Why Navi Pillai Has Truly Overstepped Her Metes And Bounds To Become An Abomination In Sri Lankan Matters.
Posted on September 27th, 2013

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial,

September 28th.2013
The UN Human Rights Chief Navinethem Pillay-â„¢s assertion that “if certain concerns are not comprehensively addressed, she believes the international community will have a duty to establish its own inquiry mechanisms” has come under fire from Sri Lanka-â„¢s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva Ravinatha Aryasinha‚  who has strongly repudiated‚ her claim as broadcast‚ on many world news sources as well as Sri Lanka News where‚ he has‚ pointed out that she has no mandate to make such a claim.

He must in this respect surely have the backing of all sensible and cognizant Sri Lankans all of one mind that Ms. Pillai has merely left behind a trail of disaster through the seeds of discontent she has sown to attract the attention of the international community albeit the impact of such actions which could only be to her detriment as invariably she cannot substantiate the accusations she has so blatantly made against the GOSL in overstepping her metes and bounds.

Furthermore it has veritably been pointed out in response to Ms Pillay-â„¢s remarks, by the‚ Sri Lankan Permanent Rep ‚ in Geneva ‚ Mr Aryasinha‚ that quote‚ -having brought normalcy to the lives of the civilian population, the Government Of Sri Lanka has also taken positive steps to address issues of accountability. The GOSL strongly repudiates the High Commissioner-â„¢s assertion that if certain concerns are not comprehensively addressed‚  although she believes -Ëœthe international community will have a duty to establish its own inquiry mechanisms-â„¢.” end quote which of course is an unsubstantiable threat given all the related facts where if Sri Lanka was truly and provablty culpable of her accusations by now there would be an inquiry heralded by the International Tribunal at the Hague which there isnt‚ and on which basis she should really put a sock on her accusations!!.

The main reason why the seemingly agitated Ms.Pillai, coerced to the hilt by those who champion her in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil global diaspora in quest of a recussitation of the so called Tamil struggle for independence as well as the Tamil national Alliance~formerly and to all intents and purposes still are Tamil Tiger props and‚ has no mandate to make such a claim, is that all her agitations despite using all the clout she has as UN Rep. she has no tangible proof beyond the deliberately orchestrated lies and innuendo laced‚ sympathy videos et al‚ rejected by experts but amazingly she never gives up.

However as there was a conflagaration which claimed many lives applicable to both sides of the conflict there have been grievances presented to her from the Tamil community alleging inhuman and ruthless actions by the Armed Forces which is a reversible reaction perhaps as the attrocities of the Tamil Tigers by far exceeded the accusations pitted against the Forces which even the resigned Tamil community toeing the line of the GOSL today will admit to as part of‚ the unfortunate events contributing to the insurgency despite which life must go on which is visibly portrayed to those who care to focus accurately.
It may of interest to note that no such grievances despite a crying need for them was ever presented to her by the Sinhala and other ethnicities affected by the conflict where they too suffered huge casualties~ case in point!

It is this continuity of life in a developing Sri Lanka that HC Pillai has attempted to disrupt whether inadvertently or not‚ and in this sense becomes a very contentious individual who should rescind her accusations against Sri Lanka and acknowledge the common good for all citizens brought on by the present Administration while condoning it rather than criticising it.

Little does she realise that despite her high office in the UN and some feathers in her cap in the past where she has succesfully and objectively resolved rights issues, this time around relative to Sri Lanka, her transparencies as a biased and obnoxious campaigner stick out and are very visible to the discerning eye‚ that here is someone who has taken up a very impure cause in hounding Sri Lanka that has made every effort to resolve the Tamil issue yet only comes under fire from the sources named who are impediments and adversaries of Sri Lanka despite the huge inroads made into eliminating major national issues for the common good of all citizens.

Of course internally too there are those deadbeat opposition politicians often squabbling amongst themselves who take it upon themselves also‚ to post huge impediments towards this progress at every given opportinity simply towards their own agendas motivated by the hunger for power which has now eluded them for a very long time and will probably stay that way for even longer if the trend continues.

On behalf of the SL Government, Geneva’s Permanent Rep Mr.Aryasinha in a very appreciable manner‚ has concluded that quote ‚ “Multiple mechanisms to address accountability have been put in place and are in motion as a continuous progression from the LLRC process.The Sri Lankan Government strongly refutes the HC-â„¢s view that the human rights situation in Sri Lanka remains critically important. As pointed out many times in this Council by my delegation, the disproportionate attention paid to Sri Lanka, largely at the behest of parties with vested interests, considerably complicates the on-going delicate process of reconciliation. Sri Lanka is not a situation that requires the urgent and immediate attention of the Council. Sri Lanka needs to be encouraged, not impeded,‚ The GOSL strongly refutes the UNHRC HC‚ Pillai-â„¢s view that the human rights situation in Sri Lanka remains critically important. As pointed out many times in this Council by my delegation, the disproportionate attention paid to Sri Lanka, largely at the behest of parties with vested interests, considerably complicates the on-going delicate process of reconciliation. Sri Lanka is not a situation that requires the urgent and immediate attention of the Council. Sri Lanka needs to be encouraged, not impeded.” end quote
It is an endorsement towards the fact that Navi Pillai has‚ indeed overstepped her metes and bounds to become an abomination in Sri Lankan matters where there must surely be issues of far greater importance globally‚ which she‚ should focus her attentions on with of course the fervent hope she would not further compund them which she seems to be making a habit of !

16 Responses to “Why Navi Pillai Has Truly Overstepped Her Metes And Bounds To Become An Abomination In Sri Lankan Matters.”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Chancy Says:

    Navi Pillay broke the first rule of giving a professional report. One sign of a skilled, experienced diplomat is the ability to stay away from personal rhetoric. Her punitive remarks showed her inability to produce an objective, appropriate and ethical piece of diplomacy. Instead, she embarked on a personal, amateurish, thin skinned list of ” name calling” jargon that had nothing to do with human rights. I can’t believe the US condoned her so called “report” which was nothing but a series of unrelated inuendos and outright lies.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Armed forces some times neglected the rule book ?

    Why no one understands that armed forces are human and the officers commanding their soldiers have a responsibility to protect the lives of soldiers at the expense of the enemy’s lives.

    Why don’t no one understands it or explain it to idiots.

  4. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Lankaweb Editor for your comment, and that of others herein. Sri Lanka should openly demand of the UNHRC for Navi PIllai to be taken off the case on Sri Lankan matters forthwith for her obvious, blind, prejudice so far shown against SL, very probably sponsored by the Tamil Diaspora. If she is NOT taken off the SLankan subject, Sri Lanka should state her decision to withdraw from the UNHRC – like few other countries. The fact is that she should not have been appointed for this task in the first place and secondly when appointed should shave backed out in good grace on the grounds of a ‘Conflict of Interests’ – no different in principle from the UN NOT appointing a Muslim to investigate Israel! Justice should not only be done but appear to have been done- S de Silva – London

  5. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Hopefully N.Pillai reads all these comments and realises the mess she has got herself into.It also goes to show what a disjointed organization the UN really is.After Dag Hammerskoeld whose plane crashed under mysterious circumstances and U Nu the UN has hecome a shambles taking into consideration what transpired in Iraq, Iran, Syria, the Mid East and other trouble spots where the incompetence of the present staff beyond lip service became painfully apparent and obvious.Pillai has endorsed all the shortcomings of the IN which is a clear cut example of the term incompetence and Pillai outstanding as a contributor to the terms Conflict of Interest as well as a harbinger of bias.She should be forced out of office together with her equally inept boss Ban Ki Moon.

  6. S de Silva Says:

    Navi Pillai: On reader commented sometime ago on Lankaweb that “SL supported her nomination years back and why are we now complaining ?” My response then – and NOW – is that we did not wish to have prejudged her at that time and prior to her actually doing her job. (Had we done so we may have been quite rightly accused by her supporters of prejudice!) The judgement on her performance NOW with the wisdom of hindsight basd on her performance is that her nomination should not have been supported by SL – hindsight is a funny thing! – S de Silva – London

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The obsession of Navi Pillay will be her undoing. As the Americans say “give enough rope and she will hang herself with it”. If it is at all possible under the international rules and regulations for Sri Lanka to make a complaint that Navi Pillay has shown extraordinary bias and prejudice in her assessment of her community in Sri Lanka and by that disqualifies her to objectively analysis the progress made in the human rights of her community in Sri Lanka. Furthermore if it is possible to request someone else with greater impartiality to stand in her place when issues of human rights abuses is brought up in the United nations regarding Sri Lanka.

    If that is not possible then if the regulations allow it sue her for her subjective analysis and unreasonable demands she has placed in the UN against Sri Lanka which is impeding progress by her actions.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    The comments by other nations supporting Sri Lanka have CLEARLY EXPOSED Navi Pillay’s PERSONAL BIAS against SRi Lanka, and left her NAKED on the PODIUM as a biased Tigeress!

    She should be dismissed from the UN for conduct unbecoming a UN official in cooking her own marshmellows in the Sri Lankan fire!

    Sri Lankan President rejects UN accusation of country heading in an authoritarian direction

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 28, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa strongly rejected an accusation made by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay that Sri Lanka is heading in an increasingly authoritarian direction.

    In an interview with the Al-Jazeera, the President said he does not understand why the UN official would make such allegations when Sri Lanka has had around 19 elections within the past 5 years.

    He said that there is democracy in Sri Lanka and it’s up to the people to decide on governments.

    The President disputed most of Pillay’s statements in her report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and said people of Sri Lanka believed that the UN official had already prepared her report before she visited the country.

    When asked about the allegations she made concerning the harassment of persons who spoke to her during her visit to the North, the President said she never raised the allegations when she had discussions with him but stated them to the public.

    “We allowed her to go anywhere, we allowed her to meet any body, she wants,” he said adding that people against the government can say anything but “we allowed it.”

    “When she met me she did not complain about anything,” he said adding that she should back her concerns with evidence if those need to be investigated.

    Responding to Pillay’s charge that surveillance and harassment is getting worse in Sri Lanka, the President said Sri Lanka is a democratic country and people, especially opposition, are free to express their views.

    Speaking of the Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance’s victory at the elections for the Northern Provincial Council, President Rajapaksa said the party’s victory was not a setback to the government as the government and he expected the result. He said the Tamil party now has the responsibility to deliver their promises.

    “Anybody can criticize. Let them deliver now,” he said.

    When questioned about the TNA’s demand to withdraw the Army from the North the President said the Tamil party cannot ask to withdraw the Army from the region and the presence of the military is required to maintain security within the country.

    “If the other Provincial Councils also ask me to withdraw their army camps from all over the country, where can I have the army? Is somebody else going to give me a place to keep the army?” he asked.

    He disputed the number of troops present in the region claimed by the Tamil party and other groups and said there are only about 8,000 – 12,000 troops are currently operating in the North.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    THe President should confront the TNA wanting the Army out of the Northern Province, not just ask where else can he put the army.

    The Army is in the North for the simple reason that is where the Separatist war was waged, and that is where the CONTINUING Separatist Threat Lies.

    The stationing of the Armed Forces in the North is a matter for the Commander-in-Chief …. the President …. to decide according the advice of the Security Force Commanders.

    It is not for the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA, the PROXY of the defeated separatists, still proclaming its fealty to the separatist cause in its election manifestos, to DECIDE.

    Dear Mr. President, don’t even dream of discussing and arguing this issue with the VERY SEPARATISTS that you are trying to protect the country against.

    Instead of REDUCING the presence of the Armed Forces, INCREASE their presence beyond the wartime levels, and SETTLE their extended families in those areas! This will HELP HOMOGENIZE the demographics of the country and reduce the control of the separatists in the North. DO IT FAST; DO IT NOW!

  10. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Time to switly dismantle 13 A as it surely will be be canon fodder for the TNA and its operatives.It is also time to reduce their capacity to demand requests from the Government that will compromise National Security.It should be done now when there is a two thirds majority in Parliament.Interestingly Pillayan whom the GOSL should never have given so much recognition to by virtue of his past as an LTTE cadre is now suggesting Policie and land powers in the North.Wonder what his comrade in arms Karuna will come up with? Like they say a tiger never loses its stripes the same is applicable here as these are times to exercise extreme caution with respect to the TNA who had ni real entitlement to political rights in the first place.Is this a scenario as depicted in the Sinhala adage ~ Bendala hitapu Koti lihala wagey?

  11. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    correction ~ Police and Land Powers in the North…

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    We can’t contain TNA by legal means ALONE.

    Surgical violence is ESSENTIAL to control them. Otherwise we all have to regret later.

    ONLY a handful of KEY TERRORISTS in TNA runs the show. BUST them.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    NEVER trust a Tamil unless,

    1. He is DEAD.
    2. He is on a foto.
    3. He has BY ACTION proven a good person to defend UNITARY SL.

  14. Sarath W Says:

    Navin Pillay has the typical Tamil slave mentality, ” just do as you are told” by their white masters. Surely her ancestors were taken to South Africa by their white masters to do the dirty work like some Tamils in Sri Lanka.She has no other option to be in the UN pay roll other tan listen to those who fund the UN.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    Pillai Pummeled by UN Member States!

    Chorus against isolating Lanka

    By Qadijah Irshad
    September 29, 2013

    Member countries of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNCHR), who are currently meeting in Geneva for its 22nd session, asked the United Nations on Wednesday not to isolate Sri Lanka.

    Many countries backed the island nation that is emerging from a 28-year war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists, after the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay delivered her oral report on Sri Lanka.

    Pillay’s report called for an international intervention into the country’s human rights issues if Sri Lanka does not show more progress by March next year.

    Australia which took a staunch stance backing Sri Lanka said that “engagement with Sri Lanka, and not isolation” is the best way to deal with human rights concerns.

    Together with India, it welcomed the successful conduct of the provincial elections for the first time in 25 years in the former war-torn Northern zone. The Indian delegation said that Sri Lanka has honoured its commitment to the international community by conducting free and fair polls in the North.

    The landmark elections in the former Tamil Tiger territory held last week where almost 70 per cent of the people voted concluded with a minority Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance winning an unprecedented 30 out of 38 seats in the Northern Province.

    However most council members including the United States and the European Union backed Pillay’s report and criticised the Sri Lankan government after the Human Rights Commissioner’s report.

    Despite Pillay’s harsh criticism which the Sri Lankan government called unwarranted, other countries including Pakistan, Russia, China and Venezuela endorsed the Sri Lankan government’s post war efforts since it defeated the Tamil Tiger rebels in 2009.

    India, the island nation’s closest neighbour, conceded that although the Human Rights Commissioner had noted the progress that the Sri Lankan government had made in post-war reconstruction, resettlement and de-mining in the North, she failed to recognise the magnitude of these efforts.

    The Sri Lankan government has been repeatedly called upon by the UN and some Western nations to address human rights concerns that the government has been accused of since the end of the war. The government however has called the allegations unfair and described it as undue attention to the country which is making efforts to reconcile people torn by three decades of war.

    Addressing the Council after Pillay’s report, Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the UN, Ravinatha Aryasinha, said that Sri Lanka is not facing a situation that requires the “urgent and immediate attention of the Council.”

    “Sri Lanka needs to be encouraged, not impeded,” the permanent representative told the council.

  16. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Navi Pillai has been berated and ridiculed at the UN Summit over her double standards by many countries who have observed the biased nature of her report as well as the conflicts of interests involved.She should be removed from office and sent back to her Native South Africa to try and resolve some of the major human rights issues and the apathy of the poor townships which will serve both her self and the world very well. She has neither the diplomacy nor the finesse required of the job she was appointed to in the UN.

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