Buddhist Diplomacy in PM Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s Foreign Policy won World Respect for Sri Lanka
Posted on June 26th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

No post “”…” independent Government won as much global plaudits for Sri Lanka’s foreign policy as during the time when Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike was Prime Minister. The country witnessed a string of foreign policy successes one after the other mainly during her first two terms of office i.e. 1960 “”…” 1965, and 1970 “”…” 1977.  What was the basis of her foreign policy?

In her own words “The Buddhist principles ‘pancha seela’ governed the tenets of our foreign policy and we made the world aware of this praiseworthy principle”. Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s successful intervention on behalf of the Colombo powers to mediate in the Sino “”…” Indian war which erupted in October 1962 helped “ƒ”¹…”to build the image of Buddhist Sri Lanka as a force for ‘ahimsa’, for peace and goodwill in the world’ (refer  Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the world’s first woman Prime Minister by Maureen Seneviratne).

Her unqualified achievements in the international arena can be remembered with pride and deserve to be used even now as yardsticks for review and re- direction of Sri Lanka’s current “ƒ”¹…”foreign policy’ given Asia’s current importance.   

World’s First Woman Prime Minister

The bravado with which surrounds a personality in the form of Sri Lanka’s and the World’s First Woman Prime Minister is nothing that can be said enough to keep the memory of her service to Sri Lanka and the world alive. A hallmark of her leadership was that she knew what she wanted to do, she ensured she had the right advice coming from advisors knowledgeable enough and people who gave advice placing the interest of the country first. She had a group of learned men and women who ensured some of the decision she took elevated Sri Lanka, small as it was, high up on the international podium. Never did she dilute or compromise the nation’s Buddhist identity instead she aligned it to her foreign policy tying up the countries of Asia whilst also carving out a group of nations that would not be part of any Cold Wars.

When the visiting Thai Prime Minister, Ms Shinawatra in her address to the Sri Lankan Parliament opened her speech by stating “I am deeply honored to be addressing the same Parliament, where the world’s first female Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike once led the government” that shows Mrs. B as she was fondly known is still remembered and respected the world over.

Her leadership showed that even without academic qualifications, common sense and national pride suffices to lead a nation surrounding oneself with patriotic advisors who put country first.

Leader of the Non “”…” Aligned Movement

Her destiny was enshrined becoming the world’s first woman Prime Minister as well as the first woman chairperson of the Non-Aligned Movement and becoming the people’s choice 3 times as the country’s Prime Minister. She took small Sri Lanka to be referred to as a “ƒ”¹…”mighty atom’ on international podiums for the manner she worked towards safeguarding the world from nuclear wars, Cold War conflicts, championing the Non – Aligned Movement, policy of nationalization. Sri Lanka was one of the founding 25 nations that created the Non-Aligned Movement.

Her decisions showed she had pluck, it depicted she knew what was needed for the country and the ordinary people. Of course, media was and is quick to scoff at her policies simply because it did not serve western interests. Had her policies continued Sri Lanka would have been a self-sufficient nation moving towards manufacturing instead of the buy and sell, and “ƒ”¹…”waiting on others’ servile and menial mentality that we continue to suffer from getting us or the country nowhere.

Her qualities are what any world leader would be in awe of. Not many has a pluck to rally up her advisors, obtain from them their point of view and then boldly decide on the course of action to be taken. Once a decision was taken Mrs. B. would never bow down to pressures or allow herself to be manipulated by self-serving sources. It was that firmness in her that won her the respect of the world and the world’s leaders. These are lessons that subservience and playing the good guy or “ƒ”¹…”man for all seasons’ part in a play will simply equate to be taken as weakness in the eyes of one’s adversaries. Mrs. Bandaranaike on the other hand won friends all over the world. Her sternness and forthrightness made sure she was treated with respect by the Arab and the non-Arab world. To this day Pakistan still speaks fondly of Mrs. B. She was showered with gifts from West and East and the BMICH stands tall as just one such token of appreciation from the Government of China. These gifts came not with any exchange or by handing over of any piece of real estate of Sri Lanka. The respect was by virtue of her sheer leadership and integrity.

Heralding Buddhist diplomacy and carving a relationship with India

The simple manner she carved ties with India was seen in the manner when she first took office as Prime Minister in July 1960. She says in her memoirs:

“Shortly after I was elected PM in 1960 Nehru extended an invitation to me and my children to come to India for a holiday on a pilgrimage. I requested that it should not be an official visit as I was still in mourning and I did not wish to attend functions and parties, which is normally extended to heads of governments.

We visited Madras, Bangalore, Mysore before going to Delhi and from Delhi we visited the Buddhist shrine Buddha Gaya, Saranath, Sanchi, Ellore. We did all this by a special plane sent by Nehru to Sri Lanka to take us.

While in Delhi we were his guests at his official residence. ‘Teen Murti’ which is now the Nehru Museum.

His (Nehru) last visit to Ceylon was in 1962 at my special invitation to open the Bandaranaike Ayurvedic Research Centre at Nawinna. It was very gracious of him to accept my invitation at that time because it was during the Sino-Indian war.

He just came for one night. He said in his speech at the opening that he came in spite of the busy schedule at home because it was in memory of his friend SWRD. That was a great gesture on his part to have come in spite of the fact that India was in the midst of a war with China. He was accompanied by his daughter Indira”. (Memoirs of Madame Sirimavo Bandaranaike “”…” Sunday Observer) 


Family Friends: Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, Sirima Bandaranaike, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Anura, Chandrika and Sunethra.


With Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru


The invitation from Nehru enabled Mrs. B. to take her 3 children on a Buddhist pilgrimage to India and it opened the window for Nehru to invite her and her family to Teen Murti where she befriended Indira Gandhi, her sons Rajiv and Sanjay and that secured the friendship that has now unfortunately become so hostile in nature.

She never betrayed Buddhism for any multicultural slogans for she knew that any foreign policy cannot omit or distance the cultural identity of a civilization that was over 2500 years and people who had built up that unique Buddhist civilization.

Friendship with India without compromising Sri Lanka’s national interest

What we need to reiterate repeatedly is that she held friendships with Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Lal Bhadur Shastri while not compromising Sri Lanka’s national interest. Sri Lanka’s national interest was never taken as discussion for any deals between the two nations and having made that clear India did not make any covert or overt plans to do otherwise. What happened thereafter is what we need to ask ourselves. 

She took under her wing the roles of Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and External Affairs which epitomized her desire to combine the 3 forces to place Sri Lanka on the world map and that she did with panache. She ensured she had the best of advisors around her “”…” men of gut, learned men and men who knew what best served the interest of nations and not outsiders.

Some of these erstwhile and respected advisors included: Felix R. Dias Bandaranaike, N. Q. Dias, Tissa Wijeyeratne,Nissanka Wijeyeratne, A. B. Perera, R. S. S. Gunawardena, M. D. D. Peiris, Gamini Corea, Vernon Mendis, among others.

N. Q. Dias “”…” “The Prophet” “The Tsar” “”…” Sri Lanka’s Clausewitz “”…” a Brief Sketch

art3N.Q. Dias

Neil Quintus “N.Q.” Dias, CCS was a powerful civil servant. He served as the Permanent Secretary of Defence and Foreign Affairs and the Registrar General. Dias also served as the Ceylon’s High Commissioner to India from 1970 to 1972. He was the founding President of the Government Services Buddhist Association. 

On 5th October 1954, an organisation by the name of Public Services and Local Government Services Buddhist Societies Federation was established with the participation of the representatives of 23 Buddhist Societies in Government Departments. It was the first time in the history of the Public Service in Sri Lanka that such a Buddhist organization was established. Among the key office bearers elected on that day were; N.Q.Dias, who was the then Registrar General as President, Gunaseela Vithanage an Accountant as Secretary, and Ven.Madihe Pannaseeha Nayake Thero,as one of the Patrons.

At the next meeting held three months later, it was decided to (1) agree on a standardized national dress (2) compile a list of Arya Sinhala names and (3) to request the Government to declare Poya day a public holiday. As a result of this agitation the four Poya days of the month were declared public holidays with effect from 1st January 1966 by the Government of Mr. Dudley Senanayake.

L.H. Mettananda, leader of the Bauddha Jatika Balavegaya (BJB) and N.Q. Dias may well be regarded as the two leading Buddhist activists of the immediate post “”…” independence period.   

N.Q. Dias had vision, foresaw scenarios and had the conviction to follow through on what needed to be done. He was the first public servant to don the national dress instead of western attire. It was in 1963 that he foresaw that an armed rebellion would emerge and in preparedness planned to establish a chain of military camps to encircle the Northern Province up to the Eastern Province citing national security. He prophesied that India would stoke a Tamil uprising in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu would be the source for illicit arms and thus he realized the naval capacity of Sri Lanka needed to be developed inclusive of fast boats “”…” we know how far the dvoras helped in the final war in 2009. Had it not been for N Q Dias’s foresight the Government would not have had military camps in the Northern Province set up to quell uprisings and the LTTE.

Sir Lalitha Rajapakse “”…” gentleman politician


Sir Lalitha Rajapakse


He was the 1st leader of the Senate, founding father of the Colombo Plan and one of the 6 signatories of the National Flag Committee Report, as well as Ambassador to France in 1965 and High Commissioner to UK in 1967. He also served 2 cabinets as Minister of Justice and was known as one of the leading Appeal Court Lawyers. He gave up practice to become President of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress from 1960-63.

Sir Lalitha Rajapakse was one of the most eloquent and polished speakers that the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress was fortunate enough to have as its President. Though he was not a part of the Government at that point of time (1960 “”…” 1963), his speeches and writings while holding that office contributed substantially towards making Buddhist public opinion, together with L.H. Mettananda and the BJB, who were quite vociferous in leading protests against Catholic Action and the persecution of Buddhists in Vietnam by the Ngo Dinh Diem regime.    

Mrs. Bandaranaike was very much influenced in her policy and decision making by these Buddhist protest campaigns.

R. S. S. Gunawardena

It was because Mrs. Bandaranaike had erudite advisors that she was able to champion the cause of fellow Buddhists in other nations. Her bold stance on behalf of the 80% Vietnamese Buddhists who were subject to persecution under the US backed Catholic puppet regime of Ngo Dinh Diem, led to her instructing R. S. S. Gunawardena to speak on behalf of the Buddhists of Vietnam at the UN which led to a UN fact finding mission headed by Gunawardena being sent to Vietnam in October 1963 and this is a key reason that led to President Kennedy deciding to depose Ngo Dinh Diem. This was one example how her stature rose by virtue of the competent advisors that she kept.


This photo was taken when a Parliamentary Delegation from Ceylon visited President Kennedy at the White House in 1962. 

Photo; Left to Right; Mr. C.P.De Silva (seated), Dr. N.M Perera, Mr. R.S.S. Gunawardane, then Sri Lanka rep at UN, Sir Razeek Fareed and Mr. J.D. Weerasekara then MP for Kotmale. 

The Buddhist diplomacy that prevailed during the hay day of Mrs. Bandaranaike is nothing that can be mentioned in a few words. Sri Lanka gained great prestige throughout the entire world. Its identity was clearly established while the other ethnicities and religions were afforded their own freedoms but Buddhism was never bartered and none of her advisors even thought of doing so. Instead they used Buddhism to place Sri Lanka high up on the international platform which gained respect for Mrs B as well as the entire nation.

We need as a matter of high priority key officials in the public service that have the professionalism, the eloquence and the integrity of Mrs B’s close advisors.  Their absence today in key Ministries, Buddhist Diplomacy handling and Foreign policy making is deeply felt throughout the country.   

50 Responses to “Buddhist Diplomacy in PM Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s Foreign Policy won World Respect for Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL cozied up with Endia in 1970s and what happened?

    Please don’t delete this. It is the truth.

    Sirimao went to bed with Nehru and woke up with Velu.

    She had the guts to kill 20,000 Sinhala Buddhists in 1971 but GUTLESS to kill Velu and the Tamil crowd DESPITE killing her SLFP Jaffna mayor!! Tamil terror groups were formed during this time!! Vada-kundi resolution was passed during this time!!

    Why? The love of Endia prevented SL from acting against these South Endians.

    Nehru’s DAUGHTER armed the LTTE, threatened SL. Nehru’s grandson invaded SL, saved the LTTE and imposed 13 amendment.

    Oh I forgot! SL LET DOWN Pakistan in 1971 when Endia attacked and divided Pakistan.

    But DESPITE that Pakistan helped SL against Endian LTTE in 1980s!!!

  2. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you for provoking discussions on matters of intimate concern to us, Sri Lankans.

    you merit our heartfelt thanks for your candid and forthright as well as judicious comments. You have shown us the other part of the coin, and all you mention is genuinely historical, indeed much of it, painful to the core.

    May I also, with all respect for Sirimavo B, that she reduced this nation to extreme poverty, forcing the population to subsist on Batala and Magngnokka on a daily basis. Scarcity and penury became the way of life. Poverty, the lot of the people, made to wallow in the dregs. And how can we forget the ‘polu yugaya’, the first major insurgency of our modern history etc.

    She could well have uttered the words of the French King, ‘apres moi le deluge – after me the deluge. The country went from one extreme to the other, from Sirima to J.R., from Indian ‘love’ (?) to Indian hate. With her going down, the Tamil opposition showed itself in a false light, unwarrantably assuming the role of the principal parliamentary opposition and preparing the way for the LTTE. Sirimavo never came back to power. Indeed she plunged downhill, ending as a virtual prisoner, politically incapacitated with only the mockery that was the prime minister-ship bestowed by her progeny. She also heralded the end of the Bandaranaike dynasty with Chandrika dragging on the agony.

    Mario Perera

  3. Dilrook Says:

    The times of Sirima and CBK were relatively peaceful in the South Asian region. That was the reason why there were not many foreign policy challenges during that time, not for their capabilities. Although Lakshman Kadirgamar was a capable and patriotic leader, his time was the most peaceful in the South Asian region.

    After a clash between India and Pakistan in 1971, peace returned to the region. Major superpowers kept away from the South Asian region until late 1970s when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. That triggered a Cold War ripple effect in the region. Our foreign policy became challenging from late 1970s to late 1980s.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991), the world went into a period of calmness. Until around 2004 and after when the ‘String of Pearls’ doctrine was introduced, this relative peace lasted not requiring any foreign policy hard work. Things changed in 2005 due to the ‘String of Pearls’ doctrine introduced by the US restarting a Cold War with China.

    However, today’s Cold War is worse than 1945-1991 Cold War for 2 reasons. First one is the new doctrine of ‘either you are with us or with them’ followed by the US-EU-India camp. This was not how it was during the previous Cold War. That allowed Non-Aligned nations to preserve their impartiality. Not any more. Middle Path foreign policy is very difficult to assert today. However, it can be done with some form of balancing (not 50%-50%). A true Middle Path is not possible today.

    The other reason is powerful Non-Aligned nations including India taking sides. This has jeopardised the whole Movement. Today the Non-Align Movement is dead.

    Making matters worse, the government shot itself in the foot by appointing Dayan Jayatilleka to the top post at UNHRC, the saga of Tamara Kunanayagam, needlessly closer allegiance with India and allowing foreign interference in the island.

    We must also accept the limits of foreign policy capabilities. It is unwise to think even a perfect foreign policy can prevent anti-Sri Lankan interferences. It cannot. July 1987 was a classic example of how the nation was unable to defend itself through foreign policy initiatives alone. On the other hand 2009 was a good example of how foreign policy and foreign relations weren’t allowed to interfere with national security.

  4. Eusense Says:

    You are disgracing Buddhism by associating it with Sirima regime. Killing thousands of Buddhist Sinhalese, demanding people eat yams, making citizens standing in bread ques while she and her family having a luxury life, educating her children in Christian countries, allowing only $20 as foreign exchange for citizens who travel abroad, befriending dictators are all Buddhist principals? What Buddhism do you practice?
    Please, Buddhism is well taken care of by the real Buddhist, you don’t need to protect it. In fact you are causing more damage to Buddhism by writing this kind of fiction!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mrs B’s tenure in office, (with due respect to her as the world’s first woman PM & her involvement with NAM)), was scarred by the massacre of the JVP insurgents. Whatever the reasons, the Cold War or whatever her personal reasons, this massacre set the tone for the division of the Sinhale. Understanding and forgiveness, apologies to & fro, have not yet happened re the two JVP massacres.
    A local ‘divide & rule’ by Mrs B. took place. Since then, Lankan GoSLs are more busy solving Tamil Problems, not the problems of local Sinhala people !

    The other abomination during Mrs B’s time was stopping all imports into Lanka when the local industries re Needs were not even in infancy stage. I recall that a family member had to stand in bread queues then to collect a loaf of weevil infested
    bread ! Such stupid leadership (re the Economy, which we understand was handed over entirely to N.M. Perera), cannot be admired.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SHENALI, I remember this $20 FE allowance time very well, connected with a sad incident. My childhood friend in the Sea Scouts, Shanti, went for Jet Pilot Training to UK. While landing he crashed the plane and he died. His Mother wanted to go to UK and bring the body, but Sirimavo refused the exchange needed. The mother was in a predicament defying a satisfactory solution. Finally, the mother met Sirimavo personally, knelt before her, worshipped her with clasped hands, and pleaded with her for the Foreign exchange needed. Since her arrogance, importance, and Ego reeled to high heaven, in the presence of many she authorized the exchange needed. That is how she treated human beings in Sri Lanka. That is how she ruled the country with FDB and TBI. No Apples and other restricted goods for the Srilankans, but she had special imports of same to her residence. That was the era of Bread Queues and ‘Date Tea~~~lick a date and drink the tea. Iam in touch with Shantis Sister here in USA, the only one left in her family.

  7. mario_perera Says:

    The mention of FDB and TBI by Susantha prompts me to propose another relevant consideration.

    It was, to my mind, Sirima B who placed the seal on what is today’s autocratic family style of government. Sirima reduced her cabinet to a mere formality and ruled with a special coterie, especially comprising family members such as FDB and Anuruddha Rawatte, among others. From then on principally, elected representatives became seat warmers and hand raisers in Parliament, and even cabinet ministers were made to follow the dictates of the clique which surrounded the Prime Minister.

    J.R. institutionalized this procedure by making the bluff one of public domain. Since his time and with his electoral reforms the riff-raff of our society entered parliament. We had an electoral representation without responsibility to the electorate but exploiting it at will. They gladly signed everything J.R. placed under their noses, even their own resignation letters.

    That concept of family autarchy launched by Sirima reached its dizzy heights with the present regime with sons, brothers, nephews, nieces, cousins and who not ruling the roost.

    Mario Perera

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    MARIO !! Yes, it was Sirimavo who first brought the country under autarchical rule. At that time a common theme was, ” “Saree potay elleela yanawa “” I knew Anuruddha even before his marriage, and he was a sober guy. Yet he acquired tremendous Power through Sirima as Defence chief, and that is when he went overboard. Late Anuruddha is my relation. Facts are stubborn.

  9. Max Silva Says:

    I was so busy that i failed to respond to your article “Buddhist basing”.Hence i take this opportunity to make my views on the for said article.You had the guts to name those bogus journalists who cry from the roof tops that Rajapakse is a war criminal and that MR PRABAKARAN was an innocent guy.To name a few Thissarani,Pinto,Uvindu,the list is so long that it is a bloody waste of time. I Max Silva used to be a contributor to Colombo Telegraph.But about six months back they felt that my posts were not to their liking.In fact CT made it very clear to me that i should not insult their distinguished contributors.In fact i was only expressing my innocent views.One such article was regarding Shiranthi Rajabaksa’s biceps.These guys were supposed to be talking about politics.But when they had run out of weapons to attack Mahinda,they were talking of something else.It’s true that Prabakaran was a terrorist.But we should never attack his wive’s physical what nots..This terror rag sheet,i wouldn’t call it the LTTE rag sheet,but a rag sheet being sponsored by the coward Tamils who fled the country.At least Prabakaran & co had the guts to remain and face the music.But these cowardice crooks fled the country and let their kith and kin face the music here.Now all of a sudden these cowards have become HR activists.These crooks didn’t have the guts to remain in the island and face the enemy.Though i do not agree with Prabakaran,he had the guts to face the music,but instead these so called journalists and HR activists are on a different game.The name of the game is BLACKMAIL.But still they got it wrong.They feel that once and for all that if they get rid of Rajapaksa that everything will be honky donky. Rajapaksa is just another politician.But 90% of Srilankans are against racism,corruption,terrorism,blackmail etc etc..The innocent Sinhalese,Tamils and the Muslims wants to live in peace.They want to live without fear and want.These innocent people are not interested in so called political solutions.May be the likes of Thisarani,Pinto,Paki,Waliamuna Vasu,Bahu,KaruJ,Rajitha and on the other side BBS,Ravana etc are talking of the rights of the Tamils and the latter of the rights of the Buddhists,at the end of the day it is not the clowns who are in the pay off of the Norwegians who will have to face the music but the innocent poor Srilankans.For instance the likes of Thirasani were blind when poor devotees were killed in cold blood at Srimaha Bodhi.The same goes to the BBS.Where are we heading?At least i am happy that Lankaweb allows us to express our views.But not the CT.I don’t know whether the BBS has a forum.But still i am sure that if they have that they will not allow us to make our views.Recently when i criticized the BBS outfit i was accused as an Al Queaida terrorist.But when i pointed out that the BBS had visited Oslo,they just didn’t answer,but instead accuse me.Further they go on to attack Weerawansa as a terrorist.It;s very simple the Johnny come lately the BBS are in the payoff of Oslo and trying to pull the wool over our eyes. This guy wearing yellow robes who is leading the BBS was found guilty of drink driving.Then one Lorenzo says that it was 13 years back and that i am an Al Queadia terrorist.These fellows are in the pay off of Oslo including Upathissa Banagal all based in Colombo.Sobitha another Colombo based guy wearing yellow robes promoting Ealam.Shenali,so far you are doing a good job.You have the guts to call a spade a spade.Lets hope that you will continue.The BBS shakers call Weerawans a terrorist.But Weerawans never went on joy rides to Oslo but this BBS outfit went there and i am made to understand that they had visited topless night bars.Of course the BBS says that they went on a study tour.May be a bloody hell of a study tour that they go on attacking Muslim establishments.i.e Fashion bug!Shenali,at least i know that you are not in the pay off of any outfit with ulterior motives.I see that you have been taken to the cleaners at CT and to a certain extent on this site’s contributors who claim to represent Buddhism and the Sinhalese,specifically the likes of Lorenzo.Don’t worry they are all in the pay off of Oslo.In fact to name those guys or girls or eunuchs who are attacking you namely Lorenzo,Mario,Eusence,Frin Diaz are all those contributing to CT in different aliases..Pretending to be Buddihsts but adore violence.The name of the game is attack the Muslims but not the TNA terror god fathers.This is exactly what the enemies expect.Why not the BBS attack the offices of Pakayasothi,the OSLO and Kraut NGOs,or the Sai baba outfits?Instead they attack poor Muslims.And they go on to attack christian outfits.I wouldn’t be surprised if they go on attacking Muslim mosques.Whose contract are they fulfilling?They are fulfilling the agenda of Oslo!These fellows even attacked Dilka of Derana with filth.Well,Dilka asked this thug in yellow robes whether he was caught red handed. in drink driving.So whats the big deal?THisaranees,Pintos,Laksiri’s,Uvinudu’s,BBS are supposed to be Sinhalese.But what they have is NEGATIVE.All in the pay off of Oslo.Shenali keep it up.You have silent friends.Oh by the way anyone heard of Assange or Snowden?No!No JVP posters!No HR activists talking of the Snowedemn’s or the Assange’s.Why no money!

  10. hela patriot Says:

    Are we better off today than when mrs B was in power? Did we have more freedom then or now, was there blatant corruption as it is today, Is our life better with a debt of over 20 Billion Dollars or was it with a debt of 500 million Dollars? Were we having disagreements with foregn countries, Did we have indian ministers visit us that often demanding we observe certain favours to India like the mining rights for petroleum in manner and we succumb to their demands. Did our leaders go on pilgrimage to india regularly to explain their actions. Let the readers decide. Most comments on this site are defending the undefendable in the present state or ignoring the blatant deficits. There is only thing that is obvious the country is going from bad to worse.

  11. Senevirath Says:




  12. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    This article highlights why Sri Lanka should declare herself as a Buddhist nation and not a Secular nation. The tenets of the Buddha are universal and it identifies Sri Lanka’s unique written history as the oldest Buddhist nation outside of India.

  13. Max Silva Says:

    Mr Bernard,
    Your idea is great.Srilanka not a secular state but a Buddhist nation.Fine!Do you mean something like Saudi Arabia?Or something like the Taliban run Afghanistan?Or something like Norway?Are you trying to impress us that SL should be run by thugs(BBS)wearing yellow robes?AS long as they are wearing yellow robes,no matter whether they drink drive or commit adultery,it’s ok?Pl keep your crackpot ideas to yourself.Let us live in peace with tolerance.After all that was what lord Buddha preached,eh?Pl don’t encourage violence.WE may be the oldest Buddhist nation,but these fellows wearing yellow robes(guys in Colombo)are a disgust to Buddhism.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    State & religion should be kept apart.
    Singapore, widely thought of as an economic success story, does not have a religion attached to its Constitution, even though the predominant religion there is Buddhism (33%).

    To protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka :
    Strong Laws should be in place to protect the Unitary status of Sri Lanka. Laws that do NOT allow all and sundry to enter the country ILLEGALLY and settle down here and be given citizenship, land & housing with free education & health care, should be put in place. All illegal migrants ought to be DEPORTED. Otherwise, we are asking for trouble. Buddhism will be quite forgotten in sheer survival. The instinct to survive is the strongest natural instinct. To preserve Buddhist Teachings and the Sasana, put strong Laws in place to protect the country itself, and follow through in implementing the Law. There is no other way to preserve Buddhism here.

    A suggestion: Protecting the ‘Buddha Sasana’ here should happen mainly through the ‘Vinaya’ itself (Dhammo bhavo rakhathi Dhamma chari) and Buddhist monks/priests further protected through the Law, like all other citizens here. Protection of Buddhist structures (temples, monasteries, archeological sites etc.) should be handed over the Ministry of Defense.

  15. Senevirath Says:



    WE DONT ASK CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS TO SING AND PRAY”””may triple gem bless sri lanka””” . THEY CAN SAY god bless sri lanka


  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    ‘70% of this population of the country belongs to this Sasana’ – correct. But did this save the JVP Sinhela/Buddhists who died as “insurgents” on two occasions, once under PM Mrs Bandaranaike. and next under Pres. Premadasa ?. JVP Sri Lanka citizens are included as Buddhist/Sinhela people are they not, even though they may be of a different political ideology ? We all want to be contented and find some happiness.


    Permit me please to bring out some uncomfortable truths. We tend to get overcrowded in Sri Lanka. Our population increases rapidly in this tropical island home if not consciously checked through Family Planning & Birth Control (do avoid abortions – it is taking of a potential life and counter to all life supportive thinking, other than for the health/life of pregnant woman).

    In addition, if we get illegal migrants coming into Sri Lanka bringing a whole bag of new problems (psychological and otherwise), and from time to time, when the economic and social conditions get unbearable, we get insurgencies, uprisings, civil wars, political assassinations, etc. all happening in ‘Buddhist’ Sri Lanka.

    In order to avoid all these unhappy events, we have to get savvy about our Needs and how to govern the country. Soft Buddhist approaches of governance are fine for a less populated and plentiful world, but as things stand (7 Billion people and increasing), we really ought to separate State & religion. Sri Lanka currently has about 20+ Million people in 25,000 sq.mls. area. The SW quarter is highly over populated. Do not bring any more migrants into Lanka, legal or illegal.

    Buddhism or any other religion gets lost in conflicts, wars and killings. To save Buddhism, govern wisely. Each country should only have populations their resources can support. Protect the country, its people and religion(s) from illegal migrants. When it comes to Security & the Economy, each of us has to hold ourselves responsible for peace in Lanka.

  17. Eusense Says:

    Max Silva,
    I challenge you to show how my writings are merely “attacks” on Shenali while she is sprouting religious fanaticism with irrational and childish statements. However, when she writes sense I praise her too. Unfortunately, only when she writes religion she goes insane. I will call a spade a spade and support equality, cohesion of religions and races. I strongly support separation of state and religion. How did you conclude that I write under a different name for the CT. This is an indication that your writings are mostly speculative not fact based. I write only as Eusense in every media outlet.
    You say “At least Prabakaran & co had the guts to remain and face the music.”, wrong! That SOB could not get help from the US or UK to get out in time. Do you really agree with Shenali when she says, 1. “Buddhist Diplomacy in PM Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s Foreign Policy won World Respect for Sri Lanka”? 2. Editorial posts should be held by Buddhists 3. Newspapers should be owned by Buddhists 4. Articles should only praise Buddhism?
    In fact I do not want Shenali to be the spokeswoman for Buddhism. Let that be handled by the Sanga.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    You got a point there.

    Buddhism should be CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED and kept SUPREME.

    SL flag must CONTINUE to carry ONLY BUDDHIST symbols – 4 leaves.

    This HUMANE BASE is important.

    When it comes to DEPORTING, etc. illegal South Endians and Arabs it should be done WITHOUT REGARD to compassion, etc.

    I don’t think Buddhism EVER protected Tamilian and Arabic invaders in SL. Our kings killed them and built temples THEREAFTER. So the 2 (Buddhism and useful violence when needed) can COEXIST.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    EXCELLENT thinking.

    “An ammunition firm in the US is coating its bullets with pork in order to “deter Islamic terrorists”.

    Jihawg Ammunition, based in Idaho, said it used ballistic paint infused with pork to render the bullets “unclean for jihadists” and could “send them to hell”.

    On its website, the company says: “The only ammunition that provides a peaceful and natural deterrent to radical Islam.

    “With Jihawg Ammo, you don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell. That should give would-be martyrs something to think about before they launch an attack.”

    The bullets were a result of “patriots from Idaho County” sitting around a campfire and drinking, the website explained. The group was said to be disgusted that a mosque was being built at Ground Zero in New York and that a deterrent was needed to “the ever growing threat of radical Islam and Sharia Law”.

    “Jihawg Ammo is certified haram or unclean. According to the belief system of the radical Islamist becoming ‘unclean’ during jJihad will prevent their attaining entrance into heaven. Jihawg Ammo is a natural deterrent to radical and suicidal acts of violence.”

    The company also sells T-shirts and hats bearing the slogan “Put Some Ham in Mohammad”.”


  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    JAYAWEWA! But, thousands of Buddhist Monks Rallying against the 13th Amendment is NOT ENOUGH!

    Where are the TENS of MILLIONS of Sri Lankan PATRIOTS!

    I URGE THE PATRIOTS to gather 10 MILLION SIGNATURES on a Petition DEMANDING the REPEAL of the 13th Amendment and DISSOLUTION of ALL Provincial Councils!

    Wimal Weerawansa gathered 1 MILLION SIGNATURES in support of his Petition against the Devolution of Land & Police Powers under the 13th Amendment.


    Wimal … get together with the SLFP, the JHU, the MEP and ALL other PATRIOTS and DELIVER a PETITION with 10 MILLION SIGNATURES.

    Rise Up ……. O Patriots of Mother Lanka …. Rise Up to WAGE EELAM WAR V confronting us, NOW! REPEAL the 13th Amendment, DEMOLISH the Provincial Council System, and RESTORE to Sri Lanka, our sceptered Isle, her hallowed Sovereign CROWN!

    Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka to rally against the 13th Amendment on July 2nd

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 27, Colombo: Thousands of Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka will hold a rally in Colombo on July 2nd calling for the abolition of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

    The rally, organized by the National Movement for the Abolition of Provincial Councils (NMAPC), will be held in Maharagama.

    The NMAPC has stated that 3,000-4,000 monks from all over the country would participate in the rally.

    A member of the organizing committee Ven. Rajawatte Vappa Thera has openly invited the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter of the Siam Nikaya and members of the Maha Sangha to take to the streets on July 2nd.

    Ven. Vappa Thero has said the 13th Amendment should be abolished before the Northern Provincial Council election.

    He has observed that it was the actions of the bhikkus that have saved the country whenever there was any disaster and the politicians.

    According to Ven. Vappa Thero, some elements were trying to use the 13th Amendment to separate the country.

  21. Eusense Says:

    Can somebody explain to me why a Buhdist should oppose that
    1. All religions should be constitutionally protected
    2. SL flag should carry symbols of all religions

  22. Fran Diaz Says:


    I agree that a HUMANE base is important. That is true for any country.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    There should be a TOOL, MECHANISM, METHOD, INSTRUMENT or SOMETHING to preserve that HUMANITY OVER-ARCHING all laws, etc. of the nation. Otherwise it cannot brought to the domain of laws, legality, national security, national economy, etc.

    In the case of SL, that TOOL, MECHANISM, METHOD, INSTRUMENT or SOMETHING is Buddhism. And, OMG, has it not served SL very well for 2,600 years!

    In Saudi it is Islam.
    In UK it is Christianity.
    In Russia it is Christianity.
    In USA it is Christianity.
    In Israel it is Judaism.
    In Sweeden it is aethism.

    Each country can pick a HUMANE BASE as suits MOST OF THEIR PEOPLE.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    You may NOT understand this because you have read that green book of hate (SATANIC VERSES) all your life and you believe it. But let me explain.

    “All religions should be constitutionally protected”

    Yes if you take the whole world. NO if you take SL.

    There are 49 Islamic countries. They protect Islam by their Sh(it)aria Low and constitutions.
    There are 158 Christian majority countries. They protect Christianity by following their Christianity based legal and constitution system.
    There are 3 Hindu majority countries. They protect Christianity by following their Hindu based legal and constitution system.
    There are about 7 Theravada Buddhist majority countries. They must be able to protect Buddhism likewise.

    WHEN Saudi Arabia and the other 48 Islam majority countries provide constitutional protection to Buddhism, SL MUST do so to Islam. Not until then.

    Buddha visited SL 4 times. Hence the 4 leaf symbols.
    (He brought PEACE to the island each time.)

    Did Krishna visit SL? NO.
    (Rama did visit SL but to destroy it!)
    Did Jesus visit SL? NO.
    Did Mohammad visit SL? NO.
    Did David visit SL? NO.

    “SL flag should carry symbols of all religions”

    No need. It already has Buddhist symbols and that is sufficient. It will be crowded if we have a swsthika, cross, crescent, star, the menorah, Vedda symbols, Sai baba symbols, etc., etc. Muslims will object to having the menorah in it and the Jews will object to having the crescent and star. Jews will not like the swasthika either. Why all that trouble. Leave it as it is.

    Buddha visited SL 4 times. Hence the 4 leaf symbols.

    Did Krishna visit SL? NO.
    (Rama did visit SL but to destroy it!)
    Did Jesus visit SL? NO.
    Did Mohammad visit SL? NO.
    Did David visit SL? NO.

    Be happy there is a green stripe for Islamics and an amber stripe for Hindus.

    No stripe for Christians!! What!!

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    SL constitution must specifically ban the Sh(it)aria Low.

    But otherwise all CIVILISED religious practices of EVERY FAITH on earth should be ALLOWED including Islamic practices.

    Screaming through loud speakers must be banned for ALL religions including Buddhism.

  26. Voice123 Says:

    Oh yes, lets see. Sirima taught Sri Lankans that civic pride in having clean, green cities and towns was “capitalist bourgeoisie nonsense”. We learned to appreciate filthy open drains, vandalised busses and trains, flies and rotting garbage.

    Sirima also taught us the virtues of bathala.

    And rice from the moon.

    Sirima LOVED the Gandhi dynasty of India, that created the LTTE.

    Shenali, I didnt know that Marxist-Socialism is the same as Buddhism.

  27. Voice123 Says:

    Bathala without chillies.

  28. Eusense Says:


    So, according to you I should OPPOSE ““All religions should be constitutionally protected” because,
    1.Islamic countries protect Islam!
    2.Buddha visited SL but other gods did not!

    According to you I should oppose “SL flag should carry symbols of all religions” because,
    1. The flag already has Buddhist symbols and that is sufficient
    2. It will be crowded

    You are an intellectual of high caliber! Your belief seem to be we should behave the same way the Muslim countries behave. I thank Buddha we have few Buddhist like you.

    By the way, could you state what Law/s in Christian countries favor only the Christians?

  29. Eusense Says:


    So, according to you I should OPPOSE ““All religions should be constitutionally protected” because,
    1.Islamic countries protect Islam!
    2.Buddha visited SL but other gods did not!

    According to you I should oppose “SL flag should carry symbols of all religions” because,
    1. The flag already has Buddhist symbols and that is sufficient
    2. It will be crowded

    You are an intellectual of high caliber! Your belief seem to be Buddhism and SL should behave the same way the Islamic countries behave. What is next? Buddhist version of the Sharia law? I thank Buddha we have few Buddhist like you.
    By the way, could you enlighten me with what Law/s in Christian countries favor only the Christians?

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    Buddhism is a CIVILISED religion, not a barbaric one with Sharia Low. So don’t compare the 2.

    UNLIKE in Saudi, Muslims are allowed to practice their religion in SL. Why? Because of Buddhism! Under Islam majority NO RELIGION will be allowed.

    ALL Christian countries have their LAW based on Judeo-Christian fundamentals. That is enough favoritism!!

    As you have realized with your thick brain, SL IS NOT FOR YOU. Leave with dignity or live with INDIGNITY!!

  31. Eusense Says:

    Why don’t you also say, the sun rises in Sri Lanka because of Buddhism!
    So, making same sex marriage legal in the US (with strong opposition from the church) is favoritism to Christians? You are a frog in the well.
    Sorry, I can’t waste my time with ignorants like you. You are lost!

  32. Senevirath Says:

    Judeo-Christian fundamentals………. try to understand it..



    Christianity==== lineer thinking —two fold two valued logic

    Buddhism=====circular thinking——-four fold logic WHAT LOGICS FOR Muslims?JUST …OH GOD OH GOD.– BLIND FAITH…….

  33. mario_perera Says:


    You mention ‘strong opposition from the church’ to same sex marriages

    I wish to state that the ‘Catholic Church ‘ (which you refer to with the word ‘church’) is not an influential group in the States. At one time Catholics were ostracized in American society. Being a catholic was a fundamental obstacle J.F.Kennedy faced in his presidential bid. The backbone of Catholicism in the USA is provided by Irish migrants. You would know that the Irish (Catholics) are looked down by the British Anglicans (protestants). The American nation was built on ‘protestantism’ which was fundamentally ‘anti-catholic’.

    I think the expression ‘The Church’ is inappropriate with reference to the USA. What prevails there are ‘Christian’ denominations and they are so numerous that they defy classification. Many of these Christian groupings are very permissive. The influence of the Catholic Church in American law formulation is minimal – even insignificant.

    Mario Perera

  34. Eusense Says:

    What are you basically trying to say? First, I did not mean only the Catholic church, it is all Christians who go to “church”. In the US the term “church” is used for most Christian issues in politics. “separation of state and church”, “abortion and church” “gay marriage and church” etc. are commonly used phrases. I don’t know why you are making such an issue about denominations. The Baptists are the majority and they too oppose gay marriage and add the Catholics and others it is almost all Christians!
    Anyway, it doesn’t matter what you call them. Important thing is, Catholic or non Catholic Christians as a whole (other than an insignificant new liberal “Christian” groups), oppose gay marriages, abortion etc. which are now legal by law. So, how is the US favoring the majority religion?

  35. Eusense Says:

    How intellectually challenged are you? Whether it is Christianity, Buddhism or Islam what basically they all preach is how to live a productive good life. Sadly, you are another “my god is better than your god” mentality clown.

  36. Lorenzo Says:


    How LONG did it take to legalise it? Why? Look at how many Latinos (very strong Catholics) taking over USA? In another 10 years time Latinos will be the MAJORITY in USA. Then religion will make a stronger come back.

    Until then a JUDEO-CHRISTIAN based legal, political and money system rule USA.

    Read chapter 9 of SL constitution. Seems you can’t read and understand.

    OK, you can’t read and understand. If you could you would have read what is written in dollar notes – IN GOD WE TRUST!!

    SL notes don’t carry that – IN DHAMMA, SANGA, BUDDHA WE TRUST. May be SL should have that.

    As you don’t like the way it is in SL, LEAVE SL with dignity (if you have ANY left) or live with indignity. I’m sure you shameless people will do the second option. Like your Thalaivar did.

  37. Voice123 Says:

    One of the great strengths of Sri Lanka is that for centuries, people of diverse religions and political beliefs etc have been able to comfortably air them and co-exist and feel that they are part of the national fabric. This has been a joint effort of ALL well-meaning people regardless of their background. Now we see some people trying to stifle any meaningful respectful discussion or debate by invoking the name of a certain religion to intimidate and alienate others. Its funny when a person or people using that particular religion is not even an adherent of that religion, thus bringing disrespect to that religion. Are people happy for their religion to be hijacked, used and abused in that way – even if the logic of these supposed arguments appear seductive to them? Does anyone see this as fishy or are we all in the process of being blinded by slogans and populism even as we are being led to the edge of the cliff?

  38. Eusense Says:

    You again! Yes it took until the gay/lesbians started coming out of the closet and started asking for legalization. You see there how the gov. Change laws to suit the social structure not religious sects. What is your talk about Latinos? Are You speculating that they will get rid of separation of state and church? what part of JC based legal system you say favours Christians? Give me examples! In god we trust apply to all gods not only for Jesus Lorenzo!! What right you have to tell another Sinhalese Buddhist Sri lankan to leave Sri Lanka?? Is that the way Buddhism teach you to tolarate people who don’t agree with you? What Buddhism do you practice? Fanatics like you are the reason why i want state and religion to be separated.

  39. mario_perera Says:


    The expression ‘Church and State’ was valid at one time, but that was a long time ago. By Church was meant ‘hierarchical constituted institutions’ that vied for power and were a threat to the State. Such ‘Church institutions’ exercised their thrust and pressure from the top, a pressure that ran through their rank and file and encompassed all their adherents. But such Church institutions have undergone the erosion effect: the thrust within them today is in the inverse order.

    Such monolithical Churches representing a ‘gothic age’ do not exist anymore. The time and tide and history wait for no man and that means also ‘for no Church. Today such institutions are only ‘name sake’ or empty slogans. What the State has before it today, is not the ‘Church’ but ‘sects’ that have cropped up like mushrooms. It is common knowledge that such sects (some prevailing under the name ‘Church’) even solemnize same sex marriages.
    Christianity today is ‘inspirational’ and not hierarchical. It conforms to the Latin adage ‘quot homines tot sententiae’ (as many points of view as there are humans). But this is yet again, only a phase.

    Conclusion – a nation does not jettison its fundamental ‘belief structure’ but interprets it according to what it considers to be the needs of the times. That it takes one form or another is not what is important but the source of reference. All such sects claim to be ‘Christian’.

    This thrust from the bottom has created an amalgam between politics and religion. That answers your question: what part of JC based legal system you say favours Christians? There is no more an opposition between ‘Church and State’: no distinction between the political personality and the Christian personality. So everything the State does has necessarily to favour Christians. Even Obama who openly favours same sex marriages loudly proclaims himself to be ‘Christian’.

    Mario Perera

  40. Lorenzo Says:


    SL is a Sinhala Buddhist country, full stop.

    BUT that does not mean SL is a SINHALA ONLY BUDDHIST ONLY country.

    It ONLY means Buddhism is supreme over other religions (paragraph 9 constitution). Why? Because over 70% of SLs follow it and Lord Buddha (not other god) visited SL.

    ALL others are FREE to practice their religions. NO RESTRICTION.

    As I said before take it or leave it. With your despicable attitude it is better for you to LEAVE SL with dignity than live in SL with INDIGNITY.

    No amount NONSESNE will change paragraph 9 of the constitution!

  41. Lorenzo Says:

    I have NEVER faced ANY restriction to practice my religion in SL.

    Actually Buddhists also participate in our church’s festivities!!!

    And our pastors ALWAYS participate in the religious ceremonies of the Buddhist temple!!!

    Take it or leave it. SL can’t care less.

  42. Eusense Says:

    I do not fully agree with some of your assumptions and speculative conclusions. This is because I am familiar with US politics. The church still play/try to play a major role in US politics. The country is almost 50:50 religious conservatives and liberal groups. This is one reason why aBortion and gay marraige surface only during elections. One side of progress in a country is associated with becoming more liberal.The thrust from the bottom you are talking about is the liberal force. They question religion, defy church codes. Politicians always try to please the church to better their chances of getting elected. In the mean time the church is rapidly loosing its grip but not that there is no more an opposition between “church and state”. As I mentioned earlier church sects that support gay marriage are so few and insignificant. I know this because I live in the US. If there was no distinction between state and church as you say there would be no legalization of gay marriage. What I gather from your writing is that you first assume that church support gay mirrage based on a few “Christian” churches and concluding that legalization is a favoration to the church and therefore there is no separation of church and state. Sadly, that is a wrong conclusion.

  43. Piyadigama Says:


    Don’t compare USA with Sri Lanka. We have a history of over 3,000 years. We didn’t rob anyone else’s land. You are the one who stole our land and now try to separate us from Buddhism. You damn fools cannot understand the Buddhist philosophy. Buddhism protected Sri Lanka for 3,000 years and that is how it should be.

  44. Eusense Says:

    Today you will be not writing here if not for the US! Depending on your age you may be not even living by now if not for advances in Medicine that the US has brought to this world. Though I don’t agree with some aspects of US dealings there is a lot more that most countries can learn from the US with its short history. Yes, we have a 3000 year history, what have we achieved all these years, anything? We are still a third world country. How many more years you think we need to be like the US? Buddhism protected Sri Lanka from what? You can have all the philosophy you want, temples you want, use the Gov. to protect Buddhism but where are we going? How many of us are really living according to the teachings of lord Buddha? Do our Politicians do live that way? They thrive on people and get elected over and over using “Buddhist” bait. Get over this mentality use your god give brain Piyadigama. I guess you are the “damn fool” here!
    You can learn a lot from the US and try to follow the good things they have done and doing and bring Sri Lanka to the world stage from this third world rank. Religion and its philosophy alone is not going to give this to us!

  45. Piyadigama Says:


    There are good and bad about both USA and Sri Lanka but they are not comparable.

    There are many good things about America. But USA go killing mainly Muslim men and children and taking over 100,000 Muslim women as comfort women (prostitutes) in operation desert storm. They use drones to kill thousands of Muslim civilians around the world. Sanctions on Iraq alone killed over half a million unfortunate Muslim children. These are by no means something to copy.

    I pity your foolishness for not knowing Dhamma despite being a Sri Lankan. Citing from the Dhammapada.

    yavajivam pi ce baalo Paṇḍitam payirupaasati
    na so Dhammam vijanati, dabbi suparasam yathaa

    It means even if for his whole life a fool like you associates someone who knows the Dhamma, he may not know Dhamma, just as the spoon doesn’t know the taste of the curry.

    It explains your situation very well. However you can make an effort to overcome your foolishness by accepting it and changing it by learning Dhamma. I’m willing to help you in whatever way I can in your journey. Till then it is a waste of my time talking to an ignorant fool like you who seems to have all the time in the world to waste at a keyboard. There is a nice acronym for people like you. IAK (Idiot At Keyboard). Get a life.

  46. Eusense Says:

    Mr. Piiyadigama,
    Read again what I wrote and your reply. You haven’t commented on anything that I said except about the US killing Muslims and Dessert Storm. That is why I said “Though I don’t agree with some aspects of US dealings ….” You don’t read and comprehend English language or just stupid? Anybody who reads your response see how irrational you are. Only thing you do is ranting about Dhammapada, name calling (foolishness/IAK) without saying why I am foolish! You think Dhammapada is going to bring food on to my table? With this kind of intellect you are going to save and spread Dhammapada?? I am wasting my time responding to morons like you and this will be my last.

  47. Marco Says:

    Permit me if i may to provide a word of advise regarding the status quo on certain commentators who eg: name call, digress from the subject matter, “brand you” or argumentative without factual evidence.
    Ignore and rise above it as i have done.
    I do wish you will continue contributing to the discussions with the “reasoned” ones.

  48. Lorenzo Says:


    SL is NOT for you and your generations. They will be treated VERY BADLY (to say the least) if they continue to live in SL.

    Boat people leaving SL have MORE DIGNITY than you people.
    As I said before, LEAVE SL in dignity (if any left) or live in INDIGNITY!
    SL cannot care less for people like you. FYI still the chapter 9 of SL constitution read SAME.

  49. Voice123 Says:

    I think we should be able to have rational discussions on any topic without being emotional and “offended” at the slightest thing. We also need to refrain frim personal insults. No religious thought encourages this, particularly those that teach mental discipline and detachment.

  50. Voice123 Says:

    A few months ago I would have proudly said Sri Lankans arent like some nationalities we see on tv, wound up by every Dick Tom and Hari to go on effigy burning, flag burning emotional sprees about religion, etc and making public fools of themselves in pointless displays of impotent group aggression. But Im not so naive any more!

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