Canada’s Support for Suicide Terrorism
Posted on June 7th, 2013

Alastair Reynard

Canada’s full and long-term support for Tamil Tiger suicide terrorism is well known throughout the civilized world. Citizens who read reports on how Tamil Tigers or the LTTE terrorists who thrive in Canada know very well the true facts about Canada. Many Prime Ministers and high level government officials in Canada have and continue to openly support Tamils extremists and the LTTE-supporting groups. Tamil gangs flourish in Canada and fund terrorism through a sophisticated network of transnational criminal links. The former Canadian Justice Minister Alan Rock funded and supported the LTTE terror agenda in Canada and at the UN. Not one single Canadian-born person has ever been charged of a crime for assisting the LTTE terrorists. Everyone in Canada is innocent, except the Sri Lankans with a Sinhala Buddhist heritage.

It seems like there are no laws in Canada to protect world citizens from Canadian-Tamil sponsored terrorism and human rights violations. Meanwhile, Canada is trying to crucify Sri Lanka on human rights violations! Whose human rights are more important?  What right does Canada have to accuse developing nations of crimes when they themselves are guilty of war crimes?

What is even more ironic is that Canada’s neighbor to the south, the United States continues to ignore Tamil terrorists flourishing in Canada and providing inspiration to al Qaeda and Taliban. We know that the Americans who kill and kill and kill in their fight against terror have no wisdom. But what about having even a tiny bit of common sense and sharing that with their neighbor to the north?

Are Canadians clueless or just plain stupid to allow al Qaeda and Taliban inspiring Tamil terrorists to operate openly on their soil?



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  1. jayasiri Says:

    Peace loving Sri Lankans, & Sri lankan/Canadians should thank
    Mr.Alastair Reynard, who is the author of this article.

    If learned interlectuals as you sir, write & bring to notice of double standards some of these countries play to avoid accusations from general public, some of these parties like, Conservatives, Liberals, & NDP might feel compelled to have some decency to investigate facts & figures submitted by a Soveriegn Country -Sri Lanka.

    It has been a one sided acceptance OF what happened in Sri lanka, and still USA says that LTTE network is quite active, BUT even usa fail to take any action.

    Recently I tried to read a news item in Sunday Observer(Lankan Nespaper) JUN 09th, 2013 about LTTE attrocities in Sri Lanka & they had a photo also showing some of the gruesome scenes, which many will find so un-bearable to see.

    ON ALL FIVE times I tried, ADOBE advertisement, appeared blocking my screen so that I was NOT able to read it. Somehow I managed to see it, READ it & satisfied that there are STILL few people in Canada who sympatize with these rebels, (which they classified as), BUT they are terrorising their own people back in Sri Lanka.

    I am glad, you Sir & former Cnadian Ambasoder to Sri Lanka, who published the true facts why Coonservatives & liberals are supporting LTTE & its ideals. His main point is both parties are concerned about the VOTING BLOCK in Toronto & suburbs.

    That retired Ambassoder now lives in Vancouver, Canada. So I am glad at least few people, are speaking out about what Sri lanka Govt. did to save large segment of tamil population from the brutality of LTTE.

    I thank you agian Sir, and wish other people mostly from the west, must speak the truth NOT listening to LTTE propganda……Just expressing my views as an Expat….~ J

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