Well Done Malaysia! In Incarcerating The Sycophants Of The Team Four Documentary. Hopefully Others Will Follow.
Posted on October 22nd, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

October 23rd 2013

‚ The‚  adjudicators of‚ the trial of a‚ woman in Malaysia who faces jail for screening a Channel‚ Four film‚ ‚ now infamous albeit purportedly popularised as ‚ having won some awards (from which donor one wonders ? ~ linked to myopia and insensitivity for all the wrong reasons perhaps !)‚ about Sri Lanka needs to be assertive and definitive as well as precedent setting towards discouraging others from broadcasting the exaggerated lies and innuendo this film has portrayed and the damage its has purportedly caused towards the smooth functioning of Sri Lanka as a Sovereign Nation emerging from a near nation destructive terrorist‚ insurgency.

The irony of it all is that under the guise of promoting Civil Rights and Human Rights used as a front for some to eke out a living ( a popular means of existence for certain types in the world today)‚ they seem to thrive in their trade hardly giving a thought to the damage it can cause towards swaying world opinion about a situation that through their incongruous as well as‚ misconceived‚ tools of malicious intent such as the Channel‚ Four presentation have not only totally distorted the truth but has also caused unnecessary distress for a sovereign nation making great inroads towards progress where big western powers based singly on the trash promoted by the‚ Channel‚ Four codswallop which was examined by many experts and analysts and deemed false and distorted based on scientific reasoning,‚ ‚ are now targetting‚ Sri Lanka‚ at a time when they realistically should be supporting the progress, which is an apathetic response from those involved.

Therefore it seems like poetic justice when Mme. Lena Hendry,‚  said to be “a mild-mannered member of a small civil rights group in Malaysia” has been arrested by the Malaysian Authorities during the screening of the despotic Channel‚ Four film “No Fire Zone ~ the killing fields of Sri Lanka” at Kuala Lumpur-â„¢s -Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall-.
Her organisation, called KOMAS,which has been using the facility for years to show documentaries and movies about human rights, on the day of the screening recently, however had a rude surprise when a number of “unexpected guests” as reported in the media, turned up overturning whatever the objectives were in screening this film as they happened to be Law Enforcement Officers who promptly threw the book at her and her aides.

As reported – thirty Malaysian policemen, government officials and immigration officers had‚ tried to shut the screening down and‚  had also made three arrests and‚ interogated members of the audience -” according to those in attendance, some claiming harassment. -We were shocked by what happened,- said Ms Hendry probably unaware that the activities of her organization had been monitored for sometime which was obviously‚ not viewed in an encouraging perspective by the Malaysian authorities whose actions speak louder than words about the intolerance of organizations such as hers and the confidence shown towards supporting the Government of Sri Lanka and her real‚ people not antagonists..

The film that KOMAS was promoting was the controversial‚  Channel‚ Four ‚ presentation-No fire-zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka,- said to be a multi-award winning documentary although little is known of the awards or their sources which certainly do not entail any Film Academy of repute or any others that might have the affront to present awards to such a souped up and wickedly doctored film which even appears to have utilised false information provided by pro terrorist elements‚ about the alleged ‚ Sri Lankan Government-â„¢s brutal assault on Tamil civilians at the end of that country-â„¢s Tamil Tiger led terrorist‚ insurgency which‚ was crushed by Government Forces four years ago.
Despite the lies and innuendo in this presentation there have been no tangible proof towards the accusations thus far although the bellyaching on the part of the accusers continue where to the contrary there is documented and first hand corroborated evidence that it was the Tamil Tiger insurgents who caused‚ widespread distress to the citizens of Sri Lanka irrespective of ethnicity and it was the Armed Forces that eventually played a major role in providing protection and safe passage‚ for fleeing innocent civilians from the clutches of the terrorists who used them as a human shield. In this respect the Channel Four news item and any others forthcoming of similar presentation should be‚ irrefutably trashed as being damnable as they seem to have conveniently avoided including‚ the related sequences in their presentation which would otherwise show the Armed Forces in their true guise as protectors and redeemers!‚ 
To report that the ‚ film-â„¢s findings have been supported by the United Nations and other human rights groups et al‚ in the face of‚  what they have been fed in a convincing manner by way of theatrics and distorted graphics comes as no surprise where the driving force behind them has emerged according to many credible sources as the global Tamil Tiger supportive diaspora and their links which even entail politicians from Tamil Nadu India who carry sympathies and bitter resentment‚  about the demise of the Tamil Tigers. This is very apparent in the rhetoric they spew almost on a daily basis disguising some of their pro Tamil Tiger sympathies as concerns for the Sri Lankan Tamils albeit quite visible to the discerning and the latter category in fact a contented and well looked after community in Sri Lanka today as a result of their needs being prioritised by the Government despite contradictions.‚ 
Given all the previous outlying as well as convincing arguments based on realities rather than conjecture ‚ when considering the actions of officials from the Sri Lankan and Malaysian Governments determined that the people at -Assembly Hall- would be denied a chance to see it, theirs appears to be a justifiable move on the basis that Sri Lanka’s progress today could be compromised by these harbingers of malice and ill will whose evil influences do not have any bearing on what the Nation of Sri Lanka has accomplished today and is a living testimony for the world to witness!
The Malaysian Government has done well in apprehending Mme. Lena Hendry and her accomplices who are none but sycophants of those behind the Team Four Documentary whose agendas appear to be sourced, funded and approved by powerful‚  sources comprising the global anti Sri Lankan Tamil lobby.
If she has violated laws within the land of Malaysia‚ which have been cited in addition to attempting to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka‚  in collaboration with certain human rights organizations whose focus surely needs to be elsewhere in‚ a world of turmoil and huge human rights violations‚ today, her incarceration together with those who have supported her are truly justifiable.‚ 
And there are others whose incarcerations need to follow in the same perpective!‚ 
Well Done Malaysia‚ !

9 Responses to “Well Done Malaysia! In Incarcerating The Sycophants Of The Team Four Documentary. Hopefully Others Will Follow.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Malaysia.

    Channel 4 and other criminals will CREEP into the country during CHOGM.

    GOSL should be ready to stop them.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    These journalists working for money are called PRESSTITUTES.

  3. Nanda Says:

    There are many rich Tamil Tigers in Malaysia and they are aware of it. These tigers will have to run to Australian bush to hide.

  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    It is heartening to know that Malaysian authorities have quite correctly and fearlessly taken legal action against groups carrying Tamil separatist false propaganda which undermines the Civil Rights of Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka as well as overseas. Carrying such propaganda might be a profitable business for some or just a bread and butter issue for others like unemployed activists, but it is also a threat to the human rights of of Sri Lankans as a whole to live without being harassed and therefore, must be stopped in the name of human decency. So congratulations Malaysia and hope the guilty would be adequately punished even if AI and HRW leaderships try to rescue them.
    What is even more bizarre is the British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Mr Rankin joining these forces by calling for an investigation based on the fabricated Ch-4 movie produced by LTTE migrants in Europe. How do we respond to such conduct by diplomats from a small group of hostile western nations?

  5. thurai Says:

    Tamil who are behind the chanell 4 documentation are direct or indirect connected with Terrorism.
    They want to see and show the blood of Tamils in Sri Lanka to the world. Keep the Tamils in western countries
    against Sinhalese and GOSL is the aim of Tamil Terrorism. Chanell 4 is paid worker of Terrorism.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Malaysia is lucky to be far away from Tamil Nadu. The Malaysians are also more savvy about Tamil Diaspora.

    Sri Lanka has been USED as the place to EXPORT Tamils abroad by creating riots here through Tamil leaders Separatism thourgh Violence (Vaddukoddai Resolution, 1976 – yet NOT revoked !). Aren’t we asking for trouble ?

    Some in the Tamil Diaspora thus formed in some 30 countries will always try to trash Lanka with lies and deceptions. That is why Sri Lanka continues to suffer.

    Tamil Nadu from where Caste bound Tamils come, stays snug and cozy, while Sri Lanka suffers from lies, cheat, deceit and misery for helping Tamils out of their suffering from Caste/poverty issues.

    Send a clear message that Sri Lanka is from now onwards CLOSED TO TAMIL ILLEGAL MIGRANTS by DEPORTING all the illegal Tamil migrants in Lanka.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Sinhale should unite against all Separatism and become as Self Sufficient as is possible in every sphere of human endeavor.

  8. thurai Says:

    Franz Dias, even Malaysia is far away from Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka Tamil Terrorism has their footsteps.
    Tamil Nadu Tamils or Malaysian Tamils aren´t against their own Government. Small numbers are incited to
    act aginst GOSL by Tamils from Sri Lanka. Without work,without Bank Loan, or mortgages Tamil Terrorist
    have millions or Billions in their hands. The bloodmoney work all over the world aginst GOSL.
    They travel allover the world, meet high rang officials establishing Business.

    Their activities are dangerous not only for Tamils in Sri Lanka but also for Tamil Nadu and Malaysian Tamils.
    Do you know who are they relations of TNA

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for your comments.
    Malaysian protection for the country is far better than in Sri Lanka, plus the fact that Malaysia is not situated close enough to Tamil Nadu is a protective factor for Malaysia. Malaysia has Bhumiputra Laws in place to protect the indigenous people.

    The ltte scored during the Cold War. As the ltte terrorist camps were maintained in Tamil Nadu during the Cold War, the connection to TN continues. Even though the Cold War finished, the ltte money collection and political power blocs methods have continued with connections to some vested interests. We suppose this is because the Tamil Caste Wars are continuing, even though the Cold War between super powers have finished.

    You have identified the ltte as the common negative factor for Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The ltte continues to exist because of money & power through money, ostensibly to erase the Tamil Caste structure. But will it ?

    The Tamil Caste structure can be erased far more effectively, permanently and non-violently through Education & Development in Tamil Nadu. The Hindu English newspaper (base in Tamil Nadu), has started publishing a newspaper called “The Hindu in School’ in English covering even Sc&Tech. In September 2013, The Hindu has started its Tamil version for all ages. This is real progress for Tamils of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere.

    I have no idea about any “relationship” between the ltte & TNA except that some in the TNA leadership growls out the same ltte sentiments of Separatism. That is unacceptable to us. If Tamil Leaders of today are sincere, they ought to do away with the Vaddukoddai Resolution, remove it with a printed and signed statement and made public. Or else the Sinhale will be forced to protect themselves through other methods. There has to be give and take between communities, don’t you agree ?

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