Critics say multilateral disdain led to Commonwealth review
Posted on October 17th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

‚ 16 October 2013
Dear Editor:
I am confused.‚ ‚ In your‚  political essay “Critics say multilateral disdain led to Commonwealth review”, you say, “Mr. Harper made the funding announcement on the fringes of a larger declaration that he would not be attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting set to take place in Sri Lanka in November.”
There was‚ a reason for this decision and he explains, “It is clear that the Sri Lankan government has failed to uphold the Commonwealth’s core values, which are cherished by Canadians.‚  As such, as the Prime Minister of Canada, I will not attend the 2013 CHOGM in Colombo, Sri Lanka.”
It looks like we are into‚ a Canada’s silly season.‚ ‚  See who is talking!‚ ‚  This is the Prime Minister of the country that UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous peoples, James Anaya, is reported‚  in a national newspaper‚  today, to have said that “Canada is facing a ‘crisis’ over‚  its treatment of aboriginals and the Conservative government needs to take urgent steps to build trust with its indeginous‚  peoples.”‚  And I say, as ‚ well as the developing countries like Sri Lanka that he is so critical about their alleged human rights violations.
Prime Minister has to be a wee bit careful with his decisions on restoring the dignity of peoples around the world, ‚ as he is skating on thin ice on this issue.‚  If he is going to boycott guilty countries of human rights, he will have little choice but to boycott his own country, Canada,‚ and find himself a refuge in another which he deems squeaky clean.‚ ‚  It will‚  be interesting to‚ watch which country he would choose to seek‚  temporary refuge until he is satisfied that Canada is squeaky clean sans human rights violations, for him to return. ‚  I feel sure that it certainly‚ will not be‚ his drone-happy‚  friend and neighbour.
Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    Canada themselves are reported to be guilty of violating core values not only of the Commonwealth but the core values of the entire civilised human kind. It is strange how Canada under Harper could threaten to cut funds to the Commonwealth, based on Tamil Tigers and their friends’ propaganda against the host country Sri Lanka, when for over a decade Canada was funding Tamil Tiger front organisations, knowingly or ignorantly. It is also reported that Mr Harper had been promoted by the US to achieve his current position, so that he would take Canada behind anything US wants to do or say. His boycotting Sri Lanka might have some connection to US requirements too.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Though hosting CHOGM would be a major boost for Sri Lanka what is even more important is her integrity. Nations like Canada and India are using this meeting to push their agendas while claiming human rights violations to give their agenda some sane reason.

    Both Canada and India want the 13th amendment implemented. that the provinces that would have formed Eelam get the land and police powers, that Colombo embrace a federal system or in simple terms demand from Colombo all the issues once demanded by the LITE. Failure to do so means instant condemnation and boycotting this meeting.

    But Sri Lanka is a small nation with a small population. It does not need hundreds of Billions of dollars for Sri Lanka to have a high growth rate. In fact if Sri Lanka gets such amount of money it may lead to overheating the economy including rash decisions that would compromise the environment and create “white elephants”

    Just the trade and direct investment from China alone can support Sri Lanka’s economy and even lead to a healthy economic growth. Considering Sri Lanka already has bilateral trade agreements with a host of nations who do not have the “Tamil issue” as part of their agenda when dealing with Sri Lanka is sufficient enough for Sri Lanka to continue her high growth rate. It would be appropriate to list some of these nations: China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Russia, Germany, many nations in ASEAN.

    In this light Sri Lanka would gain power if she exited the CHOGM and the UN for if Sri Lanka left these left wing US backed organizations they lose any power to dictate anything to Sri Lanka and would be rendered impotent. Colombo can put to better use the space now occupied by the Embassy’s of India, the US, Canada, and the UN and being the first nation that exits the UN body and the Commonwealth body due to their bullying tactics Sri Lanka would lay the path for other nations treated in this demeaning manner from organizations who determine human rights according to the power of the lobbysts.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Secondly if Sri Lanka exits the UN and the Commonwealth and tells the Indian, US and the Canadian Ambassadors to go back as their Embassies are put to better use it will also increase the power base of Colombo, the Buddhist Sanga and finally allow Sri Lanka to deal with the internal issue of her Tamil problem.

    In the same vein the Tamils would see the writing on the wall that an independent Sri Lanka can actually do what she pleases as long as her strategic relationship with China is on solid ground It would put the necessary fear into the Hindu Tamil community that it would be better for them to seek greener pastures in neighboring Tamil Nadu or Canada

  4. Marco Says:

    Mr Bernard Wijeyasingha, interesting comment you made.

    It’s not just Canada, India, US who want the 13th Amendment implemented. You keep forgetting that President Rajapakse on more than a dozen occasions has made promises to the local populace and to the international community that he would implement the 13th Amendment. He even pronounce that he would implement 13 plus plus.

    For the sake of argument lets assume that SL exists from the UN and Commonwealth body.
    US and Europe are the largest trading importer of Sri Lankan goods. China and Russia has miniscule imports from Sri Lanka. Do you honestly think that China & Russia is going to fill the gap? China maybe increase its direct investment in Sri Lanka at a cost. (eg: recent penal interest rate hike of 6% on the Hambantota Port). You keep forgetting China investments are loans (now only on infrastructure and not to balance the books). They have to be repaid.

    Without the UN protection, India only needs to have a “big sneeze” to overcome Sri Lanka. China (being a member of the UN) has to this date has no record of defending or providing any ground military support apart from the countries that surrounds its borders.

    Regrettably, We are stuck with the Indian bully.
    The recent tourist arrival figures show that Indian middle class tourist numbers to Sri Lanka are on an even par with the European tourist on package holidays with less spending than the Indians.
    You ought to visit Cinnamon Grand, Taj or Hilton or Ministry of Crab to witness the spending power of the Indians.
    If you dont believe me, talk to the Concierge of the major hotels or the cab drivers. They can see and feel the pulse.

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