Chief Minister Wigneswaran says,”Remove Major Gen. Chandrasiri as Governor and withdraw army from the North”
Posted on October 26th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

At the inaugural session of the Northern Provincial Council, Chief Minister Wignesvaran had called for the removal of Major Gen. Chandrasiri as Governor of the North. He had‚ said, “The people do not want a military official serving as Governor of Northern Province. They want a senior civil servant”. He had also said that the army should be confined to the barracks in order to continue the post-war development activities.

During the 30 year war, it was the army which saved the people of the North from atrocities committed by the terrorists. The LTTE treated the people in the‚ North like ‘sheep’ driving them from pillor to post and grabbed whatever rations sent by the govt to them. Towards the end of the war, it was because of the trust the people had in the army that more than 300,000 ran away from the LTTE, despite firing‚ and‚ using suicide squads at them. The army welcomed them with open arms. The old and the infirm who could not walk were carried to safety by army personnel. And they gave away their food packets to the starving people. While this was on, Wignesvaran and the TNA supporters were sitting comfortably and safely‚ in Colombo‚  watching the ‘Rescue Operation’ on TV !‚ Now‚ they‚ want the army confined to the barracks !

During the last 4 years it was the army which did all‚  the post-war development activities eg,‚ construction of roads, restoring facilities such as water and electricity, building houses,‚ bridges‚ and so on. The army had also saved people from bullying by the LTTE rump.‚ Now backed by the TNA, Wignesvaran had suddenly appeared from a Home for the Aged and wants to be the ‘saviour’‚ of the people.‚ Army Platoons are‚ stationed not only in the North but also in other parts of the country. Wignesvaran and his acolytes‚ seem to be imitating Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu. Wignesvaran should be firmly reminded‚ that ‚ Defence is a function of the Central Govt and not that of the Provincial Councils.

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  1. stanley perera Says:

    Let Vigneswaran and TNA bark for the next four years untill the next PC election. Nothing they will achieve until the cheque book is with MR and MR stays in power. Vigneswaran was a lousy judge in the Supreme Court. He only asked dumb questions when in the bench. Harf of the time he was in India for medical treatment. Must be a ploy. Racist Tamils in the North are the ones brought in illegally from Tamil Nadoo. Sampanthan, Sivajilingam and Rayappu are also kallathonis. MR must take the matters serous and populate North and East with Sinhalese on 1:1 basis. Nadoos were heavily involved in the past 30 years in exporting illegals, Kallathonis to North and East. Our politicians do not want to know the scheming of the racist Tamils.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    VIJMESWARAM started with smooth catchy words, like TAMIL PEOPLE DO NOT WANT SEPERATISM. He thought that the Sinhalayas are Modayas, that they will with clasped hands and shout SADHU SADHU SADHU. OLD MONKEYS WILL NEVER LEARN NEW TRICKS. So he should be sent back to the Home for the Aged. HE WILL HAVE TO LEAVE FASTER THAN HE CAME. HOW HE WILL LEAVE IS ANYBODYS’ GUESS NOW.

    Ravula wants to now be the Chandiya for the Tamil People. A Megolomaniac re-born. He wants the Governor out, and replaced with a Civil Servant, who must be already in his motley head.

    He then wants a special Police Force for the Tamils. I do not know whether he has sowed enough wild oats to have young men to form his ELITE TAMIL FORCE. The IGP of Sri Lanka is not going to cater to Silly Individuals requirements to have separate Police for VIJNESWARAM. SEE HIS JACKAL INSTINCT TO ESTABLISH POLICE POWERS.?? This Ravula must be related to His Excellency the President, as President himself said, but The President is not going to fall for his Pottu and Beard, fall in front of him, curl beg and roll. President Mahinda Rajapakse is made of Sterner stuff. Ravula cannot hoodwink him mellifluously. Oh No ! that would never happen.

    Then he said, ” we will extend the hand of Friendship to the Central Government to work together. WHATEVER HAND IS EXTENDED, HE WILL BITE LIKE A RABID JACKAL. Rest assured. So, whoever is contemplating to give his hand to him on aforesaid matters, better consult an astrologer.

    The best thing to stall the cunning jackal is for the President to stop being servile to him and say a STERN NO to removing MAJOR GENERAL, CHANDRASIRI, GOVERNOR FROM HIS POSITION. That will for a start jerk the jackal.

    If President ever makes a wrong move on this, HE will be insulting the Entire Tri Forces, and the Police.


  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Bloody racist Tamils.

    They can’t stand the sight of Sinhalese.

    First they wanted the army out. Now they want the governor out. Next they will want the Sinhalese out of SL.

    The story of the camel. You let the creature have its dumb head inside the tent and soon the entire damn thing will be inside and we are out.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    What a dreamer is this racist and rabid bunch? Vigneswaran must be pretty aware of the red tape and the bureaucracy that exist in SL. There is the Governor on one hand and on the other hand there is going to be a minister appointer to overall supervision and not forgetting the GA also in the administration. The chappie will be too busy in going after the top dogs get a bus halt built in the North. All the development projects are in the hand of the central government. Let Vigneswaran build toilets to the Racist Tamils. Already the car permits to the PC members are taken away. Soon the chap will realise it is only superficial the glory of being the CM. Small fish in a small pond. Land and police powers are only a dream. If other eight PCs are not provided with such powers why only to Racist North. Hope the fellow is not Perumal 11. Simply piss off Vigneswaran. Vigneswaran you are insulting the moderate Tamil people.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    STANLEY !! Well said. Simply piss off Vigneswaran, PISS OFF DAMNING TAMIL RACIST JACKAL.

    Has anybody ever imagined that, when this AH V was Squatting on the bench, that he would be glorifying that megalomaniac Prabarkaran in his thoughts while being a Supreme Court Judge.?? There may be much more I believe, who cherish the same thoughts, while squatting on the bench. The Government must retrace his final judgements for atleast one year to find out whether there are predjudiced judgements. Possibly there is, though nothing can be done now.

    He put his foot in his mouth, when he declared that Prabakaran was a Hero. That alone should have given the President the RED LIGHT.


  6. stanley perera Says:

    Vigneswaran never wrote a judgement order during his time as a Supreme Court judge. It is the presiding judge who makes the judgement order. Vigneswaran was not a presiding judge. Vigneswaran always supported the majority and put his dhoby mark. Vigneswaran was a lousy and a lazy judge right throughout his term as a Supreme Court judge. A respected Supreme court judges after retirement never entered politics. It is only koolies like Vigneswaran. Look at the TNA b…..ds. Not a single pig is a gentlemen. They are only fit to collect the night soil.

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    STANLEY ! Thanks for enlightening on the ‘ presiding judge ‘

    Vijneswaran is truly a Kooly.

    Our President should not be so servile to this ITAK and TNA coolies. We can fathom President’s vertebrae when he takes a decision on the request by the jackal to remove the Northern Province Governor. LET US WAIT AND SEE.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Go back to the old ruhunu, Maya and Pihiti system. Merge all the provinces only into three.

  9. AnuD Says:

    It looks as he did when he was the Supreme court Judge, even now Wigneswaran is the pawn of other TNA members.

    I think wigneswaran is good. Because, he is not a Serpent like Senathiraja or sumanthiran.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    NEVER give Police and Land Powers to AVOWED SEPARATISTS who hero worship the arch-terrorist Velupillai Prabhakaran!

    Wigneswaran’s “hand of friendship”, thus far constitutes:

    1. Honoring dead LTTE terrorists
    2. Paying Homage to the late unlamented SunGod who murdered over 150,000 Sri Lankan citizens
    3. Promising to restore LTTE cemeteries to help revive Eelamist sentiments
    4. Remove/reduce the presence of the Sri Lanka armed forces, and replace them with Tamil policemen, aka TNA goons, so the REVIVAL of the Eelamist terrorist army can be done in secret
    5. Replace Maj. Gen Chandrasiri, the Governor of the Province with a civilian stooge who can be bribed, terrorized and cowed into silence as the Eelam project is accelerated
    6. Co-opt the GOSL of the support of Muslims evicted from the North by the Eelamists by offering to restore them to their homes … for the moment that is …. until the Eelam project is well established when they can be re-ejected without interference by the Central Govt, and
    7. He demands that people who were never residents of the North should not be resettled in the province under state-sponsored colonization schemes, THUS DENYING the right of Sinhala People to settle anywhere in Sri Lanka, with or without GOSL assistance, just as the majority of Tamils from the North and East of Sri Lanka migrated to the GOSL controlled South, settled there and prospered mightily in the last 30 years. Now, he wants to deny that same right to Sinhala citizens of Sri Lanka! The Chutzpah of these RACISTS just BOGGLES my mind!

    In short, Wigneswaran wants to adopt policies which will ensure RACIAL PURITY of a Tamil Northern Province … just as Prabhakaran did, and set the stage for regrouping and REVIVAL of the Eelamist movement.

    Thus, here is an EElamist spouting the very same “Mein Kampf” AGENDA for the future as Prabhakaran did, he gives us FAIR WARNING of what he and the TNA will in the near future.

    Therefore, he is TOTALLY UNFIT to be Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province and constitutes a GRAVE THREAT to Sri Lanka’s National Integrity, and should be dismissed from his office.

    Better still, just TAR & FEATHER this SOB, and roll him home to worship the Siva Lingam in the privacy of his own home; he is UNFIT TO SERVE in any government body in Sri Lanka.

    NPC ready to exercise police, land powers, CM Wigneswaran tells inaugural session

    By Dinasena Ratugamage
    October 25, 2013

    Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran told the inaugural meeting of the recently elected Council that he was ready to exercise police and land powers granted to the PCs by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

    The Northern Provincial Council began its session in a building at Kaithady in Jaffna after a grand ceremony conducted in accordance with Hindu cultural rituals.

    After the election of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, Mr. Wigneswaran, a retired Supreme Court Justice, said that he was prepared to discuss any problems that could arise with any party in order to find a solution.He said his objective was to deploy a majority of Tamil speaking police officers in the province and to either reduce or remove the unlimited presence of security forces there under powers entrusted to the Council step by step.

    The Chief Minister said internal self-determination was possible within a united Sri Lanka. He said his administration would extend a hand of friendship to the Central Government with the expectation of reciprocity.

    Mr. Wigneswaran called for the replacement of the present northern governor with a civil official who understands the needs and aspirations of the Tamil people. Asserting that Muslims who were evicted from the North would be rehabilitated as a foremost task under his administration, he said people who were never residents of the North should not be resettled in the province under state-sponsored colonization schemes.

  11. stanley perera Says:

    Wigneswaranai is only barking.

  12. Nanda Says:

    barking is OK but the dog might start biting soon. That is why it is barking to remove the leash.

  13. stanley perera Says:

    Nai can bite racist Sampanthan’s smelly arse. A chief minister is powerless bum. He is the bottom of the heap with the councillors. Above him is the Governor. Above the GA. Above the GA is the Governor. Above the Governor is the President. Chief Minister Vigneswaranai cannot give orders to a police Constable or even a Grama Sevaka. That is why a man with a dignity does not become a chief minister. Chief Minister is not even a cabinet minister. Bottom of the heap is the proper discription of the chief minister. He is a glorified chairman of the PC.

  14. thurai Says:

    There is proposal or decision to boycott CHOGM by CM Vigneswaren and TNA. All of them receive salary from GOSL
    They have Building for Provincial council from GOSL. Within one week they started to show their real faces.
    I always say they aren´t interested in the life of Tamils or peaceful life of all communities in Sri Lanka.

    Roots of Tamil Terrorism not dead.

  15. stanley perera Says:

    A PC is not an independent body. They have to toe the line with the GoSL. If they try to be too smart and racist Gota has the medicine to treat the pigs. They must learn a lesson from Perumal. Vignesvaranai thinks he is the President of Sri Lanka. That racist terrorist supporter has no place in Sri Lanka. It is Naroo state is the right place to Vigbeswaranai an Sampanthanai.

  16. Christie Says:

    It is time to get rid of the PCs.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    GR goes to Endia next week.

    He will be threatened by Endia.

  18. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    He is hell bent on keeping to the plan of that dead megalomaniac. First trying to get rid of the Governor. Then trying to usurp the IGPs functions, by trying to have his own Police Force. This AH V is in a quandary, as to where to start working for the people. Then he talks of putting the Army Back to Barracks, by usurping the Army Commanders functions, over-riding the Presidents mandated authority as Commander in Chief of The Tri-Forces and Police. Who the hell this bugger thinks he is ? Sampandung is behind all this tickling Vijmeswarans AH.

  19. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  20. thurai Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe , I accept with you . Chiefminister wants to achive What LTTE wanted to do with arms and suicide bombing. CM considering only power transfer from South to North. At same time never considered about Tamils live in
    other parts of Sri Lanka. Northern youths want Government Employment or go to western countries.

    What are the plans has CM and TNA for Tamil Youths employment and education? or CM wants Financial assistance
    from Tamils in Western countries, Politicians like Tamil Nadu?

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    Poor President … ALL BLAME & NO CREDIT,, except from Sri Lankans who love him well; Not even for risking his political neck by Empowering the TNA Separatists in the Northern Province through PC Elections.

    I FERVENTLY hope the President will DOMINATE the TOUGH TALK at the CHOGM meeting!

    Dear Mr. resident … Please TELL THEM what you are GOING to TELL THEM, then TELL THEM, and TELL THEM WHAT YOU JUST TOLD THEM for good measure until the message rings between their ears!

    These Drone Killers Preaching Peace & Harmony to Sri Lanka and the Developing World, are Quick to Sponsor Conflict and Terror in Other Countries to Undermine Governments and Exploit their Resources, but they Never Follow Their Own Advice!

    Don’t let these jaundiced HYPOCRITES wielding DOUBLE STANDARDS get a word in EDGEWAYS!

    Rajapaksa: Sri Lanka’s affable authoritarian?

    By Jason Burke
    The Observer,jp
    Oct 27, 2013

    LONDON – Down in the deep south of Sri Lanka, where life usually moves at a leisurely pace, there is one small town that is less tranquil. Hambantota — population 20,000 — is expanding fast. There is a vast new deepwater port, built with $360 million of borrowed Chinese cash; a new 35,000-seat cricket stadium; a huge convention center; and a $200 million international airport. A broad-gauge railway is under construction. Powerful people have ambitions for Hambantota. None is more powerful or more ambitious than President Mahinda Rajapaksa, born nearby in 1945.

    There is much construction in Sri Lanka these days. The island nation was already one of the wealthiest in South Asia but its economy had been held back by decades of civil conflict. Now the war is over and growth rates, the government claims, are touching 7 percent.

    Earlier this month, a new section of motorway was opened. Undeniably one of the best roads in a part of the world where rutted single-lane highways still link many major cities, it joins the international airport with Colombo, the political and commercial capital. British Prime Minister David Cameron, 51 other leaders and Prince Charles will drive down its tarmac next month when they fly in for the Commonwealth heads of government meeting.

    The summit is controversial. Rajapaksa, now in his eighth year of power, is much reviled — at least in the West. The chief charges against him are serious: that he ignored, condoned or even encouraged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan troops in the final bloody phases of the campaign to crush the brutal Tamil Tigers rebels; that he has again ignored, condoned or possibly even ordered a wave of repression directed at those who contest his or his government’s authority; that he has made no serious effort to reach out politically to Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority; that he aims to ensure that his family’s grip on the island nation is without challenge for decades to come.

    In short, it is alleged that under his rule Sri Lanka is becoming a nasty, authoritarian quasi-rogue banana republic. If there is some truth in many of the charges, the reality, like the man, is more complex than appearances suggest. In person, Rajapaksa is more avuncular than ogre. Tall, heavy-set, with an astonishing bouffant as solid, glossy and black as polished coal, he exudes the hearty bonhomie of the rugby player he once was. He remembers names, slaps backs, happily strips to the waist when he visits temples, and makes sure his guests, even journalists who have come to grill him, have been offered a cup of tea. One reporter watched astonished as the president went off to fetch biscuits. Such gestures reveal a canny politician with a carefully cultivated folksy style.

    Almost all Sri Lanka’s post-independence leaders have been smooth, English-speaking, often educated abroad, and from Colombo or its environs. Rajapaksa, a small-town lawyer without a university degree, is thus very different, even if he does come from a political family. Rarely seen in Western dress and never in a suit, he is supposed to enjoy a traditional country breakfast of buffalo milk curd and cane sugar treacle. His trademark rust-brown neck scarf deliberately recalls the sweaty rags of farmers and is supposed to represent the millet they sow. He usually speaks Sinhala in public — though he can get by in English, albeit without the fluency of many South Asian senior politicians, and has learned some Tamil.

    One problem for his critics is that, though elections are marred by intimidation, violence and the misuse of state resources, few deny that Rajapaksa’s successive poll victories reflect a genuine mandate. Even his opponents in Colombo admit that he remains without a serious local political challenger. His heartland is rural, conservative, Buddhist and dominated by the Sinhalese majority.

    It was these voters that, as a 24-year-old novice politician armed with a law degree and a famous father, he won over to enter parliament for the first time in 1970. The same voters backed him in 2005 when, after a year as prime minister, he stood for president, and still back him now. Part of the dislike, and the fear, that Rajapaksa inspires in Colombo’s political elite is his unashamed exploitation of his status as a political outsider.

    The emotions Rajapaksa inspires in many Tamils, who comprise 10 percent to 15 percent of the population, have their source elsewhere, however. A key election pledge was to end the bitter war against the Tamil Tigers, the de facto government in much of the north, by negotiation. This stance shifted. Here his brother, Gotabhaya, the defense secretary, played a key role, as he would do in the campaign to come. During the 26 years of conflict there had been a number of truces, most recently in 2002. These, the Rajapaksa brothers and the senior military believed, were simply used by the Tamil Tigers to resupply and reorganize. This time the Rajapaksas decided there would be no truce, whatever the international pressure.

    The military was expanded hugely. The cease-fire collapsed entirely. One senior Sri Lankan official remembered how, when a report of heavy army casualties arrived on the president’s desk, Rajapaksa called Sarath Fonseka, a junior general with a ruthless reputation who had been picked to command the new campaign, to express his concern. Fonseka said that if the president wasn’t prepared to have men killed, he would resign. He stayed.

    Only during the last few weeks of the conflict did the world begin to take notice of events in the rough, scrubby plains of northern Sri Lanka. As they retreated, the Tamil Tigers took hundreds of thousands of civilians with them. In a series of interviews last month, noncombatants spoke of chaos, “no-fire zones” that were not respected by the army, and orders from the Tamil Tigers to leave their homes. What is also clear is that the Tigers made little effort to separate combatants from civilians, particularly toward the end of the fighting, when huge numbers, including fighters and the Tamil Tiger high command, were packed into a tiny area between a lagoon and the sea. They may have shot some people who tried to escape.

    But the army bombed, shelled and strafed the area indiscriminately, killing the Tigers’ leaders but also thousands of civilians.

    “For many days we did not leave our bunker. It was just shells all the time,” one refugee from the town of Puthukkudiyiruppu recalled last month. “Finally we decided we would die unless we ran. So we waited until a break. . . . The army was only a few hundred meters away but on the way we passed maybe 25 or 30 bodies, men, women, old people, children.”

    There are also reports, backed by images shot on soldiers’ phones, of large numbers of summary executions of captured rebel cadres and some civilians. These are the alleged war crimes that the United Nations wants credibly and independently investigated — something the Sri Lankan government has so far failed to do. Rajapaksa has called the allegations “propaganda” and accused the U.N. of doing the bidding of “big countries” who “bully” little ones.

    Such rhetoric plays well at home, particularly from a man whose career has been built on an image of the straight-talker from the backwoods, and can be useful globally too. No one in Rajapaksa’s neighborhood is very keen on lectures from the west either. “We can live with it, but the public finger-wagging doesn’t help anyone,” said one senior Sri Lankan diplomat.

    Since the end of the war other concerns have intensified. There have been scores, some say hundreds, of abductions. Journalists are systematically threatened. Trade unionists and human rights activists receive regular “warnings” or are roughed up. The constitution has been changed to allow Rajapaksa a third term. Dozens of his relatives hold government posts, controlling, according to one estimate, nearly half the state expenditure. A son is being groomed as a successor. There are widespread allegations of graft and an upsurge in sectarian violence.

    “It is a situation of total state capture,” said J.C. Weliamuna, a leading human rights lawyer in Colombo.

    This is South Asia, of course, where zero-sum politics, dynasties, massive development in the native towns of incumbent leaders, marginalized minorities and corruption is unexceptional. Tourist visits and revenues are up — though not by as much as the government would like, or, probably, claims. Foreign investment worth $2 billion is expected this year, officials say. But even regionally there are now worries about where Sri Lanka is headed.

    These concerns will all be carefully obscured next month. So far the only invited leader not attending the Commonwealth summit is Canada’s Stephen Harper. David Cameron says “tough messages” are best delivered in person. Rajapaksa will no doubt be his usual bluff and cheery self at the meeting. But if anyone is delivering a tough message, it will be him.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    Is USAID & the Catholic Church recruiting former Terrorists in the Guise of Charity?

    Remember the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) that chanelled a vast stream of funds to Prabhakaran? Is the PIPELINE of TERRORIST FUNDS starting up again …. with USAID?

    Fr. Yogeswaran and ex-LTTE cadres meeting – Smacks of suspicion regarding intention

    Sunday, 27 October 2013

    Questions have been raised regarding a ‘meeting’ held in Trincomalee between Human Rights Campaigner and Legal Advisor Fr. V. Yogeswaran and rehabilitated members of the LTTE and their families.
    This ‘special’ meeting was held by Fr. Yogeswaran last Tuesday (22). Those attended included several rehabilitated former LTTE cadres and relatives of LTTE members either undergoing rehabilitation or serving prison sentences.

    When contacted, Fr. Yogeswaran denied any such meeting had taken place. “There was no meeting. I never met any such persons,” he emphasized.

    However, informed sources disclosed to The Nation that such a meeting had indeed taken place, and that during this meeting, Fr. Yogeswaran had requested rehabilitated former LTTE cadres to submit him letters claiming that they were yet to receive any support from the Government.

    He had then registered these individuals with his office. He had allegedly told these individual that ‘someone’ would visit them within the next few days and they would be provided with financial aid afterwards.
    He had also met with selected relatives of LTTE members either undergoing rehabilitation or serving prison sentences. He had provided each of them with financial.

    The Police, who were alerted to the meeting, had later intervened and questioned the priest about why he was holding such a gathering in his office. At this point, he had allegedly stated that he was conducting it as an ‘act of charity’ and that funds for this activity were being provided by USAID and two priests from Negombo.

    According to military officials 0rehabilitated former cadres are provided with assistance, including self-employment training, access to bank loans, and other forms of financial support. As such, to coerce such persons to submit letters claiming they had received ‘no support whatsoever’ from the Government, smacked of a suspicious agenda.

    They also point out that if any NGO wanted to provide financial or other aid to rehabilitated LTTE cadres and families, they could do so easily by going through the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation.

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    MORE Pestiferous Priests joining the Eelamist Chorus asking South Africa to boycott the CHOGM!

    Rev. Fr. Emmanuel echoes TN sentiments

    By Manjula Fernando
    October 27, 2013

    A known LTTE sympathiser wrote to South Africa’s African National Congress on Friday, in a bid to coerce that country to boycott the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to be held in Colombo three weeks from now.

    “The letter is an indication that the LTTE and its sympathisers have not abandoned their campaign to make CHOGM in Sri Lanka a non-event,” a senior diplomat told the Sunday Observer yesterday. Fr. S.J. Emmanuel of the Global Tamil Forum, who was once rejected landing in Chennai for his terrorist affiliations, while on a trip to India to attend a pro-LTTE conference, has written in his letter, “I am writing, on behalf of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), to humbly ask whether South Africa would be willing to boycott the forthcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka.”

    Repeating the war crimes allegations against the Sri Lankan Government, he said, “I would be most grateful if you were willing to raise this matter with senior figures in the South African Government, including the President.”

    In the letter which is reproduced in the Colombo Telegraph, he expressed ‘alarm’ over Sri Lanka’s appointment as the Chair of the Commonwealth for two years, as customary for any host country.

    The senior diplomat said there was no difference between Fr. Emmanuel’s call and the Tamil Nadu Government’s call to boycott the summit in Sri Lanka, while many countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Britain have emphasised that participation in the CHOGM was more productive than keeping away.

    In fact, Australia has invited the Canadian Prime Minister to defy domestic political calls to attend the summit in Sri Lanka and see for himself the ground situation. On Tuesday, Kenya also rejected a news report that its government was lobbying African countries to boycott the 23rd CHOGM summit.

    A statement from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said Kenya has already embarked on preparations for the summit and there was no doubt that the country will be represented at ‘high levels of government’.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    The GOSL is discharging its responsibility by BUILDING ESSENTIAL INFRASTRUCTURE at a RAPID PACE.

    It is now up to Sri Lankan Patriots, within Sri Lanka and Abroad in the Expatriate Community, to do their utmost to introduce New Technologies and New Businesses to Sri Lanka that leverage these new infrastructure developments to GROW Sri Lanka’s Economic Strength and Technological Expertise at a good profit to themselves.

    ALL Expatriates should ask themselves: “Is there any useful skill or knowledge that I have, however big or however small, that I can exploit to introduce a novel capability, product, or service to Sri Lanka geared to the LOCAL or the EXPORT market?

    Now is the time to stir yourself and stop being a mere observer of events in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is on a roll to achieving its Grand Vision of becoming the New Wonder of Asia. The GOSL is doing its part; we should do ours!

    Ask not what your Motherland can do for you, but what ypou can do for your Motherland!

    Sri Lanka President opens Chinese funded expressway linking Katunayake airport to capital

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 27, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa today declared opened the Colombo – Katunayake Expressway (CKE) , the 26 kilometer high speed expressway linking the country’s main Colombo International Airport to the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

    Opening Sri Lanka’s second expressway, President unveiled a commemorative plaque at the entrance to the CKE at Peliyagoda and drove his vehicle to the Seeduwa Control Exchange where he paid the toll.

    He inspected the video system at the Seeduwa control stations and proceeded to the Katunayake Exchange where he was received by flag-waving school students.

    Addressing the occasion the President said with the opening of the highway the government has proven that it can successfully meet any challenge thrown at the government.

    He emphasized that the development of a country is gauged by the development of a road network in a country and the expressway declared open today will provide benefits to both the local and foreign people.

    Reiterating that the country has achieved peace and there was no bloodshed or terrorist activity in the country after 19th May 2009, the President appealed to the people to give their fullest cooperation to the development programme being implemented by the government for the benefit of the future generation.

    He noted that when the government is making effort to develop the country certain elements are making various allegations against the government and therefore, the government has to spend much precious time to file response in Geneva to the allegations.

    The 25.8 kilometer long expressway was built at a cost of US$ 291 million with a loan from China.

    The CKE is expected to reduce the travel time between Colombo and the Airport to about 20 minutes. Speed limit will be 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph) for the first eight kilometers (5.0 mi) and 110 km/h (68 mph) for the rest of the road.

    First Lady Shiranthi Wickremasinghe Rajapaksa, Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne, Chinese diplomats, ministers and parliamentarians also participated in the event.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:

    While Tamil Nadu politicians allege discrimination against Sri Lankan Tamils, here is what is happening in Tamil Nadu’s own backyard!
    Discrimination keeps Dalit colony out of democratic exercise for years

    By M Niyas Ahmed – DHARMAPURI
    October 26, 2013

    While the Supreme Court has ensured the NOTA (none of the above) option for voters, here is a colony whose dwellers have never voted in any election so far. The reason, however, is different.

    Caste discrimination has kept the polling station out of bounds for the 700-odd Dalit population of the Arunthathiyar Colony at Nathamedu in Pappireddipatti block here. Nathamedu, which is about 35 km from Dharmapuri town, has a population of over 5,000 caste Hindus and a few hundred Dalits.

    The Arunthathiyar colony at Nathamedu in Pappireddipatti block of Dharmapuri | M Niyas Ahmed
    R Perumal, a resident of Arunthathiyar Colony told Express, “We have not voted in any election as the polling booth would usually be a school in the area where caste Hindus live. They won’t allow us to enter the school to exercise our franchise. Out of fear, we have never voted in any election. However, in the last Assembly election, some of our people voted only because there was heavy police presence.”

    He appealed to the district administration to set up a polling booth in their colony for the upcoming Parliamentary election.

    “There are more than 300 voters in our colony. If the district administration sets up a polling booth here it will be helpful for us,” said another resident of the colony. This apart, the Arunthathiyars do not have a separate burial ground and had been urging the authorities to provide them one for the past 40 years.

    Potable water too has remained a far cry.

    None of the Arunthathiyars possess land and earn a living by working as daily wage labourers in the farms owned by caste Hindus. However, most of the caste Hindus refuse to employ them, forcing them to migrate to other towns and cities in search of jobs.

  26. stanley perera Says:

    AH Vigneswaranai has been bludging Sinhalese people all his life. THE SILK HE WAS WEARING AS A SUPREME COURT JUDGE WAS BURROWED FROM A RETIRED SINHALE SUPREME COURT JUDGE. AH Vigneswaranai cannot have his racist ways as the Governor and the GA are breathing down his neck. Only the fools make a noice. This AH Vigneswaranai cannot build even a toilet without the Governer’s permission. AH was not invited to attend the CHOGM. Sri Lankans don’t want this AH attending the CHOGM. AH is not a foreign dignatory. Sri Lankans love their country. It is the racist Nadoos who are anti Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans and not for the racist Nadoos like this AH.

  27. aloy Says:

    ” It is now up to Sri Lankan Patriots, within Sri Lanka and Abroad in the Expatriate Community, to do their utmost to introduce New Technologies and New Businesses to Sri Lanka that leverage these new infrastructure developments to GROW Sri Lanka’s Economic Strength and Technological Expertise at a good profit to themselves.

    ALL Expatriates should ask themselves: “Is there any useful skill or knowledge that I have, however big or however small, that I can exploit to introduce a novel capability, product, or service to Sri Lanka geared to the LOCAL or the EXPORT market?

    Now is the time to stir yourself and stop being a mere observer of events in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is on a roll to achieving its Grand Vision of becoming the New Wonder of Asia. The GOSL is doing its part; we should do ours!”

    Do you really believe that all those statements by the polticos are true intentions. That is all bunkum. I have my personal experience and let me share it with the readers:
    I was working overseas for many years in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering. Before going overseas I worked in two main government owned engineering organizations for a total of twelve years. In order to transfer what ever the knowledge useful to our country I established a consultancy firm and tried to secure at least one project to start with. I wrote to the head of the ministry handling a $250 million WB loan project aiming to rid Colombo of flooding and even met and discussed with the person concerned as it is one of my specific area of expertise. I never got any encouragement or response. It appeared to me the person who appeared to be a square peg in a round hole was trying every means of avoiding people like us joining in any capacity as it would affect their game plan. They would rather have a company playing the role of listening post but get the job done by a foreign company thus depriving our own peoples opportunity to acquire any useful knowledge. I complained to the president and his brother in writing. No response or even an acknowledgement though it is over three months since I have written. What is the use of a president and a secretariat if he cannot organise it to reply to a letter written to the minister concerned. I have handled several hundred million dollars worth of work overseas and continue to do so. Do they think we are just nobodies?.

  28. stanley perera Says:

    Aloy,I understand your concern. But when one makes a move there is a barrage of questions coming from the locals as to where the hell you were when the country was in hell with the Tamil Terrorists? and etc. So where do we start from?

  29. aloy Says:

    Sri Lanka was my home and still is. Since year 2000 I went in and out of SL at least twice a year and I do not have a PR anywhere. Even now I can retire with my children in one of the two western countries or Singapore, but will not do that. In 2007 I wrote to HE the president that he can finish off the tigers with determination and that his name will be written in gold in our history. There was a reply to it from his secretariat and that actually happened.
    But since the liberation country is going in a different direction. Perhaps sheer arrogance of a few individuals or a plan to keep SL undeveloped for ever.

  30. jayasiri Says:

    Judging by the responses, Sri Lnkans everywhere, care about our Motherland. Sinahla people will take ages to make a decision,that is why Tamils have an upperhand. IF WE genuinely want to help Sri Lanka prosper, THE TIME IS NOW.

    Apart from venting our anger, we all should make it a point DO SOMETHING good, collectively or individually to show that we care. Making statements as I DO, is not acceptabe, MUST DO some work towards the MASS silent pouplation in Lanka, who STILL find it hard to make ends meet.

    They are more worried about how to put the next meal on their tables..rather than worry about the country. Because of this reason, MOSTLY LANKANS in foreign lands who are generally well to do, MUST make it a point VOLUNTARYLY to help SriLanka.

    With rspect to TAMILS asking for more.. a mere 4.5% cannot even expect to keep ALREADY GRANTED favours to them by various govts in the past when their poulation was aroubnd 12%. THEY SHOULD SERIOUSLY think of assimilating & learn SINHALA language.(without marrying our girls). That will craete more problems in the future.

    IMMEDIATE EFFORT should be TO GET RID of Tamil & Muslim population from COLOMBO DISTRICT. Even the factories should NOT be in vicinity of Colombo, due to environmental issues. First there was DIPPED RUBBER products factory in Gampaha & NOW Piliyandala a gas leak.

    WHO in right mind approve such factories, businesses, in the vicinity of the populated areas? NEXT to move Sinhalese INTO Jaffna & major cities in North & EAST. This must be done IMEDIATELY before NPC takes hold & learn from INDIA how to DE-STABALIZE the country.

    ASK India to close down too many Indian counsellates in Lanka. Even their own states DO NOT HAVE such LISTENING POSTS, so why so many in Sri Lanka. WHY in Hambantota, to pave way for some more ILLEGAL INDIAN IMMIGANTS to southern Province? NO WAY THIS SHOULD BE ALLOWED.

    THESE are the main issues & it is alright to vent our anger, BUT ALSO we must do something positive to HELP the govt. by insisting on these measures.

    Thank you all….As usual another expat babbling away…..GOD BLESS US ALL & SRI LANKA…..J

  31. Marco Says:

    Aloy, I entirely understand your frustration and i’am sure Ananda has experienced the same. (re- your presentations)
    Ananda , may recall a Conflab held at GFH (think it was in 2009 or 2010- been to so many) for expat entrepreneurs and business people and local business people. I was on the same table or the next table to Ananda.
    He may recall the number of delegates leaving the room as soon as a certain politician started speaking.

    Stanley is wrong when he says locals have this misnomer. It may be true with certain people who have suspicions of “johnny come latetly” which is only understandable.

  32. Lorenzo Says:


    First things first.

    What’s the point in pouring milk into a pot with a hole?

    SL expats should demand the govt. SCRAP 13 amendment FIRST.

    Control corruption. Have better law and order.

    Then and only then the expats will come. No need to invite or beg them.

    Otherwise it is WASTE.

  33. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hi Marco,

    Yes, I was at that meeting which was held at the Cinnamon Gardens Hotel (not the GFH). I met many expatriates there, and you may have been one of them. And you are right again in your assumption that my experience following up on that meeting was disappointing. I tried to take a 10MW Wind Turbine Plant to Sri Lanka; that was a total flop because of barriers erected by bureaucrats. I then understood that not much has changed in Sri Lanka in the 40 years since I left home as a young BSc engineer for graduate studies in the USA!

    As Wimal Weerawansa said at that very meeting, an entrenched “Bamunu Kulaya” exists at lower levels of the government in Sri Lanka that continue to confound directives of even the top-level leadership. But even so, I am not ready to give up on helping my Motherland, my people, and my family because of such barriers; I decided to work around them.

    If I were much younger I would persist and struggle more to implement my many big ideas and projects needing GOSL support, that would benefit Sri Lanka in a really big way. However, I am at a stage in my life where I have very little patience or appetite for grappling with greedy bureaucrats, and I want to have fun doing these things and see them through to completion. I am not interested in titled positions, or even making vast sums of money, but I am interested in setting up and seeding advanced technological enterprises in Sri Lanka on a small, yet profitable, scale, for long term VIABILITY depends on profitability. I am in a great hurry to help Sri Lanka, and return something my Motherland, before I have to depart this world.

    After my previous experience, I changed my approach to NOT ASK the GOSL for any assistance in the projects and enterprises I launch in Sri Lanka, by keeping them sufficiently small, well within my own financial resources, and working with a few close friends and family members to implement them. This enables us to keep control and COMPLETE the projects we begin without getting mired in a series of money losing failures. I am happy to say that this totally private, small scale approach, is working out quite well, and I recommend that approach to others in my age bracket as well.

  34. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hi Aloy/Lorenzo,

    I share your experience and I recommend my small scale approach I described in my reply to Marco to you as well.

    Aloy’s error, and mine as well, was in trying to do big projects that require GOSL assistance without oiling the palms of bureaucrats. Unfortunately, that approach is doomed to failure in Sri Lanka where big projects arouses visions of untold unearned wealth in the greedy and the corrupt.

    It would be nice, as Lorenzo says, to Eliminate Corruption First … but that elephant is too big to move … perhaps in our lifetimes. Clearly, we must work around that barrier in some way.

    So we are caught in a dilemma, if we wait … we will not help Sri Lanka Grow when she needs our help, but if we plunge in … them we can get disappointed and lose heart.

    Remember, NO COUNTRY … certainly not the USA … is without Corruption. It is just that Corruption exists at the lowest levels and at the highest levels in the USA leaving a reasonably wide window without Corruption for ordinary law-abiding citizens to live their lives and prosper. In Sri Lanka, this Corruption-Free window is rather narrow, and that will only widen as the ECONOMIC PIE available for all citizens of Sri Lanka to share becomes much larger.

    That is where our (Expatriates) help becomes critical … we can help grow the Sri Lankan PIE by seeding businesses and jobs in Sri Lanka with our knowledge and skills. My many South Korean American friends tell me that the situation which was very bad in South Korea has significantly improved since that country became economically powerful; i.e, when the ECONOMIC PIE became larger. How did they do it? Can we emulate them?

    When I was a graduate student in the US, every fellow South Korean/Taiwanese student wanted become a permanent resident, but now they all want to return home, because they say they can live better, eat better, and live better with their extended families there!

    I read today that 26% of Sri Lankan workers work outside Sri Lanka! That is HUGE DRAIN on our society and if it continues over a long term will irreparably damage Sri Lanka, for those with the best skills and emotional energy are leaving Sri Lanka .. permanently.

    So, can we help Sri Lanka become so attractive to Expatriate Sri Lankans that they would want to return to Sri Lanka while they are still energetic, or immediately after they complete their studies, just like the South Koreans, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong Chinese of today?

    Clearly we SHOULD, and indeed we MUST … where there is a will, there will be a way!

  35. Asanga Says:

    Just to add an opinion, I believe you are right about the small scale approach. What will probably work, as far as starting up in SL as an Expatriate is something you can start up under the radar and without too much flash. This was confirmed to me by my cousin, who is now living back home after spending much of his life in the US. Its really easy for a jealous competitor to shut you down using political influence, or even by stopping you getting off the ground in the first place.
    On the positive side though, there is also the ‘silent type’-those quiet individuals who are doing world class work who may not be noticed at first glance like the incompetent, scheming, fat jack-asses who hog the limelight. These quiet individuals will go out of their way to help, but are hard to find. But they are also there. And so are highly skilled and highly talented young men and women who are on par with any skilled technical people in the west. This is one of the biggest reasons why I will go there for sure. I want to do my part (albeit small) in bringing out the shine in those hidden gems to the best of my ability.
    As for me, I have neither the huge capital to entice politicos to support me, and nor is my Engineering degree from Harvard or MIT. So my start back home will necessarily be very very modest. But I am going back. No question.

  36. Ananda-USA Says:


    On second thoughts, you are right, that meeting was held at the Galle Face Hotel! Cheers!

  37. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Asanga!

    I will be spending as many as six months of the year in Sri Lanka, when the home I am building there now is completed. We should get together at the Mount Lavinia Hotel for lunch! Cheers!

  38. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katunayake Expressway toll: Rs 2.3 million from tolls on 8,000 cars = Rs 300 toll per car.


    Now let the GOSL extend the Southern Expressway to Matara, to Hambantota and Kataragama, and build the Northern Expressway from Colombo through Kurunegala, Anuradhapura and Kilinochchi all the way to Jaffna!

    After that, we need to build a Udarata Expressway to link Colombo-Kegalle-Kandy-Batticaloa.

    Then we should extend the Southern Expressway all around the South Eastern coastline from Kataragama to Batticaloa linking the Udarata Expressway in Batticaloa, and onwards along the North Eastern coastline to Trincomalee and cut across West to join the Northern Expressway in Anuradhapura.

    Finally, we need to extend the Katunayake Airport Expressway along the Western coastline to Puttalam and Mannar, and cut across East to join the EXpressway hub at Anuradhapura.

    More Expressways along the Northern coastline linking Pooneryn-Kilinochchi-Mullaitivu and an interior Expressway to serve Sabaragamuwa and Uva provinces could be built later.

    What a truly WONDERFUL EXPRESSWAY network that would be!

    The Highway Network built across the USA during Franklin Roosevelt’s Presidency partly as “make work” to relieve unemployment during the Great Depression, jump started the economy of the USA and helped to position the USA as the world’s pre-eminent economy.

    Let us HOPE & PRAY that the present GOSL under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s sure hand will be able to achieve the same for Sri Lanka and propel our Motherland to a New Golden Age!

    Sri Lanka’s second expressway earns millions within hours after opening

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 28, Colombo: A record number of vehicles have traveled the new toll expressway that links the Katunayake Airport to the capital Colombo within hours of its opening to the public Sunday.

    The Road Development Authority officials said over 8,000 vehicles traversed Sri Lanka’s second Expressway within six hours after its opening to the public after 6 pm Sunday.

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa Sunday declared open the 26 kilometer Colombo-Katunayake Expressway (CKE) connecting the international airport to the capital.

    The Authority has collected Rs 2.3 million from the vehicles that drove during the first six hours of its operations, local media reported.

    The entry point to the CKE from Colombo is at the Kelaniya Bridge but the toll expressway begins at Peliyagoda interchange. From the Katunayake side, the toll way begins from the Ja-Ela interchange. The motorists are not issued tickets at the entry but will pay when they exit the toll road.

    Authorities say the traffic on the Colombo-Negombo Road is likely to ease with the opening of the new Expressway.

    The CKE is expected to facilitate high-speed passenger and freight movement and reduce the travel time to about 20 minutes between the two destinations.

  39. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Northern Province now acts like a Parallel Autonomous Government to the GOSL, taking upon itself to send a Northern Province Minister to mediate International Issues with Tamil Nadu in India.

    The GOSL should STOP this IMMEDIATELY NOW, prohibiting international diplomacy as OUTSIDE THE SCOPE of Powers of the Provincial Councils, or this will become a DE-FACTO precedent setting up a standard practice that will DILUTE the AUTHORITY of Sri Lanka’s National Government.

    The GOSL should issue a CEASE & DESIST order to the Northern Provincial Council, identifying the PENALTIES for engaging in such activities, before TOO MANY ministerial COOKS SPOIL Sri Lanka’s international security SOUP!

    Sri Lanka Northern Province minister to visit Tamil Nadu to address fishermen’s issues
    Sun, Oct 27, 2013, 01:21 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 27, Colombo: A minister of the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka is to visit Tamil Nadu in order to address issues faced by the Sri Lankan fishermen in the North.

    The Northern Province Minister of Fisheries, Transport and Rural Development P. Deniswaran is considering to visit Tamil Nadu to resolve the issue of massive-scale poaching by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan waters.

    Deniswaran told the local media that he hoped to hold discussions with the Tamil Nadu authorities about the issue.

    Pointing out that local fishermen are badly affected by the large scale poaching by Indian fishermen and the use of illegal fishing methods by them, the provincial minister said that Indian fishermen are also destroying coral and marine life in Sri Lankan waters while engaging in poaching.

    According to Deniswaran, the Sri Lankan and Indian governments need to find a diplomatic solution to address the issue of illegal poaching in Sri Lankan waters by Indian fishermen.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dividing up the Eelam PIE: Poor baby Anandasangaree wails “discrimination by TNA”!

    Sangaree says TNA trying to ditch hi … calls for Mannar Bishop’s intervention
    October 27, 2013

    Having failed to secure a seat in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)-run first Northern Provincial Council, TULF Secretary General V. Anandasangaree has alleged that an influential section of the five-party grouping and expatriate Tamils are hatching a plot to oust him.

    Sangaree has claimed that the plot to remove him from the political scene got underway overseas about a year ago.

    The TULF veteran has made the allegations in a letter addressed to Bishop of Mannar, Most Rev. Rayappu Joseph.

    The TNA won 30 seats, including two bonus slots, at the Sept. 21 Northern Provincial Council polls. The UPFA and the SLMC shared the remaining seats, seven and one, respectively. The TNA comprises the ITAK, TULF, EPRLF, TELO and PLOTE. Of the 30 seats, the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) had secured 17, including that of Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran, with the EPRLF (6), TELO (5) and PLOTE (2) sharing the rest.

    The TULF failed to obtain a single seat.Anandasangaree has urged Bishop Joseph to intervene on his behalf immediately or find out whether his party still remained a constituent of the TNA.

    The former MP said that in spite of the TULF throwing its full weight behind the TNA, since the local and Provincial Council elections beginning 2010, following TNA leader R. Sampanthan’s appeal, his party was treated shabbily.

    Recollecting their efforts on behalf of the Tamil community, Sangaree has emphasised that he remains committed to a federal solution in keeping with the Indian model as the only alternative.

    While appreciating efforts made by Bishop Joseph to unite Tamil people in the post-conflict period, Anandasangaree has asserted that his role won’t be beneficial to some members of the TNA.

    The Bishop’s intervention will be advantageous to those seeking to exploit the situation for their personal gain at the expense of people genuinely committed to the wellbeing of the community, Sangaree says in his letter.

    Bishop Joseph has intervened to save the TNA by preventing several disgruntled elected members from taking oaths at Mullaitivu in protest against the allocation of ministerial portfolios, Anandasangaree has added.

    Commenting on the appointment of retired justice C. V. Wigneswaran, as the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council, Anandasangaree has said that the choice was not unanimous as it should have been, though he (Wigneswaran) is a very capable and just person. Recollecting Wigneswaran’s intervention during a simmering dispute between him and some members of the TULF several years ago, Anandasangaree has said that the TNA could have avoided it if all had contested as common candidates instead representing five individual parties.

    Anandasangaree alleges that he has been sidelined and humiliated by the TNA though he was named as the chief candidate in the Kilinochchi District.

    Anandasangaree has told the Bishop how he, along with three other TNA candidates, were deprived of party support and that the Tamil media had denied them coverage.

    Anandasangaree has expressed regret that Bishop Joseph didn’t even bother to inquire from him why he had been badly defeated in Kilinochchi though they were friends and on many occasions discussed the plight of the Tamil speaking people.

  41. Asanga Says:

    It would be an honour to meet someone like you Sir! I hope you get to fulfil your aim of getting together like-minded patriots who live away from their motherland who would like to come back and help in any which way they can.

    Kind regards,

  42. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Ananda-USA on the small scale approach. That is sufficient risk taking.

  43. Marco Says:

    I was not an expat (in the true sense) in 2009 as i had already taken a post in Colombo with an International Entity (recruited from Europe) back in 2004 and my presence at these conflabs was purely to share my experience of “starting out” in Sri Lanka as an expat. My experience and challenges were somewhat different then as to now. My predecessor was a “suddha”. My Management team were rather miffed as to why i was being remunerated the same as a “suddha”. (eg: paid in $ tax free and the usual perks) At that time the “war” was at its worse. I was able in time to reason with my colleagues that it was a job i was being remunerated whether i was in Colombo, New York, Hong Kong or Sydney. Incidentally i was not the only one, we had a number of Sri Lankan expats as CEO of Banks, Telecom, Construction, IT companies who risked working in Sri Lanka during the dangerous periods and being paid (key money) handsomely.
    So in a way i can understand the sentiment of where were you during the war?

    Be that as it may during the time i spent working for a Foreign Company, i was fortunate enough to learn the “ground rules” and equally met very many talented, astute and hard working Sri Lankans who required equity/co-investment to get their ideas of the ground without any “politics”. I had a head start in my ventures before 2009.
    I learnt to smile and be courteous to all politicians but never ask a favor or advice and keep a low profile- its still my motto

    The circumstances and environment is very much different now.
    I hate to say, the mega bucks earned on arms deals have been replaced by Venture “vultures”

  44. aloy Says:

    “where were you during the war?”
    I think I need to answer the above question again, in order to tell our GOSL that I have a right to be involved in development projects at home. We left SL in mid 70s because our country was economically at the rock bottom. Since leaving we have sent every penny of our savings to SL even up to now. I know our contributions must have helped the fight against terrorism even in a small way

  45. Lorenzo Says:


    It helped in a BIG WAY.

    To buy weapons SL amassed ALL hard currency SL could muster. Every penny helped so to speak.

    Tamils know this very well. That is why they make it a point NOT to travel in SL airlines, NOT to send actual money to SL, buy gold in SL spending tens of millions and take them out of the country, etc.

    (SL imports gold. So when you buy gold in SL and take them OUT in large volumes, SL’s foreign reserves reduce.)

    If a Tamil wants to send money to SL they go to a Tamil spice shop. They call a Tamil money laundering agent in Jaffna or Wellawatta to give away that money to the recipient. NO forex actually reach SL.

    Then for those who want US$ they pay their rupees to that agent (his account is settled) and when they arrive in London, etc. get their US$ from a Tamil spice shop.

  46. Lorenzo Says:

    This is from Tamilnet and it is a complete FABRICATION of the reality.

    “Seven Tamil farmers were seriously injured Monday evening when Sinhala encroachers, accompanied by Sinhala paramilitary known as ‘home guards’ attacked them using axes and swords at Padu-kaadu in Kangkuveali of Moothoor division of Trincomalee district. The wounded victims were rushed to Moothoor hospital. Four of the victims have been admitted to the emergency ward, according to medical sources at Moothoor hospital. Sinhala paramilitary men, who attacked the uprooted Tamils, have come from Deyyata village. The brutal attack took place when the uprooted Tamil farmers were preparing to resume agriculture at their 900 acres of paddy land after securing permission from the divisional secretary and the SL police to engage in farming.”

    What really happened was TAMIL FARMERS terrorized Sinhala farmers to GRAB their land. When the Sinhala farmers called the homelands, Tamil farmers ATTCKED the home guards. Home guards HAD to defend themselves.

    Now the home guards who defended INNOCENT Sinhalese and INNOCENT themselves will go to jail while Tamil terrorist farmers will GET the land!!

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