Sri Lanka Summit Boycott doesn’t Measure Up
Posted on October 9th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

9 October 2013

The Editor


Dear Editor:

I was somewhat stymied by your editorial SRI LANKA SUMMIT BOYCOTT DOESN-â„¢T MEASURE UP.‚ ‚  While I approve the title the contents of the editorial had many ifs and buts that needed more explanation.‚  Permit me to explain a few as to‚ what I mean.

Prime Minister Harper sending a parliamentary secretary to sit with 53 Commonwealth Heads of Nations is a double whamming and an insult‚ to the integrity of the rest of the Commonwealth Nations.‚ ‚  If his intention was to insult the Commonwealth one more time, I believe he succeeded with this move.‚ ‚  I wish he had the curtsey to the Commonwealth nations and‚  courage to do what Gambia did if he felt that the Commonwealth was a farce, and withdraw Canada from this family of nations.‚ ‚  But, one thing for sure, there‚ will be many nations who wouldn-â„¢t have cared two prairie straws if he made that move.‚  They are going to say, -Who cares!-

What is Mr. Harper saying that the Sri Lankan Government didn-â„¢t improve human rights and take steps towards accountability and reconciliation after a decades long civil war-¦?-‚  I don-â„¢t think Mr. Harper has the moral right to question about the Sri Lankan Government improving its human rights, when he isn-â„¢t honest enough up to now, to acknowledge‚  Sri Lanka-â„¢s classic text book example of the paramount tenet of human rights when they ‚ gave back the right-to-life to its 22 million people on the 19 May 2009 by eliminating the Tamil Tiger terrorists who had hijacked their rights for 27 bloodying years and snuffing out the lives of 100,000 innocent civilians.

Mr. Harper has no moral right to question Sri Lanka-â„¢s record on human rights when he hasn-â„¢t had the honesty to acknowledge the miracle performed by the Sri Lankan government when they liberated 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who used them as a human shield for 30 months and herded them from the west coast to the east coast like unwashed cattle and sent them back to their homes within three years after‚  renovating their war damaged homes and demining the terrain that they were sitting on by clearing over a million land mines that were planted like fields of mushroom by the ‚ retreating Tamil Tigers.‚  That is how phony Prime Minister Harper-â„¢s statement is which was really meant for the ears of the Tamil Diaspora of ‚ the Greater Toronto Area whose votes he is depending on at the next federal election.

More to being a hardliner on human rights and not wanting to attend the Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka-â„¢s capital Colombo where 41 per cent of the population are Tamils who have little, if not no complaints at all of human rights violations as a minority, and who ‚ are happily living with the majority Sinhalese, Mr. Harper must be truly embarrassed that when he tried to act the Pied Piper of the Commonwealth hoping that the Heads of other nations‚  like the UK, Australia and New Zealand would stand ‚ at attention behind him boycotting the Summit.‚ ‚  They didn-â„¢t and Mr. Harper no doubt feels embarrassed and along the way embarrassed the 34 million Canadians with that miscalculated faux pas.‚  All ‚ this for ‚ the want of the votes of the Tamil Diaspora.‚ 

Mr. Harper-â„¢s foreign policy on Sri Lanka is a sham, and he has no right to tell the Sri Lankans that -We are‚ Holier than Thou-, as they could easily tell him and his Canadians, -What nonsense, you Canadians were part of our problem when you all let the Tamil Diaspora collect two million dollars‚  a month for 13 Liberal-years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest with‚ which they bought‚ sophisticated‚  military arms to kill our people and prolong the war to support their cause of wanting a separate,‚  mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam-.

‚  So be cautious Mr. Harper, as you are walking on thin tropical ice as they all know why you are not attending the Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka.‚ ‚  Just don-â„¢t mix domestic politics with geo-politics as you now know that you are indeed the loser and not Sri Lanka with your immoral pursuit to bludgeon that pretty island Sri Lanka with your baseball bat.‚ ‚  I feel certain, and quite rightly so too that, Sri Lanka will have the last laugh on Canada-â„¢s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his 34 million Canadians, after‚ the end of a‚ successful Commonwealth of Nations Summit in November.

Asoka Weerasinghe

2 Responses to “Sri Lanka Summit Boycott doesn’t Measure Up”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    The Canadian politicians’ assault on Sri Lanka’s democratic right to function as a sovereign nation, and recover from the 30 year terror unleashed by the Tiger terrorists, is truly unprecedented within the Commonwealth of nations. I am beginning to suspect that these leaders are carrying out a contract for Tamil separatists, maybe for a very big reward, but are now on the verge of losing it if the other nations like NZ, Australia and UK fail to follow the Canadian lead. This could be why they are so desperate and disoriented in their conduct, whenever they make unsubstantiated allegations, probably given by the Tiger separatists, against Sri Lanka. Why else would they raise this issue against Sri Lanka, in every Forum the Canadians participate, even when Sri Lanka is not a participant, to answer Canadian allegations. Stephen Harper and the leading Canadian politicians have brought Canada into disrepute by joining people like Jayalalitha, Karunanidi, Navi Pilli, Rudrakumaran, Seeman, Emmanual, Nadumaran, Callum Macrae, Brad Adams etc It is unfortunate that the club of distortionists is getting bigger by the day.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Soori, FUNDS FROM THE TAMIL TERRORISTS DIASPORA PAYS FOR~~DISTORTIONISTS~~ MEMBERS TO JOIN IN. In other clubs, the member have to pay to get in.

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