Must we eat other animals? A response.
Posted on May 22nd, 2013

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, 

In response to the article “Must we eat other animals?”, in The Island of  May 21, 2013, by Dr. Upul Wijayawardhana the simple answer is that whoever wants to, let them, as the author himself says he eats fish when he feels like it. But if those preach regarding the slaughter methods, refrain from eating what they feel improper slaughter, on one hand  the number of slaughtered animals will drop drastically and on the other hand there will be less animosity between people of  different  beliefs.

Islam prescribes slaughter as an obligatory duty at certain instances, but only for human consumption, that too preferably for the poor, not as a ritual to throw away the meat. And the method of slaughter is also prescribed in the religion, so whatever the others may say the Muslims cannot change the orders. However it is a proven truth that large  numbers of animals slaughtered  in Srilanka  are consumed by non-Muslims. So the best way to reduce the number slaughtered is by educating the non-Muslim masses not to eat meat. Simple. But we Srilankans are not known for simple solutions, are we? Instead of educating housewives on garbage disposal, we do mass fumigation;  Instead of educating our children modesty and chastity we give them sex education; Instead of controlling drinking and gambling we attack other religious groups to propagate our religion; the list goes on.

It is also hypocrisy to shout about animals from rooftops while our roads are full of  malnourished beggar children. Why not consider feeding and educating these children by the money wasted on freeing the  animals marked for slaughter? The word “wasted” “”…” yes, the word is used intentionally “”…” for we all know that most of the freed animals end up in the slaughter house in few days. It will be an interesting study to do a study to follow up these freed animals. Who shelters them, who feeds them and for how long?

Will the butchers lose their income? They may but we believe Allah provides enough sustenance for those who believe in various ways.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Here is how it is done – with a prayer and lalaH!! A barbarian who can slaughter an animal can easily slaughter a human – both living beings!!

    Today’s news from London.

    “London (CNN) — A man thought to be a serving British soldier was killed by two armed men in a frenzied attack on a London street Wednesday, in what the government is treating as a suspected act of terrorism.

    Witnesses told of a gruesome scene in which the man was hit by a car, then hacked with cleavers and his body dumped in the middle of the road in Woolwich, southeast London.

    The two suspects in the killing were injured in a confrontation with police and have been taken to two hospitals, where they are being treated.

    CNN affiliate ITN aired a video showing a man with bloody hands and holding a meat cleaver, who says, “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you.””

  2. Senevirath Says:

    muslims are following the orders of a soldier who was invading other countries. we are against killing… that is why we shout. poverty is a different thing …….

    dogs eat flesh but gods eat clean “AMURTHAYA:””

    no good god will encourage to eat others flesh..
    if i find out that buddha has encouraged to kill i will give up buddhism…… we are not religious slaves

  3. mjaya Says:

    This is how it works,

    People from a humane culture that shows kindness to animals are willing to pay money to save an animal from the suffering it will get when slaughtered by a bunch of barbarians.

    These animals, end up fed and well looked after by compassionate people and die in peace.

    BTW: Remember the Tunisians in Sweden who (for no reason) beheaded and skinned a cat? Now thats typical behavior of the Peaceful(TM) people!

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    These people’s terrorism starts from kitchen.

    London – MACHET

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    What AN ABSOLUTE WASTE of a Human Life!

    Eating Animal Protein will end only when the world accepts that Eating Vegetable Protein is better!

    Until then, God worshippers will harvest animals as a Bounteous Gift from a Loving God!!

    Sri Lankan Buddhist monk immolates himself against cattle slaughter

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 24, Kandy: A Sri Lankan Buddhist monk committed self-immolation today, on the Vesak Poya Day, in Kandy, the sacred city where the relics of Buddha is kept in the Temple of Tooth.

    Reportedly the monk had told that he would commit self-immolation against the slaughter of cattle.

    The monk, identified as Bowatte Indarathana Thero of Kahawatta, has doused himself with gasoline and set himself ablaze near the entrance to the Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth).

    Hospital sources say the monk’s body is 90% burnt and his condition is critical. He was transferred to Colombo National Hospital.

    Meanwhile, local media reported that Police are looking for the man who is alleged to have provided gasoline to the monk to immolated himself. The man has reportedly disappeared.

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