Jan Logies Comments On CHOGM – Dompost 7th Oct ’13
Posted on October 19th, 2013

‚ Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association, Lower Hutt.

Dom Post.
Dear Editor,

Green MP Jan Logies-â„¢s comments on the upcoming CHOGM in Colombo, (Dompost 17/10) would indicate that she is a ‚ victim of the vicious campaign to wrongly discredit Sri Lanka currently rife nationally and internationally.

Prominent in this campaign is the film – No Fire Zone-, doing the same round,‚  at which screening in Wellington, by Amnesty International , Ms Logie figured prominently. This film is a collection of amateur video footage showing gruesome carnage of war, unattributed and uncorroborated, claimed to be from the last weeks of SL-â„¢s war of liberation from Tamil Tiger Terrorism, ‚ held together by witnesses with muffled voices and blurred faces and a partisan‚  and biased commentary, that blamed it all on SL forces.

The Tigers that threatened the lives of 20 million Sri Lankan-â„¢s for three decades came out , in the film looking like the -good guys-. AI has acknowledged receiving a grant of $50,000 in Canada in January 2012, from the Tiger Diaspora.

Clearly, AI is compromising it-â„¢s integrity and credibility in this campaign. Ms Logie will do well not to be mislead by it and follow Prime Minister John Key-â„¢s stand of -looking forward to attending the CHOGM-.

‚ Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM


United Sri Lanka Association,

Lower Hutt.

3 Responses to “Jan Logies Comments On CHOGM – Dompost 7th Oct ’13”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    They will ALWAYS do what their financiers say.

    SL must have safeguards to BUST the Tamil Elam dream. IF Tamils in SL have NO HOPE, they will invest ELSEWHERE.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo said it right,

    Make the Eelamists feel HOPELESS ….. REVOKE the 13th Amendment & DISMANTLE the Provincial Councils, INCREASE Army Presence in the North & East, and settle Armed Forces Personnel PERMANENTLY there!

  3. Podda Says:

    ආනන්ද සහ ලොරෙන්සෝ සගයිනි, ඔබ දෙදෙනාම හරි. මට නම් හිතෙන්නේ හොඳම උත්තරය කාලයට ඉඩදී බල සිටීමයි. අපේ රටට කරන ඔය සියලු අපවාද ටික කලකින් අවසන් වේවි. එතෙක් ඉවසන්න. අපි කලබල වෙනවා නම් ඔවුන් දිනනවා. ඔබ හැමට ජය වේවා. අපේ රට දිනෙන් දින දියුණු වේවා.

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