International law is Eurocentric and Colonial – Time to change
Posted on June 22nd, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

How many would agree that imperialism hasn’t ended and it is found in what we know today as “international law”? The stark reality is that decolonization took place ONLY AFTER the former empires established another means of retaining control “”…” that mode was international law. International law propagated by the West is today applicable internationally and even locally and relevant to economic, political, social, private and public affairs. Imperialism that takes place even without our awareness.  For sovereign nations to be realistically free the strangle-hold that the West dictates through international law must be changed applying terms that is a win-win situation to all.

History of International Law

Modern international law traces its roots to the 1648 Peace of Westphalia Treaty that was supposed to grant sovereign equality by dividing Europe into sovereign and independent states. The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia was applicable to the civilized European sovereign nations not the non-European uncivilized world.

 International law consists of doctrines and principles developed in Europe, influenced by European history and experience. We would be naƒÆ’†’¯ve if we were to think that these international laws would be applied to the non-European world without bias because they were designed with bias. They were also designed subtly to promote their Christian faith. If colonies were invaded to spread Christianity and plunder nations “”…” sovereignty was given to ensure this status quo remained unchanged. Let us not fool ourselves – Christian law has transformed itself as international law.

The manner in which these independent states were to be run led to standards and establishment of laws applicable to all the sovereign states under the banner “Family of Nations”. What needs to be noted is that the Third World was excluded as they were “uncivilized” and “non-European”. The world was divided as “the civilized and Christian people of Europe” against “the uncivilized non-Europeans”. Today it is known as Developed and Developing world. By this very definition, it reveals racism, bias and discrimination. When by 1914, all territories of Asia, Africa and Latin America fell under control of major European states “”…” there is little that needs to be said of the “uncivilized” manner these supposed “uncivilized” Third World nations were treated! Little do people realize that these nations had civilizations far superior to those of the West “”…” what they lacked was English and French. What right did the White Christian West have to define Indians as heathens and animals and claim they had no cognizable rights? Similarly, just because the aborigines look unfit because they have no international laws or magistrates can they be written off?

Following the 2 World Wars “”…” a new international order emerged dictated by America and Europe.

There were no legal obstacles to taking over these nations because the mission was to “civilize the natives”. In the eyes of the West “”…” the colonies were too “primitive to understand the concept of sovereignty”. So this is the excuse given to why the Third World did not belong to the “family of nations” and did not have any right to the concepts of international law that the West designed. It appears there’s little change and questions why a handful of Third World natives would still want to continue worshipping these imperialists.

If Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia and the like faces the full force of international law why has the impartial international legal system omitted actions on George Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney for scores of misadventures under a new banner called R2P/military intervention? Why do crimes of aggression not get applied to the powerful Western nations?

When the IMF “”…” International Monetary Fund is under the control of the US and former colonial rulers who control 85% of the vote – what more is there to say? Is the IMF not the vessel that dictates how financial markets run and does this US-led Western monetary body not force Asian, African and Latin American nations to liberalize their currencies to benefit western investors? Third World is victims of development with debt “”…” debt that scores of future generations have to pay!

It is in this context that repressive governments are created with the blessings of the West under a “you scratch my back “”…” I’ll scratch yours” deal, these created governments are dislodged when they are of no use or when the real dictators have found new “friends” who are prepared to offer a better deal and these very nations lecture to us on morality, ethics and good governance!

Colonial crimes

If international law was not western biased “”…” it would not have the British Foreign Office destroying evidence of its colonial crimes and keeping them secret from the public all these years? It would not take victims like the Mau Mau over 60 years to be given justice and it would certainly encourage nations that had been invaded and plundered to seek compensation instead of having them beg for justice. The former colonies need to now break away from their colonial servitude and demand reparations “”…” India must lead the way by breaking away from the India sepoy attitude.

Neo-Colonial crimes

If crimes during colonial rule was not enough what about the crimes taking place presently? With what right do these Western nations have to invade nations, bomb civilians and infrastructure, carrying out renditions, make false charges and simply use every international law to their advantage?

We are no fools to realize that the West is using international law to the maximum to secure global power, oil and forge spheres of influence. The West created “humanitarian angels” are simply agents given that NGOs have grassroot access and are able to do their undercover work since funds can be channeled easily too. The camouflage of “humanitarianism” is nothing but a sham and equates to mean imperialism never ended and we are fools to think so. Everything still remains blacks and whites.

Was it not the desire for title ownership that led Europeans to stake claim using the Berlin Conference of 1884 and divided Africa between them? Despite decolonization and self-determination ensuring Third World nation secured more presence in the UN General Assembly the topic of nationalization of foreign entities did not go well with the European colonies who wished to maintain the older rules of international economic laws that favored them. Thus World Bank and IMF do a meticulous job on behalf of the West. Countries colonized and decolonized were again victims of neocolonialism and burdened by divisions created by the colonial rulers along ethnic “”…” boundary “”…” religious lines. All giving rise to issues defined as human rights violations.

 Can any of the developing nations obey international law when it sees merit and discard it when it does not like Europe and America does? Those that do will end up hounded like Saddam and Gaddafi and killed. But no one would ever claim these murders were foul or illegal. The deafening silence about the manner the US and NATO is attacking Syria is proof that when the West wants something it will turn any rock to secure it “”…” even creating, arming and training terrorist groups. So much for a supposed war on terror!

So where are the justice seeking activists, the citizens organizations, the celebrities, the op-ed writers and moral Western politicians of the West in defense of the defenseless?  

Discoveries of non-Western civilizations forgotten

Education systems and pro-Western media have ensured that not much gets promoted about ancient civilizations that existed before the West took over the world and the inventors or inventions of these times. How many in the world are even aware that Sri Lanka possesses the ONLY man-made irrigation systems with man-made tanks that remain an engineering marvel to this day and baffles engineers on how without engineering degrees such works of art could last for centuries when modern day buildings are seen to collapse on a daily basis. Why have non-Western inventors never got the limelight that the Western inventors are getting. Is it possibly because it is from them that the idea was borrowed and refined?

United Nations and Human Rights Movements

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 completely ignores the social differences of 191 UN member states and the 58 nations that existed when it was drafted. Though it is not a legally binding document its principles are incorporated into domestic legislation and is said to have inspired more than 60 human rights standards which include the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. All drafts are dominated by the West looking at issues from their angle. It is their morals, ethics, standards that take precedence. Unfortunately, the fault lies in the newly decolonized nations not realizing they needed to speak up and demand equal status for their cultures too because too many of them were mesmerized by the fact that they were “accepted” into Western society and were ever ready to give up their cultural heritage save for a handful. Now people and nations are beginning to realize their mistake.

To sustain world balance imperialists need to uplift the majority of the world’s nations that are impoverished and undeveloped. It is for these selfish reasons that handouts are given to the Third World. Former colonies are foolish to think they are no longer OBJECTS of international law despite being called “sovereign”. What international law ever favored or took the aside of the oppressed former colonies? The Third World is supposed to feel gratitude for being included to the “family of nations” called the UN. For that “inclusion” what have these nations sacrificed post-independence?

Real status of Human Rights Laws

Human rights law was created to be used to legitimize the intrusion of international laws in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and justify intervention if there was a need. Human rights organizations were the Wests means of deploying their agents on sovereign soil. Interventions in the Middle East is no different to the Spanish conquest of the Indians!

International law has also helped legitimize and sustain unequal structures and processes that divide people further. Everything eventually becomes tied to international financial trade and leaders irrespective of their ideology end up compelled to pursue the same economic and social policies. When national leaders like Lumumba, Che Guevara, Allende emerge to challenge the status quo “”…” their fate was sealed and to stop similar nationalists from arising plenty of funds go to create rebel movements that ensure nations are trapped in a conundrum. The UN Secretary General Dag Hammerskjold also saw the same fate in wanting to provide equality to the newly decolonized nations alongside the former colonial rulers. Such equality was taboo then and it cannot be any different today. Equality is never part of any deal though a lot of propaganda goes to showing otherwise.


What is evident is that all non-Europeans/Americans are only an OBJECT of international law. The quasi-sovereign status given to some under “unequal treaties” was only a sham created to force them to “honor” the imperial agenda. International laws were adapted to suit Europeans and there’s little that can be done unless the Third World realize the status quo and wish to change it. We are in a world where industrial and well-organized West dictates its terms to the rest of the world through international laws.

If the sovereignty doctrine expelled the non-European world from its realm should the Third World not be demanding immediate reforms afterall the First World cannot run on its own and without the Third World. The Third World now needs to make their demands. This is what Third World diplomats are expected to achieve and not to worship the laws that benefit the West. This is why Third World nations need to recruit officials who have a love for their nation and wish to use the systems in place and make representations for the advantage of the Third World not meekly appease and follow international laws that are dictatorial. Future recruitment policy of Third World must address this to change the equilibrium otherwise East-West, civilized-uncivilized, Developed-Undeveloped, Black-White, international laws that are Christian-Non Christian biased will continue unabated.



23 Responses to “International law is Eurocentric and Colonial – Time to change”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    True but will that ever happen?

    The next powerful BLOCK is the block of ISLAMIC countries. So what is LIKELY to happen is EUROPEAN + ISLAMIC international law.

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    Colombo Telegraph a Tamilnet sister site has published an article by SW.

    Please go there are comment in support of her article.

    Let Tamil terrorists know there are 2 sides to every story. Prove to them that we will NEVER allow them to live peacefully in SL as long as they hold hatred and Tamil Homeland BS.

  3. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    in every country in Asian and Africa the Europeans have sown the seeds to protect their interests, especially through Christians and catholics. (or catho licks). so long these elements are present in these countries, the Europeans and americans can have their way. not only this diseases can be confined to people, the institutions like the executive, legislative and judiciary modeled on their systems of governance contribute to believe in their systems and hence the ‘control’ also conditioning to believe in and often quoted in this forum too, the greatness of western philosophers etc.

    As I was going through some comments I came across a person who has used a nick – sasantha.
    Apparently he was very upset as I used the word ungulate to tag with anglo Saxons. He had some wise advise to me – not to bring down Buddhism and Sinhala race while vilifying the English speaking race. People like sasantha are common entities in sri lanka or in sri Lankan societies wherever. The typical colombon mentality taking the side of English and disparaging the other side. The main reason I have this tag for anglo saxons is that they are ‘pig fatherly race’ – who attempt to dictate others while they swipe every filth of theirs under the carpet. So the ideal name to describe them is an ungulate. In fact they are the ones who have degrading name calling for all other races and sasantha seems to be ignorant of that. This man must be worshipping the English language too and their most glorious vulgar culture which began from the days of vampire Victoria. It’s pathetic why few of us luckily unconditioned ourselves from English crap while others still are blinded by their values. What disturbs more is that while we uncondition ourselves our younger generation gets caught to them. The movies magazine music play a big role in this process. Sasantha is a victim, needless to say.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    WONDERFUL! The British Tamil Forum is one of the main Eelamist Tamil Diaspora organizations. If they don’t want Power Devolved under the 13th Amendment, then the GOSL will NEVER satisfy the Eelamist Tamil DEMANDS with it, because it is the Eelamist Tamil Diaspora that is driving the pressure brought to bear on Sri Lanka by Western countries to do devolve power.

    It is JUST AS WE HAVE SAID ALL ALONG: No reasonable accommodation can be achieved with the Eelamists; they want outright secession, just as the late unlamented Velupillai Prabhakaran wanted all along. He fought when he felt powerful, and talked when he was on the ropes, but NEVER BUDGED from his goal of an INDEPENDENT EELAM STATE. So it is with the Eelamists of today.

    Therefore, AT LEAST NOW, dear Mr. President, TAKE A STAND and set an EARLY DATE for a NATIONWIDE REFERENDUM to REPEAL the 13th Amendment and DISSOLVE the Provincial Council System, and LET THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF Sri Lanka DECIDE the ISSUE!

    The RIGHT TO ELECT one’s candidates to the National Parliament is FRANCHISE ENOUGH for any Law Abiding Citizen. Only SEPARATISTS and Provincial Council Bureaucrats with CUSHY JOBS paid by the Sri Lankan Taxpayer want Provincial Councils. GET RID OF THEM, they are a source of ABUSE & WASTE, and are a RAVE THREAT to the INTEGRITY OF THE COUNTRY. Tiny Sri Lana DOES NOT NEED another layer of EXPENSIVE & UNNECESSARY BUREAUCRACY …. it makes Sri Lanka NON_COMPETITIVE in the Global Marketplace!

    NEVER …. NEVER ….. NEVER let the UNREPENTANT SEPARATISTS Control Provincial Councils, or we will have COMMUNAL WARFARE AGAIN in Sri Lanka!

    British Tamils Forum Rejects Any Political Solution Based On The 13th Amendment
    June 16, 2013

    “Tamils reject any political solution based on the 13th amendment – it neither addresses the root cause of the conflict nor safeguards the Tamil national interest on the island.” says the British Tamils Forum.
    Issuing a statement the British Tamils Forum says it insists that any political solution to the Tamil National Question has to be conducted through an internationally mediated referendum – only this can lay the foundation for a lasting peace and satisfy the socio-political and economic aspirations of the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

    We publish below the statement in full;

    Tamils reject any political solution based on the 13th amendment – it neither addresses the root cause of the conflict nor safeguards the Tamil national interest on the island.

    The 13th Amendment to the constitution, entrenched in the unitary state-centric model, cannot address the legitimate aspirations of the Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka.

    This amendment to the constitution is not in any way a starting point, an interim or a final solution to the conflict and it prevents any lasting negotiated settlement, reached with the support of the International Community. The British Tamils Forum strongly denounces any efforts to impose this unsupported and failed political response, which was reached for the benefit and interest of two countries – India and Sri Lanka – without consulting the Tamil Nation.

    The 13th Amendment has several flaws: executive power will be exercised by a Provincial Governor appointed by the President; public services in the province will be controlled by the Governor; the President has the power to dissolve the Provincial Council; the Governor is not duty bound to the advice or instructions of the Chief Minister; the executive power of the Governor is subject to the control of the President; the Provincial Council cannot access the Provincial Fund without the sanction of the Governor; power over the police and public order is retained by the President; and the Disposition of State Land is also in the hands of the President; among many others.

    Due to these flaws and inadequate provisions, it has been consistently rejected by the Tamil people and political leadership at several democratic stages, in the past and at present, ever since this bilateral agreement was signed between India and Sri Lanka.

    The genocidal actions – pogroms, massacres, colonisation, land dispossession – committed by the Sri Lankan state in the Tamil homelands even under the current provincial council system foreshadow the realities of life following the 13th amendment.

    All those who seek a genuine solution to the Tamil question must remain vigilant against falling into the traps that have been set by the Sri Lankan state and certain external forces to impose the 13th Amendment or a watered-down version of 13th Amendment upon the Tamils.

    The Sri Lankan state, through its hard-line allies and ultra nationalist forces, has initiated a political campaign encouraging hard-line views and xenophobic sentiments on the 13th Amendment, with a view to diluting the amendment even further to its interest, before thrusting it upon the Tamils. This is clearly visible to observers of contemporary southern politics.

    In the contrast, certain external actors who aspire to play the role of ‘saviour’ in the Tamil-Sinhalese political arena are pushing for implementation of the 13th Amendment in its entirety, in the pretext of rescuing the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    On these grounds, the British Tamils Forum stands in solidarity with our people in our Tamil Homeland and state that any political initiatives grounded in the 13th Amendment cannot be feasible and will not create an enduring peace in Sri Lanka.

    The British Tamils Forum insists that any political solution to the Tamil National Question has to be conducted through an internationally mediated referendum – only this can lay the foundation for a lasting peace and satisfy the socio-political and economic aspirations of the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    I went to the … and submitted a few “PITHY COMMENTS”!

    BTW, who is SW? … I didn’t find anything by anyone with those initials.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Good work bro. They take time to publish though.

    SW = Shenali Wadugama

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Shenali D Waduge is absolutely right. The formation of the UN, The world bank, the IMF, the EPA, the dominance of western powers in the Security Council where only China an Asian power is represented to NATO, the Geneva conference, the UNHRC etc are all international organizations freely used by the Western powers particularly the US to control and manipulate. Take the UNHRC where most Muslim nations who practice Sharia law which by itself violates a number of human rights issues are never accused. This also goes for Western nations and even China but nations that do not have the power but are important in other ways are punished if they do not tow the US line as in the human rights accusations on Sr Lanka. The US now needs India to contain China so again the horror of the Caste system that not only is a violation of human rights at an epic level but negates India calling herself a “functioning Democracy” is never addressed by the UNHRC. Point well taken.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    OK, I found her article there and added a few “PITHY COMMENTS”. Lots of Eelamists pretending to be Sinhalese!!! Thank you.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    My Riposte to a Comment on Shenali’s article entitled “Buddhism Bashing Columnists” at

    I am afraid neither “Panchaseela” nor “Love & Compassion” will protect and defend the lives of the citizens of Sri Lanka. They didn’t for 30 long years in Sri Lanka, until a few brave leaders summoned the will and the determination to defeat the murderous terrorist separatists of Sri Lanka by Leaf, Branch, Trunk and Root.

    “Panchaseela” is a great ideal that should reign where the environment permits, but in an imperfect world, which spawns diabolical monsters like Hitler, Pol Pot and the late unlamented SunGod, Velupillai Prabhakaran, “Panchaseela” will not work. Passive acquiescence is a prescription for EXTINCTION of the Sri Lankan People.

    Jesus Christ also preached Love and Kindness. Yet, the Christian “civilized” countries of Europe have waged the most awful wars in history, and committed mass slaughter of humans in concentration camps. Would “Panchaseela” have worked there?

    No, “Panchaseela” will not protect us, it is only a laudable Buddhist ideal to guide us. In this world we must struggle with our brawn and our brains to survive and hold onto our humanity the best we can. Our ancestors had to, we will too, and so will the untold generations of our descendents who will follow us. It is up to us to do what we can to leave Sri Lanka as a economically and militarily strong unified Nation for them. That is “Panchaseela”.

    ONE Indivisible Nation, of ONE Inseparable People, sharing ONE Indomitable Destiny backed up with the strength and the power to enable “Panchaseela” to reign.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    My Comment at Shenali’s article entitled “Buddhism Bashing Columnists” at


    I am not missing any points at all; it is you who wants to cloak the central issues in red herring side issues and attempts to undermine the POPULAR Government of Sri Lanka ELECTED by a LANDSLIDE for the second time.

    You say there were many moderate Tamils, but where are they now? I know of only one such Tamil Leader, married to a Sinhala lady, who supported a unitary Sri Lanka : Lakshman Kadirgama …. assasinated by the LTTE.

    Today we see the TNA, the political proxy of the LTTE, which rubber stamped the LTTE’s vilest acts, rejecting a UNITARY Sri Lanka, and at the same time demanding Land, Police, Taxation, and VETO powers in a practically autonomous Provincial Council.

    These are the ver same villians who cheered the killing of Tamil moderates (as you pointed out), accepted and imposed the LTTE as the “sole representatives” on the Tamil people, runs to India pleading for India’s interference in Sovereign Sri Lanka (that is HIGH TREASON, by the way) and plots with Tamil Nadu politicians on ways and means of creating their Eelam and separation from Sri Lanka to form a Greater Tamil Nadu.

    In National elections, Tamils in the Northern Province vote overwhelmingly for this TNA that supported the LTTE and used them for human shields. If they have not learned who their tormentors over 30 years were, they never will. So, tell me “Mahela” where are these “moderate” Tamils who want to live side-by-side with the other communities of Sri Lanka? I am sure there are some … I have some such Tamil friends … but they are so few that I can count them on one hand; all others secretly support the TNA. Why not, if they get their own Tamils only Fiefdom in the North, and an Equal Share of the Sinhala South … why not use the Sinhala modayas for it. Only one problem with that assumption … we just won’t fall for it.

    The vast majority of the PEOPLE of Sri Lanka have HAD ENOUGH with UNREPENTANT Tamil Separatists … we will NEVER ALLOW them to undermine and divide our country AGAIN. ALL of Sri Lanka is for ALL of its People, irrespective of race, religion, language, or caste, with EQUAL rights for all. Equal rights …. NOTHING MORE … no special rights, no provincial rights, no Thesavalamai Laws … ONE Sri Lanka for ALL of its people.

    All that nonsense about thuggery and corruption; show me ONE COUNTRY without such problems … India and Tamil Nadu perhaps? Or is it the USA. Don’t make me laugh.

    Sri Lanka is NOT PERFECT, no country is, but we have many things we can be proud of, a high literacy, equitable labpr laws, universal healthcare, etc. in spite of the vast number of anti-national elements such as the TNA, the SLMC, the various NGOs, the jaundiced leadership of the UNP, various Evangelical Missionaries harvesting souls exploiting poverty, and paid agents of Western countries plying their NeoColonialist agendas, trying to undermine and destabilize Sri Lanka so they can resume their WATUSI dance of the last 30 years. IT WON’T WORK … because there are ENOUGH Sri Lankan PATRIOTS who simply won’t let that happen AGAIN!

    No community in Sri Lanka will be LEFT ALONE to undermine Sri Lanka in secret, and find common cause with foreigners. Tamils MUST learn to live together with others, as we Sinhalese did when we allowed them to migrate to Colombo in their hundreds of thousands and seek refuge from the LTTE in the last 30 years.

    There will be ONE Indivisible Nation, of ONE Inseparable People, sharing ONE Indomitable Destiny, with Equal Rights for ALL, living side by side in peace and harmony. That is the VISION we have for Sri Lanka. Those who find that vision abhorrent, and would be incurably unhappy living among us without Special Privileges in Communal Bantustans, should migrate now to Tamil Nadu, or anywhere else in the world where they would be more comfortable with our heartfelt blessings…. we can’t make exceptions for them.

  11. Eusense Says:

    Colombo Telegraph re-published Shenali’s original article (here in Lanka Web; 17/6/2013) titled “Buddhists are victims of Hate Speech and Media Manipulation in Sri Lanka”. Only thing they did was changed the title to “Buddhism Bashing Columnists”.
    I overwhelmingly disagreed with this specific writing of Shenali as she clearly portrayed Buddhists as immature, irrational and a shortsighted group with low intellect and esteem who resent other religions. I complained about your support to her and wrote “Sadly, people like Shenali and you are the real danger to this country She is trying to create religious fanaticism by repeatedly writing how Buddhism should be given a preferential status and how you fueling this fire”.
    Now, realty is hitting home! For Colombo Telegraph, mostly an anti-Sinhalese and pro-diaspora publication, this article was god sent. With an altered title like “Buddhism Bashing Columnists”, it got a chance to depict a distorted picture of a Sinhalese Buddhist.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    On the contrary.

    It smoked out Jihad Swines and Tamil Tigers to the open for all to see!

    NO ONE in SL survived following confrontations with Buddhism. They ALL WENT EXTINCT. This is what awaits these racist Arabs and South Endians. But MOST Arabs and South Endians in SL have NO PROBLEM with Buddhism or the article. They want to survive. They want their businesses to remain. They want to remain in SL with dignity. Others may leave SL before it comes to another white flag incident.

  13. michelly200 Says:

    I decided not read Colombo Telegraph

    there are 350+ comments

    Only 20+ attempt at any real debate.. about anything

    The rest? sexist comments, obscenities, take your pick. For shame CT.. for shame

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    It is a den of criminals and racists. A totally uncivilised and indecent site. They can’t face SW’s truth (TRUTH HURTS) and use filth and personal attacks against her.

    I personally think SW should take care because some of these barbarians might try to harm her. She should know these are BARBARIANS.

    But what you can do is DROP bombshells and get out. Don’t read responses. Those rabid dogs will kill each other over your comment. It is like throwing a bone in to a cage full of mad dogs.

    People going to CT for real debate are lunatics (not you).

  15. michelly200 Says:

    Just a suggestion… not sure if this is right or if anyone would agree with me

    There’s another local english media website that seems to have some level of control over the comments… if it escalates or the comment content degenerates, they disable the comment section altogether. People can still read the article, but they have to vent in some other forum. Not sure if this is ethical.. but there seems to be some standard.

    I still disagree with SW on the way she has stated her arguments, but what CT is allowing to happen is very unprofessional.

  16. michelly200 Says:

    @ Lorenzo

    You’re right.. no matter decent a comment is (whether for or against) there are commentators who wait to pounce on you. The only time I have seen anything behave like that is when our dogs go after a rat. Now I understand what it feels like to be the rat. (odd comparison, but strangely, it seems to apply)

  17. Eusense Says:

    Read your response to my post again. You clearly write “Nonsense”, and say CT responders are “lunatics??
    Shenali writes an irrational article about Buddhists and when people respond you say they are “criminals and racists.”!! So, now you want to get rid of freedom of expression in the internet because they don’t agree with you and Shenali? But both of you should be allowed to write and make irrational statements freely? How intellectually challenged are you?

    You should read CT to know what opinions others have. Otherwise you would be a frog in the well. Don’t be one sided, you can’t change all the people but may do a few. I am amazed that you are even suggesting to “disable the comment section altogether”! You say to Lorenzo “no matter decent a comment is (whether for or against) there are commentators who wait to pounce on you.” Very true, I can give you a good example; LORENZO!

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    WE have to Survive first to practice ANY religion. Buddhists too have to SURVIVE first to practice any Buddhism. Otherwise they are dead Buddhists. Dead people cannot practice any religion, Buddhism or otherwise. QED.

    To Survive, first put Laws in place and put these Laws into effect first to safeguard Sri Lanka and ALL peace loving people. Remove the 13-A and Deport all illegal migrants in Lanka.

  19. michelly200 Says:

    @ Eusense
    You have a point

  20. michelly200 Says:

    Why i suggested the comment thing was in an extreme case, just in case people went bat-crap crazy.. like with SW’s article on CT. But there is a local site that does it.

    But some of the comments gives an amazing insight into the mentality of some of the commentators. If I was a behavioral analyst / profile, i could have a field day.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Survival of Buddhists and Buddhism are SUPREME to protect SL.

    Over 99% of army personnel are Sinhala Buddhists. That is why we have to accept so.

    IF anyone has a problem with that they should go to their own countries.

    Hindus can go to Endia.
    Muslims can go to 50+ countries.

    SL can survive (and prosper) without them as history shows.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    SW has written the BITTER TRUTH. This is SL not Saudi Arabia.

    You should respect her for telling it decently unlike the lunatics and racists who have commented against it.

    Read chapter 9 of SL Constitution. SL is a Buddhist country where Buddhism is SUPREME OVER ALL OTHER RELIGIONS. As a SL you MUST accept that or else you are begging for Nanthikadal trouble.

    I’m not a Buddhist but I accept that. Life is easy for everyone if everyone accepts this simple truth.

    You go to a country and bash the majority, your ethnic community will get wiped out. Thank G~d SL has a Buddhist majority for not ganging up on your minority community as it happens in Hindustan or Islamstans.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    CT is best as it is!

    It is a pit for lunatics and rabid dogs. They too need an outlet! MOST article writers are no different. That is why the commentators follow them!!

    If you read CNN comments on MOST POPULAR news items, you notice MOST are against the Religion of Peace (=Satanic Verses). People around the world have come to realize something and it is not turning back. It is not just SL. SL must not be an exception.

    This is what Buddhism bashers invite upon them.

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