Tamils Living and Registered in Colombo Voted Illegally for TNA at NPC Election
Posted on October 20th, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

TNA election result surprised even the TNA leadership and it was certainly higher in percentage terms than the landmark 1977 election in Jaffna and Vanni districts (when electorate results are added). However, widespread cheating took place at the election.

Tamils who are originally from Jaffna but living in Colombo and other areas made the journey to the north a day before the election, voted and came back to Colombo a few days after the election. This was confided to the writer by a number of Tamils hailing from the north but living in Colombo, Gampaha and Kandy districts.
All Tamils from Jaffna who live in the south have registered their details for both election registers. Their names appear in the election registers of Colombo and Jaffna. Even their adult children born in Colombo are registered in Jaffna and Colombo election registers. They argue it is for the purposes of claiming land, permanency and other privileges that they perceive as connected to being registered in the voters register. However, they vote in Colombo for Colombo district election results at national elections.
During national elections it is very difficult to vote in two districts separated by over 300 kilometres. The provincial council election was held in the Northern Province but not in the Western Province which allowed these people to travel to the north ad cast their vote. This is a serious problem in staggered elections and the Department of Elections must look to correct this anomaly.
It is a criminal offence to register at two different election districts. All those who voted for the Northern Provincial election must be checked to verify they are not registered in the Colombo, Gampaha and Kandy districts. Wrongdoers must be punished.
These illegally cast votes must be removed from the election result to calculate the correct tally. TNA would still win but with a much lower number of seats which reflects the true ground reality.

8 Responses to “Tamils Living and Registered in Colombo Voted Illegally for TNA at NPC Election”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    Dilrook.. thanks for pointing this out to OUR SO CALLED GOVT. Leaders. They(Tamils) arrange these matters very secret so that we ONLY know after the fact.

    THIS IS THE MAIN reason, why I asked our Sinhala URUMAYA & other Buddhist organizations as well, to find a way OF REMOVING, TAMILS, MUSLIMS & other undesirables. engaged in illegal activities from Colombo & neighbouring districts.

    TAMILS specially should NOT be allowed to occupy the PRIMELAND & OCEAN front properties, when ORIGINAL owners mostly Sinhalese have to leave & move inwards to rural aeras.

    JUST by mentioning a TAMIL name, MUST give warnings that they are up to mischief. I know the Supreme Court turned down the request by our leaders sometime ago. IT IS TIME to re-visit this issue & always there is a way if our legal minds put that effort, to find a way out of this.

    Our Defence Secretary & URBAN DEVELOPMENT Minister Dr. Gota Rajapaksha, can have a crack at this. I am sure we can find a solution. In the meantime WE SINHALESE must occupy prime land in Tamil dominated areas in the North. So that in few years time, TAMILS cannot say that those are PRIMARILY Tamil or Muslim areas.

    People will call us RACITS, or all the terms in books, BUT we are resilient to face any evantuality as WE DEFEATED the MEGOLOMANIAC called Sun God.. & his demise we do not want to even hear. Tamils should NOT be shocked how we punish people who terrorized a peaceful country for over 26 years & now asking Tamil Diaspora to OCCUPY land through NON – RESIDENT lawyers to do the dirty work for them.

    Glad that you have decided to publish this aricle, which will immensely important to our leaders in Sri Lanka. Not UNP or other parties who don’t know whetehr they are Sri Lankan in TRUE SENSE OF THE WORDS.

    Thank you all…..another expat expressing his views from far …..MAY GOD BLESS OUR MOTHERLAND….J

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    This is very much possible.

    Viggie is a Colombo Tamil. No doubt Colombo Tamils went to Jaffna and voted for him. No dispute.

    But PROOF is needed. Where is the EVIDENCE? Hearsay is NOT evidence.

  3. Sirih Says:

    We have mapped GIS in north to identify people with housing for defence purpose but re. voting list is not part of the meta data…. I will put this to the defence sec.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Thanks Siri. Please do it.

    I copied the defence secretary in but experience tells me it may not reach him for genuine reasons.

    What matters is an exercise to remove duplicates in the election register maintained at the department of elections. However, an initiative from the ministry of defence can certainly help.

  5. aloy Says:

    The patriot’s party JHU should give full support to establishing casino in Slave island and other ghetos to wipe out them. However I do not know the true intention of the bill to be debated in the parliament. There can be merits and demerits. We should ignore the social issues by looking at the long term strategies, if there is any.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m TOTALLY AGAINST the sinful gambling industry and the concept of gambling. But I see the STRATEGIC point of view of Aloy.

    This is the type of THINKERS SL needs at the top. Not just SIMPLETON thinkers who can see only ONE DIMENSION. But the top is all fools who can’t do any thinking. IF they think they think how to destroy Sinhalese and benefit Endians.

    That big casino will come up between Lake House and Maradana. SURROUNDING this area are JIHAD GHETTOS, fundamentalist mosques, etc. A casino is the MAXIMUM INSULT to them. Who shall prevail? If the casinos do well, they will.

    JHU, NFF, BBS, RR MUST support the casino for this reason and OPPOSE ANY casinos in Sinhala majority areas.

    SL people are TOO POOR even to go close to these. ONLY foreigners, GEM MERCHANTS (most are Jihadis anyway), Pettah mudalalis, Endians, Colombians will go there. Let them burn their money. Get them ADDICTED.

    We have to make use of BOTH ENDS of a knife. It is SHARP only at one end and we need it to cut. But it is SMOOTH at the other end which we hold. By looking at a knife if one says it is BAD, criminal, he is a fool. A knife is bad if it hurts US (unitary SL supporters).

    Same with the north fish resource. ONE DIMENSION view is it is good and we should protect it. But for whom? Sinhalese and Muslims can’t even fish there. Only TN and Jaffna fishermen use it. So why not bust it so that SL’s ENEMIES will suffer and will not have enough financial resources to hurt SL? This is the STRATEGIC thinking we must develop to SURVIVE. Keep the baby, throw only the dirty water.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    There were a number of illegal things about the NPC Elections. Sri Lanka authorities have broken the Law of the Land to accommodate the TNA leaders. We say it is high time all the anomalies were rectified and the record set straight for the future.
    Then only will matters for the future will auger well for the govt. and the rest.

    Illegal TNA Manifesto camouflaged by ITAK, illegal Tamil migrants posing as citizens of Lanka, and Tamil voters from other parts of Lanka voting in the North as well ! Can the North ever claim that the Northern elections were legal and clean ?

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Colombo Tamils went to Jaffna and voted for him ? No wonder Yaldevi fully booked in election time Sep2013 .

    You Mod….. , How may would have traveled say… 100 or 1000 but CM got 100,000 favourable votes !!!

    New Film call Naalai Pirakkum !
    USA wrote script , India is producing, Vigneswaran is playing as Hero , other actors are
    Sanpanthan -2nd Hero
    MA Simithran – Heros best mate
    Sivajilingam – Jocker ,
    Doucles Deva – Bady

    Film trail released on Sep 2013
    Film will be released on next Feb 2014 !

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