Questions on the “Chef”- Student “Kumar” Enigma
Posted on April 29th, 2013

Kanthar P Balanathan

28th April 2013

Mr Trevor Grant


Tamil Refugee Council

Dear Mr Trevor Grant

It has befitted crucial to write, as stories emanating from the Tamil quadrants have reached beyond veracity. I am a SriLankan born Tamil, but a patriotic Australian, and I can confidently affirm that I comprehend our (Tamil & Sinhalese) culture, customs and behavioural patterns more than anyone else outside our ethnic group or in any NGOs. I would like to discuss with you on the matter of SriLanka, “Kumar”, and “Refugees” in general, and I appreciate a reply from you. If I do not receive a reply from you then it is evident that my assumptions are accurate to an acceptable gradation.


It is evident that the SriLankan complication has gone beyond mind control of foreign nationals, and it is evident that foreign powers are injecting vituperative and toxic proclamations with intent to destroy SriLanka. Is that why we do have a UN? UN could spend more time in developing and educating nations (third world), rather wasting time in reaping assumed blemishes.

Some journalists are spending time in imputing SriLanka. However, the very same people have forgotten what happened in Iraq & Vietnam. How was the Al-Qaida prisoners treated in Guantanamo Bay detention camp? I have seen videos where the US army has violated HR. I have seen pictures of army personnel raping women.

Addressing the Biafra war has anyone analysed why such a war crept up and who was responsible for the guerrilla war and who was responsible for the killing of the Ebo people. A foreign power was responsible for the war behind the Biafra people, all because of the oil. May be journalists do not know the extent of HR violations practiced then in the late 60s, and how people died out of hunger and starvation, and in some cases people turned cannibals.

These events are circumvented from the rest of the world, with UN and some media taking charge to propel with heavy thrust about HRV in SriLanka. One should examine the torture carried out by the LTTE. The entire population in SL was living in fear until 2009, until HE MR delivered the people from bondage. We Tamils should consider HE MR as the Moses of SriLanka of the 21st century.

Addressing the UNHRC, the UNHC for Human Rights, with high credentials, is ignoring the HR violations in India. The current situation in India has to be investigated by the UNHCR as it is deplorable in each of the states.

Kumar’s enigma

According to the passport pictures from ABC video, Kumar landed in Australia on the 26th November 2008. It is learnt that he came to Australia on a student visa. Between now and then, Kumar’s passport indicates the following dates:

  • 5th June 2012 to 4th July 2012 in SriLanka (Although the dates are not clear, it is assumed that the dates are as stated.
  • On the 29th December 2010 Kumar was in transit in Malaysia to Colombo for four days.
  • Further, Kumar landed in Colombo on the 30th March 2013. The reason for his recent visit was stated as due to his uncle’s sickness. However, subsequently a statement negates that he went to manage his uncle’s restaurant. His statement also states that he and his brothers were taken by two army intelligence in a white van after a week. This confirms that they may have been abducted (hypothetical) around the 7th April 2013? Kumar states that on the fourth and final day of his ordeal his back was branded with hot irons. This confirms that the final day was around the 11th April 2013.
  • However, ABC states that Kumar was abducted three weeks ago, which means that the re-enactment of the incident and interview had taken place after the 28th March 2013. Where was the re-enactment of the incident videoed? Who videoed the re-enactment? When did ABC interview Kumar? Who treated the burns? Have we access to talk to the Doctor who treated him SL?

It is my intention to request answers from ABC to the Australians, as we live in a democratic country.

The corroboration of the incidents seems to be inconsistent. The credibility of Kumar may be questionable.

  1. Kumar left SL in 2008 and landed in Australia. Did he come on a student visa? If so, then this should have been clearly propagated to the public by the ABC.
  2. If he landed in Australia on a student visa, then he left SriLanka legally with a clearance and without any encumbrance from GOSL.
  3. Kumar commenced doing a “Chef” course, which most temporary immigrants commence doing in Australia because it is easy to obtain permanent residency in Australia. I do not think we should debate on this because I am aware where Accountants, Attorneys and technical people commence doing “Chef” course once they land. This may be a weak point on the part of the Australian migration pre-requisite. Isn’t there Australians who could qualify as Chefs?
  4. Kumar has been to SL on the 5th June 2012 and has stayed for almost a month. What happened then?
  5. Presumably, Kumar has been in transit in Malaysia on the 29th December 2010 to Colombo. The dates are not clear; however, what were the reasons for his trips to SL.
  6. It is evident that Kumar has travelled to Colombo for reasons unknown, which should have been underscored by the ABC.
  7. If Kumar, as stated; was interrogated by the army intelligence prior to 2008 and that is why he had to come to Australia, then why did he make multiple visits to SriLanka?
  8. Current trip has been stated as a trip because of his uncle’s health condition, but this is been controverted by stating that he had to manage his uncle’s restaurant. This is shocking.
  9. Where was the re-enactment of the incident videoed?
  10. Who videoed the re-enactment?
  11. Kumar’s friend from Malaysia, Samjee narrates the incident; as if he was present, looking at the abduction and the torture. Is this plausible?
  12. The whole incident looks like a cooked up story and not substantiated.
  13. Last, where did he obtain finance for the study and multiple travels to SriLanka? Remembering that he had his family with two kids in Australia.


Australia is a developed country, and ideal democracy prevails in Australia with European honesty, integrity and customary practices, which is why illegal immigrants scud into Australia, and NOT to South East Asia, South America or Africa. Illegal immigrants should not attempt to take for granted that Australia will listen to their, may be, untrue stories. Australia should not be considered as a Social Welfare Camp for illegal immigrants from the third or developing world. Further, it is noticeable the immigrants are not prepared to change, but try to inflict their own culture into Australia. I am not a racist; I want to be an Australian, and would like Australia to be ideal Australia.

SriLanka was confronted with illegal boat people from, mostly Tamil Nadu up to mid- 20th century. SriLanka had to create a separate law authority called TAFII to protect SL from illegal immigrants from India. It is a long known culture of Tamils for illegal scudding into greener pasture.

To continue maintaining justice, harmony, peace and unity in SL, and protect the integrity of Australia, this matter should be further investigated by authorities such as (i) ABC, (ii) The AGE, (iii) ASIO, (iv) Federal Police and (v) Immigration, which I intend to request from these authorities.

Won’t you agree that the Australian immigration authorities should check Kumar’s activities in Australia for the last five years? Kumar may be casseroling up this story in order to gain refugee residency in Australia, and bring discredit to SL. Finally, what is his credibility? Kumar should come clean and open with true answers.

It would be wise for ABC and those in the Refugee Council to examine cases carefully before making a conclusion. It is crystal clear that the boat people are scudding into Australia for economic gains and not any other issues.

Mr Grant, Australia should study the situation in which refugees scud into Australia, and how they behave in detention camps, and their dictatorial attitude of demanding refugee/residency status in Australia. With such behaviour in detention camps, we can imagine how they would have behaved in their own country?

Definitely, all refugees come for greener pasture and most of them may pose a threat to Australian National Security. They masquerade with fallacious stories, which are supported by some Australian authorities without understanding the gravity of the situation. Again, I wish to press that Australia is not a Refugee Social Welfare Camp, but a country for ideal Australian citizens who are quite fluent in English Language.

It would also be highly appreciated if we could meet with a few SriLankan in Melbourne, and discuss to bring the acrimonies to an end, please.

Mr Grant, a reply would be highly appreciated please.


Kind Regards

Kanthar P Balanathan

46 Responses to “Questions on the “Chef”- Student “Kumar” Enigma”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A little off topic but within the BROADER topic of SL interests.

    Latest news on Ladakh Endian invasion of China. From the invader’s point of view.

    “Showing no signs of withdrawing from the Indian territory after their incursion in Ladakh two weeks ago, Chinese troops have erected an additional tent in the Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) sector raising to five the number of such structures in the area.

    The Chinese troops have also deployed Molosser dogs to keep a vigil, according to latest reports on Monday from the site of incursion, 70 kilometres south of Burtse in Ladakh division. The reports said the Chinese side have increased the number of tents to five.

    A banner hoisted outside the camp reads in English “you are in Chinese side” with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) personnel maintaining a round-the-clock vigil along with the Molosser dogs which are considered as the best for keeping a watch in these high-altitude areas, official sources said.

    While their officers were armed with Chinese Makarovs, the PLA soldiers had a variant of AK series of assault rifles.

    According to a detailed report, the additional tent has come up after three failed Flag meetings between Indian and Chinese Armies at Chashul.

    The report said aggressive patrolling by Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) had managed to push back intruding Chinese troops back by at least nine kilometres before they settled down at the present location which is nearly 18 kilometres inside Indian territory in the DBO Sector. The sector is at an altitude of 17,000 feet.

    According to a report submitted to the ministries of home and defence, the incursion was detected by the ITBP on the intervening night of April 15 and 16 which sent its Quick Reaction Team which not only prevented the Chinese PLA personnel from further progressing in the area but also pushed them back across the Rakhi Nallah.

    The sources said the situation would have further worsened if the ITBP personnel, deployed at the high altitude, had not moved in quickly.

    The Chinese, however, halted their retreat and pitched their ‘artic’ tents well 18 kilometres inside the Indian territory.

    The ITBP jawans immediately erected flags with message in Mandarin and English reminding the Chinese troops of “peace and tranquillity agreement and asking them to return to their side“.

    The face-off between the two sides has since continued even as ITBP jawans are assisted by Ladakh Scouts, an infantry regiment of the Army.”


    Now do the damn Endians realize why they should NOT invade into SL waters?

  2. Nadesan Says:

    Ha..ha…the twins Kanthan and Lorenzo-So are back on the saddle together scratching each others backs. From writing letters to all the leaders around the globe they have now playing the role of Sherlock Holmes investigation crimes and criminals. Kanthan is Sherlock Holmes and Lornzo-So as Dr Watson.

    First why did these two preachers left their motherland Sri Lanka and hanging around in foreign countries? Are they migrants, refugees or economic refugees? Should they really leave their motherland and go in search of greener pasteurs as rightly said by Kanthan if they are so patriotic? FGor KLanthan and Lorenzo-So patriotism is only a mere lip service as I said earlier a mere kaivaru for their past time in their retired lives.

  3. Vijendra Says:

    Mr. Balanathan, thank you very much for being an honest Tamil, unlike most Tamils who are blind to all the good things that happened to Tamils in Sri Lanka after the terrorists were got rid of in 2009. It’s certainly good and refreshing to see that there are Tamil people like you with good values, consideration and gratitude to mother country, honesty and decency to accept the realities in SL, who refuse to sing the praises of the murderous ltte and “call a spade a spade”. Hope there will be more following your lead.

    Thank you very much.

  4. douglas Says:

    One among our legendary folk tales is centered round a king by the name ‘CHETHIYA” who was very well known to be uttering “lies” at every turn of event. So it has come down the ages and in the present day if we come to know of a person who blatantly lie, he is referred to as “CHETHIYA”.

    With these stories of “refugees” and their “agents”; the diaspora who day and night “invent” stories of torture, human rights violations; the media “moguls”(e.g.Channel 4); the Human Rights Groups; UN “story writers” and its limb organization “Heads” (e.g. UNHRC); Legal Luminarys who defend “refugees” and other related cases in courts etc. (the list is too long to print); I am beginning to suspect whether all these persons are the “DESCENDANTS” of our legendary CHETHIYA?

    The question I have raised above could be a very interesting subject for an ANTHROPOLOGIST to study and compile a report/thesis, which could definitely win an award of a “Doctorate”. (not the one granted to Mervin Silva)

  5. Voice123 Says:

    ” I wish to press that Australia is not a Refugee Social Welfare Camp, but a country for ideal Australian citizens who are quite fluent in English Language.”

    Thanks Mr Balanathan. Thanks Lorenzo. Decent Tamils such as yourselves should be encouraged and are good ambassadors and citizens for your ethnic group and country of origin anywhere. I am going to send your article to Australian patriotic activists to instigate activism on behalf of the Australian people. BOGUS assylum seekers spreading lies about Sri Lanka beware. Liars and terrorists beware. You will be exposed wherever you are by direct people power. Not even the gullible do-gooders and paid lobbyists will be able to protect you from righteous outrage worldwide.

    Nalai pirakkum direct people power worldwide.
    Nalai pirakkum Viduthalai Tamil Nadu.
    Nalai pirakkum, we all return to where our primary loyalty lies. For most boat people, that means you are going back to Tamil Nadu where you rightly belong. STAY the f?@$& there please. And do something productive for a change – build a goddam toilet while you are there.

  6. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Many of the Tamils are honest and have no connection to LTTE terrorists. We are lucky that a few of them like Mr Balanathan has the courage to come out to the open and expose the fraud committed on unsuspecting foreigners by LTTE terrorists and their supporters.
    As for Mr Kumar’s story, has Mr Trevor Grant for a moment thought why this “happened” to Kumar, after having come to Australia legally as a student, then visited SriLanka on several occasions but not harmed by any person, and then, suddenly after 5 years in Aiustralia, has visited SriLanka and returned claiming he was tortured. Is not this the latest ruse of those who wish to get permanent residency in Australia? Is not this quite possible to be self inflicted “torture” like cigarette butt burns, whiplashes etc, with the aid of organised LTTE criminals operating in SriLanka? There are credible stories that many LTTE criminals have successfully applied for citizenship, in UK, Canada, Australia, claiming they are connected to the LTTE and have already been “tortured by the security forces” or may get pesecuted or killed. Only the stupid and/or corrupt people would want to believe such fables.
    Mr Trevor Grant should be ashamed of supporting people with bogus stories to deceive Australian authorities.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    FACT: MOST Tamils are anti-SL.

    You only have to read Colombo Telegraph, Sri Lanka Guardian, Tamilnut, etc. to see that MOST Tamils are anti-SLs.

    That is why Bala is special.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    Here is something you MUST do. It costs nothing.

    Go to Indian news sites and about LADAKH.

    Post comments under TAMIL names.

    e.g. Tamilian, Chennai raja, Chennai king, Chennai boy, Jaffna boy, Tamil Tiger, etc.

    Tell Endia to WITHDRAW from Ladakh, tell Endia to GIVE UP Ladakh, tell Endia that it will LOSE if fought with China so accept defeat.

    Already Endians are BLOODY ANGRY with Tamilians for voting against SL at the UNHRC. Make maximum use of that to create a BAD IMPRESSION among Endians about Tamilians.

  9. sridaran Says:

    Nadesan, I don’t know where this guy Lorenzo is hiding . But he has more sinhala blood running in his veins than the original Sinhala Buddhists. I too am a moderate Tamil, against Eelam, against terrorism . I speak fluent sinhala, I have a big circle of Sinhala friends . But I need not sell my Tamilhood to be friends with Sinhalese !! This guy Lorenzo is using Lankaweb to instigate ‘Patriots ‘ to post comments in Indian News sites under Tamil names !! He wants to create bad blood between the North Indians and the Tamils !! See how crooked a man’s mind can bend when he loses moderate thinking and shifts towards the extreme ?? And he thinks this conspiracy will work and create havoc in India !! He thinks the Indian public are morons like him . Only a lunatic mind is capable of such idiotic thinking !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nadesan Says:


    I heard of a guy who lost 40% of his brain in a shoot out and then walked out of the hospital fit as a fiddle. The blind supporters attributed this dramatic cure due to miracle. Only a few knew that he and his lawyers and even doctors have lied to court may be under under pressure! Even otherwise 60% of brain is more than enough to be a very successful politician.

    This made me to think how much brain you are left with? Your comments and even analysis makes me to believe that it just can’t be anything more than 40% still left. You are undoubtedly the uncrowned Andare of this forum. Your left over brain doing overtime and no wonder comes out with some fantastic analysis and conclusion. You must be in SL parliament man! Lorenzo-So, watch out man your brain may get over heated.

  11. Voice123 Says:

    “conclusion. You must be in SL parliament man! Lorenzo-So, watch out man your brain may get over heated.”

    Nadesan, lets focus on your filthy, corrupt Tamil Nadu parliament for a change, shall we?

  12. Senevirath Says:



    EXCEPT few tamils like kanthar an d lorenzo all the other tamils have lost 99% of their brainsThat is why they 10%(NOW 4%) asked 50-50 from a majority of 75%. SELFISH UNGRATEFUL CREATURES. What happened?They had to suffer 30-40 years under under a murderer

    Tamil vellala leaders want to keep low cast tamils as slaves.That is the very reason they are asking for more powers to P.C S. we sinhala buddhists feel very sorry for these low cast tamils . that is why thousands and thosands of sinhala buddhist visited jaffna to help them with food and clothes etc etc after the war.


  13. Senevirath Says:

    plese educate australins and ask them to learn a lesson from sri lanka about the destruction did by illegal boatpeople from tamil nadu to this country
    British braught a labourer called KARUPIAH to sri lanka in 1870 and this man baught an estate called Vevendan group within 40 years. He earned this money from supplying labourers to British. It will happen to austalians too. NOW his family –THONDAMAN FAMILY is dominating sinhalese who owned all these lands

    Even in 1924Ponnam balam Arunachalam was talking about ‘THAMIL EELAM”. These british slaves became so uppish because they speak English..’Yes the slave has to learn the masters language to serve him .These upstarts wanted 50-50

    and destroyed this country

  14. mario_perera Says:

    I fully endorse the sentiments expressed by Voice 123 and Senevirath.

    It is said that people who do not have ideas regarding the matter being discussed level their vulgarity against people who discuss the matter.

    There are Tamil commentators like LingamAndy and Kumar (?) who express vehemently anti-Sinhala ideas, but no Sinhala
    commentator has lashed out at them. In fact they are being treated with utmost courtesy by Sinhalese commentators. That a Tamil ‘Nadesan’ has chosen to spit venom at Lorenzo is a despicable public display of how Tamil treats Tamil.

    Mario Perera

  15. Voice123 Says:

    Senivirath, in the 1800s, British companies and plantation owners wanted to bring in millions of indentured labourers under near slave like, highly exploitive conditions to work on plantations in the Australian colonies and generate massive profit for the companies. The Australians, recognised the danger this posed and rejected this Scheme and the separate colonies united and demanded the British hand over control of immigration to the locals. This led to various racial policies and reactions. The British colonial companies, instead took their Indians to nearby Fiji Islands where they now outnumber the indigenous people and periodically have campaigns and coups etc to try and control that country.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    You read too much Tamilnut. Particularly the photoshop images of Tamil tigers’ brains oozing out!
    Nade-sung, sune-sung.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Latest on Ladakh.

    “NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had tried to soothe a frazzled nation by saying that the Chinese incursion into Depsang Bulge in eastern Ladakh on April 15 was a “localized” affair, and the government had a plan to resolve it.

    But strategic experts believe this latest round of border problems between India and China is the most serious till date, and unlike the government, they don’t think the Chinese are going to vacate any time soon and that this may lead to other similar face-offs in other sectors along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).”

    – indiatimes

    Please go to these websites and add ANTI-ENDIAN COMMENTS with Tamil names. This way we can WIN north Endians, punish south Endians and create DIVISION between them.

    Anything bad for Endian language groups is good for SL.

  18. Nadesan Says:

    Hak…hak…Birds of a feather flock together and that is exactly what is happening here. I scratch your back and you scratch my back and life goes on for some of these people. The biggest joke is that Lorenzo-So is a Tamil, who cares who he is or what he is and what matters is all what he utters and for whom he utters? This so called Lorenzo-So is simply hoodwinking some of these gullible guys who regularly meet in this forum with a cup of tea to while away their time. For them it is a cup of tea and simple anti-Tamil sentiments complimented by cock and bull stories. For them some of these stooges who call themselves as Tamils further throw some extras to chew that also make them to clap their hands in unison. Who else, calling themselves as Tamils, will give them such gifts. But all what these people don’t realise is that why these Dhemalus do this, not because of patriotism or not because of love of Sinhalayas but to settle their own score.

    There are several paid mercenary Dhemalus operating and for them mere survival and just “appe ekanai” comment is sufficient and principle is another matter. Just see how many LTTE murderers are now working against their own killers all because of the rewards and promised positions.

    Even the lob sided opinions expressed by some of these gullible is not certainly the majority opinion but a club talk and most of them, if not all, have already left their motherland and working as Sinhala Diaspora Patriots supported by a few lost Dhemalus who are trying to hide their past sins and make a fresh start this time exploiting the gullible. What these two Demalus don’t understand is that despite their allegiance to these Diaspora Patriots yet they cast severe insinuation at Tamils including these two idiots but they can’t see that because they are only happy with the clapping hands and the verbal rewards ” despite being Tamils they are great truthful sincere Sri lanka and Sinhala friends”! But sadly these two jokers will not realise that this verbal praise will only last until there is a need for these fools!

    They are like condoms, use and throw!

  19. Nadesan Says:

    [But strategic experts believe this latest round of border problems between India and China is the most serious till date, and unlike the government, they don’t think the Chinese are going to vacate any time soon and that this may lead to other similar face-offs in other sectors along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).”]

    Lorenzo-So, China is calling for patriotic volunteers through Sri Lanka and SL intends to send some to your most sought after Ladakh border to clap for the Cheena troops. Being a patriotic maha Sri lankan, I think you must join the clapping team leaving your comfort zone hanging around Australia.

    Take some of your other patriotic friends too! Take your big mouthed ex-Tiger man from Melbourne too to Ladakh!

    Show your colour machang, now or never!

  20. Nadesan Says:


    My dearest Senevirath,

    I really feel sorry at your sincerity and more sorry to know how you are being duped. You are up ma wrong tree mate.

    Your blanket faith and blanket bias are simply foolish and arising out of your total ignorance. You are thoroughly mixed up with this patriotism, ungrateful Tamils and who were brought from the British, bal..bla..!

    Dear friend so even your best pals Lorenz and Kanthan too were part of this lot who were brought in by the British. But you must be happy with them for still being with you despite your insult and humiliation.

    I have more truths about some of these great patriots than what you think my friend and will let you know soon!

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    “Take your big mouthed ex-Tiger man from Melbourne too to Ladakh!”

    Bala is NOT an ex-tiger. He is an educated person.

    I wonder how you escaped Nanthikadal with ONLY a few deep shapnel wounds to your ****. Glad your relatives didn’t!

    Nade-sung, sune-sung!

    Too bad it hurts your whatever when China penetrates deep into your beloved homeland Endia. :((

    Already I get plenty of reply comments from north Indians BLASTING Tamils.

    Here are two of those comments posted in Indian news websites. I have deleted filthy words in English and Hindi.

    (Sorry for the language which is not mine. I have only copied from zeenews, indiatimes, hindustantimes, etc.)

    “******** Tamils always against Mother India. Tell me one instance when those parasites came forward to defend India??? I’m glad the Singalese army pumelled them hard. We should too after the dust settles in J&K”

    “Whenever Hindustan is in trouble ****** dark Tamilians demand this and that. What a selfish lot of suckers. **** Tamils”

    Nade-sung, sune-sung!

  22. Nadesan Says:

    Lorenzo-So 40%, obviously you cannot call a spade a spade and that is your pathetic plight. For a man like you with such a minf set all those who can blabber in Engreesi is an educated man and if he can insult and disgrace his own race, why even his mother and daughters then he is an educated person. All what one has to say are lies and for you to enjoy he must run down his very race. That is enough for some modayas to go into ecstasy. They don’t care what is true and what is false.

    Regarding your Hindian kathawa, didn’t I tell you that birds of a feather flock together and otherwise why else some of you are hanging around in the same club? Certainly you are not a dhemalu unlike your cohort Kanthan who is being used by you guys to utter his BS. You are a typical hide and seek guy but certainly not a dhemalu.

    Regarding Kanthan, he will know about himself more than a clapping man like you. He has lot more to hide, lot more to come out with and lot more to be bitter with Tigers and Tamils all because of his personal trauma and not due to his love for a fool like you or the Sinhala Race or even SL. But when you have no where to go then you have to grab onto some thing. If there are a bunch of gullible then why not use them and in that way there is cleverness.

    Did you see a stupid so-called senior police officer saluting a murder suspect and a guy out on bail…that is the way to go LorenzSo and it is typical Sri Lankan survival instinct.

    By the way do you read Daily News and then you will learn more.

  23. Nadesan Says:

    Lorenzo-So, do you know this guy. He has returned from Nanthikadal area you were referring to. Clap your hands and blow whistles mate!

    [Last night thousands of people got on to the road at Soysapura, Moratuwa and signs of a big hulabaloo was seen. The reason for this commotion was the activity of a fake policeman. It was the case of a cop who had disguised himself in police uniform and had engaged in traffic duties stopping vehicles on the road leading to Soysapura Flats, extracting bribes from drivers, pointing out various faults of theirs, and being later identified as a fake policeman!

    It was observed by the people in the area that the behaviour of this policeman was somewhat suspicious. The ‘cop’ had pointed out various faults such as the lights of the three-wheelers, motor cycles, vans carrying bread etc,and asking for bribes amounting to rupees 300, 500 and 1,000. Having kept an eye on all this, a three-wheel driver had informed a higher police officer whom he knew, about this cop saying that the latter looked suspicious. The higher officer in reply had said that no policeman had been deployed on duty in the said location and for him to go and request for his identity card for purposes of checking. He had then approached the cop and had done what he was told to which the cop was not pleased and had tried to dodge the issue saying that there were higher-ups in the vicinity and if necessary to inquire from them.

    At that moment people began to surround him and question him, scaring the cop at which moment they were able to identify him as a fake cop! In a couple of minutes thousands of residents of Soysapura rocked to the place to have a look at the cop.

    Later, Mount Lavinia police arrived on the scene and had taken the cop into custody. The motor cycle which he is supposed to have used to come to the place too was taken into custody. It was revealed that he was a deserter from the STF and that he had engaged in taking bribes from hotels on earlier occasions, dressing himself as a PHI who had come on the pretense of checking cleanliness.]

  24. Nadesan Says:


    Lorenzo-so as I told you earlier is a jester who is here to entertain some of the gullible only. Don’t get him seriously. This guy and the other called Kanthan are two jesters, one is a Tamil guy and this guy is a Sinhalese but playing a double acting.

    Some idiots think naked racism is patriotism and some Tamil idiots think by insulting their own race they will be well respected and received by Sinhalese and even considered as patriots. To begin with Sinhalese themselves are not patriots and then how about some of these Tamil buggers. These guys are migrant birds who croon to cover their complex. Some Tamils of course are smart enough to use these Sinhala weakness to their advantage.

    Kanthan for example is the last person who is qualified to criticize the Tamils or the Tigers or Tamil militancy. His anti-Tamil and Anti-Tiger stand are all due to personal trauma and failures.

    Lorenzo-So is a cheap paid breast beater.

  25. Voice123 Says:

    Yes Nadesan it must be sad Tamil’s free ride in the West is drawing to an end. When you have finished your personal rant against the subhuman Modeyars and tamil “traitors” you might like to explain to us what exactly is the discrimination Tamils face in Sri Lanka and if this is better or worse than India?

  26. Voice123 Says:

    Nadesan, dont be shy, dont start a fight. Tell it to us straight up face to face (if you can) just like you tell your velleikaran suckers and Indian blood bother on this forum.

  27. Nadesan Says:

    Voice 123,

    Will you first tell me clearly what you are trying to say and what do you really want?

    What do you mean ” velleikaran suckers and Indian blood bother on this forum”.

    It is all very confusing and please try to make yourself clear.

    What do you mean “don’t be shy” it is you who are shy Mr Voice 123456………!

    If you have difficulty with kaduwa then put it in Tamil or Sinhala. I don’t believe that Engreesi is absolutely essential before one could get into Australia either by plane or boat, quite contrary to what Kanthar say.

    Voice 1234567…….we are so used to hearing only one voice and master’s voice all the time it is difficult to hear some other’s voice or different voice!

  28. Voice123 Says:


    Focus please modayar. Youre a master manipulator, not a member of a master race! Questions again for your eminence.

    When you have finished your personal rant against the subhuman Modeyars and tamil “traitors” you might like to explain to us what exactly is the discrimination Tamils face in Sri Lanka and if the average Tamil is treated better or worse in Sri Lanka than in India (including the nightsoil carriers).

    Simple question for you Mr Slithery. It seems you’re the one with the poor English. Or is your brain distorted by racism or a touch of cyanide escaped from your capsule and killed a few brain cells on the way to your a?rse?

    And if you have the brains to scroll up, please answer my first question.

  29. Voice123 Says:

    “If you have difficulty with kaduwa then put it in Tamil or Sinhala. I don’t believe that Engreesi is absolutely essential before one could get into Australia either by plane or boat, quite contrary to what Kanthar say.”

    Nadesan, Kanthar is correct. English isnt necessary for normal people, but is essential to protect the rest of Australia from transgenerational ghetto dwellers. Oh wait – you want to try to force Hindi on Australians, just like India is slowly forcing Hindi on your Hindian blood brothers in Tamil Nadu?

  30. Nadesan Says:

    Voiceless and Faceless Voice 1234567…..

    Didn’t you start with “don’t start a fight” in your earlier post? And all can see who is starting a fight and coming with the usual typical bashava?

    This is part of the typical game some of you guys are used to. You cry that Dhemalus have killed the innocent Sinhalayas for nothing and then get around some mercenaries including Dhemalu mercenaries to cry on your behalf too. But none of you modayas including your bum sucking Dhemalu modayas talk of all the Sinhala violence that took place even before Kottiya came into the scene. You guys hide the fact how politicians and even Buddhist priests went on a rampage with electoral list killing Tamils?

    The funniest part is some of you guys think that you all are bloody smart in telling lies. No doubt you guys are smart story tellers but all are not prepared to listen to your jathaka and kathawa. This is where the problem is. If tomorrow by some change in the deal Kanthan claims that in fact Sinhalese killed Tamil civilians long before Kottiya and then match over and one could see how the Maha Hero at once becoming a Mega Zero! One could see how the patriotic clapping turn into filthy outbursts. This is what we are seeing day in day out.

    So faceless, Voiceless Voice 1234…it will be wastage of time to respond to your question as it will be like pouring water on duck’s back. My brain may be distorted by little bit of Cyanide but your brain is totally distorted with venom and crude racism and thus you guys (some of you) cannot think beyond a certain range. That is why Kanthan and Lorenzo are feeding you with kiribath and ambul thiyal and katta sambol as you can only enjoy that and these guys know exactly what you guys like.

    Who said Tamils have been discriminated? Tamils are being so well sought after in SL. You always go after them in 56, 58, 77, 83 and so on and also went after them with Sinhala only and standardisation only to name a few. You never even wanted them into the forces so that they don’t need to undergo hardship. Okkoma appitta so that you don’t trouble the Tamils. So Voiceless Voice 123456…do you see how some of you are looking after the Tamils and who said that they are discriminated.

    D.S. Senanayake’s speech in 1945 to solicit support from the minorities to accpet the Westminister type parliament went like this, ” … through out this period the Ministers had in view one objective only, the attainment of maximum freedom. Accusations of Sinhalese domination have been bandied about. We can afford to ignore them for it must be plain to every one that what we sought was not Sinhalese domination, but Ceylonese domination. We devised a scheme that gave heavy weightage to the minorities; we deliberately protected them against discriminatory legislation. We vested important powers in the Governor-General. We decided upon an Independent Public Service Commission so as to give assurance that there should be no communalism in the Public Srvice.(sic) I do not normally speak as a Sinhalese, and I do not think that the Leader of this Council ought to think of himself as a Sinhalese representative, but for once I should like to speak as a Sinhalese and assert with all the force at my command that the interests of one community are the interests of all. We are one of another, what ever race or creed.”
    Despite all those noble words, I enumerate here some of the events that soon followed. All those promises by the Sinhalese were infact total and outright deceptions:

    • 1948 – 1 million Tamils declared as non-citizens
    • 1949 – Sinhalese colonization in traditional Tamil homeland
    • 1956 – Sinhala made sole official language of the country
    • 1970 – “Ethnic standardization” slashes university admission to Tamils
    –same entrance exam, but Tamils need to score 30% more
    • 1972 – New constitution without Tamils participation
    • Unilateral name change from Ceylon to Sri Lanka
    • Declaration of Sri Lanka as a republic
    • Buddhism made state religion
    • 1977 – Prevention of Terrorism Act

    For some of you guys unless you wind up your deliberation with toilet or night soil the deliberation is not complete. It is like a desert after a good meal. Coming to this night soil business, at present in SL that too is in the hands of the majority 100% and to get that job too one has to get the reference from the nationals top people. So don’t take that job too lightly Mr Voiceless. Now there is a trend for the majority to take over this cleaning jobs in many suddhas’ countries too, I am told. Voiceless 123456 how about in Australia and are you too involved in this business? By the way do you know from where appe ratta gets most of its foreign exchange? Besides the massive loans we take the next income is from our cleaners who toil in the ME? So Voiceless Man please be careful of your words and don’t jump into insulting people. You will then end up like your patriot Kantha and Lorenzo!

  31. mario_perera Says:

    How often have I seen this pointless debate introduced over and again. The answers to the questions raised in the previous commentary are strewn all over Lanka’s ancient and colonial history. They have been stated and restated ‘ad infinitum’. There is no point in reiterating them like playing the violin to deaf elephants.

    Chewing the cud time and again leads us nowhere.It is the pastime of COW-ards.

    Just reminiscing on the immediate pre-independence period, even at the time of the National Congress, the two sides were gearing for a show down. Finally what could not be settled on paper, ended on the battlefield. All the arguments used by the previous commentator were held up as banners by one side. Both banners and the man who held them up finally lay on the ground, one on his back, on the Nandikadal Lagoon.

    The losers are now ruminating, crying out to all who have the time to waste: See what they did to us. The short and sweet of it all is that there are two sides and even more to a story. You need two hands to make your clapping heard. So let the man above clap with his one hand. The pleasure will be all his. Why should anyone want to deprive him of that?

    There is no point getting into this debate for the millionth time.

    Mario Perera

  32. Voice123 Says:

    Nadesan, its a long emotionally charged tirade with a few factual inaccuracies and omissions about historical and contemporary Sri Lanka. It wasnt that difficult to write now was it, without having to go whining to foreigners behind the back of fellow-Sri Lankans to make special deals in great secrecy? I dont know of any community anywhere that plots and plans with foreigners in this fashion to further their narrow sectarian interests while sabotage their country of birth despite being disproportionately over represented in just about every field. Do you? But unlike Lorenzo and Kanthar you just cant see that and identify with the local people of Sri Lanka can you? Do you miss the old days when outspoken Tamils could be summarily executed by the LTTE? No mention of forced conscription and brainwashing to hate of Tamil children, hacking to death of civilians including babies and pregnant women, suicide bombing, feeding the international media with hysterical lies etc. no wait – I forgot – thats all the fault of the Sinhalese too! You LTTE people are so damn “special” and perpetually “discriminated” over and above any community anywhere in the world for all time aren’t you? Hey ypu’ve never done anything wrong have you?

    Which brings us to the nightsoil bearers of India.

    “For some of you guys unless you wind up your deliberation with toilet or night soil the deliberation is not complete. It is like a desert after a good meal. Coming to this night soil business, at present”

    Listen to your own hideous comment. You rather focus on some alleged corruption of some minor official in some part of Sri Lanka and gloat about it to some sanctimonious elite from Chennai. No mention of how Chennai was blacked out for a whole week while Jayalalitha stole all the electricity for her sons wedding! Thats because to you LTTE rump, nothing is bad as a Sinhalese living and breathing on this planet is it? That seems to be the source of the diaspora rump’s entire feelings and perceptions of “discrimination”.

    Obviously the perpetual oppression of nightsoil bearers etc of India is not a concern or a human right worthy of mentioning, just like the human rights of Dalits, Tribals, scheduled castes, Sikhs, poor women daily subject to rape, and a whole host of other supressed and oppressed people struggling to survive in India. Most normal people with normal consciences are disturbed by such things but no – its all a dirty joke for Colombo’s Tamils, educated or otherwise pampered courtesy the Sri Lankan taxpayer. The LTTE diaspora can throw their ill gotten millions at publicising this misleading “human rights” issue and garner perpetual western sympathy for their special people if thats what you want – while diverting the world’s attention and resources from REAL persecution in India for umpteens of millions – the land where the “sole representatives” and the rump’s representatives, the TNA are perpetually running for support to bully and lecture Sri Lanka. Please realize that insults and terror has its limits. You can only go so far before people fight it back.

    Thanks for the comments though. I am sure other readers will have their own comments about your pampered perceptions of reality.

  33. moorthy Says:


    I like to make a few comments. (i) Lankaweb has provided this feature for readers to “comment” on an article written by analysts and writers. No.1. You have a misconception of journalism and media and have not commented on the articles, and the facts given therein, however, launched personal attacks on individuals. First you have launched attacks on Kanthar, then Lorenzo and now with others. Freedom of the Press is what everybody is shouting to achieve. If you do not agree then you should publish articles or discuss on points raised. I find Lorenzo, Senevirth, Voice 123 and others are literates and intellectuals. Secondly you seem to address Kanthar as “Kanthan”. Do you think it is to degrade Kanthar? In fact you must be praying to “Kanthan” (Lord Murugan) every morning.

    Nadesan, you must read history. Vijaya came into SL in the 5th century BCE. Mission sent out by Asoka brought Buddhism in 273–232 BCE. Sporadic invasions by the Tamils of South India had been in commonplace and Jaffna was established in the 14th century. How long are you going to cry about these political nonsenses? SL is a small island and Tamils are a very small minority. SriLanka cannot have separate administration. Why not Tamils study Sinhala and become Sinhalese and enjoy their life. Keralites and Telugus have become Tamils in Jaffna?

    People, who have a shortfall in perception, may be due to lack of Oxygen in the brain. Eating vegetables, like Spinach etc. would improve neural activity. The synaptic transmission system, neuron, myelin sheath, the entire neurotransmitters depend on the anatomy and physiology of the neuron blocks. Try to behave and communicate like civilised people and not like Indians.

  34. douglas Says:

    I, every now and then contribute comments on various subjects presented by writers to this site. One thing I have noticed for a long period of time is, how the subject matter of the main presentation is “hijacked” and made use of to comment on “unrelated” matters and also to pass on “vilifications” at each other. This is very much in evidence even at the present moment. Also I knew that one day this “bubble” will burst and the “perpetrators” will face the consequences. I too have faced this situation, in that, I was referred to as a “Stateless Person” and on a very recent comment trying to evoke a exchange of opinions on the 13th Amendment and its implications and complications, it was just “brushed aside” as a “biggest joke” resulting in the diversion of the whole discussion to vilifications. In my opinion this happens when some who think they are “all know” types try to speak on any subject irrespective of their own asessment of “experiences” and “knowledge”.

    However, as a person very keen to make this forum a very intelligent and constructive one, I would suggest everyone to respect each others opinions and excercise tolerence of comments and desist from “personal vilifications”

    To friends Nadesan and Sridaran: Let us get together and try to “understand” each other and engage in a very cordial atmosphere to discuss issues that are before us, rather than accusing each other that will not bear results.

    Let me also reffer your attention to a recent statement of Obama, the President of USA: “LET US NOT GO BACKWARD, BUT FORWARD”.

  35. Lorenzo Says:

    At last NADE-SUNG, SUNE-SUNG has come up with some numbers apart from his usual Nanthikadal HOWLING. Good.

    “• 1948 – 1 million Tamils declared as non-citizens
    • 1949 – Sinhalese colonization in traditional Tamil homeland
    • 1956 – Sinhala made sole official language of the country
    • 1970 – “Ethnic standardization” slashes university admission to Tamils
    –same entrance exam, but Tamils need to score 30% more
    • 1972 – New constitution without Tamils participation
    • Declaration of Sri Lanka as a republic
    • Buddhism made state religion
    • 1977 – Prevention of Terrorism Act”

    Why all these had to be done? Because of racist Tamils from TN INVADE SL and turn it into another DISGUSTING Tamil Madu.

    * It is Sinhala RESETTLEMENT and Tamil COLONIZATION
    * Sinhala was ALWAYS the ONLY language in this island before the damn European invaders introduced FUNNY languages
    * Tamils ALWAYS cheat at the exams and get higher marks. Even today ALL Tamil ONLY schools in Colombo encourage cheating at AL exam “to beat the Sinhalese”
    * Tamils can have their own constitution in TAMIL MADU
    * It is up to SRI LANKANS, not Tamils to declare SL as a republic. You can have whatever form you like in Tamil Madu
    * Buddhism was ALWAYS the state religion. Even Tamilian kings became Buddhists because of this.
    * To STOP Tamil terrorists (FBI branded them WORSE terrorists in the world).

    No one compel you to live in SL. If you don’t like it as it is, GET OUT. If you can’t accept SL as a Buddhist country with a Sinhala democratic majority just get lost. When you come to Canada you accept it as an English speaking, Christian country. So why not accept SL as it is.

    “• Unilateral name change from Ceylon to Sri Lanka”

    I agree. This should NOT have happened.

  36. Voice123 Says:

    “trying to evoke a exchange of opinions on the 13th Amendment and its implications and complications, it was just “brushed aside” as a “biggest joke” resulting in the diversion of the whole discussion to vilifications. In my opinion this happens when some who think they are “all know” types try to speak on any subject irrespective of their own asessment of “experiences” and “knowledge”.”

    Douglas, this is not by accident. It is a time-honored LTTE media tactic very often used by “educated” Tamils in the West. When they are incapable of addressing the issue at hand or in danger of being exposed, then engage in:

    1. Ridicule
    2. Personal attacks
    3. Race baiting
    4. Any lighthearted comments, banter or humour enjoyed by normal human beings the world over is twisted around to look “vulgar”, “rude” or another “personal attack”, “fight” etc (Another very good demonstration of why these LTTE rumpers culture and lifestyes are incompatible with those of the countries they seek to scudd into under false pretences, eg Australia, UK, Canada etc). (Kanthar has also briefly alluded to this, and this is an issue of legitimate concern to the public in the countries they seek to scudd into under false pretences – they should not be dismissed by chanting the mantra of “racism”.
    5. If that doesnt work, they try cyber-TERROR. Purported knowledge of the identities on anonymous commentators who seek to raise ACTUAL issues of human rights abuse eg Dalits in India forced to carry nightsoila/feces and live in conditions of unspeakable filth, systemic gang rape of poor women in India, female infanticides, harassment of Sri Lankans by LTTE sympathizers and spies within neighboring Sri Lanka, etc, Veiled threats to harm individual commentators or their families, threats to frame allegations against their critics and to avail themselves of their extensive networks with (gullible, corrupt and ignorant) western officials, “eminent persons” and persons in positions of authority to harass Sri Lankan emigrants in the West that are critical of the Tamil separatist and people smuggling operations.
    6. If that doesnt work, physical assaults, death threats and/or murder of their critics. This can all be arranged by proxies and paid thugs so the LTTE rumpers appear innocent in the eyes of the Western public. Better still – they will try to arrange it to look like the “Sinhalese” or “government supporters” did these things. Unfortunately, this seems to go down well in certain western quarters. (it is our primary challenge to reverse this perception). LTTE propoganda mechanism worldwide includes scores of well paid personnel dedicated FULL TIME to this purpose and seemingly fuelled by an unquenchable hatred of all things Sinhalese, Buddhist or Sri Lankan.

    In the above instance, notice how right from the beginning, the personal attacks by Nadesan and red herrings were presented for the “subhuman modeyars” to fall for the bait and get sidetracked from the main topic of discussion. Hopefully some of the Modeyars would be annoyed or upset enough to make some comments that could be construed as “vilifiying” or “discriminatory” against Tamils in general. This again can then be paraded as “proof of persecution of all Tamils” by (Sri Lankans) to their mentors, suckers, paid lobbyists, “rights activists” and politicians in the West.

    If we refuse to be intimidated and stick to the topics of discussion, they will be exposed for the frauds they are. We can show them their cyber Nandikadal.

  37. Lorenzo Says:

    Ultimately wars will be fought and WON not in internet forums but in the battlefield with blood, bones, flesh, killings, hot iron rods, missiles, bombs, guns, jets, etc.

    Tamil tigers cannot translate their “win” in the internet to cover up their MASSIVE DEFEAT in real life.

    As for 13 amendment and its supporters, they belong to the stinkiest toilet pit in Tamil Madu. That’s where it came from and that’s where it should end up.

  38. Voice123 Says:

    Lorenzo, the media battle is also important. Its how the LTTE rump and terrorist diaspora influences global public opinion by spreading falsehoods and distortions, pave the way for people smugglers, alter demographic balances in key overseas electorates, pressure GOSL on rights issues and influence foreign governments to act against Sri Lanka. Its all linked.

    Mario Perera, its important to keep asking them to explain and prove their position on alleged discrimination of Tamils etc by Sri Lanka. No matter what steps are taken to address their concerns they never let up on their demands. In fact, the claims are rarely made face to face or openly to non- Tamil Sri Lankans. Some of these people sre all smiles to our faces but go behind our backs to foreigners and complain and conspire in atmospheres of great secrecy. Their falsehoods about “Tamil homeland within SL” are generally accepted as historical truth by most westerners, at least. This forum is on the worldwide web and as such, reaches a wide audience, not just Sri Lankans. Let the LTTE diasporans, separatists, “eminent persons” and “concerned”, “refugees”, parties overseas come forth and discuss allegations of discrimination in a non inflammatory way. Very often they cant because they’ve got no leg to stand on. Let me try this. Lets see if any “eminent and concerned” non Sri Lankans will rise to the occasion and come with an open mind and questions to this forum. Rhiannon? Frances? Gordon? Malcolm? Desmond?

  39. Nadesan Says:

    Ha…ha,…cat is out of the bag after all.
    Now I know what this game is all about.
    It is not what the truth is but what is being told and all that what matters.
    No wonder my two posts are under moderation.
    Moderator’s comment
    Dear Nadesan
    If you comment on the content, we will certainly publish it. But we can not allow you to sling mud at each other. When you write a comment be precise and clearly say where you disagree.

  40. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with Voice123. Media battle is the most important now. Boasting about the war victory is useless.

    The government thought the war was over in 2009 and gave a rest to the media battle. It paid a very heavy price for ignorance. In 2008-09, was the most popular website in Sri Lanka. A wasted opportunity to turn the tide in our favour.

    As they say the pen is mightier than the sword. At least when there is no actual war.

  41. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m NOT saying media war is NOT important.

    Media war must be MATCHED with a ground campaign to DILUTE & LIQUIDATE Tamil Elam.

    Otherwise we are only fire fighting. We must liquidate Tamil Elamists and use the media war to overcome the adverse media backlash. Then we are moving forward.

  42. Voice123 Says:

    To address Nadesan’s concerns:

    “•1 1948 – 1 million Tamils declared as non-citizens
    •2 1949 – Sinhalese colonization in traditional Tamil homeland
    •3 1956 – Sinhala made sole official language of the country
    •4 1970 – “Ethnic standardization” slashes university admission to Tamils
    –same entrance exam, but Tamils need to score 30% more
    •5 1972 – New constitution without Tamils participation
    •6 Unilateral name change from Ceylon to Sri Lanka
    •7 Declaration of Sri Lanka as a republic
    •8 Buddhism made state religion
    •9 1977 – Prevention of Terrorism Act

    If you want my personal opinion, I am also opposed to 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, so not sure what all the huff and puff was about. English should have been retained as an official language and Sinhala AND Tamil phased in incrementally wothout yoo much disruption. The way it was carried out was due to political opportunism of SWRD Banda and vindictivess against the UNP. Matters of national importance shouldnt become political games. Standardization on ethnic basis is immoral. But arent you distorting the facts? Wasnt standardisation aimed at helping disadvantaged rural students regardless of ethnicity? Perhaps you’re upset that it happened to hit elite Tamils hard? Yes I believe new constitution and politics of that era did have an “exclusionary and majoritarian feel” that affected not only Tamils but all ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities. Why is your concern only for Tamils? Are you deaf and blind to your other compatriots? I personally prefer the historically evolved name “Ceylon” to Sri/Shree Lanka. The latter is an Indian name Bandas were told to give the island by their Indian “friends”. Buddhism shouldnt have been made sole state religion. Sri Lanka should have been affirmed a multireligious society with a special historical connection to Buddhism. If you object to Ceylon doing it then you must have equal venom for Malaysia, Burma, Uganda, South Afrika etc etc. 2 is a historical nonsense. There was no ethnically exclusive Tamil homeland within Ceylon. Most immigrants integrated with time. It all changed AFTER the British, not just Tamils but Arabs, Europeans etc.

    As for 1, the Indians were brought to the island by the British without consultation with the Ceylonese at the time. They were never intended to remain permanently but were guest or indentired workers. The British put their plantations on land stolen from Sinhalese after they were ethnically cleansed. Most of the Indians still had family in India and travelled annually for Deepavali, Pongal etc. most of them returned to their homeland voluntarily. Its a natural thing to do. Why does that upset you so much? Arent you, as a Ceylonese supposed to put the intersts of Ceylon first?

    Most of these things you complain of are history and were reversed decades ago. In any event was mass murder and mayhem, Indian intervention and meddling, suicide bombing and international campaigns agaist SL ever justified? If terrorism didnt happen, 9 wouldnt have happened.

    Anyway its not up to me. Its a democracy. If Tamil politicians back then were peacefully engaged with the majority instead of running behind the back to complain to the periyar velleikaran history may have been different.

    “concerned and eminent/not so eminent foreigners” we are still waiting for you to show your concern here.

  43. aloy Says:

    I refer to Lorenzo’s following statement which is a fact:
    “The British put their plantations on land stolen from Sinhalese after they were ethnically cleansed”.
    I heard a statement by a powerful minister on May day that the unproductive lands will be given to the workers of the estates. If at all any land should be given it should be to the Sinhalese who lost them, not the imported labour who now have become too expensive to produce tea and rubber due to higher per capita GDP of this country compared to other countries producing these commodities. In time to come they will actually become a burden. Also they still consider themselves as Indians, not Sri Lankans, and I saw Indian flags being waved instead of SL flag during the May day.

  44. aloy Says:

    Correction: “…they will become a burden if not moved to other areas”

  45. Lorenzo Says:

    Trivia time!!

    Who imported 30,000 injections for abortion of Sinhala women to reduce Sinhala population growth while Tamil and Muslim population growth is ASTRONIMICALLY HIGH, higher than rats?

    The answer: A very religious Muslim man!

    Lets NOT hide facts and live in a fools’ paradise. Lets ACCEPT FACTS so that we can move forward.

  46. Voice123 Says:

    Is Lorenzo for REAL?
    Where did he get that one?

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