Posted on October 28th, 2013

Mahinda Weerasinghe

Curiously enough, that old gambit of Jaffna Tamils Catholics has been rekindled again. Frustrated by their incapability of getting hold the pearl of the Indian Ocean, they have reverted back to plan B.

This new plan really is the ancient one, dusted up and presented in a new garb. ‚ It is being exploited as a lever to ply Tamil Nadu out from Indian union. Then they could exploit TN as a battering ram to dash Lankans with!

Under the circumstances, what options are open for Mamohan Singh to manure? Let us consider some basic options!

1.)‚ ‚ ‚  If Mamohan Singh has a back bone, then he can act as a statesman, and partake in the common wealth conference.

But he obviously is no Statesman!

Indeed if he were to materialize in Colombo; he would be offering Catholic Jaffna Tamils the unique opportunity they have being waiting for!‚  They would hammer in the final nail into the coffin of an amalgamated Indian union!

As far as Sri Lankans are concerned they are not looking forward to his (patholaya-â„¢s) arrival rather they would wish for is; GROBR.

2.)‚ ‚ ‚  Obviously Mamohan Singh can abscond; thus taking the uncomplicated route out!

What would be the status of India then?

Far worse than one can envisage!

It would end the regional power that India is! Practically his big brother status in Lanka; would be kaput. The surrounding nabours will look at India-â„¢s indecisiveness and take its leader to be weak. In fact such an act would be taken as fickleness and vacillation? Sri Lana without consideration would levy an extra tax for their products entering the country and boycott its products where possible!

3.) He can declare that he is sick and hence unable to attend the conference!

In fact such an ambiguity is not a bad choice, thus shirking the responsibility, and placing the region in limbo! ‚ Indeed, thus relegating the Tamil pigheadedness to be dealt by a more decisive leader! In which case the b.) Consideration will still apply


3.)‚ ‚ ‚  Within that process Lanka would ascend as a regional power. And Mahinda be the rising star. Indeed he would evolve as the new power broker, manipulator and a wheeler dealer!


‚ All these have come to past, because the Indian clowns did not think ahead! Definitely Mamohan Singh is no Mahatma Gandhi; the man who through his iron will broke British Coolie slave exploiting and trading empire, sometimes also called the enlightened empire for its subtle manipulations!

What these Indian jokers do not grasp is, (and here I had to used Sarath Fonske-â„¢s indispensable phase; to define such dolts) if TN is get out of the union then India itself will be, a third rate power , and infantile nation of Tamil Nadu WILL BE nation of beggars.

How so?

Here I will outline the basic factors the nascent nation of Tamil Nadu should surmount!

1.)‚ ‚  Like Individuals nations need to water to survive, indeed lots of water!

Tamil Nadu dependent on Punjab for its water. Punjab as the name implies; the land of the five rivers also is the main source of water to Tamil Nadu.

In 1966 the international law association adopted Helsinki rules on international river waters. These rules were adopted in the United Nation-â„¢s Convention in 1986 and were accepted by the international Community as part and partial of international law. This would say if TN sede from India there is no power on earth which can persuade them to give water to the newly born nation of Tamil Nadu.

2.) Catholic\Christians will dominate this nation of indentured laborers, and continue to keep TN in bondage as hand maidens of the white man!

– B R Haran acrimoniously informs that; -ËœJust as it divided the Tamil people through the bogus -ËœAryan (Brahmin) -” Dravidian (Non-Brahmin) Theory,-â„¢ to alienate non-Brahmins from the -ËœHindu-â„¢ folds along linguistic lines (Aryan Sanskrit -” Dravidian Tamil); the Church similarly divided the Sri Lankan people along linguistic (Sinhala-Tamil) lines. On the one hand, it backed the LTTE fully against the government, and on the other, it successfully infiltrated the Sri Lankan establishment and influenced the government through Sinhala Christian leadership.-â„¢
Indeed he informs -ËœThe first Sri Lankan Tamil leader who started the demand for separatism was a Christian -” Samuel James Velupillai Chelvanayakam; he also called for a -Greater Dravidic Nadu- on both sides of the Palk Straits.

It can be said that LTTE just followed his footsteps, backed by the Church and missionaries. Ever since ethnic riots took place in 1983, Anton Balasingham, a Roman Catholic, assumed the mantle of LTTE-â„¢s political leadership and was second only to Prabhakaran, also a Christian.

Ironically, the 85% Hindu majority of Sri Lankan Tamils came totally under the control of a Christian minority leadership, thanks to the Machiavellian machinations of the Church and missionaries.

Jayalalitha-â„¢s lack of insight is legendary. She is showing the Sinhalese Bogy as a diversion.

‚ Sinhalese are not answerable for years of mismanagement and absurd leadership TN has chosen! The impending obliteration of Hinduism should be placed on this aging actress and that grand dad Karunanidhi! Indians should look within and look without, for answers to their situation and mental anguish!

-Indeed, Church finally succeeded in influencing Jayalalitha after her party-â„¢s rout in the 2004 parliament elections, resulting in two telling actions. First, she repealed the anti-conversion law, enacted by her own government, to appease the Christian community; secondly, she went to the extent of denigrating and destroying the sanctity of a 2500-year-old institution established by Adi Sankara and flawlessly maintained by his order of disciples as -ËœJagath Gurus-â„¢ for millions of Hindus.-

Since then, this aging actress (Jayalalitha) has clearly sided with the Christian clergy the results were evident. Last year, while reacting to the spontaneous -Ëœretaliatory-â„¢ attacks on Christians in Kandhamal, Orissa, she called it as a -disgrace- to the nation. In fact the real disgrace I feel is; how she keeps passing the buck!

3.) ‚ Naturally the jobs in the Northern India peninsular for Tamils will dry up.

4.) ‚ Indeed Racism, prejudice and xenophobia are rampant in India. It-â„¢s a strange mixture of prejudice, ignorance and centuries-old discriminatory practices, when communities kept to themselves and segregation practices based on caste taboos raged.

Like the leopard which has fallen into a well, India is a nation in deep frustration. Obsolete strategies and mismanagement of resources is the resultant. Corruption is a huge second economy.

One can clearly perceive where all this is leading to. And who are leading the Tamil Nadu flock by their nose up the garden path!‚  In fact is this actress\leader has been mesmerized by Jaffna Catholics so much so, that she has disregarded the Tamil Hindus, which is her real power base.

apparently their plan B was put on hold waiting an opportunity such as Catholic inspired 1983 incident of Sri Lanka; which galvanized Catholic-Buddhist war in Lanka(naturally with Tamil Hindus as scrape goats). ‚ Mamohan Singh arrival in Colombo may evolve into that opportunity!

Are the Sinhalese worried? Not by a long shot as Jaffna Catholics are predictably transparent!

Soon Jaffna Tamil Catholics will find that their design has backfired yet again! The cunning Sinhalese will naturally be bringing it round to their advantage! Indeed within that process TN Hindus will be burnt as they were in a deep slumber.

Jaffna Tamil Catholics hatefulness of the Sinhalese is well-known. It is historical and deep seated inferiority complex. Even if whole of Sri Lanka is given them still it would not quench their thirst of vengeance. Strangely enough, something always come to the Sinhalese aid! If Prakakaren had got his Eelam; he would still would want to subjugate the Sinhalese. He would have gone on to do this by exploiting the Indian Tamil Hindus as cannon fodder to get whole of Sri Lanka and enslave the Sinhalese. His blind fury, new no bounds. Perhaps Gotabaya understood this and acted with impunity.

If these jokers assume that if they were to emerge as a nation, then they could invade Lanka and live happily ever after! Well they are in for a surprise! As soon as they break away from the Indian union, the India left behind will be Aryan dominated, would become rabidly anti Tamil Nadu and pro Sinhalese! A typical catch 22 situation.

If they could mot obliterate the Sinhalese race the last 2000 years how in the world can they achieve it now?

Indian Hindu Tamils should appreciate that Sinhalese live with the Indentured slave labor brought over to Ceylon by British slavers. In fact they were not tolerated by Jaffna Tamils and they never put out the red carpet in Jaffna them.

Jaffna Tamil Catholics are of the opinion they are specially created and unique, unlike the Indian riff raff. In their eyes plantation Tamils are low of the lowest and treated as pariahs. In other words it would mean that; Jaffna Tamils have not come from India originally but descended from heaven. ‚ In fact that-â„¢s why they are so special! According to the Catholic judgment they are Gods anointed lot.‚  Such bizarre myth of theirs is equal to their Holy Catholic mother-â„¢s virginity; remains unconfirmed!

Forgetting history does not mean the facts can be expunged. It is the Sinhalese Buddhist who polished the Jaffna Tamil Catholics subsequent to their arrival from India. Sinhalese got them reconditioned them from their old mind set, and taught them about hygiene, education, and polished them. And above all, got them to desist from sitting on the road side and doing number 2, as their distant cousin still practice. No wonder the inferiority complex! The Indian plantation Tamils will also be given the same polish and reconditioned similarly!

Jaffna Tamil Catholics are lucky to have got cohabitate with tolerant Sinhalese Buddhists and to live amongst them. If they have cohabited with German Aryans they would have ended in Gas chambers as Gypsies did! As Jews and gypsies found after living hundreds of years that there are no traditional home lands in Europe for them!

It is time that these Jaffna Catholics face reality!



  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    He cannot say Adieu to his squeezy huggie fatso virago.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    If Sri Lanka buys the JF-17 from China, India will have a FIT, because that will be Pakistan’s first sale of a jet fighter to another country in its attempt to become self-sufficient in arms.

    I say …. THAT IS JUST GREAT … to minimize all dependence for military hardware on India, which is currently dilly-dallying even on the delivery of two Frigates to the Sri Lanka Navy, because of Tamil Nadu objections.

    Every time India plays hard-to-get, Sri Lanka should SMILE SWEETLY and seize the opportunity to buy from India’s opponents, dendening another message of the cost of Tamil Nadu’s Racist antics to India as a whole.

    DO UNTO as DONE UNTO … should be the MOTTO!

    Pakistan to sell JF-17 fighter jets to SL-report
    October 27, 2013

    Pakistan has decided to start sale of state of the art JF-17, Thunder combat planes developed by the collaboration of China to several other countries including to Sri Lanka from next year, Pakistan’s The Nations news agency reported.

    Pakistan Defence ministry Production sources said as many as 42 JF-17 Thunder planes have been developed so far under joint venture with China.

    “Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has been assigned a target of exporting 5 to 7 JF-17 Thunder planes next year, and the discussions in this regard are under the way to Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Qatar and other friendly countries,” the report stated.

    Pakistan Ministry of defence Production officials have expressed optimism that Pakistan would succeed in exporting these modern planes in the next year.

    Sources said Heavy Industries Taxila has manufactured prototype of Buraq vehicle to defuse the land mines and remote control explosive material.

    The PAC JF-17 Thunder or CAC FC-1 Xiaolong, is a light-weight, single-engine, multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by the Pakistan Air Force, the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and the Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAC) of China.
    Its designation “JF-17 Thunder” by Pakistan is short for “Joint Fighter-17”, while the designation “FC-1 Xiaolong” by China means “Fighter China-1 Fierce Dragon”.

    The JF-17 can carry a variety of missiles and bombs, including air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, supplemented by a 23/30 mm GSh-23-2 twin-barrel autocannon. It is powered by a RD-93 afterburning turbofan, and has a top speed of Mach 1.6. The JF-17 is slated to become the backbone of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), complementing the F-16s as well as the J-10Bs (on order) within its aircraft ranks and is also expected to fill the duties of aerial reconnaissance, ground-attack and interception.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! I meant if Sri Lanka buys the JF-17 from Pakistan ….!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is better for Sri Lanka’s long term interest, if Man Mohan Singh DOES NOT ATTEND the CHOGM meeting.

    IT IS TIME for Sri Lanka to LEAVE India’s SUFFOCATING EMBRACE that will ultimately DESTROY Sri Lanka!

    India will always be subject to BLACKMAIL by Tamil Nadu … that is an INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT as Tamil Nadu will always be more important to India than Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is in ri Lanka’s INTEREST to ESCAPE from this EMBRACE … while it is STILL POSSIBLE!

    RUN Sri Lanka, RUN! Run AWAY, Run FAST, Run NOW from the Indian EMBRACE!

    In India’s interest, PM must attend CHOGM in Colombo

    By Indrani Bagchi, TNN
    October 29, 2013

    NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be meeting his top political advisers to decide on whether he will travel to Sri Lanka for the CHOGM on November 15. Quite apart from the noise being made by Tamil political parties, almost everybody else will advise the PM to go.

    A strong message has come from C V Wigneswaran, the new chief minister of Sri Lanka’s northern provincial council. In a recent message to the Indian government, he has asked that Singh should attend CHOGM, and the PM could use the opportunity to send the message he needs to. This was the first time a Tamil party has been allowed to form a provincial government by Colombo. On his return from Lanka, foreign minister Salman Khurshid has also advised that Indian participation at CHOGM would be in New Delhi’s interest.

    What is at stake here? First, Sri Lanka is one of India’s most important neighbours since it is politically and strategically on the same page. For example, Lanka is a lynchpin of New Delhi’s Indian Ocean Region (IOR) strategy. If India downgrades its participation in CHOGM, it runs the risk of “losing” Lanka to the likes of China, who is quick to exploit the opportunity to expand its strategic footprint into IOR. China built Hambantota port, but India dominates strategic ground there. Even Pakistan, despite its limited resources, has been engaging Colombo with alacrity, primarily to take up the space that India is ceding in the island nation.

    Second, India as the big regional power has never missed a multilateral summit in its own region. In 2004, India signalled displeasure with Bangladesh, which then rescheduled the SAARC summit. All members of the Commonwealth will be attending CHOGM, including all India’s neighbours at the head-of-state level, except Canada, which continues to have the highest numbers of LTTE enthusiasts. If the PM does not go, India could be seen to be on the side of these radical elements. LTTE may have died in Sri Lanka, but the idea remains alive in many Western countries. LTTE had assassinated former PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

    Third, India’s leverage with Sri Lanka would vanish. This would make it impossible to influence Lankan behaviour particularly with regard to the fishermen issue, close to hearts of all Tamil politicians in India. Despite Mahinda Rajapaksa being seen as a version of an autocrat, at least in the past few years India has been able to significantly influence big decisions in Lanka, primarily because there remains an “inner track” of communication at the top level. Humiliating Rajapaksa by boycotting the summit could close that track.

    Lanka’s recent northern council elections came about as a result of Indian persuasion, as did their decision to let the UN High Commissioner for human rights have full access to the region. A recent government assessment said Rajapaksa would have gone ahead with diluting the 13th amendment but has put it on hold in deference to New Delhi’s wishes. In India’s absence, this dilution would probably go through. Colombo has indicated it will downgrade economic and defence ties with India. Most important, Indian fishermen would be at the mercy of Lankan forces at sea.

    The political forces who want the PM to boycott CHOGM include almost all the Tamil political parties. The AIADMK has traditionally been opposed to LTTE, but in recent years has taken a more assertive approach to pan-Tamil politics, including preventing fishermen from both sides meeting each other to sort out the problem. In the Northern Province too, some of the disgruntled members of the TNA like some members of the Suresh Premchandran faction as well as the Tamil diaspora – prime supporters of the LTTE – have been drumming up opinion against an Indian participation. DMK has traditionally been supportive of Lankan Tamils, though even they were quiet during the last weeks of the military campaign against LTTE.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “DO UNTO as DONE UNTO … should be the MOTTO!”


    This should happen WITHIN SL as well.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    I wrote this in response to a Fran Diaz, elsewhere in


    1. As long as learning ALL Three Languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English) is Compulsory … it is fair and will lend itself to INTEGRATING the TWO major language groups in Sri Lanka.

    Knowledge of Tamil will make it easier for Sinhala people to keep tabs on the Eelamsts and settle and live in the North and East. On the other hand, Tamils will be forced to learn Sinhalese … and prove proficiency for example through National exams (GCE O/L) …. so it will breakdown the insularity and isolation of the Northern Tamils that is the cause of much continuing Eelamist sentiment. But, if Sinhala people are forced to learn Tamil, we must force Tamil people to learn Sinhala as well … what is good for the goose, must be good for the gander as well.

    The ludricrous nature of this whole issue is that a 80% Sinhala-speaking majority is having to accord the same status to an at most 20% Tamil-speaking minority (Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils and Moslem Tamil speakers), just to preserve the peace and integrity of Sri Lanka, due to a conflict created by at most 3% of the Tamil speakers!

    If it were not for the fact that Sinhala people must be able to effectively confront Tamil Nadu for ETERNITY, I would rather learn to speak HINDI …. linguistically related to Sinhala … that is the National Language of India. If there is any other language I would want Sinhalese to learn well … it is CHINESE … the Global Language of the future.

    The downside of requiring Sinhala people to learn Tamil is that … will they forget and lose Sinhala proficiency given the veritable flood of Tamil films and other media ….. streaming in from Tamil Nadu?

    2. On the subject of using Districts as administrative units, it is ESSENTIAL that their administrations are NOT LOCALLY ELECTED, but are DIRECTLY administered by the ELECTED National Government through APPOINTED Governments Agents, because the National Government represents the will of ALL citizens of Sri Lanka, while an Elected District Administration would represent the will only of its local constituency. If Local Elections are allowed to determine the administration …. we would again be back to SQUARE ONE … separatism by collaboration of some of the Elected District Administrations.

    Election of Members of Parliament to the National Government is a NECESSARY & SUFFICIENT means of allowing people to exercise their Universal Franchise as citizens through Elections conducted in the Nation as a whole, and not part by part in large regional units.

    It may be a good thing to pass a new law assigning some limited power to each these Members of Parliament so that can bring benefits to their communities from their participation in the National Parliament, rather than merely through supporting their parties in the Parliament. Currently, they are lobbyists and lotus eaters paid by the tax payer. It would not be a bad thing thing to actually put these buggers to work, and deliver a benefit to the people of their constituencies in return for paying their salaries.

    Recently, the GOSL under MR’s leadership, has already taken some steps to implement a District based System of Governance presumably as an ALTERNATIVE to the Provincial Council System. The problem is that Provinces are much bigger administrative units than Districts, and their control by anti-national elements presents a threat to the TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY of the Nation, and ADMINISTRATIVECONTROL by the National Government.

    Among these steps, is the appointment of a “District Minister” to each District. The term “Minister” sounds grander than “Government Agent” but by definition it is the same thing in that he is NOT DIRECTLY ELECTED by the People, but is APPOINTED by the ELECTED National Government.

    All of this may augur GOOD NEWS for us Patriots now incurably unhappy about the 13th Amendment and the rise of an Eelamist Controlled Northern Provincial Government that every day acquires more of the trappings of the recently defeated “LTTE Government” in the Wanni.

    It may, in fact, signal the REVOCATION of the 13th Amendment and the DISMANTLING of the Provincial Council System in the near future, and its REPLACEMENT by a GOSL controlled District System of Governance. Let us HOPE & PRAY that becomes a REALITY very soon!

  7. Sooriarachi Says:

    Backboneless leaders who fear terrorists and their supporters and take orders from NATO bosses as well, are of no value to any neutral international organisation, as they will be controlled by such vile and vicious groups.
    Mr Cameron quite correctly kept himself out of CHOGM as he is of no value and has sacrificed Canada’s greater interest to that of keeping his party in power with the votes of Tiger diaspora. Mr Manmohan Singh has a similar problem in India, therefore, best for him to keep out of CHOGM if he is greedy to remain in power, though at the expense of India’s greater interest.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Chelva is no more.
    Balla is no more.

    Today ALL TE leaders (except Sumanthiran) are Hindus. And today they seem to be doing something right than their previous leader who failed even to have a provincial council.

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