New Army Commander Has Much To Deal With In A Nation Emerging From Strife And Is A Wise Presidential Choice.
Posted on August 1st, 2013

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August 2nd.201

 It seems in conventional wisdom that the new  Army Commander Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake has sized out many issues relevant to a Nation emerging from strife and disruption where his predecessors and the incumbent Administration overcame many problems and the status quo has to be maintained as a trouble free Nation for many years to come.

 Sadly also these are issues which his immediate predecessor failed to perceive in proper perspective and eventually fell foul of the Administration in taking a direction he envisioned albeit non Nation friendly in the long term by way of proper interpretation contrary to some pundits who think different as it merely would have served agendas of the opponents of the Administration where the rest is history.Never has there been greater progress and development of Sri Lanka as a consequence of the Administrative choices in the aftermath of the insurrection where the present Administration needs continued praise and recognition of the services rendered to a once  nearly besieged country where today there is a lasting peace and all ethnicities are content to a greater part to live in peace and harmony despite the continued rhetoric of the Nations adversaries both within and without!       
In an opening address it seems in astute wisdom and hindsight that he has warned “that as as the country heads towards political reconciliation, new forms of threats may emerge against national security.” Almost uncannily the perception seems to have been unravelling veritably even as he spoke where indeed, to quote further his address ” Threats emanating from overseas separatist extremists are leading”  as reported by the media where there are not only threats from separatist extremists scattered round the world meaning the Tamil Tiger supportive diaspora but also many powerful heads of States who have been completely hoodinked by the modus operandi and the false propaganda of these miscreants of false information and all in all it will be a task of great perseverance and dedication for the Commander and his team under the auspices of the Administration to confront these  and set them right.
Something which can only be resolved over a period of time where the expectations are that they will be despite “many rivers to cross” and “many mountains to climb” given certain turbulences and obstacles to the path of progress within the nation today. 
He is further quoted as saying that “in order to overcome these challenges, he believes the army should undergo a restructuring programme to suit to new technological needs and innovative strategies that would help to meet with those challenges, and similarly to enhance knowledge, using the sea of experience acquired from the battlefields.” where certainly lessons have been learnt towards a greater fortification of Sri Lanka’s entire military infrastructure and a very inspiring  perspective for all Sri Lankans whose insecurities about threats from sources such as the Tamil Tigers despite having waned might not necessarily have been dispelled altogether and the new Commander’s direction assuring towards such insecurities.
His vision of ” a fully-fledged professional Army, rich with exemplary conduct and different skills at all levels that can face any challenge at anytime is the timely requirement.’ where perhaps the vision has long since been realised if measured by the yardstick of efficiency and impeccable execution of the Armed Forces operations that eventually wiped out the greatest threat to the nation ever, which lasted almost three decades.
What is needed perhaps is a further bolstering of efficiency on the part of the forces towards preserving National Security and pay a greater emphasis towards the dangers that may stem from within the Nation where even today there are covert operatives who have not given up their dreams to disrupt the smooth functioning of the country based on their idealogies and dogmas needing a very stringent and stern hand towards foiling and disrupting their ambitions.
The New Commander seems very well equipped towards dealing with this as he states that:”I visualize the need to follow a policy, based on national priorities, adopting a ‘preserve the good, discard the bad and acquire the new’ approach while working in brotherhood and unity. Today’s army is not simply a labour force but a motivated, diverse and qualitatively productive, human resource and I firmly believe our human resource as a formidable strength could add a special value to national development as members from the most disciplined and well-organized work force in the country,”  which truly sums up the strength of the choice of his selection with all kudos to the President who has appointed him in his own foresight and wisdom.

6 Responses to “New Army Commander Has Much To Deal With In A Nation Emerging From Strife And Is A Wise Presidential Choice.”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SORRY ! Do I see it correctly ? ” It is NOT his IMMEDIATE PREDECESSOR ” but the one before that. I stand to be corrected.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I respectfully disagree.

    Although he is an EXEMPLARY GENTLEMAN commanding a lot of respect, Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake was NOT at the forefront of the offensive work of the SL army 2005-2009.

    His main achievements are SELECTIVE RESETTLEMENT of Tamils ONLY and rehabilitation of terrorists who continue to engage in violent acts and the army continues to monitor them.

    What SL needs is an army that helps in the RESETTLEMENT of Sinhalese and Muslims.

    A modern fighting force that identifies and destroys threats to the nation using modern and tried and tested COUNTER INSURGENCY war tactics. Not running away from the terrorist den. This is NOT happening now!

    Our army was always well disciplined so there is nothing new to add here.
    But sharpening fighting skills as enemies potentially come up with new threats is a MUST.

    I see this appointment as a move to turn the army BACK into a CEREMONIAL ARMY only capable of saluting politicians and doing the things politicians say including political party work as happening in Jaffna now. EPDP, SLFP activists are threatened by TNA terrorists. So they are unwilling to put up posters, banners, decorations for political work. The army does it!

    Under the leadership of Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake 13 army camps will be removed from Jaffna peninsular making it vulnerable to Wigneswaran led new LTTE terrorism.

    PRE-JULY 2009 Sarath Fonseka was different. In 2003 when PM Run-nil and president CBK told him to remove HSZs from Jaffna he REFUSED. This is the caliber of a TRUE HERO. I fully agree he became a TRAITOR after July 2009. But he was NOT a traitor BEFORE that. MR is now following Fonseka from patriot to traitor.

    Nevertheless I congratulate him and wish success in all his work. I also thank his family for their invaluable sacrifices.

  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    There’s no need to get all huffed up over some of the content ~ yes the reference was not to his immediate predecessor if my perceptiopn is correct, it was to the previous who was indicted and incarcerated and is now re-attempting to run for office.
    The Subject content if read accurately is an appreciation of the Lieut General’s inaugural address which indicates clear cut policies from a military standpoint towards Nastional Security and prevention of attacks and infiltration by enemies of the State through a process of revamping and upgrading.
    Apparently the removal of the Camps refered to from Jaffna has neither been ratified nor implemented for all intents and purposes where hopefully the proposition will be trashed.
    Sarath Fonseka was not a traitor but a war hero of his own making who nevertheless had blemishes and was eventually misled through his own wrong convictions as well as the instigation by enemies of the state for which he has paid a price. He would have been a superhero had he thrown in his lot with the Administration which he tried to broadside misguidedly.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I sincerely hope that with the new leadership of Army Commander Ratnayake the Sri Lankan military will acquire the technology combined with her expertise to keep Sri Lanka’s integrity intact and to flush out those forces bent on dividing the nation.

  5. Kosala777 Says:

    Not a good start to the job Sir with Weliweriya killings

  6. Kosala777 Says:

    As Lorenzo states we need an army commander with combative experience, not resettlemt experience which is a civilan task. even the prevous man did office work under fonseka in vavuniya. that’s why he put soldiers to sell vegetables, run kades and panit politicians houses. What abut Kamal Gunarathne – a war hero, who was on the battlefront. I note shavendra de silva is still attached o the army, he may be good, if he did not take some of the ltte gold with him

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