Posted on October 27th, 2013

Kanthar Balanathan

Dear Mr V. Rudrakumaran,


I have listened to most of your speeches, interviews, and read articles or your narrations, most of which are questionable. You may be an Attorney in USA, however, do you think you are qualified in social sciences, have a wider knowledge in Demography, Human Geography and Political Sciences. Wouldn-â„¢t you agree that SJV Chelvanayagam is the racist who launched the ethnic hatred and division in Srilanka for personal reasons, and wouldn-â„¢t you agree that subsequently the Tamil politicians used the DC pact and the racial slogan for personal political benefit(s), and remain in parliament? Wouldn-â„¢t you agree that the Vaddukoddai Resolution is a concealment and cover-up to redirect the minds of the Tamil mass to support them to remain in parliament? The reason is that –Tamil Manavar Peravai- (Sathiyaseelan) was gaining momentum among the Tamil masses, and the Federal Party wanted Amirthaligham-â„¢s status in politics to be redeemed.

I like to give quotes on Demography and Human Geography as follows:

Quote: Demography is the branch of social sciences concerned with the study of human populations, their structure and change (through births, deaths, and migration), and their relationship with the natural environment and with social and economic change. Demographic indicators could include population size, population growth rate, crude birth rate, crude death rate, total fertility rate, life expectancy and infant mortality. As well, it would include estimated and projected gender and age distributions according to medium, high, low and constant fertility variants. In short, demographic changes affect all areas of human activity: economic, social, cultural and political. (Ref: Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick)

To a large extent, the realities of population size and growth, and of population characteristics and distribution, govern, or at least set some broad outer limits upon, what is possible for the economy and for governments and the corporate world within the economy. Thomas Symons, Chair, British-North American Committee Working Group on Demographics.

‚ Quote: Human geography‚ is one of the two major sub-fields of the discipline of‚ geography. Human geography is a branch of the‚ social sciences‚ that studies the world, its people, communities and cultures [1]‚ with an emphasis on relations of and across space and place. Human geography differs from‚ physical geography‚ mainly in that it has a greater focus on studying human activities and is more receptive to‚ qualitative research methodologies. As a discipline, human geography is particularly diverse with respect to its‚ methods and theoretical approaches to study.

Quote: Cultural Geography is a subfield of Human Geography which focuses -upon the patterns and interactions of human culture, both material and non-material, in relation to the natural environment and the human organization of space- (Cosgrove 1994).

I will relate the above to Tamils demand later in this write-up to you.

First of all, a separative demand from your castle built in the stratosphere, you need to formally, on a qualitative and quantitative basis justify the needs. In the interview you gave to Inbathamil Radio, Mr. Balasingham Prabakaran, on the 16th September 2011, you stated as follows to a question raised by Mr. Sathiyaseelan.

-Our endeavour has been to consult a –Think-tank- body. The -Think-tank- body has directed us to expand on the terminology –Colonisation-. We have arrived at the following derivation.

Colonisation in our TE soil occurs as follows:

1. Land, 2. Language, 3. Employment, 4. Culture –

It will be prudent to read history and conclude who colonized SL, and who imposed the multi-dimensional colonization scheme in SL. TamilEalam as a country never ever existed in the island of SL. It is a concept created by some selfish, power hunger idiotic Tamils in the recent century. This assumption and creation of TE resulted by a study group called -Ealam Research Organization- in the 60s and 70s. This was a creation and never a historic evolution.

Invasion from the south of India and frequent assault by the Chola, Pandiya, and Pallavas Kingdom resulted in the killing of several hundreds of thousands of Sinhala people. Still, the bloody invasions by the South Indians could not conquer the country fully. Finally they were only able to settle in the North and establish a region called Jaffna in the 14th century. Even then, the North was occupied by Sinhalese and Sinhala was the language. The North was a tax paying region either to the –Rajarata- kingdom or the –Kotte- kingdom. During the monarchy, -Cankilian-, Sinhalese was a language and Budhdhism existed for several centuries. Cankilian killed and drove Buddhists out of the region.

Every time the bloody South Indian kingdoms invaded the island, the Sinhalese drove them out of the island within a short period. This is indicative of the uniqueness, unity and the top class warrior caliber of the Sinhalese people.

Subsequent to the establishment of the Jaffna region, significant number of Malayalis, Karnataka-â„¢s, Telugus, Chettis, Rajastanis, Indonesians, and Africans were able to settle in the Jaffna region. The different races settled in groups at different places in the North. For e.g.; Malayalis, in the west, east, Telugus in the North, Javanese in the South and so on colonized the North. My Dear Mr. Rudrakumaran please read history and comprehend that we in the North are not pure Tamil race but a composition of mixed caste race. Tamils in the North have Sinhala BLOOD flowing in their body. We are brothers and sisters from a common gene.

Another example, can you give the meaning of -Waligamam-. There is no pure meaning in Tamil, however, a meaning exists in Sinhala: i.e. -Waligama- sand village.

Most Sinhala people in the North carrying names like Gunaratnam, Navaratnam, Kulasingham, Gunasingham etc. are nothing but Sinhala people who turned to Tamils in the North. Added an -m- and converted to Tamils. -Gunaratna, Navaratna, Kulasingha, Gunasingha-. Chelvanayaka to Chelvanayagam is another example. Even in India the people in the North carrying names as Yadav, Nath, are known as Yathavan & Nathan in the South. You could see the pattern.

Why and how did this happen? An assumption is that during South Indian invasions, people thought that the island will be converted to Tamil areas and were drawn into identifying as Tamils. The same goes to religious converts.

The name change is like those converts from Budhdhism to Christianity, and Hinduism to Christianity. Those converts to Christianity can be considered as opportunists or buccaneers. Pure reason could be to gain preference for education, employment etc. or may be Christianity is a better philosophy than any other philosophy.

Whatever it is, the Sinhala people are a unique considerate people. It is the Tamils who distressed the equipoise because of some power hunger politicians. Further, more than half a million people from South India colonized the up country (SL) displacing the inhabitants Sinhalese people, depriving them of their jobs, land, education and health. Did the Sinhalese take up arms like LTTE to kill the settling colony?

Therefore, the colonization was carried out by the Tamils, Malayalis, etc. and not the Sinhalese. This mixed race had no right to enter into Sinhalese lands including the North. Therefore it is the South Indians who carried out multi-dimensional colonization in the areas of Land, Language, and Employment & Culture in SL.

It is not only the Tamils: Those passers by the Indian Ocean, Portuguese, Dutch, British, and French colonized the island and tried to distort the prevailing culture.

In a recent interview to GTV, you frequently stated: –SINGALAM, SINGALAM-. Don-â„¢t you think that this is a racial comment by an educated Attorney like you? Please think, are you able to manage to live in an English environment? Do you work in Tamil? Who are your neighbors? Don-â„¢t you think Tamils have colonized US, Scarborough, and UK?

As per the 2012 census:

Total population 20,263,723 100%
Sinhalese 15,173,820 74.88%
SL Tamils 2,270,924 11.21%
Indian Tamils 842,323 4.16%

‚ Distribution of SL Tamils in the North, East, and outside N&E

Province No % of SL Tamils % of total population
North 987,692 43.49% 4.87%
East 609,584 26.84% 3.01%
Outside of N&E 673,648 29.66% 3.32%

29.66% of the SL Tamils reside outside the N&E. Right from early centuries Tamils are trotters moving from place to place looking for greener pasture. Tamil-â„¢s moves are with strong focus on finance. Therefore Tamils have never ever been a Political Community, except Tamil Nadu. It-â„¢s because on the strength of the TN people, Tamils were able to invade and settle in SriLanka.

Today Tamils have invaded western countries by illegal means and are creating chaos. Tamils are speaking various languages in different parts of the world. Why not learn Sinhalese Language and live peacefully in SL? Why are Tamils travelling on illegal boats like -Kallathonies-?

Who are the Tamils who want separation and power?

  1. Educated Tamils who have avidity for power.
  2. Non-educated Tamils who have absolute lack of knowledge in social sciences, etc.
  3. Religious fanatics
  4. Language fanatics.

Tamils who have not seen the other side of Vavuniya, seems to be xenophobic. Religious fanatics who have absolute faith in their god seem to leave everything to their god and are xenophobic.

It is a known fact that Canada took most of the illiterate, illicit Tamils. Those Tamils seem to have a strong focus on Tamil Ealam, and are creating havoc in Canada. It is a credit to Canada to have absorbed hundreds of thousands of Illiterate Tamil coolies than the rest of the world. Canada will fly high with those illiterates. Issues could only be seen on a horizon of 30-50 years.

You floated the TGTE in 2009. What were you able to achieve from collecting money. Dinesh of GTV made a statement during an interview with you that most Tamils believe that TGTE is nothing but a lobby group. What have you got to say about this? Well, it-â„¢s true, isn-â„¢t it?

You absolutely fooled the rest of the world and US by creating a virtual image of a Transnational government which is nothing but a lobby group.

Please listen to this gentleman-â„¢s statement:

Siva is challenging that TGTE is nothing but a fraudulent organization where Tamils are defrauding funds. It seems Tamils have named Mrs. Balambikai Murugadas as –Cattle bell Madam Balambikai Murugadas-. I.e.  ®® ®¾ ®Å¸ ¯ ®Å¸ ¯ ®”¢ ¯ ®”¢ ®¾ ®±  ®® ®£ ®¿ ®¯ ®® ¯ ®® ¯Ë†  ®ª ®¾ ®² ®¾ ®® ¯ ®ª ®¿ ®”¢ ¯Ë†  ®® ¯ ®° ¯ ®”¢ ®¤ ®¾ ®¸ ¯-.

Siva is accusing various Tamils of swindling money. Have you given an official reply to this Mr. Rudrakumaran?

During LTTE era, various Tamils swindled money and are now rich and hiding. LTTE was a vehicle for these Tamils to become rich. Now that LTTE is gone, TGTE is now a platform on a vehicle for Tamils to become rich. TGTE is creating precedence for terrorists in other western countries to organize their own TNG.

Tamils have a Provincial Council government in the North now, which is a waste. NPCG in SL cannot do well for the people, but only drive the province to poverty, while some politicians may become rich. NPC will quite soon make an effort to run to UN to complain that they have not been allocated adequate funds to run the PC. This is the issue. For 987, 692 Tamils among a total population of 20,263,723 people PC system is a waste and not economical and drive the country to bankruptcy.

What are Tamils embarked now all over the world.

  1. Build Hindu temples.
  2. Create some organizations allied to some political party and become friendly with local politicians.
  3. Enter in to local politics.
  4. Open spice shops.
  5. Open jewelry shops.
  6. Open various cheap businesses.
  7. Organize multitude of social events in the names of orphans in SriLanka. Collect money and send it to Vanni, which is doubtful.
  8. Stage films.
  9. Talk about 5th century stuff. –Aranaanuru, –Puranaanuru-.  ®… ®± ®¨ ®¾ ®£ ¯”š ®± ¯,  ®ª ¯ ®± ®¨ ®¾ ®£ ¯”š ®± ¯. Does this indicate that those Tamils will integrate with the citizens of the domiciled country? No
  10. In Sydney, Thiruvalluvar statue was erected in a hall. Well, Thirukural is an accepted set of verses. However, has anyone seen Valluvar? Can anyone imagine his features? Bharathiyar is a person who lived in our time. Why not a statue of Bharathiyar? This is the foolish thoughts of Tamils.

Considering the analysis above it could be concluded that -Demography- and -Human Geography- could well fit into -SriLanka- as a NATION, ONE COUNTRY, and NOT OTHERWISE.

Your continuation of TGTE is a waste of time and money. You are only allowing some Tamils to become rich and fraudulent.

Please review your thoughts on TGTE.

Kanthar Balanathan


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Writing to Transsexual Government of Tamil Elam is a waste of time Kanthar.

    SL caravan must push on regardless.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Thank you Kanthar.
    I now one Tamil who is married to a Sinhalese. He came to Australia with the sponsership of his brother- in- law.
    The couple were teachers originally and had to resorted to toilet cleaning for survival. It was hard.

    What he did was , he blamed the brother in law for sponsering, started fighting with them.
    They now claim Sri lanka is a mushc better place and they have been cheated.

    He went to hindu temple and started complaining the priest there not doing it properly.
    He is cursing the whole world, except himself.

    This is the Tmail way. We cannot change it.

  3. thurai Says:

    Tamils need writers like Kanthar. Sri Lankana Tamils live as babies with mothers in all over the world. Educated and intelligence Tamils with criminal mentality misuse them. Mr.Visuvanathan Uruthirakumar leads a Group of
    Tamils who cheat the Tamils for their own benefit. There is no Organisations among Tamils to search and bring to the public the Educated Sri Lankan Tamil criminals who built up their life from blood of Sri Lankan Tamils

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you Kanthar for a sane assessment.

    Re the para : “Most Sinhala people in the North carrying names like Gunaratnam, Navaratnam, Kulasingham, Gunasingham etc. are nothing but Sinhala people who turned to Tamils in the North. Added an “m” and converted to Tamils. “Gunaratna, Navaratna, Kulasingha, Gunasingha”. Chelvanayaka to Chelvanayagam is another example. Even in India the people in the North carrying names as Yadav, Nath, are known as Yathavan & Nathan in the South. You could see the pattern”,

    I agree with you that the surnames are similar, with only the letter ‘m’ at the end of surname. Do names like Gunaratnam, Navaratnam, Kulasingham, etc. occur in Tamil Nadu ? I think not. Therein lies proof positive of what you say.

    All the people of Lanka are one. Only the Tamil leaders say ‘no’ ! That is their ‘divide & rule’ principle. Lanka has to formulate new laws to prohibit ethnic or religion based political parties. Also deport all illegal migrants who bring endless troubles to Lanka.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Good rebuttal by SSP Ajith Rohana. The Real Reason is that Wigneswaran and the TNA want to get ALL Sinhalese, including Police and Army security personnel, out of the Northern Province … so they can start diddling the registration records of voters, land ownership, interdiction of illegal immigration, and start training an Eelamist Army under the guise of a Police Force.

    This activity WILL NOT END … until the 13th Amendment is REVOKED and the Provincial Council System is DISMANTLED by leaf, branch, trunk and root. Only then willl Sri Lanka be SAFE!

    Police counter CM’s criticism of policing in NP

    By Shamindra Ferdinando
    October 27, 2013

    Police headquarters spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana yesterday said that all police stations in the Northern Province were geared to accept complaints in Tamil.

    He told The Island that since the conclusion of the conflict, in May 2009, police headquarters had launched a special project to assign officers proficient in Tamil to police stations in the Northern Province.

    The officer was responding to Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran’s request to the government to appoint Tamil-speaking police personnel in the Northern Province, who would understand the people’s aspirations, language and culture.

    In his address to the inaugural session of the Northern Provincial Council, the retired Justice urged the government to ensure that the army stopped taking over private land in the North.

    CM Wigneswaran said: “It is important to draw a time-frame for the military to return the land taken over in such a manner to the rightful owners.”He also called for a civilian to be appointed as Governor of the Province. The present Governor, G. A. Chandrasiri, is a retired Major General, who once commanded Security Forces deployed in the Jaffna peninsula.

    Police spokesman Rohana said that nowhere in the world were personnel recruited to police forces on the basis of ethnicity, language, caste or creed. Of some 2,800 police officers proficient in Tamil who were serving the department today in different positions, approximately 900 were deployed in the Northern Province, the official said. He said that some of the 2,800 personnel proficient in Tamil were Sinhalese.

    According to SSP Rohana, since the conclusion of the conflict, in May 2009, the police had recruited nearly 1,500 personnel proficient in Tamil, including 60 Sub Inspectors to meet what he called the demand for policing in the Northern Province.

    The Northern Range comprises Jaffna, Kankesanthurai, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mankulam, Mannar and Vavuniya.

    SSP Rohana said that there were 42 police stations and 40 police posts in the Northern Range under senior DIG Gamini Silva.

    The Northern Range senior DIG is on extension and expected to retire on Dec 3. Although Silva was to retire on Sept 3, he was given an extension due to the first Northern Provincial Council polls held on Sept 21.

    Responding to a query, the police spokesman pointed out that Tamil youth were prevented from joining the police in the ‘80s by northern terrorist groups. Terrorists also carried out a spate of target killings of Tamil speaking police officers to discourage Tamil youth from joining the department, he said. “Threats prevented Tamils from joining the police until the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009. Unfortunately, those complaining about the dearth of Tamil speaking officers and men remained silent as long as they felt the LTTE could overcome the military on the Vanni front.”

    Asked whether officers had been deprived of promotions due to them being Tamil, SSP Rohana said that Rudra Rajasingham and T. Anandarajah functioned as the IGPs during the conflict. Apart from them, several other Tamil officers held senior positions during the conflict, he said, adding that the LTTE formed its own ‘police’ force in areas under its control.

    The police spokesman emphasised that people of all communities could respond to police advertisements calling for recruits. It would be important to keep in mind that recruitment and deployment would never be on the basis of ethnicity, he said. During the conflict, the police had to adopt certain measures to meet the unprecedented threat to national security therefore it would be prudent to examine strategies adopted at that time in the context of the terrorism threat.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    RECONCILIATION should not mean APPEASEMENT of Racist Separatists! PROHIBIT & CONFRONT every attempt by the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA to revive their Eelam Struggle for a Tamils-Only Separate State!

    Removal of Army Camps that help maintain security after the recent DEFEAT of Tamil terrorists in an area in which residents were brainwashed by the separatists for over 30 years, WILL NOT IMPROVE the Safety & Security of ALL Sri Lankans, everywhere in Sri Lanka.

    The 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index report (see below) says “despite the end of the civil war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists in 2009, the country has not felt safe. The Safety & Security sub-index ranked at 121 out of the 142 countries surveyed.”

    Instead of Decreasing Army Presence, INCREASE the presence of the Army in the former war zones, create Naval & Coast Guard bases ALL around that Coastline within EYE-SIGHT of each other to protect our territory and stem illegal immigration from Tamil Nadu, and PERMANENTLY SETTLE Armed Forces personnel and their FAMILIES in these areas, with MASSIVE GOSL assistance, to CHANGE the distribution of residents by ETHNICITY to the Average for the Nation as a whole, as a matter of High National Priority.

    If Tamil citizens can settle in Colombo, Sinhala citizens MUST BE ABLE TO LIVE in the North & East. Let the GOSL LEAD the CHARGE towards Ethnic Integration.

    Ethnic Integration is the ONLY WAY to PERMANENTLY endow Sri Lankan citizens with PEACE, SECURITY & PROSPERITY! Let us MARCH FORWARD SENSIBLY to LEAD the Legatum Prosperity Index in the future!

    Sri Lanka has become more prosperous since 2009, ranked 60th in Prosperity Index

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 31, Colombo: The latest Legatum Prosperity Index, which ranks nations according to wealth and wellbeing factors, has placed Sri Lanka at 60th place moving up eleven places in overall Prosperity since 2009 when the country defeated three decades of terrorism.

    This year’s Prosperity Index, compiled by London-based Legatum Institute, contains data on 142 countries for 89 variables, spread across eight sub-indices. The sub-indices include, country’s Economy, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, Governance, Education, Health, Safety& Security, Personal Freedom and Social Capital.

    Sri Lanka has seen big improvements in its Economy scores, which have contributed to the country’s improvements in the overall Prosperity Index.

    The Economy sub-index has risen twenty eight places to 74th since 2009, as a result of increases in capital per worker, gross domestic savings, perceived job availability, and satisfaction with access to adequate food and shelter.

    Over the past five years, Sri Lanka has increased twelve places to 35th in the Social Capital sub-index, due to increases in willingness to help strangers and trust levels.

    A whopping 82% of people say they can rely on others in times of need and 57% believe Sri Lanka is a good place to live for immigrants.

    However, despite the end of the civil war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists in 2009, the country has not felt safe. The Safety& Security sub-index ranked at 121 out of the 142 countries surveyed.

    Norway led the overall rankings for the fifth year followed by Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and Denmark in that order.

    In the South Asian region, India declined to106th and overtaken for the first time in 2013 by Bangladesh which ranked at 103rd. Nepal ranked at 102nd and Pakistan remains low in the rankings at 132nd with progress hampered by security-related challenges.

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