The whole Nation should salute Jatika Hela Urumaya for beginning its Historic Role by the Nation in Parliament
Posted on May 28th, 2013

Dr Sudath Gunasekara SLAS. Retired Ministry Secretary and President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara  25. 5. 2013.

While congratulating the Jatika Hela Urumaya on behalf of the whole Nation as a founder member of this movement on the patriotic and historic steps that will be taken in Parliament during this week to abolish the 13th Amendment, the Indian imposed curse on modern Sri Lanka, and free Mother Lanka from its disastrous and deadly clutches, though belated, I would suggest that they also move for the following actions concurrently to be taken along with the move to abolish the 13th A.

1 Move for the Abolition of the illegitimate JR-Rajeev Pact 1987 imposed by India under duress amidst Island wide curfew and protests by the whole nation as well, along with this, since that is the vicious modern Indian conspiracy “”…” that laid the foundation for the disastrous 13th A to completely destroy this Nation and which virtually made the 1978 Sri Lankan Constitution a big joke and converted it to a Constitution made in India

2 Move to declare null and void all actions taken in pursuance of the 13th A  

Eg 1. Abolish the cancerous and wasteful Provincial Councils that were set up to divide, destabilize and destroy this country’s governance, economic development and peace and harmony (since they have made an utter mess of our administration- an Augean mess for that matter), together with the Provinces invented in 1833 by the British to divide this country on an ethnic basis and destroy the Sinhala Nation.

2. Declare null and void declaration of Tamil also as an Official Language and make it a regional language only

3. Scrap citizenship given to 500,000 Estate Tamils on affidavits unless and until they are prepared to abide by the terms and conditions in the Nehru- Kotalawala Agreement of 1953. All estate Tamils should abide by those terms and conditions if they want to remain in Sri Lanka and to be full citizens of this country. Those who do not should go back to their country.

 3 Move to declare and treat all those MPP in Parliament who oppose the abolition of the 13 A as traitors and people who commit high treason whether they are Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims and declare them disqualified as MPP and also disfranchise them for life so that they could never contest elections in future since the 13th A violates the 6th Amendment of the 1978 Constitution and as governance of this country should never be left in the dirty hands of such traitorous and treacherous men and women in future.

4 Organize countrywide protest meetings at all levels, District, Divisional and Village against the 13th A to mobilize mass support to force the Government to agree to these amendments and ancillary actions.

5 Enlist the support of following national leaders and people to convince and persuade the President to agree to these moves and avoid political suicide for himself and the Government. He should be told by these leaders that people have elected him twice only to implement the aspirations of the majority in keeping with Mahasammata traditions and not to do what India and the West wants to destroy this country.

Mahanayaka Theros of the Three Nikayas and the other Sects (Kelaniya, Dambulla and Ruhunu etc), Revs; Maduluwave Sobhita, Bellavila. Galabodawatte Ghanasara (Bodubala sena), Elle Gunawansa, Meetyagoda (Jatika Sangha Sabhava) and all other Prominent Monks to cover the whole Island.

Gothabhaya Rajapaksa, BAsil Rajapaksa, Dinseh Gunawardhana, Gunadasa Amarasekara, S L Gunasekara, Nalin de Silva, Harischandara Wijetunga, Wimal Weerawansa, Champika and any other prominent and respectable men of standing and few Tamil and Muslim leaders  who could mobilize and influence the people in support of this historic and patriotic move.”

6 Get the people of this country to command the President and all MPP in the House in one voice that they want the JR-Rajeev Pact and the 13th A immediately abolished and action to be taken to declare null and void all legislative and administrative actions taken in pursuance of the said Pact and the 13th A.

In spite of the dark clouds hovering over Sri Lanka and the prevailing political uncertainties I still think, Mahindra Rajapaksa is the only National leader who could do this.


First, He has all the power as the Executive President under the Constitution and “ƒ”¹…”He is the Government’ at the moment. If he says the JR-Rajeev Pact and the 13thA should go there is no one within the Government, including Vasideva, who will have the guts to say no.

Second He still has public support and he has the 2/3 majority in Parliament

Third, He being a man from Magama, the land of the Greatest warrior King of Lanka, I believe has the courage to do this as well just as he defeated Prabhakaran and his terrorist outfit

Fourth, UNP the main opposition under Ranil is already dead and buried and there is no other worthy opposition within or outside Parliament that could offer a challenge to the present regime.

Fifth, MR surely will not like to commit political suicide at this moment having come so far and so near to his future political dreams

Sixth, all the leaders and people who supported him both in 2005 and 2010 support the JHU move and he knows that he cannot survive politically without them.

Seventh, both his brothers Basil and Gotha (especially Gotha) are against the13th A. MR also cannot achieve his goals without these two men.

Eighth, MR knows more than anybody else that he was elected by the people of this country and not by voters of India or the West. I hope, he also remembers that he was also in the fore front of demonstrations with the people along with Sirima Bandaranaike and Dinesh Gunawardhana against these Amendments etc in 1987. So without the people of this country he will be just a fish out of water.

Ninth, He also knows better than anyone else that if he does not listen to those people who have elected him and gets succumbed to Indian and Western pressure he will not only lose the Presidency of this wonderful country but he will also lose all the laurels he has won by defeating the LTTE and all other good work and his name then will be written in the Mahawansa as a man who offered a 1/3 of this country with 2/3 of its coastal line on a platter to the Tamils extremist lead by Sambandan and Co, the true proxies of  Prabhakaran and his ancestors like Sena Guttika(2nd C BC), Elara (2nd C.BC), Magha 12th C. AD, Chelvanayagam and Amirthalingam etc which could not be achieved by war for25 centuries.

Finally, On the other hand, He also knows, that if he agrees to these historic changes moved by Helaurumaya, his name will go down in the annals of history and Mahawansa as the 2nd Dutugemunu and the Greatest Leader of Modern Lanka who liberated this Dharmadweepa- the Land of the Buddha in the 21st Century from the most cruel, savage and ruthless terrorist outfit in the world once described as the most powerful and undefeatable terrorist organization in the world and protected the “ƒ”¹…”Helaurumaya’ and furthermore his name will be indelibly written in Mahawansa as the Leader who created a new and glorious chapter in modern history of this Island Nation.

(It also must be remembered by everybody that in the past too, even hereditary and mighty Kings have been removed from the throne and power by the people who were dissatisfied with the Kings rule, though they did not have the power of the vote to elect or remove them as we do have it today).

Finally, may I also request the JHU to,

1 Tell India and the West to first sweep their own yards before they try to clean other’s and refrain from interfering with internal affairs of this country that stands on equal status with them as an independent and free sovereign country.

2 Also to tell them not to pull MR, who has created history by defeating the LTTE in spite of their shameless interfering, training, giving all logistic and moral support to them, by his leg,  and not to try to destroy his Government elected by the people of this country.

3 Ask them to extradite Tigers of the Trance National Govt of EElam (USA), Tigress Adele Balasingham creator, recruiter and organizer of LTTE Child soldiers (UK) and not to get involved in anti-Sri Lankan activities by providing asylum and resources for these terrorists to destabilize this Island Nation. Also tell them that if they continue to be engaged in this kind of anti-Sri Lankan activities we have no alternative but to treat them as enemies of this country and sever from all diplomatic ties with them.

May all patriotic Sri Lankans rally round this patriotic and historic move as one voice to save Mother Lanka from Indian and all other International conspiracies and invasions and once again take this Island Nation to the pristine glory that was there before the 12th Century!

I think there will be many more Bowatte Indaratanas in the days ahead if the MPP oppose the JHU move

No MP in Parliament or Politician in his country if he /she is a true Son or Daughter of Mother Lanka can oppose this move.

May wisdom dawn in the heads of those who do not have it!

16 Responses to “The whole Nation should salute Jatika Hela Urumaya for beginning its Historic Role by the Nation in Parliament”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Lets wait till they ACTUALLY bring it to parliament.

    They are elected to do it. Otherwise they should get out.

    I agree with the rest.

  2. mjaya Says:

    Lets get rid of the 13th Amendment

    Lets ENFORCE the 6th Amendment (kick the TNA and SLMC out of parliament).

    We should clamor for both of these……………..

  3. herman Says:

    Patience Lorenzo, PATIENCE, please.

  4. Thamilarasan Says:

    Keep on dreaming Lorenzo, PATIENCE & herman …….

  5. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Enough patience since 2009 to 2014. All talk only, no action. Champaka started talking only after dismissal from the power ministry.However he is staright and worked well.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I take your advice with respect, Herman.

    But the nation is FAST running out of patience. For 26 LONG years we put up with this 13 nonsense. Not any more.

    Like the war. 26 years and then END.

    War started on 25 July 1983 and ended on 19 May 2009 = 9,430 days

    13 amendment was introduced on 13 November 1987 and 9,430 days later = 7 September 2013.

    So by 7 September 2013, the 13 amendment MUST GO.

  7. herman Says:


    You mean well but its all about Time and Space !

  8. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    article covers most concerns of locals as well as expats. i wonder whether jhu and bbs can find a common platform and instigate a peoples movement in sri lanka, with he support of armed forces. there is no other way to replace this regime, other than through a peoples movement. vote and democratic means will never bring about a change, with an absolute corrupt regime.
    just because a person was responsible for ending the ltte menace, that doesn’t mean he should be carried on the shoulder forever. if he does something detrimental to heleadeepa he should be replaced. people cannot sit on the fence any more. the mechanism and the logistics need to be worked out carefully and that needs a leader with wisdom.
    knowing the man very well, gota could be the mouth piece of his bro as bro is unable to make bold statement in the international arena. he gets the work done by his brother.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    I read this amazing story about a KEROSENE DANSALA by a person named SADHARANA MUDALALI (Thissa Hewawasam).

    He gives free kerosene oil to poor people in Badulla every Wesak day. He also pays electricity bills of poor temples.

    I think we should trace this person and help him financially to do MORE.

  10. ranjit Says:

    I will join you Lorenzo to go and find this man SADARANA. Our Doramadalawa Sir is the one who disclosed this very interesting story the other night about this noble person. Great stuff. I wish our whole nation do Sadaranayak by uniting and save our country from the evil individuals and groups who was trying to destroy the peace which we got after very long struggle sacrificing our sons and daughters.

    Hela Urumaya and Wimal always stood up for the country and we salute them for that and denounce what ever the opposition thugs and pimps gossips about them. We need the unity at this critical moment and fight to the end to abolish this evil 13 for good. Also we should end this Tamil problem for ever. If the 9-10% cannot live as Sri Lankans Karunanidhi can give citizenship to all Tamils in Tamil Nadu like he was suggesting few days back. Those who like to live as Sri Lankans peacefully with the Majority Sinhalese stay back and others can follow their Rat Sampathan and go and live in India. This is our country and we need to govern on our own way not the way that my enemy India wants. MR take guts and do it for the sake of our beloved country same way you got rid of the evil terrorists L.T.T.E.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Everyone would be better off without the 13-A, even the Tamils. This is because continuing with the 13-A will only lead to further Separatism, and that will lead to Eelam. Eelam will make Lanka an appendage of Tamil Nadu and TN will re-impose the Caste Structure on Eelam, as Caste is the ‘crowd control’ method there. Tamils of Lanka will then be back at square one. In the first place, they fled Tamil Nadu to escape the Caste discrimination and Poverty issues there. Why go through it all again with Eelam ? Remove the 13-A !
    Whoever or whichever groups who removes the 13-A will be Sri Lanka’s forever Hero. We think about 99% of Sri Lankans are for the removal of the 13-A. Why wait ? Democracy is about the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, isn’t it ?
    What People anywhere need is Peace & Prosperity, not the ‘divide & rule’ principle of colonists.

  12. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    The Indian drafted 13th amendment is the next logical step in the direction of legitimising the Tamilisation process of the Northern and Eastern regions of SriLanka, which commenced with the import of labourers from South India firstly by the Portuguese to colonise these regions and work on the Tobacco plantations, which process was thereafter continued by the Dutch, the British and finally by the Indian trained LTTE terrorists, selected from amongst the descendants of the Tamil settlers.
    Probably, competing with the Indian agenda of permanently Tamilising these regions, it seems the Western nations have entered the fray to convert these Hindu Tamils to Christians and create a Christian Tamil state, merging the South of India with the North of SriLanka. However, just like the Afgans in Afganistan, the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka would not allow such plans to materialise and this could lead to another several decades of conflict and suffering for all SriLankans. Therefore, the Government is duty bound to reverse this Tamilisation process, by removing the Indian drafted 13th amendment.

  13. Senevirath Says:

    all tamils who are suffering under vellala cast system will be freed if the 13 a is crushed.

    but mahinda will not scrap pc s he will keep them without land and police powers.

    mirracle should happen……. may be…. who knows….

  14. Ben Silva Says:

    People need to join and support JHU.
    People suffering from CKDu also need support.

  15. jayasiri Says:

    I am indebted to Dr. Sudath Gunasekera, for writing this wonderful, concise article which most readers in Lanka & abroad will understand. IT IS EXPLICIT & only hard part is to convince our political leaders.

    I am sure our ordinary people in Lanka as well as expats will whole heaartedly support the abolition of 13th amendment, getting rid of provincial councls( white elephants – introduced by India to bankrupt lanka treasury) and suggestions outlined in Dr. Sudat’s article.

    Few years back I wrote HE President not precisely on 13th amendment, but about our economic indpendence from India. Not sure where that ended up.

    But a person of Dr. Sudat’s stature & experience will convince HE President to act accordinlgly. Some other Lawyer in Australia is also involved in getting our patriots together, and that will be a plus too.

    Thanks again Sir, for your valuable insight & contribution. I am certain at least some expats will definitely rise – up for your call……….May the Noble Triple Gems Guard & protect you & other lankans.. May God Bless.all……..J

  16. Christie Says:

    I hope and wish JHU will present necessary motion in the Pariament soon.

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