Hypocrisy of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Posted on June 21st, 2013

– JMack

I read your story Canada’s Harper gives up on Russia, calls summit ‘G-7 plus 1’ on Washington Times on June 17, 2013 and had a good laugh. You really believe that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose nation hosts the largest Tamil population that supports, funds and worship suicide terrorism, gives a damn about mass murder in Syria?

You said: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin for supporting the “thugs of the Assad regime” – no kidding? After Canada backed and backed and backed Tamil Tiger terror operations in Sri Lanka for the past 30 years and continue to attack that democracy on the behest of extremists Tamils in Canada, while shielding their Tamil citizens from war crimes and international terrorism charges?

Terrorism and Transnational Crime: The Case of the LTTE
Or Google ‘CM0336 Terrorism and Transnational Crime The Case of the LTTE’

Russian President Vladimir Putin deserves the Nobel Peace prize for backing a developing democracy Sri Lanka in her fight against the world’s most ruthless, sophisticated and internationally backed terrorists, the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers. There are no more suicide bombings, child recruitment, terror war or mass murder by Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka thanks to the assistance by nations such as Russia, China and Pakistan. Stephen Harper can never make such a claim while his government and the ones before his, has Sri Lankan blood on their hands.

Sri Lankan Blood on Liberal Hands

The article used to be here at National Post of Canada, but since has been removed! http://www.nationalpost.com/opinion/story.html?id=1814520

Since you seem to be a bit oblivious to what’s going on, we attached some reference material, including the newly published article ‘Canada’s Support for Suicide Terrorism’. You may Google that title for the article.

Hope you can see the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s crocodile tears.

Never forget: many of the wealthy western nations are guilty of war crimes committed by the Tamils living there. But no worries, they’ll never have to face charges – No west-based human rights group will ever go after these nations. Only the small, less powerful and less wealthy nations will have to face charges of war crimes and human rights violations. The dirty busine$$ of human right$ continue!

The Dirty Busine$$ of Human Right$

Oh, by the way we have not even touched on the subject of war crimes committed by the west in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya!!! Guess Syria is next on that list.

Syria: History being repeated?
Google ‘Island EDITORIAL Syria: History being repeated?’

Google ‘NY Times with Optimistic Propaganda Bias Exposed’ or visit
Do scroll to the bottom of that page to read some interesting comments.

Google ‘Grand Terror Alliance Senators, American lawyers, former US Ambassador to SL’

Mr. Bruce Fein, attorney and former associate US deputy attorney general did a fund raising campaign for the Tamil terrorists in Canada. What does Prime Minister Harper have to say about that?

Google ‘Obama Cameron supporting terrorists’

Wake up! See what’s really happening!
Never let scammers like Harper, Obama, Kerry, Cameron and Clinton take you for a ride.



2 Responses to “Hypocrisy of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    THANK YOU JMACK!….You said it.!!…….All facts & sentiments too. Most leaders today want to take the first step to look good to American Presidents. They all say, I did say on behalf of USA, or I said this so that I can be taken seriously by the SELECTED world community.

    Not the peace loving citizens & politicial leaders of Asia (excluding India)..or Africa or Latin America, who are daily bombarded with HUMAN RIGHTS, by paid servants who represent all the Human Right organizations & some agencies of UN too.

    Now the best way to look good, is speaking FIRST on behalf of the mighty but crumbling USA (economically) HOPING he would get a plum job after he retires, like Tony Blair..NO LUCK because people of this country STILL know how corrupt, opportnistic some of these leaders are.

    It is true, both Liberals & Conservatives, STILL support Tamils & their corrupt organizatiosns, under fake names, to avoid terrorist links or affiliations. Like Christian & Anglican bishops who are destined to go to heaven, if they support any oreganization or group which creates havoc in their respective counties.

    Make those countries SUBSERVIENT to masters of superiors. Plunder their minerals, oil or natural gas, or any raw material just to make the DEVELOPED countries prosper at the expense of the poor countries in the world.

    On June 09th, 2013 an article /news item, appeared in SUNDAY OBSEBVER Newspaper of Sri lanka. Our Sri Lankan friends both here & in Lanka can read that news about LTTE attrocities, with images, how Buddhist monks, inncocent citizens were murdered by LTTE.

    I hope our citizens had the opportunity to read it & see it. If not please read it & make sure people who doesn’t read will be explained how ruthless this organization was & still is. .& we should all be very careful how we conduct ourselves in western countries, where most of these tricksters, live under assuemd names.

    Unfortunately I was distrupted by ADOBE advertisement Blocking my reading it for FIVE times. When someone BLOCKS a person reading a NEWS ITEM, it must be READ & digested WITHOUT any excuses. Just like a film is banned, PEOPLE rush to see it. So I made sure I read it.

    So I manage to read it from another computer. It is so GROSS & inhuman what the LTTE did in the name of they are being didcriminated in Lanka. THERE IS NO COUNTRY in the world that DISCRIMINATION doesn’t exist. It is there in different shades. If unbias people JUST visit Sri Lanka, and see HOW THE TAMIL people live NOW, they come out with a completely different & POSITIVE image of Sri Lanka.

    I just thought of pointing this out so that even Sinhalese living in Western Countries have to be careful of these REBELS as Governments call them, (BUT we know they are terrorists) . Sri Lankan FOREGN MINISTER touring western countries at preent has re-iterated that those countries too have to be careful of these newly arrived Tamils from Sri Lanka or India or any other country for that matter.

    HE has politely asked Australian Govt. proscribe LTTE as a banned organization as 27 EU countries, Canada, USA, India & Sri Lanka have done

    I am pleased that still there are few people at least who take their time to find out the truth & support Sri Lanka.

    JMACK thanks again for speaking on behalf of citizens of Sri lanka…..Thank you all~ J

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Adele Balasingham, War Crimes And Hypocrisy
    By S. V. Kirubaharan
    June 19, 2013

    My Comment:
    In the second video, a jaundiced “journalist” says that the GOSL is “sharing” the language of the US war on terror …. implying that it is without justification.

    I would say to this blind and deaf self-styled “journalist” that in the last 30 years no other country has been subjected to more terrorism than Sri Lanka.

    When the US World Trade Center was attacked and 3,000 odd innocents are killed … that was held up as the ultimate act of terror … and the US launched a Global War on Terror in response, fabricating a FAKE WMD accusation to invade and kill over 1.5 million people (British “Lancet” report)in Iraq. Forgotten in this rhetoric is that the First World Trade Center bombing took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The truck bombing of the ATF HQ in Oklahoma was preceded by the truck bombing of the Bank of Ceylon building in Colombo. The train and bus bombings in London were preceded by the murder of hundreds of Sri Lankans in trains (e.g., Dehiwala) and in buses and bus stops all over Sri Lanka.

    In a population of over 300 million, US citizens suffered just over 3,000 dead, whereas in a population of approximately 21 million, Sri Lankan citizens suffered over 150,000 dead and countless injured and orphaned.

    With the possible exception of Iraq, Sri Lanka has a much greater claim to sympathy and support in its war against terror, than any other country I know.

    Whisper to me softly, dear blind and deaf “journalist” offering fig leaves to hide the nakedness of Eelamist terrorists, if my lips do not speak the truth!

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