Sri Lanka of course welcomes Navi Pillai as a visitor and an open minded fact finder.
Posted on August 26th, 2013

 by Charles.S.Perera

Navi Pillai has said that she does not come to criticise Sri Lanka, and that her visit is within the framework of human rights.

But there is a small hitch in her statement,

“I frame myself within the human rights standards set for the whole world by all the governments of the world including the government of Sri Lanka. So I’m not writing my statute. I’m looking at the framework that was also developed by Sri Lanka. So if I raise criticism its whether they are complying to those standards,”

It is with regard to the human rights itself. The human rights standards set for the whole world cannot be applied to Sri Lanka. Unlike other countries in the world Sri Lanka is the only country that went through  thirty  years of  utter misery instilled by a ruthless group of terrorists.

How can those who have not gone through that intense suffering for thirty long years ever understand what it was like ?  Any sacrifice it seemed worth just to end that unbearable mental agony the Nation was going through.

The elimination of that terrorism cost a lot in lives and material leaving many maimed, the memory of that thirty years of suffering will remains for ever embedded in the history of the Nation. Under such circumstances what accountability can any one ask Sri Lanka to give for the elimination of that terror, and bringing back peace.

 No one member of the International Community through out that period sympathised with Sri Lanka and its people and helped the successive governments to eliminate  terrorism, but instead helped in aggravating the terrorist situation, demanding from the government a political solution, by the  foreign  NGOs stationed in Sri Lanka, human rights activists, and foreign Ambassodor and governments.

Through out that period, though there had been a steady flow of foreign Ambassadors, government representatives, NGOs into the areas controlled by the terrorists eating and dining with them, none of them raised the question of human rights with the terrorists, or demanded the terrorists to give up terrorism and negotiate with the government for a peace settlement , though such demands were made to the government which was then the victim of terrorism.

It was when the situation was getting dangerously out of control of the Government that in 2005 the President elected by the people realised that the International Community was  working to a secret Agenda. The Western Governments while  demanding the government to come to a peace settlement, were helping the terrorists to form themselves  into  a “military force” allowing them to purchase arms, telecommunication material, and even preparing  airstrips for a terrorist Air Force.

The President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse  understanding  the dubious role that was being played by the International Community demanded the Norwegian mediators to arrange with the terrorists for peace  negotiations.  The terrorists wanted such negotiations held in  foreign venues  and agreed to send delegations.  After attending one or two sessions of negotiations in venues desired by them the terrorists themselves abandoned the negotiations and made it an occasion to purchase arms and military material to strengthen their  terrorists forces.

The Government of Sri Lanka observed that the terrorists were only marking time preparing themselves for a major armed attack against the Government Forces. It was then that the Government  took a decision to give up the peace solution, and decide on a military solution when the terrorists closed the sluice gates of a tank depriving the farmers of water.

That was the beginning of a military operation against the terrorists that resulted in their elimination.

It was after the elimination of terrorism that the International Community  which  failed in its  secret Agenda commenced  accusing the Government of Sri Lanka for violation of Human Rights, and its Armed Forces for war crimes.

 Navi Pillai from a Tamil Community  which suffered segregation under  South African  Apartheid  Government, may have undoubtedly  at some period of her life, hero worshipped Prabhakaran the terrorist leader as a Tamil  rebel leader seeking freedom for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka segregated by an apartheid Sri Lanka Government.

The memory of that  prejudice against the Sinhala Government of Sri Lanka,  against which Prabhakaran  had taken up arms may still be lingering  in her mind.

It is  therefore important that Navi Pillai on the first day or two of her visit see Sri Lanka  comparing it  with the sordid conditions of apartheid in South Africa, and immerse herself in the breath of fresh air of freedom and peace every body in this Island paradise of Sri Lanka without distinction of  race, colour, religion  or  communal difference  enjoy.


It is only then  she will understand that violation of human rights, and accountability are a far cry from the reality of  peace, freedom of moment  and progress that Sri Lanka has offered to its people be they Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or other, after the elimination of a brutal terrorist group.

This reality of peace, freedom and on going  development and progress are after a ruthless terrorism which it  eliminated with the  minimum loss to civilians  in air strikes and tactfully using small weapons to protect civilians , and shoot at the terrorists, while  the terrorists were using heavy guns planted amoung the Tamil Civilians held as a human shield.

The Sri Lanka military offensive against the terrorist was not like the irresponsible air strikes by the  USA and allied forces to eliminate  a “dictatorship” in  Libya , which began by shooting 110 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles by US and British Naval forces into Libya.  NATO would not give the number of bombs dropped in Libya, but one American  Website makes a comparison:

“NATO bombed the inhabited part of Libya, which is just about the same size in square miles as Massachusetts, and with just about the same population of 6,700,000 human beings. So if you want to imagine what happened to Libya, imagine 14,000 bombs and rockets raining down on Massachusetts.”

In the boarder villages of Pakistan the number of civilian deaths resulting from US Drone attacks have been reported as :

“The secret government document was quoted by the London Bureau of Investigative Journalism (LBIJ) in a report and reveals: “Of 746 people listed as killed in the drone strikes outlined in the document, at least 147 of the dead are clearly stated to be civilian victims, 94 of those are said to be children,”

These are just two cases of civilians killed by the US and the Western Countries in their  theatres of war which need not be repeated for which Navi Pillai as the UNCHR has not demanded accountability.

Navi Pillai at the end of her visit to Sri Lanka is to make a report of her findings to the UNHRCouncil in Geneva.  When making her report she should think twice about  Sri Lanka’s accountability, and violation of human rights in its military operations to eliminate terrorism, as ,

(i) she has failed to raise the question of  accountability  from the USA and its Western allies for  far greater number of recorded  killing of civilians, violation of human rights and  war crimes.

(ii) the Sri Lanka’s military operations against the terrorists were justified and was an urgent necessity to arrest the continuous massacres of innocent men, women, and children, through every imaginable methods of murder, assassinations, massacre and destruction.

(iii) In that war Sri Lanka made many sacrifices, and  any  civilians deaths   cannot be with any stretch of imagination be called  planned or deliberate acts of  criminality by the Armed Forces.

(iv) The Armed Forces which rescued nearly 300,000 Tamil civilians kept as human shields by the terrorists had no reason, necessity or desire to kill or maim the Tamil Civilians escaping  from the terrorists seeking their help.

(v) Navi Pillai should also understand after seeing for herself the cordial existence of  different Communities, that the Government of Sri Lanka protects and serves all its people providing facilities without discriminating against one Community  or  another, whether Tamil or Muslim.

(vi)  Navi Pillai should also understand that there are always in any country or community disgruntled elements who are never satisfied with what they have, compare their circumstances with those of others and grumble, complain and make difficultiesThey are not saints without faults.

Fact that there are so many organisations working freely criticising the government is proof of respect for media freedom, which interested parties project as denial of such rights by the Government.

Navi Pillai should take all these into consideration when making her final report, without harping excessively on violation of human rights, and accountability.

4 Responses to “Sri Lanka of course welcomes Navi Pillai as a visitor and an open minded fact finder.”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    No doubt Mrs. Pillay will not give a clean record. She is already engaged in talks with an ex LITE leader and she has already shown her bias bordering on racism on her singular condemnation of the Singhalese while turning a blind eye to the Indian Tamil Leaders including members of Congress to RAW who trained and gave support to the Tamil Tigers to commit genocide in Sri Lanka.

    It must be made clear to this woman that nothing can take place including reconciliation if she does not address those in India who trained and supported the Tamil Tigers of such wanton violence for 30 years. Names like Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa should be in the forefront.

    It also should be made clear that Sri Lanka is not an appendage of the UN but a sovereign nation who has the right to govern herself without the input from India who had a proxy war with Sri Lanka using LITE nor with the UNHRC if they will not bring charges against those who supported the genocidal acts of LITE.

    If this woman spends more time in Jaffna than with the Sri Lankan government in Colombo then expect more charges to be leveled against Sri Lanka. If this happens it is up to Sri Lanka to take up the challenge of demanding and not requesting that those who aided and abetted 30 years of murder and mayhem be first punished by taking them to the international court in the Hague.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Guess what! Endian child Dayan J has BEGGED NP to set up a permanant UNHRC field offfice in SL.

    What a bloody traitor we have!!

    If this piece of dirt has a long life, the lives of ALL SLs will be MISERABLE.

    We can fight off external enemies but HOW can we fight INTERNAL ENEMIES like this one?

    I can think of ways but if I say them I will be banned from commenting. My ONLY concern is UNITARY SL which must be protected AT ANY COST.

    This witch will leave SL after planting MANY RACIST bombs. I can tell you that.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes. DAMN Jaffna is the CURSE of this nation.

    Jaffna racists ATE up MOST of our soldiers.
    Bulk of our resources (comparatively).
    Bulk of our opportunities.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for your heartfelt article.


    Sri Lanka has been made the scapegoat to solve Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty problems. Tamil Separatism is due to Tamil Caste problems of TN. With Separatism, Tamil leaders hope to bring all the willing Tamils classified under Scheduled Castes
    into Tamil only Eelam. Tamil people little realise that Eelam will have Caste reimposed on them, as that is the Tamil Nadu way of ‘crowd control’. Vested interests are waiting in the wings for other opportunities.

    What Sri Lanka has is a Labor problem.
    Less Tamil Labor, the better for Sri Lanka. Tamil illegal migrants come to Sri Lanka to work as Labor (Upcountry tea estates especially), acquire land, jobs, free education & health care etc. This is upward mobility for them.

    Sri Lanka is changing from a plantations based economy to a more industrial base. Local labor must be trained to fulfill the coming Labor needs.

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