Malala Fever in the Western media: David Milliband trying score some points.
Posted on October 28th, 2013

By U.B.Gunasinghe PhD

Few weeks ago American media outlets were very excited by the news that Malala has been nominated for the Noble Peace price and eventually same media outlets were very disappointed that she did not receive the Nobel peace prize.‚  I was surprised to see David Milliband appeared on one Sunday talk show with some agent from a private firm helping with Malala foundation.‚  This guy knows where to go for his personal gain.‚  He may be involved with the foundation.‚  This is the guy who was helping LTTE who were dragging young girls from schools and their homes and sending to war front and eventually die for nothing.‚  His country (UK) is presently harboring terrorist aunty Adel Balasingham who was acting as a leader of the LTTE baby brigade and distributing cyanide capsules to young ladies who were deprived of their right to go to school and have a good free education provided by the Sri Lankan government.

Fact about Nobel Peace Prize:

Usually Nobel committee awards the prize to who deserves in the field of Science and medicine.‚  But some time peace prize is politicized and given to who has done nothing for the world peace.‚  One good example is giving Nobel peace prize to President Obama.‚  This year-â„¢s peace went to the organization who is trying to eliminate chemical weapons from the world.‚  I think this is reasonable instead of giving it to Malala.‚  No doubt that this young girl is outspoken and survived assassination attempt by notorious terrorist group Al-Qaida. In the Western media they depicted that many developing countries are not allowing women to have a good education.‚  Contrary this problem prevails only in some Muslim countries and the problem is not universal.‚  Therefore she did not deserve the Nobel peace prize at this juncture.

In Sri Lanka, President Rajapaksa-â„¢s government deserve more credit for saving many young girls and boys rescued from the LTTE clutches and giving them the chance to rehabilitate and integrated into the society.‚  They were deprived of their childhood, good education and live free as normal citizens.‚  Sri Lanka should be extolled by the international community for her good work on these misguided children.‚  But what is really happening?‚  Every year in March at UNHRC headed by the Nazi, racist HR commissioner trying to castigate Sri Lanka based upon unproven charges mostly fabricated by Tamil net and BBC.

I think it time for our foreign ministry to take up the Adel Balasingham matter with the appropriate forum and even try to extradite her to Sri Lanka to face justice for her crimes against humanity.‚  Her video showing distributing cyanide capsules to children is enough to convict her even in International criminal Courts.‚  ‚ As expatriates we must investigate the possibilities (possibly by good layers) of take this matter to ICC.

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  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    Actually Adele Balasingham was not only a leader of the baby brigade, she trained them to be the monsters they were, who could enter sleeping hamlets and massacre Sinhalese mothers and children in the most gruesome way. How can the British Govt pretend to be civilised giving refuge to people like her and Father Emanuel and allow them to move about freely in the country?

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