Boston Lanka Documentary: Story of Adele Balasingham
Posted on June 5th, 2013

In this edition:

The story of Adele Balasingham, who began her career as a nurse and later became a women military leader of LTTE. A story of a woman’s journey from Hospital to battlefield, from being a healing nurse to a killer Nurse.

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7 Responses to “Boston Lanka Documentary: Story of Adele Balasingham”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    It is hard to believe the governments of India ind Sri Lanka can not extradite this terrorist and war criminal to face justice in India and Sri Lanka.It is very annoying to hear this criminal is living in England in comfort after ruining the lives of so many innocent people.The Sri Lankan government should take steps to expose to the British people of the double standards of their government. This is why the innocent civilians are paying with their lives for the sins of their politicians for helping the likes of Adel and creating terrorist in Iraq,and now in Egypt and Syria.

  2. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Why didn,t Dr. Nonis raise this issue at the interview with Hussain of BBC ?

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Just a week or two ago, this matter was highlighted in very blunt terms by Lord Naseby in a letter to Britains deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, in response to Nick Clegg accusing Sri Lankan Govt of “despicable atrocities”.
    The report on this response by Lord Naseby, stated that “the creator, recruiter and organizer of Tamil child soldiers in Sri Lanka, Mrs. Adele Balasingham lives comfortably in Southern England”.
    Question is, why wont the SriLankan Govt request her arrest and repatriation to SriLanka? Is it because SriLanka does not know how to handle an elderly Adel Balasingham, if she is repatriated to Si Lanka.

  4. Voice123 Says:

    It is up to GOSL to call for her extradition. She is not going to voluntarily hand herself in! GOSL should also be demanding war crimes investigations into LTTE rump and their Western supporters, including politicians. I do not think they have seriously done this.

  5. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    She can be tranfered directly into to the faulty CT scanner at Navaloka Hospital for a check up.

  6. S de Silva Says:

    This is just one major example of the utter incompetency of the GoSL to take legal action on key issues. If the GoSL is so impotent to take action on Adele Balasingham the child abuser, what chances do have we against CH4, Gordon Weiss etc.etc for libel!!?? – S de Silva – London

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Adele Balasingham should be spirited out of Britain and brought to Sri Lanka to STAND TRIAL, to be CONVICTED of WAR CRIMES, and to be EXECUTED, just as the Israelis abducted Adolf Eichmann from Argentina to Israel, prosecuted, convicted and executed him for his role in implementing the Jewish Holocaust.

    However, the GOSL that cannot summon the courage to REPEAL the 13th Amendment of FAR GREATER IMPORTANCE to our Nation and our People, will not take ANY CONCRETE ACTION on this now. They will only PLAY with the issue as a Propaganda TOOL against those who criticize Sri Lanka and want to prevent holding the upcoming CHOGM meeting in Sri Lanka.

    What a SHAME … thousands of our INNOCENT HONOURED DEAD …. are DISHONORED by Adele Balasingham basking in luxury, free of any fear of retribution, in Southern England!

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