Mr. Sampanthan, Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans
Posted on June 10th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

Mr. R. Sampanthan, please be a Sri Lankan first and foremost.

Never a day seems to pass without, Mr. R. Sampanthan, the leader of the so-called major Tamil party, coming out with some statement that he is against attempts to repeal the 13th Amendment to the constitution, to dilute the powers that the Provincial Councils, to the militarisation of the Tamil areas in the North or that his party is not ready to join the Parliamentary Select Committee that is to be reconvened.

We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation.

Over 30,000 members of the armed forces sacrificed life and limb to get rid of TNA’s godfather the LTTE that plagued the once peaceful Sri Lanka for nearly three decades. All Sri Lankans have been able to enjoy four years of peace since 2009 as result of the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform and of the prudent decisions of the political and military leadership.

Mr. Sampanthan should at least give some indication that he and his TNA MPs desire peace and wish to live in Sri Lanka as most others want to do.

It is time that Mr. Sampanthan stopped harping on the importance of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka. This amendment was a bye product of the indo-Lanka accord that India forced upon Sri Lanka in 1987 in its professed aim of solving the so-called ethnic problem. A key feature of the “ƒ”¹…”accord’ was the disarming of the LTTE within 72 hours: India lost over 1000 of its armed men in its misadventure, while Sri Lanka’s armed forces, comprising mainly young men and women from the rural hinterland of the island, decimated the armed wing of the LTTE based in Sri Lanka.



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  1. Jayantha Says:

    Does anyone take this Old Fart seriously anymore?

    The Separatist Tamil’s Clarion Callers DBS Jeyaraj on one hand (whom Prabakaran almost skinned alive) and the Tamilnet (who even today cannot believe that Prabakaran is dead and even the grave of that scumbag is not known) are keeping the elusive Eelam alive; The former with a hidden agenda and the latter a cheap rabble rouser living in cuckoo land. Who are dumb fools who finance these fools.


  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Birds of a Feather …. Flock Together: TNA, SLMC, Communist Party (CP), and Catholic Bishops.

    Without a DOUBT, the UNP, under Ranil Wickremasinghe’s treacherous “Leadership” will join them too.

    But, not to worry: Despite these PARASITES, The VAST MAJORITY of the People of Sri Lanka are PATRIOTS!

    Rise Up …. O Patriots of Mother Lanka …. in your TENS of MILLIONS to SECURE PEACE & SECURITY for yourselves and UNTOLD FUTURE GENERATIONS!

    REPEAL the 13th Amendment and DEMOLISH the Provincial Councils! DEMAND a NATIONWIDE REFERENDUM to REPEAL these FOREIGN SHACKLES that will BIND and YOKE Mother Lanka to Communal Discord in Perpetuity!

    Your NOBLE PURPOSE is to DEMOLISH FOREVER all SPECIAL PRIVILEGES given to Communal Groups …. assigned on the basis of Race, Religion, Language, Caste and Sex.

    Rise Up … O Patriots of Mother Lanka …. Your Country Needs you NOW!

    Sri Lanka Muslim party decides to oppose any changes to 13th Amendment

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 11, Colombo: The Parliamentary Group of Sri Lanka’s major Muslim party, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) unanimously resolved yesterday to express opposition to any moves to make changes to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

    The SLMC parliamentary group met at the Colombo residence of party leader and Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem on Monday June 10th 2013 and all eight MPs of the party came to the decision unanimously to oppose any moves that curtail the powers allocated to the Provincial councils.

    SLMC General Secretary Hasan Ali said the party will officially write to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa informing the SLMC decision before the next cabinet meeting scheduled for Thursday June 13th.

    The decision will be conveyed to the Cabinet of Ministers by party leader Rauf Hakeem on that day.

    In addition to the SLMC leader Chairman of the party Minister of Productivity Promotion Basheer Segu Dawood, Trincomalee district MP M.S. Thowfeek, Ampara district MPs H.M.M. Harees and Faizal Cassim, Wanni district MP M.B. Farook and National list MPs M.T. Hasan Ali and Mohamed Aslam participated in the SLMC meeting.

  3. kiranifra Says:

    DBS Jeyaraj on one hand (whom Prabakaran almost skinned alive)- Jayantha you know very well this is not true !
    VP & co has broken his leg to keep him shout ( stoped his Venthamarai- anti VP&co paper ) in canada !
    so how can he is VP’ man ofcause he is 13A dreamer with his friend DJ !!!

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    The TNA is not even a registered political party. We have been informed that the TNA expects to contest the Northern PC under ITAK. M-TNA is a registered political party. For the uninformed, “M” stands for Muslim in M-TNA. The Joint Opposition is strong indeed. Do NOT underestimate them.

    Ananda USA says : “Birds of a Feather …. Flock Together: TNA, SLMC, Communist Party (CP), and Catholic Bishops”. Where is the M-TNA ? Join in later ?

    TNA MPs, & SLMC have taken an Oath in Parliament to uphold the Constitution of Sri Lanka. The Constitution has an Amendment forbidding Separatism. Some TNA MPs openly taut Separatism or the Path to Separatism. Aren’t they breaking with their Oath and therefore breaking the Law ? Should they be Law allowed to continue as MPs ? The taxpayers of Sri Lanka pays all MP salaries, perks, pensions, travel, free education & health care, etc. etc.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Lets start with a bit of history, Sri Lanka has been Buddhist Singhalese since 548 BC with the arrival of Prince Vijaya. The establishment of Anuradapura as Sri Lanka’s capital stood for 1500 years before the Cholas destroyed it. But it was the tyrannical Kalinga Magha who invaded Sri Lanka with 250 thousand troops to simply vandalize and destroy. The Tyrant Kalinga Magha’s origins are unknown but this wanton act of violence drove the Singhalese Buddhists to the far South thereby allowing the Tamils to establish a Kingdom in Jaffna. Now the Tamils claim Sri Lanka as their “homeland”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Tamil culture (such as her music, dance to food), her faith, and her language were born and nurtured in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu which in translation means “the land of the Tamils”. This is not the same with the Singhalese whose language, culture, written history, and faith were either born in Sri Lanka or nurtured as in her faith. Sri Lanka is the only homeland for the Singhalese while the Sri Lankan Tamils can return to Tamil Nadu and not face any retribution as they constantly claim. What Kalinga Magha did is now being undone by the war as Singhalese Buddhists with the support of the Sanga are claiming long lost territories in the Northern and Eastern provinces as it should be and it is time that the Tamils reclaim their homeland in Tamil Nadu or face a rising intolerance of their unwelcome presence in Sri Lanka.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with Bernard for the need for ethnic integration in the north and the east.

    However the historical account on Kalinga Magha (1215 – 1239 AD) is partly wrong. Sinhalese army managed to defeat, wipe out and eliminate from the island the entire Magha army and the Jain community that came with him. It was only the capital (and a substantial number of the population) that moved southwards, not the entire Sinhala community. Yapanaya, Madakalapuwa, etc. had a Sinhala majority until European invasion which insulted in an invasion of South Indians for tobacco, tea, cocoa, cincona and cinemon plantations.

    The word Jaffna is a corruption of the word Yapane. “Ya” sound is used interchangeably with “Ja” both by locals and by certain Europeans. For instance, some pronounce and write the name Johannes as Yohannes. “Pa” and “Fa” sounds are used interchangeably again. This was how Yapane became Jafane.

    Going by well documented (not derived through sounds) place names, the north was a military garrison of Sinhala soldiers until the 17th century with large barracks including Veheli-pura, Hene-Murachchiya, Wedi-Murachchiya, Yapa-Patuna, Javaka-Kotte, Bhata-Kotte, Mura-Malaya, Rana-Maduwa, etc.

  7. kiranifra Says:

    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha / Dilrook
    My Chinhala sakotharaya please do not bring these old stories(kathava) they do not give sooru ( bath) to us !!!
    Sri Lankan Tamil’s DNA is more related to Sinhala Sri Lankan than TN’s Tamils – this is the fact !!!
    ok I agrred We came to Sri Lanka Yester years so what !!! King Ravana is Saiva King not Bhuddist King !!!
    so who come first egg or chicken !!! does not matter what come first but we have both to eat !!!

    please live & let live !!!
    this mother lanka for all of us !!!
    Unit in diversity !!! united Mother Lanka !!!

  8. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Whole of SriLanka should be open to all Sri Lankans irrespective of ethnicity or religious affiliations or so called caste differences (practiced in its worst form by the Hindus in the Northern province and Tamilnadu)
    However, I do not believe this wish could be achieved unless the Sri Lankan Govt and the opposition join hands to proactively reverse the Tamilsation of the North and East that had been going on with the blessings of the Colonial Powers, the Portuguese, Dutch and the British and thereafter by the Indians through their agents the terrorist LTTE and racist Tamilnadu, as well as the Norwegians who were instrumental in secretly Tamilising the vast un-inhabited regions of Vanni, with Indian Tamils scheduled to go back to India under the Sirima Shastri pact.
    Those Indian Tamils who illegally stayed back in Vanni should be identified and sent back to India as per the Sirima-Shastri agreement with India. Sinhalese and Muslims evicted from the North need to be resettled in the North if they so wish. Thesavalami law preventing the sale of land to non-Tamils should be removed and lastly the Indian enforced 13A amendment, whilst the Indians were also promoting the LTTE to destabilise the country, should not be implemented in any form. If Indian Govt and Tamilnadu are not happy, so be it, as they should know to respect the sovereign status of other nations, however weak these other nations are militarily.

  9. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    It seems the policies and goals of Mr Sampanthan is the same as Mr Prabakaran’s, minus only the guns and violence and therefore, will not be good for a future peaceful unitary state of SriLanka. Giving into Mr Sampanthan and the TNA would reverse all the gains made through the sacrifice of our valiant patriotic Sri Lankan security forces and those politicians who were killed by the LTTE, as well as the good work of the present leadership who have been insulted and hounded by forces hostile to Sri Lanka, since the defeat of the LTTE terrorists.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re the Magha Invasion of Lanka : the figure of some 240,000 troops coming into Lanka as Magha’s army is questionable.
    The sheer logistics of it all is quite impossible for that time (1215 – 1239 AD). They had to cross Palk Sts. and there were no
    Pontoon Bridges or troop carrier ships at that time. Besides all that if Magha came from Kalinga area, that is not the Tamil area of Tamil Nadu at all. Kalinga is way up North away from the present day Tamil Nadu area. Again, the logistics of such a large army crossing the vast land area prior to arriving at the sea front at Palk Sts. is also doubtful for that time. There is gross exaggeration here. The figure of troops were likely to be a few hundred, armed to the teeth and ruthless to peaceful Sinhela settlements in Lanka.

    Also re the so called ‘Kingdom of Jaffna’ (1215 – 1236 AD) : Where is the archaeological proof ?

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as : ” ” Again the logistics required for such a large army crossing the vast land area prior to arriving at the sea front at Palk Sts. makes the numbers given questionable for that time”.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    alias Andy ? Hello, Andy, welcome back after a long absence.

    What makes you think that Ravana was a Saiva king ? That is not written in any of the translations. As far as we know, the Ramayana is an allegorical tale and written to portray the ideal king, ideal wife, ideal servant, even an ideal enemy (Ravana), etc. it is also the battle between the Head (Ravana) & the Heart (Sita) with Rama as the Godhead within.


    We heard that a Sita Temple is to be built in the Upcountry of Sri Lanka. Is this a prudent move ? There is no proof that Sita was actually there at all. Will it all end up as another “land claim” by Upcountry Tamils who arrived as indentured labor with the British colonists ?

  13. Marco Says:

    Please read the website of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) re:The Ramayana Trail.
    May i say at the outset, that i have a vested interest in hotels that promote among other heritage sites the Ramayana Trail.

  14. kiranifra Says:

    Hi Fran Diaz, What can I do , what ever name I write I have been blocked by modarater of all sinhala web sides include this !
    this time I trying with muslim name , next time Chinis name ?

    this is our karma my bro !
    There is no proof that Sita was actually ! so only proof We have in mother lanka Bhudda’s histrory nothing else !!!
    thanks god Bhudda born only 2,500 years ago ! if Bhuddha born 10,000 years ago you would have claimed 10,000 years Bhuddas histroy in mother lanka !!!

    Hela meaning in Thamils is Eelam !!!
    We are Hela Nation that is in Thamil(Demila) We are Eelavar not Thamilar (who live in TN) our relieng is Saivam before lord Bhudda is reliegin come to us !!!!

  15. kiranifra Says:

    ‘Kingdom of Jaffna’ (1215 – 1236 AD) : Where is the archaeological proof ? five Eswara ( Sivan )Temple in N E W S & miidle of mother lanka !!!
    Nakules waran -North
    Koneswara- East
    Kethiswaran – West
    Thondanis waram -South ( Dodogama – Now big big Bhudda standing infront of Nanthi(Cow status)
    Muniswarm -in Central !!!

    is that enogh to proof for Saiva King Ravana !!! not Thamil King !!!

    We are Eelaver Not Thamilar !!!

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