquor offered to him by his new “friends” in Los Angles.

            When I spent eight months in Sri Lanka one year ago I met a person 75 years old who knew lot of stuff about the late T. B. Illangaratne, Mrs. B, George Rajapakse and Chandrika B. Obviously, I cannot write them publicly as it would be interpreted by at least some readers as a reflection of my own bad character.  Another person I met told me he was the one who gave the name “pirith kotiya” to the late professor W. S. Karunaratne when latter was a younger lecturer.  TBI was called “karavala kumaraya” alleging that he took bribes using CWE (Sathosa), but after fifty years I came to know that he was an honest public servant who never took a cent from others. When in the last days of his life the Navaloka mudalali wanted to keep him free in the hospital TBI left it because even if he did not have funds to pay the bills on his own, he did not want favors from others. People have forgotten the service he rendered: there was a newspaper supplement celebrating fifty years of Insurance Corp.  The minister’s message did not mention TBI’s name! May be joker minister did not know who created it!

            My topic is Chandrika because I saw an Ada Derana video clip in which Chandrika deliberately tells lies about BBS.  She says a Buddhist extremist group says Sri Lanka is only for the Sinhala Buddhists and it is killing Muslim traders.  I can understand Dayan Jayatileke and the Colombo Telegraph lying but I did not expect Mrs. Chandrika will come back into politics with her baggage of bad behavior.  The signals are all over that she will contest next election against MahindaR, an opportunity MahindaR gave her with removing two-term limit and so many women in villages will believe her stories.  Chandrika will take some SLFP votes, Sarath F will take some war-related votes, IVP will get some poor voters and Ranil will win if Ranil does not make a blunder with TNA and Bahu.

            Chandrika says BBS is a still a minority group but she cannot see that the seed (or for her it is a germ) is already grown all over the island. In one place monks are leading rural people to get a road promised for two years, because the buses cannot go and the children have to walk to school. In another place monks are with people regarding a garbage dump gone badly. Just yesterday, the Moratuwa VC who allegedly killed a Buddhist monk was prevented from coming out of the Prison van by Buddhist monks and people for him to attend the MC meeting! Everywhere we see the BBS bug giving fever to the black-white minded establishment. For 16 years tea estate sector government workers EPF etc. was cheated, and the joker minister says forget the past and we will sell timber from estates and pay EPF!

            Anura and Chandrika were so unique in the whole world. No other children could say that their mother and father were PM’s of their country.  Perhaps soon if Hilary Clinton become US president her daughter can claim this status. Prince Charles got it by birth not by popular vote. Anura and Chandrika were bad children to her mother. They fought with her.  These fights are even on record in books written by foreigners. They even covered her dead body with a blue cloth against all Buddhist tradition.

            Chandrika has no right to talk about pure Buddhism because according to Victor Ivan’s book she carried a bomb in her lap. She wanted SB Dissanayake to kill a journalist, Victor Ivan who helped her with her election campaign. I invite readers to go to you tube and see the video clip called Victor Ivan’s kunu harupa, to understand how dirty and low level to our country has gone.

            I hope BBS will have a village level set up to deflate false information emitted by people like Chandrikas and other politicians of all colors who are acting so madly because of the BBS bug.

            I hope BBS will have all the strength it needs to save Sri Lanka from the abyss it is rapidly falling.

11 Responses to “Bodu Bala Sena and Mrs. Chandrika”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “I hope BBS will have all the strength it needs to save Sri Lanka from the abyss it is rapidly falling.”

  2. Sirih Says:

    I am afraid Chandrika is not her fathers daughter.. She is nothing but a loss soul and now catering for foreigners and does not understand grass root revulsion of dirty politics.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I hope BBS is not what it is reported to be, by parties opposed to Sinhala Buddhists, like the Colombo Telegraph. I am happy that Muslim organisations have so far acted responsibly and without animosity towards BBS, which response indicates that the disparaging stories about the BBS disseminated by journals like the Colombo Telegraph are fiction and not fact.
    As for Chandrika, she indeed is an amazing woman to have the courage to present herself as a honest politician, after all the things she had done in the past, when she was the President of SriLanka.

  4. Senevirath Says:

    There are millions of ”panas haye daruwo” thanks to S.W.R.D AND SIRIMAVO who came foward to eradicate tiger terrorism in sinhale except this couple”s 3 children. victor ivon is a traitor who wanted to join hands with chandrika to destroy sinhala buddhists. but chandrika knew that ivon was not popular in the country and has no voice and ignored him. I von wanted to be the chief advisor to chandrika so he got mad

    Any way he knows so much of bad things about chandrika to brand her as “”CHOURA REJINA””

    WIJE is correct. chandrika and sarath f will take some of S L F P VOTES AND IT WILL REDUCE MAHINDA”S VOTES.


    only way for mahinda to score again is to scrap 13 A and abolish provincial councils’



  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “only way for mahinda to score again is to scrap 13 A and abolish provincial councils”


    MR has closer friends than his own brother now! Without listening to GR he trusts his enemies.

  6. Leela Says:

    We all know that Provincial Councils are a trap by Indians to control us. I believe, MR knows it as much as anyone or better. Today, not just the politicians but their entire families live on tax payers money in the guise of serving people. MR also knows that if he is to stay in power, he has to keep his corrupt and greedy Ministers and MPs happy.

    Now, just look at who and who are in the PCs. Aren’t most members of PCs are kith and kin (children, siblings, wives and etc) of Ministers, MPs and big wigs of the SLFP? All of them not just live but thrive on PCs. Question is; what are these robber barons going to do if Provincial Councils are abolished? Whatever they said and done, as of now, I am sure they want to retain PCs for they cannot live without it.

    If MR abolish the Provincial Councils there is no incentive for them to hang on to MR. It is very likely they will join Chandrika, SF or Ranil. That’s why, Dr Gunadasa Amarsekara said we must remove ‘police and land’ powers before holding elections for the North. And Wimal Weerawansa is taking it forward with full vigour.

  7. Leela Says:

    My above comment is for Messrs Lorenzo as well, sorry I missed his name.

  8. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Leela, your reasoning is spotless.

    You have laid bare the truth about 13A and PC’s and why MR is acting deaf to calls for their repeal.

    You have hit the nail squarely on the head with your declaration: If MR abolish the Provincial Councils there is no incentive for them (provincial counselors) to hang on to MR. It is very likely they will join Chandrika, SF or Ranil.

    The preponderant weight on the scale of a politician, especially a Head of State, is that which enables him to hold on to power. The 13A with its PC system will become MR’s biggest potential weight on his vote winning (OR VOTE RIGGING) scale when the next election comes around.

    I would suggest that the PC system with its massive corruption, gleefully tolerated and even fostered by MR, would pave the way for corrupt election practices which might be necessary to see MR through the next time.

    Mario Perera

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Leela is right on that.

    What a sad and DISGUSTING situation!

    TNA MPs’ sons and wives will be the PC members in northern provincial council. They will bring up the second gen. racists with the help of the provincial council system.

    But we should NOT stop hoping and demanding 13 amendment be SCRAPPED.

    Govt. will have to do something popular to get popular. Sacrificing the sons and wives of useless politicians IS WORTH to win the next election.

  10. aloy Says:

    According to a prime time Rupavahini news item today, customs have ceased 30,000 vials of abortions drugs concealed in a container, by a citizen of a neighbouring country. Is this purely for profits or the ‘unseen hand’ we were discussing in this forum few days ago with respect to poisonous agricultural inputs. It is reported that 300,000 abortions are carried out in the country and assuming that most of it are by Sinhala women, it accounts for about 2% loss of population increase per year. Is there any unseen hand funding these abortion clinics too?.
    According to another news item from the same source today, the paddy purchase from the East has topped the list this Maha season. How come there is no any kidney problems there when NCP and NWP have problems?.

  11. Senevirath Says:

    i aggree t hat is why somewhere else i said that i am 100% sure that mahinda willl not abolish 13A or provincial councils. P C members will join hands wiyh others if P C s are abolished

    But this is what we need. MAHINDA. has to fnid another way to give “EMPLOYMENT”” to these greedy people –thugs –may be as advisers with the same salary or something just to plese them

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