Posted on September 29th, 2013

We give credits to a die-hard UNPer who sent us the above‚  currently‚  on the internet via You tube. We categorically wish to state‚  that it has not been obtained from the library of the MTV or Sirasa Networks


Just prior and during the recently concluded‚  election campaign, Maestro was brimming with over confidence and exhorting the audience that on the day following he would win a landslide which would be the stepping stone to overthrowing the current Government . Unfortunately even the most convinced optimist would never have imagined THE FINAL RESULT that emerged

In all of the 10 polling divisions of Jaffna the highest vote given by a polling division to the UNP has been 173 votes and 35 postal votes.

In Kilinochchi district too, the UNP has secured just 53 votes and postal votes account for just 1 vote.( This is the most disgraceful performance of any political party in the annals of Srl Lanka’s electoral history! )

In Mannar district, the UNP has 180 votes with just 7 postal votes.

In Vavuniya, UNP obtained 1,704 votes and 65 postal votes.

In Mullaitivu UNP secured 195 votes and just 2 postal votes‚ 

The complete percentage performance under this pathetic leader is as welcome as the news of the Titanic disaster to the hard-line traditionalists remaining as UNP activists. Some of The pathetic scoundrels amongst them are now trying to take refuge for their disgraceful defeat on the‚  discovery of some marked ballot papers, notwithstanding the Commissioner’s assurance that it wont affect the final result. The monitors have also in general given their verdict of a fair election. In any event there is an on-going inquiry but the Greens have prematurely jumped in so as to regain sympathy from the contempt that they have created in the minds of the public.

president pemadasa

In the Central and Wayamba areas the total polled was less than 30% whilst in the Northern‚  province despite cosing up to the TNA they were pathetically able to‚  ONLY to muster an unbelievable .o68%. How the mighty have fallen to the depths of desolation. Almost all his appointees have been chased out and their butts kicked. Poor Mrs Kohongage and the Chief organiser for Wayaba! should have followed Dayasiri?After all this, he has the audacity and affront to claim that he still has a large personal base amongst the masses and will continue regardless. Either we are all blind and idiotic or he is a suitable case for treatment. No prizes unfortunately will be awarded for discovering the truth.The Sinhala people are once again exposed to further divisions if the UNP does not get it’s act together soon.

From the days of its pristine glory under the late Hon D.S.Senanayake the contemporary UNP, under the sure-fire inefficiency of Ranil Wickremesinghe, has descended to the lowest depths of Electoral rejection by the masses for an incredible 23 occasions The UNP is on its way to enter the Guinness book of records for‚  the largest amount of consecutive defeatism. He first fired a salvo inviting rejection by his sheer act of treachery by unilaterally imposing a Ceasefire Agreement at the behest of his Western masters, on a bewildered and helpless Motherland. The only advantage that came out of this was the strengthening of the murderous LTTE.The consequences of this dastardly betrayal led to a large number of our Long Rangers and Intelligence personnel being killed‚  by the LTTE on information supplied by this national treachery We know of one such senior officer who had to flee to Thailand and thankfully‚  was able to circumvent this heinous act.Thank God that he was able to return our Motherland and play a major role in her defence today. He thought craftily to use former Gen Sarath Fonseka as he was personally vilified by the public as a traitor. Unfortunately for SF he was unable to see the plot and paid the high price by ending up going to prison. However SF may have sweet revenge in the near future as his party might replace the UNP in the opposition if RW still persists in staying put.‚  following the results from the recent elections.

ranjan-talk welfare

It was at this point that the masses turned against him rightly considering HIM‚  to be a traitor and sent the UNP in to the wilderness of the Sinharaja from which there is apparently no hope of a return. The second act of stupidity was when the UNP’s boffins came out with the sarcasm on the part of the so-called ‘intelligentsia’ of the party. Leading this group of misfits was Ravi Karunanayake( destroyer of Sathosa) who had difficulty in differentiating between the Army’s presence in Alimankade and Pamankade One cannot ignore the intended derision when the forces were sacrificing limb and life to defend our Motherland. Next came the former Woman’s garment designer Gay Mangala ( A professional implosive agent) who became an OVERNIGHT expert in Military affairs by claiming that Gen Fonseka could not be expected even to head the Salvation Army and lastly the ‘affable’‚  Kiriella who brilliantly told us that any fool can fight battles.(We wonder as to‚  what school produced such an expert of spoken wisdom)? This form of infantile utterances‚ ‚  riled the public in that the sacrifices being made by the Forces were being ridiculed for some disgusting personal thrills.To date NO APOLOGY has been forthcoming from the so-called elite and ‘Gentlemen’ of a party previously known for its PATRIOTIC AND ETHICAL CONDUCT. The party leaders affinity for the international anti-Sri Lankan elements too did not go unnoticed by an alert public.

Then there is a case of patriotism gone rotten.The current court jester, Tissa Athanake a former protege of late Gen Ranjan Wijeratne, used to show extra ordinary talent during the Southern Terror period in the saving of the UNP. However perhaps for firmly establishing his current status in the party,‚  he has now sold his soul to the Devil responsible for the pathetic state of the party.He effectively plays the role of an obedient puppet to his ventriloquist master. He reminds one of a local Mr Bean.‚  We remember him mimicking his Masters voice by saying that the UNP was in no doubt in winning the election but when confronted with the extraordinary defeat thereafter sheepishly defended himself by saying that after all it was an election not for changing the Government. Sour grapes and all that eh! old boy? excellent protector of sheep, the wolf! (Cicero). eh! what!

Finally the close affinity shown by the Leadership to the separatism -seeking TNA in the recently concluded election, made the Sinhala and peace loving public to vomit in disgust. The party is now in the tragic situation where it is unwanted in the North or South, East or West or by the majority of Sinhala, Tamils Muslims or other. Only those who love this monumental DISASTER are the UNP’s only friends left.Why this ‘gentleman’ did not learn or depart could be a rare occurrence in the annals of his prestigious Alma Mater!


All remaining genuine supporters of the UNP need‚  to evaluate the ground realities. Ranil Wickremesinghe has long overstayed his welcome in the party in particular and the country in general.He has no intention of relinquishing his post despite the irreparable damage that is being caused to a once great and invincible party.His skin is thicker than than the toughest skin of a‚  RHINO!‚  He has totally proved himself to be a complete misfit in reading the thinking of the public at large. Dogs may bark but the Ranil caravan moves on regardless. The top notch of the party consists of geriatrics awaiting the call from the next world, same gender activists,Colombo Art Circle pessimists, active Puwak club members and the steering committees are loaded with yes-men some of who are on the verge of impending dementia and need urgent treatment for political impotency. Please note that‚  some more have never contested a general or related election. He holds the sword of Damocles over the heads of every one that opposes him, along with threats of eviction bearing vengeance, bans and threats of disciplinary inquiries and mental torture.Therefore It is– yes sir! three bags full sir, any time Sir. I solemnly pledge to offer my services for conspiratorial purposes, engaging in spin to protect your wish for continuation as Opposition Chief till eternity even if the party is made to look like the city of Hiroshima in world war 2 SIR!!‚  If this sorry state is allowed to go on, the next General election (if the UNP is still in existence at that time), it might bring about a repeat of the 1977 elections RESULT,whereby the opposition was lead by a Tamil party. In view of the current separatist tendencies of the TNA this will be totally detrimental to our Motherland in general, and the Sinhalese ( Buddhist or otherwise) in particular. Therefore all patriots of our Motherland (irrespective of race or religion) should pressurise the few remaining people of the UNP to start injecting a milligram of calcium in to their comatose spines, to thwart an impending threat to our future generations.Stop acting like demented zombies who were absent when God gave brains Don’t be put off by claims that we are supporters of the present Government. Please remind them that their leader has repeatedly been a prime supporter himself.otherwise how can they keep winning for over 22 consecutive times? The Government continues to acknowledge his generosity‚  The people have only a Hob son’s choice when the present UNP has no professional leadership and it’s leader has no qualms about being servile to outside pressures.The only people that he satisfies are his servile Mafia anr fellow travellers.The Government is his current sponsor. In these circumstances it is fruitless condemning others for unlawful rule and corruption

The‚ youth who are the potential leaders are being blocked, by this artful leader by organising a six-year guarantee for his tenure aided effectively by his own henchmen. A DISASTER had befallen the party when one of his many stupid actions misfired. Hon Dayasiri Jayaskera was one of the potential future leaders to succeed to the present incumbency. In order to safeguard his position he riled him to leave the party but the UNP present and former traditionalists gave the beleaguered Leader a stunning back handed slap. The 300,000+ votes that he received marks the highest number in an election of this nature. A statistical analysis will reveal the veracity of the statement. It is strongly rumoured that another future potential candidate Buddhika Pathirana is constantly being threatened with disciplinary inquiries as he is not amenable to some embarrassing requests to heel! Sajith Premadasa unlike his illustrious pater can only blow hot air but when the leader confronts him he melts like ice due to global warming.It is all gas but no….. He has also taken steps to ban those who opposes his tenure from the Portals of Sri Kotha. His claim to be the high priest of Democracy but reveals his blatant hypocrisy and his thanhawa for the perks of office and the motto is let the UNP go to hell! His fake utterances of defending Media Freedom has been exposed by his imposing a ban on certain Media Channels from his self-preserving Media conferences. Falsely claiming to espouse the cause of Democracy and gentlemanly conduct this ‘gentleman’s’ behaviour remains an unethical nightmare. Unlike his mentor the British system of politics, despite Hon John Major, PM Gordon Brown and other such politicians, who have practised ethical principles, he blatently ignores the fact that he is no longer wanted by the Majority voters in Sri Lanka but point blankly refuses to depart. However we like to remind this‚  diabolical monument of an altruistic power source, that according to the teachings of the Lord Buddha nothing is permanent and everything is subject to change in life. Ask Prabakaran! Nevertheless there is still hope, if he acts honestly towards ground realities and departs the life of the party.

If our Motherland found a great leader and political/ Military group to confront and defeat the worst criminal enemy, cannot the UNP find even ONE such a person or persons from the last of the real UNPers left to bring an effective catalyst to help the UNP regain its former invincible glory. Young Harin Fernando has finally removed his rose tinted glasses and blinkers to admit that there is a problem. It is allowed if he back tracks somewhat in case the leadership decides that he is showing signs of insubordination towards the Almighty‚  However holding repetitive inquiries after every major electoral defeat,is a means akin to referring matters to the rouge’s mum.These futile ventures is ONLY to divert attention away from the real culprit of disaster and let him go scot free yet again. Of course one can fool some of the unintelligent some of the time It needs guts and operational surgery to remove the cancer that is eating away IN the body politic of the UNP. One need not be an Atomic scientist to know who the cancer is!? But who will bell the cat? However one thing is certain the self appointed leader will never be a part of the solution—he is the problem itself. The people who have‚  vehemently criticised Maestro earlier but has now been accepted by him as a bosom pal needs to have his track record scrutinised as it has been discovered that there is a joker in the pack. Immediate fumigation is thereby urgently recommended
The terrible twins (aka Batman & Robin) who are the architects for the devastation that is being imposed on a Party once thought to be invincible, patriotic and a protector of our Motherland. Their forlorn looks of regret and dejection portrays‚  a pathetic outlook to a duo who foolishly thought that they could accomplish Mission Impossible! There is a growing call from the party for Gay M to return home to the blue HQ and stop his implosive exercise which has added a disaster ten fold.

Note: We give credits to a die-hard UNPer who sent us the above‚  currently‚  on the internet via You tube. We categorically wish to state‚  that it has not been obtained from the library of the MTV or Sirasa Networks












  1. Lorenzo Says:

    We need a strong ruling party. A strong opposition is not really a requirement in SL. Our oppositions never support national security.

    If the ruling party is weak minoraties get to demand things.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    Ranil’s Epitaph – This is a fitting Epitaph for the ‘Political’ Obituary of Ranil. Of course he is not yet dead but he may be wishing he was!! – And I thank the Lankaweb and the un-named UNP writer for this, whose love for the Nation clearly exceeds his love for the UNP. I particularly like the honest inference of this UNper that Ranil was a ‘TRAITOR’. Nothing more needs to be said, except I shall celebrate the words with a drink, after all there are some honest guys in the UNP!! –
    S de Silva – London

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