Posted on September 15th, 2013

Malin Abeyatunge

Today-â„¢s Daily Mirror (13/9/2013)reported that Channel 4 News & Documentary maker Callum Macrae is to travel to Sri Lanka for the CHOGM. Let us be blunt. Under no circumstances that the GoSL should grant Callum Macrae and his Channel 4 team visa to visit Sri Lanka for any reasons. He and his Channel 4 team should not be allowed to step in to Sri Lanka as they are coming to do more harm than good to Sri Lanka knowing their fabricated documentaries with manufactured clips and scenes to humiliate Sri Lanka. Probably, their hidden agenda under the pretext of CHOGM would be to manufacture another documentary‚  on Sri Lanka to show it before the next UNHRC sessions in March 2014.

GoSL made a big mistake by inviting another enemy of Sri Lanka UNHRC Commissioner Navi Pillay‚  and government is still trying to digest what she had said in her departing speech addressed to the press. After she left the shores only , some senior ministers and UNPiers‚ ‚  have woken up from slumber and started criticising her but not a word while she was here. But it was too late then. Same thing will happen if GoSL become naƒ¯ve again‚  and grant Visa to Callum Macrae‚  and his team.‚  The Sri Lankans will be very angry‚  if the Government decides to grant them Visa and the patriotic organisations in Sri Lanka should rally together to protest such move. The Sri Lankan Government has the right to decide who should and who should not visit our country even on a tourist visa.

GoSL should show its metal by refusing Callum Macrae and his team Visa as they who decide who should be given the right to enter the country. This must be another ploy by the LTTE rump to tell specially Britain and India not to attend CHOGM.

If the Government decides to grant him and his team visa to please the international community with vested interest, it will be another – ILLANG KAAMAK-.




  1. Senevirath Says:



  2. S de Silva Says:

    GoSL of course did make a mistake in allowing Pillai to enter SL on a highly mistaken, naive and misguided belief that we have “nothing to hide”. However genuine that view was, such a charitable and generous expectation has no place in the context of a highly biased woman like Pillai hell bent on revenge for thrashing her ‘pet LTTE’ I hope GoSL will NOT fail to recognise this mistake and perpetuate that by allowing a Visa to UK CH4 who might gate crash the CHOGM to knock up yet another crass cooked up Documentary paid by the diaspora! – S de Silva – London

  3. jayasiri Says:

    I agree with Malin, Senevirath & S.De Silva……..WE SHOULD NOT grant visas to encourage who are OUTSIDERS to come & inform the world HOW BAD Sri Lanka is, when almost all visitors to Lanka praise our humanitarian effort in protecting TAMILS who were used as SHIELD against approaching Lankan military during the war.

    This man Mcrae is married to a TAMIL woman who is helll bent on tarnishing Sri Lanka’s image. I feel if there are any laws to protect our people from DIS – INFORMATION carried out Macrae & Tmailnet, it is time to act & arrest this man.

    Once is enough a woman WHO DOESN’ T have an ounce pleasantness in her, failed to SMILE & asked WHY A BUDDHIST FLAG is hoisted in Lankan Indpenedence square? Is she that DUMB to ask that when Sri Lanka is PRE-DOMINANTLY a Buddhist country? This shows how little she knows about Lanka & its people. She apperas to know LOT ABOUT LTTE but not about their attrocties carried out in Lanka, for nearly 26 years.

    SHE IS A TAMIL & always will be.. SHE thniks somehow working in menial jobs & plotting overthrow a Sovereign country qualify TAMILS to act on free will without impunity…

    Please DO NOT grant this man or anyother from Channel FOUR to visit Lanka….Thank you…..~ J

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    If Mr. Callum Macrae is prevented from entry then the UN and the UNHRC will claim Sri Lanka has something to hide. Let the man in but restrict his movements. Let him see Pollonaruwa, Sigirya, Anurajapura and some national park. If he wants to have any meeting he can with the government officials. Make sure he always has a government employed escorts “for his own protection” no matter where he goes, including to the men’s room.

    No doubt he will report that his trip to Sri Lanka was restricted and he was only allowed to speak to government officials but he cannot claim that he was forbidden entry to Sri Lanka. Finally before he leaves all films, documents etc. he is carrying be searched for content.

    That is how China conducts any person from the UN or the UNHRC and have effectively neutralized their power.

  5. crobe Says:

    Do what the Americans would do – No Visa to be issued since he is a security threat. In fact, he needs to be placed on a no fly list to SL.

  6. Nimal Says:

    We must not allow this fellow.
    I must say with my personal experience with CH 4,most of the people are good and always fought for the rights of the minorities and suppressed.
    When this Chanel was set up,where we were involved with the digital links,had the privilege of meeting their former boss Mr Jeremy Issac,who did many film documentaries of the WW2.They ball exposed our vile histories of human conflict.
    With respect to CH 4 documentary,perhaps our own people would have supplied the materials for this document for some gain.We must blame our selves and if this documentary evidence is false and deliberate then we could take them to courts.
    We can be assured that the judiciary and the police UK will not give one inch to a terrorist out fit anywhere in the world.Why not bring this guy to courts in SL,if ever he steps in?

  7. Sooriarachi Says:

    It was reported in these pages sometime back, that Father Emanual a cunning operator to achieve LTTE goals by hook or by crook, was detained at an Indian airport and deported back to where he came from, when he tried to enter India to attend a Tamil conference. Similarly, it would be in order, if Sri Lanka disallows the entry of Callum Macray to Sri Lanka, as he is a security risk and openly hostile to Sri Lanka’s interests. Also, if he is under contract to the LTTE, to produce and publicise at least one movie each year to disgrace Sri lanka, then he is not considered an independent journalist working for a legal body and should be refused entry to Sri Lanaka.

  8. Sirih Says:

    CM is already in no fly list in SL.

  9. Sarath W Says:

    Who is funding this crook’s visit to Sri Lanka? Surely it must be the LTTE.

  10. ranjit Says:

    Nobody is telling the truth nowadays.All are liers and cheaters and everyone is figting for power and wealth so lets enjoy the freedom we got after thirty bloody years and live happily everafter without showing our progress or anything to all these traitors,terrorists and cowards who are not worth a damn to our Motherland. Stop drug lords,terrorists,terror sympathyzers,enetring Sri Lanka. Arrest politicians,Journalists etc who spread lies and trying to tarnish our homeland. Sri lanka is ours and we live according to our wishes and we must look in to well being of our citizens and no one can interfere in our affairs.

    Ban everything not suitable for our culture and save our land from evil creatures and specially from the so called International commmunity comprise only three or four western hypocrits America,British,France and Canada. We must deal with only friendly countries like Russia,China Iran, Cuba, Thailand,Japan etc. Dont allow any white stooges to dictate to us.They ruined our country and now they want to start again.We Sri Lankans must be united and strong to face the evil monsters.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    We Sri Lankans must be united !agrred Only possible If We both community united for ever !
    like Justice Wigneswaran sais
    Comparing the Sri Lankan situation to a home where the husband and wife are having a fight, he said: “We will fight, but sometimes we come together. The next door neighbour must not come and say ‘you must divorce, you must divorce’. That is not your business !
    Unit in diversity ! no short cut ! United mother Lanka ! Trust be trust ! wait for 22nd of Sep 2013 !

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhala bros & Sis
    take it easy with Rt Judge statement . Not much he can say in Valveddi Thurai ( VP’s Home town) !
    with this Cinnonan Gardener can be sort out easy than Mavai !
    wait for 22nd September ( Already Seeman is got anger with this Colombo mam) !
    wait for final Demilayas Muddal (fools) game !
    We Tamil never learn !!!

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