Regarding a message to the Badu Bala Sena
Posted on June 5th, 2013

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Clinton, Louisiana, USA

I would like to lend voice to your organization and address the issue of the proposed building of the Sita Temple and in that vein all Hindu and Muslim houses of worship. I would also like to share my opinion regarding the existing 13th amendment.

 Regarding the proposed Sita Temple. It would be advisable that if such a structure gets official support then that Hindu Temple including all Hindu temples are open to all Hindus regardless of caste. This is practiced in Hindu Temples built in Western Christian nations and I see no difference that in the world’s oldest Buddhist nation (outside of India) where the Buddha himself denounced the caste system and the UN considers the Caste system an “institutionalized human right violation” it is the duty of any Buddhist Sanga to demand the present government implement regulations that do away with any Caste practices in Sri Lanka. That proposed Sita temple should be not only opened to all Hindus but all people regardless of faith. This should also apply to Mosques which bar the entrance of non Muslims.

 Regarding the issue of the 13th amendment that must be removed from the new Constitution and in it’s place a new amendment that places the emphasis of the nation’s security and unity over that of the provinces. An amendment that places power in the center with an active role of the Buddhist Sanga would serve the national interest and protect it from any ideations of sessionism brought upon by inside or foreign forces.

 Thank you in advance for reading my suggestions. I am in full support of the philosophy of your Sanga and see that your order is much needed at this time when TESO has been resurrected in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is demanding a referendum on the formation of Eelam to New Delhi who is unusually silent on the issue, the new funding of LITE by the Tamil Diaspora and the demand by the Tamil National Association to devolve central power to the Tamil dominated provinces, which to me is a veiled threat towards the full formation of Eelam.


Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

Clinton, Louisiana, USA

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL should not allow this rubbish Sita temple. It is an insult.

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