Chief Minister Wigneswaran – So you want the Sri Lankan Army in barracks but you have no issues with the army building houses for Tamils?
Posted on October 27th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge‚ 

What can we deduce when a former Supreme Court judge now turned Chief Minister of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka in the presence of the Governor of the North delivers a speech and tells the Governor in no uncertain terms that he is not welcome and must go because the Province is ONLY for Tamils? It is nothing but childish for a man in his 70s to behave as he has knowing that being the Chief Minister does not give him ANY mandate to remove or even request to remove the Governor who by status is superior to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister-â„¢s behaviour is a perfect example of the discourtesy and ingratitude that a lot of people are now beginning to notice and take note of.

‚ We thought the Tamil people were deprived of their freedoms and rights under the LTTE, when Tamils were computerized and had to contribute a monthly -Ëœdonation-â„¢ to the LTTE.

‚ We thought the Tamil people had no freedom of movement because under LTTE every vehicle and person going to and from Omanthai checkpoint was taxed, family members had to leave their deeds or even a person as assurance of their return. Even a child from every home had to be -Ëœdonated-â„¢ but Tamils saw to it that the high castes were never part of that -Ëœdonation-â„¢.

‚ We thought the Tamil people were scared because under LTTE defacto rule, even TNA members dared not put a foot into LTTE territory as Prabakaran-â„¢s actions could never be predicted. We wonder exactly how many times Chief Minister Wigneswaran actually entered Jaffna under LTTE rule? The Chief Minister was like all TNA members happily living amongst Sinhalese in Colombo and most often guarded by -ËœSinhalese-â„¢ to keep them alive from LTTE bullets if they were to in any way enrage megalomaniac Prabakaran. Scores of Tamils and Tamil politicians have perished as a result.

‚ We thought the Tamil people were relieved when they were appealing to be saved from the clutches of the LTTE. Our brave soldiers sacrificed their lives and some their limbs to bring close to 300,000 of these Tamil civilians to safety. When they came running towards the army our soldiers thought they wanted to be saved, our soldiers gave food and water because they had not had anything proper to eat for days, our soldiers dressed their wounds -” wounds inflicted by the LTTE and our brave men virtually carried them to safety. The army did not act like Chief Minister Wigneswaran is now doing.

‚ Let the Chief Minister, TNA and Tamils wherever they live be reminded that it is the Sri Lankan Army who are building houses for Tamils to live in. The Army are also building roads, infrastructure and they have changed the North that had never even seen a proper concrete road in 30 odd years. None of the NGOs or LTTE with USD300million paved a single road. The Tamils must be appreciative of this at least. In a country with 2/3 population Sinhalese is it not they who are footing the bills for these mass scale development for which the Government is taking so much of loans even diverting funds meant for the South to be used in the North? Is there no gratitude?

‚ The state has allocated 40 perches of land, dry rations for 6months, access to hospitals, school and ability to carry out a livelihood without fear to all IPDs. The 40 perch land area will have a house built by the Sri Lankan military which will comprise 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and living room and these houses will take 3 weeks to complete and the Tamils recipients of these homes were people who were living in cadjan huts. In the village of Keppapilau where these houses were being built by the army it was easy to observe how the Tamil men chose to simply watch without even coming to help carry a brick -” such was the mentality of the people. Were they not aware that some of these soldiers did not have proper homes of their own, some of these soldier brothers who had died for the nation could not even have their caskets taken inside because there was no proper door. These were the men who despite not having a home were building homes for people who possible even had been helping the LTTE at one time or the other. Chief Minister Wigneswaran does not deserve to treat our brave soldiers as he is doing.

‚ The Chief Minister and others of the TNA are asking the Sinhalese to leave the North, has the Chief Minister forgotten that 2/3 of his life was spent amongst the Sinhalese? Did the Sinhalese tell him that he was not welcome in the South and demand that he leave? How did Chief Minister Wigneswaran rise up the judicial system if he was discriminated? How did he take orders from a Sinhalese Chief Justice if he cannot now work alongside the Northern Governor because he is Sinhalese and a former military person? If so why did Chief Minister take oaths twice from the President of Sri Lanka who also happens to be the overall Commander of the Armed Forces? Did he give up his legal practice because he had to take orders from a Sinhalese Chief Justice? Did he leave Colombo to live in the North with the LTTE because LTTE was representative of the Tamils and he could not live with the Sinhalese? Did he send his daughters to fight on behalf of the LTTE and against the Sinhalese if he hates the Sinhalese so much?

‚ Why is it that there is so much hatred spewing, when Tamil politicians address the Tamil populace but when these Tamil politicians are invited to meet the President they are all smiles and handshakes? Are we all privy to just a charade where all politicians are taking the people for a jolly ride pretending they hate each other?

‚ In commercial business, no businessmen would dare close the door to people because of their ethnicity or religion. Businessmen always put profits first. Therefore, whether his customer is Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim they would always be courteous. Politicians likewise end up doing the same. They would try their best to garner support and extract the best profits for themselves. The TNA is calling for Tamils to buy only from Tamils, sell only to Tamils what would that realistically mean? Is it something practical and for the Chief Minister whose daughter is now married to a Sinhalese what would that mean too! These actions of the Chief Minister and TNA appear attempts to replicate the celluloid politics that prevail in Tamil Nadu but it is a good time for Chief Minister to change the film reel for it is getting a bit tiresome listening to the same tape. We have had enough of satires.

‚ If the people have given the TNA a mandate, two independent surveys have also given a mandate of confidence in the Sri Lankan Army and the Tamil people clearly say that they want the army to stay. What the Chief Minister, the TNA or the Tamil people wish or does not wish is irrelevant for the Army is not deployed to win popularity contests or their garlands of approval. The Sri Lankan Army is placed in the North because the Army has to protect the strategic interests of Sri Lanka. These areas were one time LTTE dens and terrorist logistics took place from North to Tamil Nadu. Illegal immigration has become a contentious issue but a factor that cannot be ignored. Fishing factor is connected to these same fishermen carrying arms and ammunition at one time on behalf of the LTTE. The reasons that the Sri Lankan Army must remain is nothing that needs to be laid out for consent or approval from any citizen or political party. It is within the right of every elected Government to deploy its troops wherever it sees fit.

‚ The Army is deployed by orders of the President to ensure that terrorism of any kind does not emerge AGAIN. Terrorism emerged from the North. The Army cannot accept assurances from the TNA, a mouthpiece of the LTTE that simply because it has won an election they will not encourage terrorism like it had in the past. As for the appointment of a former military head as the Governor, it is the choice of the President of Sri Lanka -” how can one of 9 Chief Ministers question his appointment and demand him to vacate? These childish behaviors must cease.

All that these actions are showing is that the Chief Minister and TNA are finding it difficult to govern the North and so are picking at whatever straws they can find to build excuses for not getting on with governing the North. All these years they had been promising this that and the other and now when they have been given the mantle to develop the North all they can think of doing is to find excuses for not being able to do so without looking at the prevailing issues like rise in domestic violence, men drunk and abusing wives, youth unable to handle their new freedoms, upliftment of the health systems, ensuring all children receive education, ensuring Tamil teachers return to Jaffna to teach instead of wanting to remain in Colombo, the liberated Tamil women and their livelihood issues, ensuring that the 40 perches of land given the areas are used to cultivate and to facilitate agriculture etc.

These are the things that the Chief Minister and TNA should ideally be concentrating on not things that are weak attempts to hide their incompetence and inefficiency and the real fact that they don-â„¢t want some Tamils to really rise to reach their full potential. For those aware of the caste factor, they would know how true this is.

Part of the main problem is that the Chief Minister and the TNA have dislocated themselves from thinking as citizens of Sri Lanka. Part of the politicians problem is that they have fallen for a false -Ëœreconciliation-â„¢ slogan when what should have been argued is that Sri Lanka-â„¢s Army took on a TERRORIST MOVEMENT that challenged the peace of Sri Lanka and the peaceful existence of its people and these terrorists were given ample occasions to lay down their arms and surrender but they chose not to and so a JUST WAR was declared.

On what grounds is there any need for Sri Lanka to agree for a dumbfounded notion of reconciliation when the Sri Lankan Army eliminated TERRORISTS and not Tamils? What is there is to RECONCILE with TERRORISTS?

30 Responses to “Chief Minister Wigneswaran – So you want the Sri Lankan Army in barracks but you have no issues with the army building houses for Tamils?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Typical PARASITE mentality.

    Suck the blood and thrive and as a gesture of thanking give the host Dengi fever!!!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SHENALI !!

    We are talking here about a TAMIL RACIST SCOUNDREL.

    He keeps on blowing hot and cold. It is the Sri Lankan Army who sacrificed their life and limb, for him to get there. Pox on him and the TNA PARASITES.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    A lot of these guys came to our country during the 60s. FREE EDUCATION, FREE EVERYTHING.
    No wonder when there was a famine in south india in the 60s they came by boats in thousands.
    Rember Kallathonis? Now they want a separate country.

    Some of them used the manthra ancient tamil kingdoms in the mala eealam valama. Couldn’t show a brick
    from those ancient kingdoms to support their claim. So nobody believed the story about the kingdoms.

    The hitler prabakaran tried the bullet. In the end xxxxxxx got one himself. Now the TRAITOR LOT trying the ballot.
    MR should start more and more Sinhala villages in the north and east and get rid of these TRAITOR TAMILS
    AND TRAITOR MOSSIES. And make Sri Lanka Sinhalese once more.

    Sinhalese couples mainly working and don’t have more than 2 children.
    The traitors are mainly doing businesses and wives at home, have large families.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    The President did a lot for the Country, but erred just after the Victory. Not only HE, but all Ministers too, including the Prime One.
    They should have immediately re-settled the 26,000 Sinhalese and the 90,000 Muslims who were ethnically cleansed by the Megolomaniac, from the North. Best of minds make mistakes too.

    Nevertheless, it is better late than never. This Bearded Jackal, is only talking about re-settling only the Muslims. This is to have a BIG VOTER BASE for him to attack the Sinhalese. I do not think the Muslims will fall for his Racist Gundu. He will go faster than he came. How he goes is anybodys guess now.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “A lot of these guys came to our country during the 60s. FREE EDUCATION, FREE EVERYTHING.”

    This is TRUE.

    Look at the SL Tamil (i’m not talking about Endian Tamilians but SL Tamils) population numbers in 1960s to 1980s.

    MASSIVE GROWTH. This was due to TN parasites creeping into SL lured by free education, free medicine, etc.

    Jaffna university was created in 1973. That was a HUGE attraction for TN parasites.

    Jaffna library was the LARGEST Tamil library in the world until 1981. That too was a HUGE attraction for Tamil Madu illegal immigrants!! TRUTH to be told.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    Susantha, The figure 2600 Sinhalayas is wrong. Please let me correct the figure as 234000 Sinhalayas. Vigneswaranai wants settle the displaced Muslims only thnking that Tamil speaking Muslims are with the racist Tamils. You cant trust the Muslims. Take that Saibu Nana as an example who joined hands with Megalomaniac to work against the Sinhalayas. Saibu Nana wants to be the Muslim King in East while the Megalomaniac becoming the Tamil King in the North. The Megalomaniac has been replaced with his ghost Vigneswaranai. Who is to be blamed?

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Stop free education after 3 children in TOTAL.

    The limit should be 3 because MOD gives a small incentive for army families to have the 3rd child.

    It should be after 3 chidlren in total because Tamilians and Muslims send their girls to girls only schools (GOVT) but boys are sent to INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS (so they can marry Sinhala girls).

    So the benefit must stop at the 3rd child.

    e.g. Velupillai family has 5 children by the names Dwarka, Maithili, Balachandran, Vasuki and Krishnaparathy.

    Dwarka, Maithili and Vasuki go to HLC (GOVT).
    Balachandran and Krishnaparathy go to Lycium (INTERNATIONAL)

    When the 3rd child cut off is applied ONLY to govt. schooling children, ALL 3 Dwarka, Maithili and Vasuki get to go to FREE govt. schools.

    IF the 3rd child cut off is applied to ALL children, Vasuki cannot get free education and must go to an international school.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    “We are talking here about a TAMIL RACIST SCOUNDREL.”

    Not JUST him but all those who VOTED FOR TNA.

    TNA has 30 seats out of 38. Even if the BREADED BASTARD goes to hell, another TNA racist will run the show.

    It is the TNA voters we have to BUST ultimately.

    TNA is only the TIP of the Tamil racist ICEBERG.

  9. aloy Says:

    GOSL wants to run the country peacefully without much interference from India. Nothing will happen after CHOGM even if India does not participate in it. Our Sinhalayas will swallow the pride and wait until something drastic happens, just like the last tiger war. There is no one to really protect the Sinhalese. Most of the MPs in parliament are only thinking how to milk the government coffers.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Situation is sad. Political Cancer has spread to the blood stream. Everything is to earn money, assuming they live forever.

  11. thurai Says:

    Chief Minister Wigneswaren has no other way. TNA live by inciting Tamil against Sinhalese. The worldwide
    Tamil Terrorism has roots from TNA. Enjoying their life in western countries,cheating their own people.
    Tamils live peacefully in the south, Tamils are liberated from LTTE Terrorrism. There was Provincial council Election

    In 1995 LTTE chased all Tamils from Jaffna penisula to vanni. In some area were under controll by SL army. People stayed at home peacefully and soldiers provided essentials foods for them. At that time where were Sampanthan,Vigneswaren, Mavai and others? After some months Soldiers went upto Kodikamam and ask the peoples to go back they were happy to resettle in their own houses again, noone one refused to go behind the SL army.

    First SL Army came to Jaffna to stop smuggling and Illigal immigration in the North
    second they came and liberated Tamils from Tamil Terrorism.

    Now Vigneswaren and TNA have their own Army to controll the Smuglers,Illigal Immigrants and Terrorist?

  12. cassandra Says:


    You state that they ‘must be appreciative ‘of all that has been done in the North since the end of the war, and have asked ‘is there no gratitude?’

    I am afraid if you are expecting appreciation or gratitude from the TNA and their ilk, you are asking for too much.

    I seem to recall that when JR extended to Amirthalingam when he was Leader of the Opposition, some new ‘perks’ and benefits, his response was not to express his thanks – or even just say nothing – but to cynically observe that there was nothing he had to be thankful for because what JR gave was what was the proper due of the Leader of the Opposition. Nothing seems to have changed. The same attitude appears to prevail.

    I don’t think these guys know what it is to be gracious. It seems to me it is simply not in their DNA to be capable of such sentiments as appreciation and gratitude.

    So, let’s not fool ourselves on that score. They say we need to accept others just the way they are. And we need to simply accept these people the way they are and not disappoint ourselves by expecting of them sentiments that they are apparently incapable of.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mr Wigneswaran is applying the Colonial British ‘divide & rule’ method. He is making the Sinhale & the GoSL the ‘enemy’ of the Tamils, however much is done for them at almost totally Sinhala taxpayer cost and effort. If Mr W. does not make the Sinhale the ‘enemy’, then the low caste Tamils will turn on the high caste Tamils to vent their long standing caste grievances of some 3,000 yrs. The ‘divide & rule’ pot is also kept boiling to keep Tamil Nadu & vested interests happy. The 1983 Riots were also part of the ‘divide & rule’ game, as was the attempted Weliweriya riot.

    The Sinhale may never receive the gratitude they deserve, never be allowed to receive the gratitude of most of the Tamil people, however much is done for them.

    * Therefore, Sri Lanka Parliament (not just the GoSL) has to be realistic and remove the 13-A which only adds fuel to the fire of Caste anger and frustrations by giving hopes of Eelam. It is the 13-A which allows Tamil leaders to play diabolical games with the rest of Lanka. The 13-a is illegal, as much as the Norther PC election was illegal.

    * Deport all ILLEGAL MIGRANTS even at this late stage. Amend the SAARC rules not to allow SAARC countries a ‘visa on arrival’ service (India though a member of SAARC, does not allow this rule). Why should Sri Lanka – this country is very small and cannot afford illegal migrants.

    * Sri Lanka should formulate new laws to reward the small family and penalize families over 2 children.

    * By law, do not allow ethnic or religion based political parties.

    Tamil people, if left alone by insincere and wayward Tamil leaders, will enter mainstream life and integrate into life in Lanka and find acceptance and happiness among the others.

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    STANLEY !! Thanks for the correction.

    I have a strange feeling that President will not rock the boat now till CHUGIAM is over.

    HE will set everything right after that. He should START with re-settlement of SINHALESE AND MUSLIMS, “step by step ” as the Bearded Jackal says.

    HE must also tell this AH Racist Maniac a FIRM NO to the removal of the Governor. Come what may.

    This rascal has said that he will get the help of Tanil Madu too. He is pushing his luck too far.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    Cassandra said,

    “I don’t think these guys know what it is to be gracious. It seems to me it is simply not in their DNA to be capable of such sentiments as appreciation and gratitude. ….. So, let’s not fool ourselves on that score. ”

    ABSOLUTELY! Could not have said it better myself!

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Stanley Perera said,

    “The figure 2600 Sinhalayas is wrong.”

    I agree, t is far too low, Susantha!

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Tamil peoples gratitude is there, as they are all just human beings, but they are discouraged or led away by the Tamil Leaders from showing it. Imagine the votes going to UNFPA & UNP and not to TNA !

    It’s the old Caste training of “follow my leader”, i.e. low caste following the higher caste, blindly. Besides, about a Million Tamil people got to go to the west by following the high caste Tamils 1983 Riots (orchestrated by HC Tamils), which rode on the back of the Cold War. So now more is promised ? Riots are the favored method for attention for more.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Northern Province now acts like a Parallel Autonomous Government to the GOSL, taking upon itself to send a Northern Province Minister to mediate International Issues with Tamil Nadu in India.

    The GOSL should STOP this IMMEDIATELY NOW, prohibiting international diplomacy as OUTSIDE THE SCOPE of Powers of the Provincial Councils, or this will become a DE-FACTO precedent setting up a standard practice that will DILUTE the AUTHORITY of Sri Lanka’s National Government.

    The GOSL should issue a CEASE & DESIST order to the Northern Provincial Council, identifying the PENALTIES for engaging in such activities, before TOO MANY ministerial COOKS SPOIL Sri Lanka’s international security SOUP!

    Sri Lanka Northern Province minister to visit Tamil Nadu to address fishermen’s issues
    Sun, Oct 27, 2013, 01:21 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 27, Colombo: A minister of the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka is to visit Tamil Nadu in order to address issues faced by the Sri Lankan fishermen in the North.

    The Northern Province Minister of Fisheries, Transport and Rural Development P. Deniswaran is considering to visit Tamil Nadu to resolve the issue of massive-scale poaching by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan waters.

    Deniswaran told the local media that he hoped to hold discussions with the Tamil Nadu authorities about the issue.

    Pointing out that local fishermen are badly affected by the large scale poaching by Indian fishermen and the use of illegal fishing methods by them, the provincial minister said that Indian fishermen are also destroying coral and marine life in Sri Lankan waters while engaging in poaching.

    According to Deniswaran, the Sri Lankan and Indian governments need to find a diplomatic solution to address the issue of illegal poaching in Sri Lankan waters by Indian fishermen.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dividing up the Eelam PIE: Poor baby Anandasangaree wails “discrimination by TNA”!

    Sangaree says TNA trying to ditch hi … calls for Mannar Bishop’s intervention
    October 27, 2013

    Having failed to secure a seat in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)-run first Northern Provincial Council, TULF Secretary General V. Anandasangaree has alleged that an influential section of the five-party grouping and expatriate Tamils are hatching a plot to oust him.

    Sangaree has claimed that the plot to remove him from the political scene got underway overseas about a year ago.

    The TULF veteran has made the allegations in a letter addressed to Bishop of Mannar, Most Rev. Rayappu Joseph.

    The TNA won 30 seats, including two bonus slots, at the Sept. 21 Northern Provincial Council polls. The UPFA and the SLMC shared the remaining seats, seven and one, respectively. The TNA comprises the ITAK, TULF, EPRLF, TELO and PLOTE. Of the 30 seats, the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) had secured 17, including that of Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran, with the EPRLF (6), TELO (5) and PLOTE (2) sharing the rest.

    The TULF failed to obtain a single seat.Anandasangaree has urged Bishop Joseph to intervene on his behalf immediately or find out whether his party still remained a constituent of the TNA.

    The former MP said that in spite of the TULF throwing its full weight behind the TNA, since the local and Provincial Council elections beginning 2010, following TNA leader R. Sampanthan’s appeal, his party was treated shabbily.

    Recollecting their efforts on behalf of the Tamil community, Sangaree has emphasised that he remains committed to a federal solution in keeping with the Indian model as the only alternative.

    While appreciating efforts made by Bishop Joseph to unite Tamil people in the post-conflict period, Anandasangaree has asserted that his role won’t be beneficial to some members of the TNA.

    The Bishop’s intervention will be advantageous to those seeking to exploit the situation for their personal gain at the expense of people genuinely committed to the wellbeing of the community, Sangaree says in his letter.

    Bishop Joseph has intervened to save the TNA by preventing several disgruntled elected members from taking oaths at Mullaitivu in protest against the allocation of ministerial portfolios, Anandasangaree has added.

    Commenting on the appointment of retired justice C. V. Wigneswaran, as the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council, Anandasangaree has said that the choice was not unanimous as it should have been, though he (Wigneswaran) is a very capable and just person. Recollecting Wigneswaran’s intervention during a simmering dispute between him and some members of the TULF several years ago, Anandasangaree has said that the TNA could have avoided it if all had contested as common candidates instead representing five individual parties.

    Anandasangaree alleges that he has been sidelined and humiliated by the TNA though he was named as the chief candidate in the Kilinochchi District.

    Anandasangaree has told the Bishop how he, along with three other TNA candidates, were deprived of party support and that the Tamil media had denied them coverage.

    Anandasangaree has expressed regret that Bishop Joseph didn’t even bother to inquire from him why he had been badly defeated in Kilinochchi though they were friends and on many occasions discussed the plight of the Tamil speaking people.

  20. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA !!

    I said 26,000 and not 2600. Even then Iam wrong, as Stanley has corrected me. It is 234,000.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    Good rebuttal by SSP Ajith Rohana. The Real Reason is that Wigneswaran and the TNA want to get ALL Sinhalese, including Police and Army security personnel, out of the Northern Province … so they can start diddling the registration records of voters, land ownership, interdiction of illegal immigration, and start training an Eelamist Army under the guise of a Police Force.

    This activity WILL NOT END … until the 13th Amendment is REVOKED and the Provincial Council System is DISMANTLED by leaf, branch, trunk and root. Only then willl Sri Lanka be SAFE!

    Police counter CM’s criticism of policing in NP

    By Shamindra Ferdinando
    October 27, 2013

    Police headquarters spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana yesterday said that all police stations in the Northern Province were geared to accept complaints in Tamil.

    He told The Island that since the conclusion of the conflict, in May 2009, police headquarters had launched a special project to assign officers proficient in Tamil to police stations in the Northern Province.

    The officer was responding to Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran’s request to the government to appoint Tamil-speaking police personnel in the Northern Province, who would understand the people’s aspirations, language and culture.

    In his address to the inaugural session of the Northern Provincial Council, the retired Justice urged the government to ensure that the army stopped taking over private land in the North.

    CM Wigneswaran said: “It is important to draw a time-frame for the military to return the land taken over in such a manner to the rightful owners.”He also called for a civilian to be appointed as Governor of the Province. The present Governor, G. A. Chandrasiri, is a retired Major General, who once commanded Security Forces deployed in the Jaffna peninsula.

    Police spokesman Rohana said that nowhere in the world were personnel recruited to police forces on the basis of ethnicity, language, caste or creed. Of some 2,800 police officers proficient in Tamil who were serving the department today in different positions, approximately 900 were deployed in the Northern Province, the official said. He said that some of the 2,800 personnel proficient in Tamil were Sinhalese.

    According to SSP Rohana, since the conclusion of the conflict, in May 2009, the police had recruited nearly 1,500 personnel proficient in Tamil, including 60 Sub Inspectors to meet what he called the demand for policing in the Northern Province.

    The Northern Range comprises Jaffna, Kankesanthurai, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mankulam, Mannar and Vavuniya.

    SSP Rohana said that there were 42 police stations and 40 police posts in the Northern Range under senior DIG Gamini Silva.

    The Northern Range senior DIG is on extension and expected to retire on Dec 3. Although Silva was to retire on Sept 3, he was given an extension due to the first Northern Provincial Council polls held on Sept 21.

    Responding to a query, the police spokesman pointed out that Tamil youth were prevented from joining the police in the ‘80s by northern terrorist groups. Terrorists also carried out a spate of target killings of Tamil speaking police officers to discourage Tamil youth from joining the department, he said. “Threats prevented Tamils from joining the police until the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009. Unfortunately, those complaining about the dearth of Tamil speaking officers and men remained silent as long as they felt the LTTE could overcome the military on the Vanni front.”

    Asked whether officers had been deprived of promotions due to them being Tamil, SSP Rohana said that Rudra Rajasingham and T. Anandarajah functioned as the IGPs during the conflict. Apart from them, several other Tamil officers held senior positions during the conflict, he said, adding that the LTTE formed its own ‘police’ force in areas under its control.

    The police spokesman emphasised that people of all communities could respond to police advertisements calling for recruits. It would be important to keep in mind that recruitment and deployment would never be on the basis of ethnicity, he said. During the conflict, the police had to adopt certain measures to meet the unprecedented threat to national security therefore it would be prudent to examine strategies adopted at that time in the context of the terrorism threat.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka Northern Province minister to visit Tamil Nadu to address fishermen’s issues”

    This is only an EXCUSE.

    The REAL reason behind his visit is to get further instructions from TN on how to achieve ELAM.

    NPC is getting DE FACTO diplomatic rights.

    This will be VERY IMPORTANT in future when they claim SELF DETERMINATION. Independent diplomacy is one more tick for self determination.

    Even SL govt. doesn’t speak to the TN govt.

    This is more dangerous than Perumal!!!

  23. Nanda Says:

    All Sinhalese 2,800 personnel proficient in Tamil should be given top call accommodation in the North and be posted there. They should open a top class international Sinhala school for them and give acres of free land.

  24. Nanda Says:

    Let him go , he may not come back alive !

  25. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is better for Sri Lanka’s long term interest, if Man Mohan Singh DOES NOT ATTEND the CHOGM meeting.

    IT IS TIME for Sri Lanka to LEAVE India’s SUFFOCATING EMBRACE that will ultimately DESTROY Sri Lanka!

    India will always be subject to BLACKMAIL by Tamil Nadu … that is an INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT as Tamil Nadu will always be more important to India than Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is in ri Lanka’s INTEREST to ESCAPE from this EMBRACE … while it is STILL POSSIBLE!

    RUN Sri Lanka, RUN! Run AWAY, Run FAST, Run NOW from the Indian EMBRACE!

    In India’s interest, PM must attend CHOGM in Colombo

    By Indrani Bagchi, TNN
    October 29, 2013

    NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be meeting his top political advisers to decide on whether he will travel to Sri Lanka for the CHOGM on November 15. Quite apart from the noise being made by Tamil political parties, almost everybody else will advise the PM to go.

    A strong message has come from C V Wigneswaran, the new chief minister of Sri Lanka’s northern provincial council. In a recent message to the Indian government, he has asked that Singh should attend CHOGM, and the PM could use the opportunity to send the message he needs to. This was the first time a Tamil party has been allowed to form a provincial government by Colombo. On his return from Lanka, foreign minister Salman Khurshid has also advised that Indian participation at CHOGM would be in New Delhi’s interest.

    What is at stake here? First, Sri Lanka is one of India’s most important neighbours since it is politically and strategically on the same page. For example, Lanka is a lynchpin of New Delhi’s Indian Ocean Region (IOR) strategy. If India downgrades its participation in CHOGM, it runs the risk of “losing” Lanka to the likes of China, who is quick to exploit the opportunity to expand its strategic footprint into IOR. China built Hambantota port, but India dominates strategic ground there. Even Pakistan, despite its limited resources, has been engaging Colombo with alacrity, primarily to take up the space that India is ceding in the island nation.

    Second, India as the big regional power has never missed a multilateral summit in its own region. In 2004, India signalled displeasure with Bangladesh, which then rescheduled the SAARC summit. All members of the Commonwealth will be attending CHOGM, including all India’s neighbours at the head-of-state level, except Canada, which continues to have the highest numbers of LTTE enthusiasts. If the PM does not go, India could be seen to be on the side of these radical elements. LTTE may have died in Sri Lanka, but the idea remains alive in many Western countries. LTTE had assassinated former PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

    Third, India’s leverage with Sri Lanka would vanish. This would make it impossible to influence Lankan behaviour particularly with regard to the fishermen issue, close to hearts of all Tamil politicians in India. Despite Mahinda Rajapaksa being seen as a version of an autocrat, at least in the past few years India has been able to significantly influence big decisions in Lanka, primarily because there remains an “inner track” of communication at the top level. Humiliating Rajapaksa by boycotting the summit could close that track.

    Lanka’s recent northern council elections came about as a result of Indian persuasion, as did their decision to let the UN High Commissioner for human rights have full access to the region. A recent government assessment said Rajapaksa would have gone ahead with diluting the 13th amendment but has put it on hold in deference to New Delhi’s wishes. In India’s absence, this dilution would probably go through. Colombo has indicated it will downgrade economic and defence ties with India. Most important, Indian fishermen would be at the mercy of Lankan forces at sea.

    The political forces who want the PM to boycott CHOGM include almost all the Tamil political parties. The AIADMK has traditionally been opposed to LTTE, but in recent years has taken a more assertive approach to pan-Tamil politics, including preventing fishermen from both sides meeting each other to sort out the problem. In the Northern Province too, some of the disgruntled members of the TNA like some members of the Suresh Premchandran faction as well as the Tamil diaspora – prime supporters of the LTTE – have been drumming up opinion against an Indian participation. DMK has traditionally been supportive of Lankan Tamils, though even they were quiet during the last weeks of the military campaign against LTTE.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Mr. President!

    But, that is not ENOUGH!

    INCREASE GREATLY the presence of the Armed Forces in the North and East, BUILD Coast Guard and Navy bases within eye-sight of each other ALL ALONG Sri Lanka’s coastline, especially in the Northwest, North and North East, to protect the territorial resources of Sri Lanka and PREVENT the influx of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

    Permanently SETTLE these Armed Forces Personnel … together with their Families … in these areas and Officially Sponsor the Ethnic Integration of Sri Lanka into ONE HOMOGENEOUS People.

    NEVER ALLOW provincial councils to assume POLICE and LAND powers, for that will be the beginning of the disintegration of SRi Lanka into ethnic fiefdoms.

    Finally, REVOKE the Foreign Imposed 13th Amendmentment and DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System that encourages and enables the transformation of Sri Lanka into a patchwork quilt of warring ethnic Bantustans.

    Removal of army camps from Sri Lanka’s north will not be a reality, President says

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 29, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa today stressed that the demands for removal of army camps from the North made by some elements will never be a reality.

    Addressing the 23rd convocation ceremony of the Sri John Kothalawala Defence University (KDU) held at the BMICH today, President Rajapaksa said Sri Lanka made history in successfully defeating terrorism and continues to do so as a country managing the post-conflict period as well.

    Observing that Sri Lanka set an example in eliminating terrorism and should share the experience of war victory with other countries, the President said the support of the security forces is essential to safeguard democracy.

    Ever since the war has ended, some opportunist elements both in Sri Lanka and abroad are still attempting to spread the idea of separatism and the government has been accused of not doing enough to provide relief to war affected Tamil population.

    These groups have repeatedly raised the issue of militarization in the North and demanded for the removal of troops from the north, Rajapaksa said.

    “There are demands that we remove the troops from the north. This is not a practical thing to do and it will not be done,” he asserted.

    The President, pointing out that the government has implemented a massive development drive throughout the island as a measure to eliminate all root causes of terrorism, requested the peace loving public to support the government to defeat the conspiring elements at the very outset.

    President Rajapaksa commended the security forces for their priceless contribution to establish peace and the harmony in the country.

    Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Chancellor of the KDU former Army Commander General (retd,) Rohan Daluwatta and Vice Chancellor Major General Milinda Peiris and the Commanders of three armed forces were also present at the occasion.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    “Permanently SETTLE these Armed Forces Personnel … together with their Families … in these areas and Officially Sponsor the Ethnic Integration of Sri Lanka into ONE HOMOGENEOUS People.”

    This is what should happen. But it will not.

    Give them good schools like Tamilians have. Anyone will go.

    Call them PEACE VILLAGES.

    Army-Tamilian living side by side. How COOL!

  28. Nanda Says:

    No. tamilians will come and work in houses of the soldiers as servants , koolies.

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    RECONCILIATION should not mean APPEASEMENT of Racist Separatists! PROHIBIT & CONFRONT every attempt by the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA to revive their Eelam Struggle for a Tamils-Only Separate State!

    Removal of Army Camps that help maintain security after the recent DEFEAT of Tamil terrorists in an area in which residents were brainwashed by the separatists for over 30 years, WILL NOT IMPROVE the Safety & Security of ALL Sri Lankans, everywhere in Sri Lanka.

    The 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index report (see below) says “despite the end of the civil war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists in 2009, the country has not felt safe. The Safety & Security sub-index ranked at 121 out of the 142 countries surveyed.”

    Instead of Decreasing Army Presence, INCREASE the presence of the Army in the former war zones, create Naval & Coast Guard bases ALL around that Coastline within EYE-SIGHT of each other to protect our territory and stem illegal immigration from Tamil Nadu, and PERMANENTLY SETTLE Armed Forces personnel and their FAMILIES in these areas, with MASSIVE GOSL assistance, to CHANGE the distribution of residents by ETHNICITY to the Average for the Nation as a whole, as a matter of High National Priority.

    If Tamil citizens can settle in Colombo, Sinhala citizens MUST BE ABLE TO LIVE in the North & East. Let the GOSL LEAD the CHARGE towards Ethnic Integration.

    Ethnic Integration is the ONLY WAY to PERMANENTLY endow Sri Lankan citizens with PEACE, SECURITY & PROSPERITY! Let us MARCH FORWARD SENSIBLY to LEAD the Legatum Prosperity Index in the future!

    Sri Lanka has become more prosperous since 2009, ranked 60th in Prosperity Index

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 31, Colombo: The latest Legatum Prosperity Index, which ranks nations according to wealth and wellbeing factors, has placed Sri Lanka at 60th place moving up eleven places in overall Prosperity since 2009 when the country defeated three decades of terrorism.

    This year’s Prosperity Index, compiled by London-based Legatum Institute, contains data on 142 countries for 89 variables, spread across eight sub-indices. The sub-indices include, country’s Economy, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, Governance, Education, Health, Safety& Security, Personal Freedom and Social Capital.

    Sri Lanka has seen big improvements in its Economy scores, which have contributed to the country’s improvements in the overall Prosperity Index.

    The Economy sub-index has risen twenty eight places to 74th since 2009, as a result of increases in capital per worker, gross domestic savings, perceived job availability, and satisfaction with access to adequate food and shelter.

    Over the past five years, Sri Lanka has increased twelve places to 35th in the Social Capital sub-index, due to increases in willingness to help strangers and trust levels.

    A whopping 82% of people say they can rely on others in times of need and 57% believe Sri Lanka is a good place to live for immigrants.

    However, despite the end of the civil war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists in 2009, the country has not felt safe. The Safety& Security sub-index ranked at 121 out of the 142 countries surveyed.

    Norway led the overall rankings for the fifth year followed by Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and Denmark in that order.

    In the South Asian region, India declined to106th and overtaken for the first time in 2013 by Bangladesh which ranked at 103rd. Nepal ranked at 102nd and Pakistan remains low in the rankings at 132nd with progress hampered by security-related challenges.

  30. Ananda-USA Says:

    We share Prof. Indraratana’s concerns about high borrowing at high interest rates.

    Borrowing should focus on Infrastructure Developments that will generate a Rate of Return to the GOSL treasury above inflation rate, and not for spending on current consumption.

    SL’s domestic investment strategy not sustainable: Prof. Indraratna
    October 31, 2013

    Sri Lanka’s strategy of meeting domestic investment requirements through borrowing cannot be sustained for much longer, according to Sri Lanka Economic Association (SLEA) President Prof. A. D. V. De S. Indraratna.

    “The gap between domestic savings and domestic investment was manifest in the corresponding trade deficit and was met largely through borrowings. This cannot go on much longer without either getting into a serious debt crisis or cutting down gross domestic investment.

    The way out is to change the growth strategy to one of investing with savings rather than with borrowing or in other words,” he asserted.

    Addressing SLEA Annual Sessions, Prof. De S. Indraratna went on to state that such a strategy would require reductions in the budget deficit and in aggregate demand, in addition to better strategized exports.

    The resultant containment of inflation and positive real interest rates would give better public savings which would also allow government space to increase revenue and decrease expenditure.

    “Decrease in current expenditure should result from the reduction in waste, corruption and ostentation in the public sector and improvement in the management and productive efficiency of the public-sector institutions.

    These things do not happen automatically; positive action on the part of the relevant authorities is necessary,” Prof. De S. Indraratna said.

    In that context, he went on to raise criticism over the National Savings Bank’s US$ 750 million debenture loan.

    “External borrowing at high interest rates like the NSB’s US$ 750 million debenture loan at 8.875 per cent interest would certainly counter this strategy, specially with NSB being the premier state-owned institution for savings mobilization,” he noted.

    Meanwhile, drawing attention to the role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka’s future growth story, Prof. De S. Indraratna highlighted that relatively low inflows were caused by a lack of confidence in the country’s institutional frameworks.

    “Despite the cessation of terrorist hostilities in May 2009, FDIs have been flowing very slowly. Apparently foreign investors still do not find the necessary environment for their investment.”

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