Northern PC elections, TNA and Navi Pillai
Posted on September 22nd, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia‚ 

At the recent elections,‚ TNA bagged 30 seats out of 38. UPFA won 7 while the SLMC obtained one. The TNA’s victory is no surprise. Because, for obvious reasons, whatever the govt does for the people in the‚ North, they would vote for the TNA.

Prabhakaran was world’s number one terrorist leader and the LTTE is banned in 32 countries. But according to the TNA, which was the mouth piece of Prabhakaran, the LTTE was the sole representative of the Tamils. At a Provincial council‚ election meeting, the incumbent Chief Minister Vigneswaran, called Prabhakaran‚ ‘the greatest hero of the Tamils’. Probably because he killed‚ all the‚ other Tamil leaders !‚ Prabhakaran fought for ‘separatism’. So praising him gives the Tamil people, hope of‚ TNA’s‚ hidden agenda.

Then, for Navi Pillai as well, Prabhakaran is a‚  ‘great hero’. During her recent visit to Mullativu she had planned to lay a wreath in memory of the terrorist leader at the Nandikadal lagoon. But the timely intervention and‚ warning given to her by the govt prevented this. One week after the war, Navi Pillai wanted Sri Lanka brought before an International Tribunal for war crimes. And just before the elections when‚ she‚ visited Sri Lanka she‚ made her prejudged‚ allegations against‚ the govt on human rights, reconciliation etc. Practically, she had not said anything good about what the govt had done to the people in the North and the East during the last 4 years. Thus by pointing the finger at the govt Navi Pillai did her bit of canvassing for the TNA to win the elections !

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  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The mentality of the Sri Lankan Tamils to the Indian Tamils is that of extreme superiority complex bordering on that of the Nazi ideology. They truly believe that their culture is the oldest in the world. The actually believe that if not for their culture India would not be a civilized nation.

    In Sri Lanka the Tamils sense of themselves have created a vision where they and not the Sinhalese were the oldest civilization of Sri Lanka and any achievements the Sinhalese civilization has achieved was a crude copy of their.

    Never mind that their greatest achievements were Temples for Gods and not civic structures for men as in the Hydraulic civilization of the Sinhalese which is the oldest hydraulic civilization in the world since ancient Egypt used natural depressions to channel the water from the Nile. The ancient Egyptians never achieved the sophistication of the irrigation system and the technology of the dams of Sri Lanka. Only the Romans with their aqueducts were Sri Lanka’s equals.

    This hyper racism of the Tamils has also been their undoing. Among all the minorities of Sri Lanka only the Tamils demanded a separate land and with the support of the Tamil brothers in India who share this same Nazi belief they justified the genocidal killings of the LITE in the same way the Nazi’s justified their genocidal acts.

    Even the caste system that is in the very soul of their faith which sees humans not as equals but as not equals is a concept the Nazi Regime would have greatly appreciated. By birth a Tamil Brahmin is divine and by birth a Tamil low caste is damned.

    Their way and philosophy of life directly opposes that of the teachings of the Buddha who saw man as equal no matter what his station in life. The Buddha’s teachings elevated man to the highest noble creature if man followed the teachings of the Buddha for by doing so man is given the chance to achieve Nirvana. Not a caste of men but all men and women.

    This Buddhist concept has guided the Sinhalese culture in a manner that has kept the population of Sri Lanka well fed and holding the highest standard of living not just in this century but in past centuries as well. Something the Hindu Tamils or Hinduism can never claim in any time of their history for as long as the Caste system functioned it damned millions even during the Golden ages of Hinduism.

    Now it has metastasized where the indifference inherent in the Caste system has not only damned the lives of the Dalits but also over 400 million Indians to a life of destitute even when India has gone through two green revolutions and now is a food exporter and one white revolution (milk) and is still the world’s largest recipient of foreign aid from the IMF to the World bank.

    As I have been stating the aspirations of the majority needs to take precedence over that of the “primitive practices” of the minority Tamils. The majority Buddhist Sinhalese should demand from those they elect that the issue of making Buddhism a state faith must always be on the table, and those politicians who support this get the vote.

    A Buddhist state of Sri Lanka then can rewrite the Constitution along the lines of the teachings of the Buddha which will automatically ban the practice of the Hindu Caste system, the slaughter of animals to the Hindu God Skanda to emergence of the Buddhist Sanga to reconvert those that foreign religions have converted by taking advantage of the (Western born) Secularist ideology. This could lay the groundwork to rebuild destroyed Buddhist Viharas and tear down structures built on their ruins.

    The rebuilding of the famous monastic university of Nalanda should be an inspiration to all Buddhists to do the same. Even from Hinduism the famous temple of Somnath in the Indian state of Gujarat is an inspiration. Destroyed by the Muslims it was rebuilt by the Hindus to be again destroyed by the Muslims. This went on till that temple had been destroyed seven times and now stand that temple in its current avatar from the ruins left by the Muslims.

  2. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Election Manifesto of Tamil National Alliance in 2004
    “… Accepting LTTE’s leadership as the national leadership of the Tamil Eelam Tamils and the Liberation Tigers as the sole and authentic representatives of the Tamil people, let us devote our full cooperation for the ideals of the Liberation Tigers’ struggle with honesty and steadfastness. Let us endeavour determinedly, collectively as one group, one nation, one country, transcending race and religious differences, under the leadership of the LTTE for a life of liberty, honour and justice for the Tamil people….”

    Election Manifesto of Tamil National Alliance in 2001
    “… unless meaningful negotiations are held with the L.T.T.E. no just solution can be found to the Tamil national question and that such negotiations should be held immediately only with the LTTE. This Alliance further states that in order to ensure that the negotiations are properly focused and are purposeful and successful, no parallel negotiations should take place with any other Tamil political formation….”

    Vaddukkottai Resolution in 1976 May 14
    “… And this Convention calls upon the Tamil Nation in general and the Tamil youth in particular to come forward to throw themselves fully into the sacred fight for freedom and to flinch not till the goal of a sovereign state of TAMIL EELAM is reached….”

    Now it is back to square one !!!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:


    Re your remarks :

    All the more reason that the Supreme Court acts NOW to make the TNA amend their Manifesto.

    Also, all the more reason that SP take to task the errant Mr Wigneswaran who keeps making threatening remarks, openly breaking the Constitution (6-A).

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as SC, not SP

  5. jay-ran Says:

    In my opinion, Navy Pilliya is not fit to be aPEON IN A GVT as,any Peon in Sri Lankan Govt’s Office will respect HIS GOD BOSESS AS WEL AS THOSE WHO HE DOES NOT LIKE WITH A A GOOD MORNING WISH EVERY DAY!!!
    This woman had no sympathy for all those who were killed by this brute Praba,but wanted to garland Praba-THE MASS KILLER!!!
    Also Wigneshwaran isequaly not suitable tobe a poor Tamil voters as????????

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