Fodder For The Pillai Cannon Provided By A TNA – LTTE Link Awaits Her Visit.
Posted on August 19th, 2013

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial, 

August 20th.2013

 Given the high handedness of this would be TNA candidate who seems to have thrown away all related protocols and  has started yapping about what she intends to do with hardly a mandate for it, one Ananthi Sasitharan of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)  and a candidate for the forthcoming Northern Provincial Council (NPC) polls, has had the nerve to describe the newly set up Presidential Commission to look into disappearances during the final stages of the war in 2009, as unreliable.

  And almost in apathetic ignorance she  has said that she would meet the visiting UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navaneetham Pillay. The most contentious thing about this is that Naveen Pillai carries a huge bias with her dubious leanings towards the Tamil Tiger sympathetic Diaspora urgings where she has in the past indicated this in no uncertain terms with her rhetoric, being a Tamil herself  a conclusion drawn by some analysts and hence the conflict of interest scenario applicable both to Ms.Sasitharan and herself seem to be painfully visible.

In the latter’s case being the wife of a Tamil Tiger whose organization comprised of terrorists in their failed bid to upend the Government of Sri Lanka the issue becomes more than contentious.And if he was part of the massive force of fleeing terrorists who hounded innocent civilians using them as a human shield where some of them were mowed down by the LTTE who in turn were confronted by the armed forces that eventually protected the civilians while overwhelming the terrorists, there is no case for speculation about whether or not he surrendered as it is more than likely he was  part of the terrorist group that was overwhelmed.
Although Sasitharan says  she would explain to the UN Human Rights Chief  in detail, the surrender by civilians to the Security Forces at the final stage of the war in May 2009, and the subsequent disappearance of those civilians, including her husband, Elilan, who had been taken into custody by the security forces it seems unforeseeable that the authorities in Sri Lanka would agree to share consensus with such a situation as she neither has any mandate towards this legally nor can there be any credibility to her explanation where she cannot substantiate an eyewitness account for the simple reason that she was not present at the time nor does she have any tangible proof of her accusations beyond apparent lies and innuendo.
The civilians were in fact rescued and directed to camps until they were released. This said on the basis that the Armed Forces carried out  massive rescue operation to save civilians fleeing the wrath of the LTTE where it seems totally incorrect to accuse the Armed Forces of killing civilians as this culpability belongs solely to the LTTE with sufficient proof towards it.
The visiting UN Commissioner for Human Rights seems to have found a very convenient opportunity not only to carry out her role towards appeasing disgruntled Tamils but also to indulge her sympathies towards a cause as well as circumstance which in all probabilities she knows nothing about beyond speculation but it could elaborate her transparencies towards her direction as well as portray her as a Tamil Tiger sympathiser if she took advantage of the Sasitharan deposition which appears to consist of ill conceived and contentious sentimental pointing  to the direction and inspiration of her bias which is not an acceptable means towards blaming the Armed Forces and Administration that acted within the Law although there were inevitable casualties. These to a great extent it needs to be emphasized were minimised through the manner in which the operations were conducted. For this the Armed Forces need to be acolladed. And there are those within the tamil community willing to testify to this.

To be emboldened enough to make a statement that “the Presidential Commission that was set up to ascertain the number of persons who had  disappeared during the final phase of the war, was meant to deceive the international community as well as the people of the North who had wanted justice.” appears to be based on desperation over her husband’s disappearance where many others have attempted the same ploy to mislead the international community.Perhaps she should try searching  for her husband’s whereabouts through evidence which points to  LTTE massacres of their own people as well as terror activists within their own rank and file although realistically this is not possible due to the obliteration of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.
And there are many army widows who are also looking for the whereabouts of their missing husbands whose role in reverse was for a legitimate and universally accepted cause towards preserving the Sovereignity and Territorial integrity of Sri Lanka rather than criminalities which the terrorists indulged in for almost three decades.
Beyond this kind of cannon fodder generated by dissenters of this nature with related bias, the UN High Commissioner will probably have no real findings to finger ponting at the Sri Lankan authorities who should nevertheless exercise caution about the areas  of permissibility afforded to her if she contravenes the conditions under which she has been granted access towards her visit where her own personal sympathies as well as concocted sob stories might inspire her to misinform the world of what really transpired in Sri Lanka during the terrorist conflict where the key to accuracy would be tangible proof of which there is no likelihood of even a smidgen beyond conjecture. 
That the Fodder for the Pillai cannon surely awaits through this TNA-LTTE link however seems a foregone conclusion based on this outburst by Ms. Sasitharan which could also backfire on them both.

11 Responses to “Fodder For The Pillai Cannon Provided By A TNA – LTTE Link Awaits Her Visit.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    MoD should arrange groups of Muslims and Sinhalese who will also cry to this woman demanding resettlement.

    We must tell the woman THERE ARE 2 SIDES TO THE COIN.

    We must take her and show around in Wellawattei, Kottanchenai, Kochchikada, Dehiwelai, Negombo, etc. and show how genocided Tamils live and breed like zombies!

    We must take the woman to the site of BOMB ATTCK last week in Jaffna on a Buddhist Vihara.

    JVP jokers should be prevented from crying over Matale, etc. and LTTE from crying over Mulaitivu when this woman comes.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    There is no way of identifying what happened to ‘disappeared’ persons as many of them ‘disappeared’ by boat to foreign lands and have taken up residence under new identities. However, Navi Pillai being who she is, may try her best to find a way to believe these fabrications if it helps her friends. She may also exploit the random allegations against the Govt by the very same band of NGOs, journalists and also, politicians like Ranil, Mangala, Wickramabahu etc.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Pillai woman and Monkey Moon should be going to Syria and Egypt where genocide and war crimes are taking place right now. There is no point in witch hunts!

  4. cw Says:

    Sooriarachi, Pls add the JVP morons and those who are in the “Paraputugmi JVP including the Australian citizen Noel Mudalige aka Ranjitham Gunaratnam to your list. These are the real traitors let alone the LTTE suckers.

  5. S de Silva Says:

    GROSS ADMINISRATIVE INCOMPETENCE – Sadly, all our issues here have originated from our own gross administrative incompetence – ie the inability to perform at international level. Better recognise that forthwith. Taking Madam Pillai, she should never have been allowed to poke her nose into Sri Lankan affairs and there should have been the strongest objections and ultimately utter REFUSAL to deal with her due to her known bias against the Sinhala people. Why? Because eg. Israel / US will never allow a Muslim to investigate the Jews. When our Foreign Office Dicks, Toms & Harriets are so incompetent, we deserve the $hit we get from everybody! The only hope now is to “take this Pillai woman by her ear, showcase how Tamils are flourishing in SL (as many have noted in this column) and rub her nose in the ground so that she never will claim to forget what she saw”. I sincerely hope the GoSL will have the guts to arrange to do just that – S de Silva – London

  6. S de Silva Says:

    – what I meant to say above is that the GoSL kicks the Pillai but hard to make her nose hits the ground, preventing her from ever forgetting what she saw at ground level in Sri Lanka on how the Tamils are doing!!!

  7. jayasiri Says:

    Quite appreciative of the LankaWeb editorial. It is compelling that Madam Pillai, listen to complains & also note by her own eyes, how SriLanka has provided ample evidence since May 2009 to save & foster tamils who were so badly treated by LTTE.

    As human shields, they were put in places where even cattle cannot survive, till our gallant soldiers went & rescued them.

    Being a TAMIL herself & have undergone some form of discrimination according to her in early stages of her life, she can only blame herself, if such discrimination occured. Any govt. whether it is So. African or Sri Lankan, there must be legal means of settling these disputes & they are being treated well by the Lankan Govt.

    We have rehabilitated them, provided jobs, even in the North & East so that present Tamils who are rehabilitated do not need to get back to any terror organizations to achieve their objectives. If in South & in Colombo, they the TAMILS occupy the fertile land closer to sea, & Sinhalese had to sell their properties & move INTERIOR as they cannot afford the high cost of living in the City. This is NOT a problem for Tamils.. see the difference OUR SINHALESE PEOPLE had to move out of their ancesstral homes, DUE TO TAMIL invasion of Colombo & South cities.

    Madam Pillai should realize she HAS TO BE IMPARTIAL in her judgement as the RECENT AUSTRALIAN group who visited lanka, felt that LANKAN GOVT. had done an immensely excellent job in providing jobs & shelter to TAMILS.

    Lets wait & see how Ms. Pillai responds after eeing with her own eyes, how we have afforded tamils under very dificult circumstances……Thank you all………may God Bles lanka, ONE COUNTRY< INDIVISIBLE, UNDER ONE LEADER FREE & GENEROUS to all including our enemies…….J

  8. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    There is no way to persuade Mrs. Pillay to take an objective approach. She is biased and prejudiced towards the Tamils and the Tamil Terrorists. In that light get ready for a cup full of poison from her about all the wrongs still not addressed and what the Sri Lankan government should and should not do.
    If Mrs. Pillay refuses to meet with the Buddhist Sanga to hear another point of view, then let her rant and then ignore this bigoted woman and her one sided advice. She is in no position to decide the future of Sri Lanka. Maybe a few words to her that whatever she states “will be taken into consideration” and directly ask her why she is not willing to meet the Buddhist Sanga
    As for Ananthi Sasitharan and her claim that the newly set up Presidential Commission to look into disappearances during the final stages of the war in 2009, as unreliable should not go unquestioned for she is boldly stating that by inference she is claiming the very government of Rajapakse is unreliable. Considering her position she should be officially summoned to a hearing to back up her claims and if she fails to adequately prove her point then bring whatever charges against an official of making inflammatory and false statements to support her agenda. In other words use the law to crush her.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    I repeat : “Ms Pillai, when first appointed to her UN post, said that she is ‘committed to eliminate INSTITUTIONALIZED DISCRIMINATION’. (I.D.). Now, we can all see that there is NO I.D. in Sri Lanka as Tamils here have the same rights as the Sinhela people and all the others. I.D. happens across the Palk Sts. Tamil Nadu still has caste based employment of 95,000 ‘night soil carriers’. In TN. there are some 11 Million Tamils classified under Scheduled Castes. Ms Pillai is visiting the wrong country, even though India has outlawed Caste based discrimination in her Constitution – written by a Buddhist with Dalit origins, Dr Ambedkar. The I.D. practice of Caste continues in some parts of India, including Tamil Nadu.

    Sorry to state all this, but this is the truth. “Truth wins” says the motto on the Flag of India. We would not have brought up these points, except that Sri Lanka is made the ‘sacrificial goat’ for the troubles of India, Tamil Nadu especially.

  10. Marco Says:

    I believe a hint of the “battle” lines have already been drawn with the recent pronouncement by the US Defense establishment in refusing high ranking SL defense officials in attending US Defense training programs for “alleged complicity in certain human rights violations.”

    I wondered if our erstwhile Lankaweb readers and commentators living in the US would take it upon themselves to educate the US establishments on the status of such “crass” decisions instead of bashing keyboards whilst living in western comfort and preaching to and relying on “true” Sri Lankan citizens to fight the battle on the home front.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    When the British Bulldog met the American Giant Poodle, the result of the Union is showing as The Boodle.

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