How to handle Western Media
Posted on April 29th, 2013

S de Silve – London

Well, I have been a consistent critic of the incompetencies of the GoSL in the past in the handling of Western media.  However when the GoSL does it much better I need to applaud that  too “”…” and there is a lesson here for all Sri Lankan representatives abroad on how to handle the media.

I refer to the Interview between the   cabinet spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella and BBC’s international correspondent Lyse Doucet:


That is the way the situation should be handled, Not in a servile manner nor in an unnecessarily confrontational manner but in a robustly  defensive manner with facts and logic.  I particularly liked Keheliya’s bit in reference to the HR accusations on SL when he said that the accusations by Canada are sponsored by LTTE bribes from the vast Canadian Tamil Diaspora”¦..  To the challenge by  Lyse Doucet ” have you got any proof of that?” Keheliya immediately responded “Have YOU got any proof of HR violations by the GoSL??!!. “”…” no answer.  Well done and that is the way to go

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I love this interview. Thanks for posting.

    BUT did it have ANY IMPACT on Canada’s position on SL?


    There is MORE than media here. These people will NEVER CHANGE. Why? Because their beliefs (right or wrong) BENEFITS them. And when they have the numbers against SL at UNHRC, commonwealth, etc., we suffer.

    We have to ERASE all things in SL NEAR and DEAR to the hearts of the damn Tamil Diaspora. What they really love is the TAMIL ONLY north. We have to ERASE Tamilness from the north by doing whatever that works. Then we win the media war automatically.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    We all know how in the past some tamil politicians gathered & wanted 50-50%. Does it mean equal status, which they have got. No they want more……….their perceptrion was if they can get even 25% its worth it. This is when tamils in lanka were around 12% of the total poulation.

    Now most have left, some because of their connections to LTTE & sympathy, before GOSL start legal action for deliberate murder, and distroying what has been established,Govt: offices to Buddhist monks in Arantaalawa..etc.

    We must ask LTTE & guardians of them for compensation. If they have funds to spread lies, hatred against a duly elected Govt. in Sri Lanka, they should be able to pay for all the attrocities for past 30+ years.

    Who supported them, which Govt or Govts, lend them advice, money to fight a never ending war? All that should be questioned from HOLIER THAN people.

    Now the Tamil population is around 4-5% according to recent census. So why do they want some more concessions, either assimilate, or leave the country. Let the other lankans, Sinhalese, Tmails (who accept our govt), Burghers, Muslims & Malyas can live in this paradise of ours.

    Thank you Sir,for pointing out & continue to contribute to LANKAWEB…….Another expat exprssing his views.~ONE COUNTRY< ONE NATION< INDIVISIBLE & STRONG……..J

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    Here is something you MUST do. It costs nothing.

    Go to Indian news sites and about LADAKH.

    Post comments under TAMIL names.

    e.g. Tamilian, Chennai raja, Chennai king, Chennai boy, Jaffna boy, Tamil Tiger, etc.

    Tell Endia to WITHDRAW from Ladakh, tell Endia to GIVE UP Ladakh, tell Endia that it will LOSE if fought with China so accept defeat.

    Already Endians are BLOODY ANGRY with Tamilians for voting against SL at the UNHRC. Make maximum use of that to create a BAD IMPRESSION among Endians about Tamilians.

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