India’s tilt towards West betraying Asia will fast-forward its Balkanization
Posted on May 17th, 2013

Shenali Waduge

There are some clues that are dead giveaways. When Hillary Clinton the former US Secretary of State goes to discuss “innovative” ways to break the impasse in Sri Lanka with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and not the Indian Premier and after 30 years the US Government has decided to financially assist Tamil refugees languishing in Tamil Nadu refugee camps it all adds up to just one conclusion “”…” India’s disintegration will be launched from the State of Tamil Nadu kickstarting a domino effect given that troubles prevail in all of India’s borders. It was only once upon a time that India produced heroes like Gandhi and the likes of Subash Chandra Bose but today India is run by a foreigner with foreign interests. However, do the patriotic Indians not realize that India will witness a USSR type divide of its nation while it happily pivots to the West thinking itself their chosen darling? The gratitude is to forecast India as high risk in the terrorist map foretelling what’s in store for naƒÆ’†’¯ve India.

India has certainly been a disappointment not only to its own historic past and that of the heroes it has produced but by the manner it has allowed the Western cultural revolution to usurp its Indian identity. India has disappointed the entire region and the South Asian countries in particular by the manner it has adopted a written external affairs policy of destabilizing the very nations that surround it but outwardly pretending to be extending the hand of friendship. Today none of the SAARC nations realistically have anything nice to say about India given the roots to their problems falling at the doorstep of India and its intelligence operatives. India hasn’t learnt lessons for it continues these same policies unabated. India is also a disappointment to the entire Asian continent for it has invited the enemy to Asia. 

When the Asian continent is well on its way to gaining world supremacy headed by China and now with Russia also emerging with a very focused and clear plan for its future, it was left for India as the third force to show similar leadership. Instead what does India do “”…” it goes and forges an alliance with the enemy and becomes a member of its Asian partnership that connects the nations of Japan and Australia as well. What India does not like to accept is that while the West cannot do without China or Russia, India’s strategic interest for the West comes only AFTER it has been Balkanized. Pre-Balkanization is merely a cosmetic exercise of cozying upto India in a pretentious effort to lay the foundations for the West’s agenda in Asia and India unfortunately has fallen hook line and sinker.

India is today regarded as the enemy of Asia because of the policy decisions it is taking. Those decisions are prompted into action by the foreigner who now leads India while the rest of the Indian politicians simply prefer to watch its nation fall apart sooner than later and the other handful who make merry with the riches of the nation are concerned only about the profits it makes.

The importance of Tamil Nadu given its location is one that should not have escaped Indian radar. Nevertheless, in wanting to realize the objective of destabilizing neighbor Sri Lanka, India has ignored the greater implications of allowing Tamil Nadu to take the upper hand in Central Government decision making. The decisions of the States of India are internal and have no international element however India prefers to allow Tamil Nadu to dictate what the Central Government should be doing “”…” is that not why the US former Secretary of State should visit Tamil Nadu? There was a big message in this visit.

Whatever India has done and not done to Sri Lanka, we do not want India divided into bits and pieces. Of course ironically India was never India per se “”…” it was the British that put together various kingdoms and territories and declared it “INDIA” “”…” this is one of the grounds that Tamil Nadu started the secessionist movement way back in the early 1920s. This argument continues to be the centre of debate.

Nevertheless, what India’s policy makers need to realize is that all these plans of suddenly funding refugees in Tamil Nadu needs to be taken with more than a pinch of salt. India should know well enough how it took handfuls of Sri Lankan Tamil school drop outs and trained them into killers on Indian soil “”…” in Tamil Nadu using retired Indian military officials whilst they were handled by Indian intelligence. These “boys” they trained and sponsored ended up the LTTE and the rest is history. Realistically and morally, India needs to compensate Sri Lanka for every citizen whose life was lost and every property bombed for the role India played.

Nevertheless, the situation is such that the Syrian exercise using Jihadi rebels is nothing that is delivering the proposed outcome. The Jihadi-West partnership is nothing new and is what helped the West pocket the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Egypt and the Arab Spring and the likelihood that these Jihadis will be transported elsewhere is something India needs to also be aware of just as Sri Lanka. The West openly funds them, trains them and supplies arms and for puppet UN, mums the word. These are all violations of every international Geneva law imaginable but no justice prevails when atrocities are committed by the West. Outsourcing the dirty work to the Jihadis is the perfect way not to compromise the lives of US and NATO troops.

Returning to the situation that befalls India “”…” what does India propose to do about the likelihood of India suffering the same fate that befell the USSR? It is in dividing India that the West will find greater access to its final destination – China. The stark difference in breaking up Burma using the same Jihadi force under cover of Rohingyas is the Mongol DNA that China too shares giving them the warrior like attitude in not giving in without a fight. For India “”…” that fight in not allowing its nation to fall to bits is all but nullified with the foreigner that now takes decisions on behalf of India suffocating a once powerful nation and turning it into one of servility and functioning as a lackey of the West, the outcome of which is nothing that India can proudly end up singing its national anthem.

Its time India and in particular Indians wake up.



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  1. mario_perera Says:

    I read through the article titled: A New Political Regime Post-2010 in Sri Lanka: A Hybrid Regime, Posted by Laksiri Jayasuriya. I am using Shenali’s article for a brief comment on the above mentioned topic because they appear, to me, to be co-related. Professor Jayasuriya’s article is lauded by Dr. Dayan Jayatillake and some similar minded commentators. Yet Prof, Jayasuriya says nothing new. While he repeats, perhaps with a dissertation like approach containing copious footnotes, what many articles and commentators have dealt with before, he glaringly fails to mention the outside inputs which have turned our present regime to be what he decries. There are abundant references to Mahathir’s Malaysia and Lee Kwan’s Singapore which to the professor have served as models for the MR regime.

    It is a pity that Professor Jayasuriya has limited his perspective only to the regime’s domestic policies and some well known aberrations. However in today’s globalized world, his approach lacks credibility being out of tune with stark reality. It is nice to speak of values associated with good democratic governance. Fingers can be directed at this country (without expanding the argument) only if Sri Lanka is truly a Sovereign, Independent State. Can Sri Lanka be such a state when everything is being manipulated from outside forces? Where is the supremacy of our parliament? We are democratic if we obey their dictates. We are free from their persecution if we toe their line. Our government’s role is to enforce their decisions in our regards. What voice has our people? They can be suppressed, oppressed, crushed even, if only foreign imperatives are followed. Democracy is a farcical exercise with the strings being wielded from outside by the White intruders into our sacrosanct sovereign precincts. What the West calls democracy is hypocrisy, double standards, immoral ideologies and so much that smacks of evil. We are the prey of that axis of evil which is the USA- EU and the cohorts that lick their boots. That includes out brown big neighbor.

    There are many judgments of the author which are ill founded. Our government is not as strong as he opines. It is a far cry from Mahathir’s party of that of Lee Kwan. It is composed of a motley assortment of party jumpers (just take the example of our Foreign Minister who argues any brief of any party which puts him in the limelight) or cross-overs who are the main presidential advisers, and elements that are becoming more and more unwieldy. Our parliamentarians are time servers. The author decries the militarization of the country. But he says nothing about the Indian and Tamil Nadu factor and the overt support extended to the Tamils which make militarization a crying necessity. They warn us that another uprising is around the corner, and yet want the North demilitarized!

    The article of Prof Jayasuriya smells of all the frailties of articles of Sri Lanka professors thriving in the USA. They are not consumable even with a pinch of salt.

    Mario Perera

  2. Fran Diaz Says:


    Just as a point of interest, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria program recently showed a Terrorism High Risk Map, with Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, some parts of Africa, and some parts of the Far East in RED !
    Such is not the case in the site given by you. Mexico, India, & Sri Lanka are in orange color, not in red, which is merciful !

    Question: Are different maps used for different occasions ?

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