Commonwealth failing on Sri Lanka, Baird says
Posted on May 1st, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

 1 May 2013

 The Editor



 You said that “Foreign Minister John Baird says that Commonwealth is failing its greatest test by letting Sri Lanka host this year’s leaders summitbut that Canada has no intention of leaving the organization.”

 Why not?  That’s a copout isn’t it?  What he has not told us is that with the Conservative’s bullying Sri Lanka about its alleged Human Rights violations during the last five months of a 27 year war which saw 100,000 civilians killed Canada has now got egg dripping  from all over its face  after Prime Minister Stephen Harper failed to be the Commonwealth’s Pied Pipers wanting to move the summit away from Colombo, and there were no takers.

 Minister Baird is also disingenuous and has no moral right with such a complain when Canada has failed to recognize the paramount  miraculous acts of human rights in Sri Lanka, when they gave back to its 22 million people their right-to-life which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers, the most ruthless terrorists in the world,  for 27 years with daily claymore mine bombings, suicide bombings and massacres for the want of their separate, mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam carved out of the North and East of that island.  The Tamil Tigers were eliminated militarily on 19 May 2009.

 And when Canada has still not acknowledged that Sri Lankan  armed forces liberated 295,8733 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who kept them as a human shield for 30 months, and that the Sri Lankan government showed the world the text book example of humanitarianism by preparing a million meals a day to provide these liberated Tamils three hearty, breakfast, lunch and dinner a day from 19 May 2009 for months, until were sent back to their rebuilt homes and not watch them starve to death.

 The Minister also says, “And if Canada is the lone (country) to stand up and speak truth to power, we can all be tremendously proud.”  That is nonsense.  Canada has now isolated itself in the Commonwealth with such foolishness, and being stubborn with their stupidness for the sake of seeking the Tamil bloc vote in the Greater Toronto Area at the next Federal election.

 I will support Canada not attending the Summit, as they do not need hypocrits with double-speak atbthat palaver,  who have little understanding of human rights, and for Canada to quit the Commonwealth as the rest of the Commonwealth nations do not need blind-hypocrits who cannot ditinguish what is classic text book examples of Human Rights acts and  what are not for selfish reasons to garnish Tamil votes from a community of 300,000 Tamils in the GTA.

 Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Vijendra Says:

    John Baird and his boss Stephen Harper are so foolish to go to the extent of blaming Sri Lanka on their human rights record with the wishful thinking that the Tamils in Canada would vote for them at the next elections! Canadian Tamils know better. You will find that no Tamils who know the facts will vote for you and also you will end up being isolated in the Commonwealth because of your crooked and bigoted ways of throwing your “political power” around based on extremist opinions and not facts. Be open minded and stop getting your information from the Tamilnet.

    By not attending this meeting, you also will lose the only opportunity for you to see the ground realities in Sri Lanka. You failed miserably to stop the Sri Lankan government from getting rid of the LTTE terrorists, and this is your payback for that! It’s so shameful that you lead Canada down the wrong path, based on your own biases, prejudices and the expected personal gains at the next elections. Tamils know better!

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