Tim Hudac, Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader on his Tamil constituents
Posted on May 17th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.) Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .Canada

17 May 2013

Tim Hudac, MPP

Provincial Conservative Leader

4961 King Street E, Unit M1, Beamsville, Ontario, L0R 1B0

(sent by surface mail and e-mail)

 Dear Tim:

I have just read your Press Release joining the “Tamil Canadian community in observing the fourth anniversary of the end of the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka.”

What you did not notice was that the Press Release was one-sided and an effort to lick-the-boots of every Tamil who could vote in Ontario.  You were bold to openly lick-the “”…”Tamil-boots, but then you don’t have to be embarrassed about your action as all politicians of every shade- red, blue and orange – have in their husting repertoire “licking-boots” of potential voters in every ethnic community.

What you also did not notice is that the words “I am a supporter of Tamil Tigers“ written with indelible ink all over your Press Release.

What you also did not notice is that you alienated the Sinhalese and Muslim Ontario voters from Sri Lanka as that war killed their people by the Tamil Tiger terrorists the most ruthless in the world that you are beaming about.  How foolish can you be and it borders on stupidity.

You also say in your press release, “It also gives us the opportunity to once again demand accountability for those who died, the families still living in the country, and their loved ones abroad.”

Tim, I am glad that you touched on the subject of “accountability“ as you not only opened a can of worms but you have also put Canada in harms way, for aiding and abetting that Tamil Eelam war by letting the Tamil Diaspora collect two million dollars a month for 13 years and stuff it into the Tamil Tiger war-chest to buy killing war weapons that killed innocent Sinhalese and Muslims in the thousands, infants, pregnant mothers, seniors and all.

More to the point, a cheque was cut for $7.5 million in 1994 from an account of a Tamil from a bank in Vancouver to purchase 60 tons of RDX and TNT explosives from the Rubezone Chemical plant in the Ukraine.  There was another cheque for the sum of $990,987 wired from the bank account of one B. Thambirajah from his Vancouver Bank account to a Tamil Tiger procurement account overseas towards the purchase of the above consignments of explosives in 1994 .

Tim, those explosives were used to bring down the Central Bank Building in Colombo’s business district on 31 January 1996,  killing 114 and maiming for life 1,338 others.

You want “accountability” you said.  Good, let’s haul these Canadian rascals who aided and abetted the war killings by the Tamil Tiger terrorists in Sri Lanka in front of an International War Crimes Court.   Let’s not stop there Tim.  Let’s go after the Canadian parliamentarians who supported the $60-a-plate FACT fund raiser for the Tamil Tigers on May 6, 2000 in Toronto to kill innocent civilians, mainly the Sinhalese, and I happen to be a Sinhalese, and I am livid.  You want “accountability“, then let’s go after these parliamentarians and haul them in front of an International War Crime’s Court Justice.   Right, Tim!  Let’s get on with it.   After the Canadians, let’s go after the Indians, the Norwegians and the British who aided and abetted this Eelam war.  Didn’t I say that you opened a can or worms!

You also said in your Press Release that “I’m proud that my federal conservative counterparts “”…” Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister Johan Baird in particular “”…” have taken a strong stance on this issue.”

Tim, as for our Foreign Minister John Baird, this guy is full of pit-bull hot air.   Not making an effort to witness the ground realities in North Sri Lanka, as the Australian parliamentarians like Julie Bishop who extols on what is going on in the North of Sri Lanka, its rehabilitation and reconciliation, Baird is missing the timing and the steps trying to appease the Canadian Tamils trying to do their song and dance  routine to the beat of tom-toms doing the “Thunai-lakadi-thantha-lakadi” dance.  So he speaks to the Tamil separatists and comes up with his crap.  Ask him when he last spoke to a Sinhalese-Ontarian.  That would be the ultimate litmus test of his credibility as Canada’s Foreign Minister handling the Sri Lanka file. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper handling the Sri Lanka file is another embarrassing story. Trying to take the role of the Pied Piper in the Commonwealth of 54 nations, he seems to have failed miserably as no one seems to want to boycott the summit as he seems Gung-Ho wanting to do it.  Do the Sri Lankans care!  Not one bit, Tim.  Are you surprised?

And finally the comment: “We also have two Ontario PC candidates from our Tamil Canadian community, Ken Kirupa for Scarborough-Guildwood and Shan Thayaparan for Markham-Unionville, who are not only successful businessmen and leaders, but also strong advocates for accountability and justice,” takes the cake.

I certainly didn’t buy the comments about your Conservative Tamil leaders who are also strong advocates for accountability and justice.   Phew! Tim, that  is a bit too much to swallow.

You obviously have forgotten the Globe and Mail article of May 5, 2011, bylined Anthony Reinhart “”…” Tories’ bid to win over South Asians opens party to Tamil Tigers’ remnant.  Remember?  Here’s what Anthony Reinhart had to say:

“Last month, Tim Hudak, Leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, announced Shan Thayaparan as his party’s candidate for Markham-Unionville.  Mr. Thayaparan had helped run an election for a new separatist group, the National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT), whose key adviser, Nehru Gunaratnam, is a former spokesman for the outlawed World Tamil Movement.”  Remember?

And Anthony Reinhart continues: “The Ontario PC Party was similarly unwilling to address specific questions about the nomination of Mr. Thayaparan, who attended the 2006 federal Liberal convention with Mr. Gunaratnam and sought a federal New Democratic Party nomination in 2009 before Mr. Hudak introduced him last month as a Conservative.”

And Anthony Reinhart continues: “The World Tamil Movement has been involved in raising funds to support”¦the Tamil Tigers,” Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in announcing the ban, making a point to do so in Toronto.  When the Government banned the Tigers in 2006, Mr. Day hailed the decision as “long overdue and something the previous government did not take seriously enough to act upon.”

You know Tim, with your silly political shenanigans; I am having difficulty to sing the following words in Canada’s National Anthem “”…””O Canada”¦..and stand on guard for thee.”   But I will certain sing the words “ƒ”¹…”O God Save Canada’.

Good Luck,

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

2 Responses to “Tim Hudac, Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader on his Tamil constituents”


    Asoka, Good article. I think bloody Tamils breath and dream still about a Tamil HL in SL, which will never happen. Perhaps what we need to do is to ignore these racists and anyone harping for them and see what they will do.

  2. truelankan_Canada Says:

    I feel the same pain Asoka. The amount of time & money we spent lobbying these Canadian politicians are not paying off for us. These Tamils are running with it; all three parties are with them now.

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