The TNA Are Mere Smalltime Political Representation With A Single Northern District Council Win, Not Heads Of Nations To Decline Attending The CHOGM Summit Which Is Laughable!
Posted on October 28th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

October 27th 2013

It is no blow for the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) summit to be held in Colombo which some myopics seem to believe is troubled~ far from it ~‚ that Sri Lanka-â„¢s main Tamil party the TNA has said it would boycott the event. “Main Tamil Party” in this respect seems indicative of many factions within the Tamil Community and the only Tamil party with a miniscule representation in Parliament which does not really entitle them to the high faluting attitude they seemed to have adopted of late and the arrogance somewhat reminiscent of their onetime champions the deposed Tamil Tigers.

While the “troubled” caption comes as a result of declination by a few of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger sympathetic Diaspora supportive adversaries who have been misled by the cooked up innuendo and false portrayals of what transpired in Sri Lanka in the decades long anti insurgent campaign by the Armed Forces, there has also been no mandate for the TNA to participate in the CHOGM as they are not heads of any State by any stretch of the imagination. It seems wishful thinking on their part.

On this basis‚  even if they attempted to participate, they should be prevented on the basis that they are Tamil Tiger sympathisers~ formerly very boldly and openly ‚ and today somewhat low key for very obvious reasons yet‚ continuing to carry out secessionist objectives where, now that they have gained a victory in a Nothern‚ Provincial Council Election that has no real‚ bearing on relativities linked to governance of the Nation‚ they still attempt to show a clout to which they are far from being entitled to.

It almost seems high handed that utterances such as quote~ -We will not take part in CHOGM. But our staying away does not mean we are protesting against the participating nations. We will be eager to meet them,- Mavai Senathirajah, a senior Tamil National Alliance (TNA) legislator has said on Saturday.So what gives them the right to be so bold in their rhetoric or is this some kind of ignorance linked apathy?

As it stands today they should realise that they are being closely watched by an Administration that hardly wants any recurrences of past secessionist based problems linkable to Tamil Tiger dogma and conscious of the direction of the TNA which shows ‚ signs that they seem to want to persist in what they call “the Tamil struggle” which should not be acceptable to a multi ethnic environment in Sri Lanka albeit with a strong Majority Sinhalese head count within the ruling party which is impartial and fair towards addressing the needs of all minorities particularly Tamils.
Something the Administration has done admirably well and continues to do so which the TNA hardly wants to admit or recognize but continue to present obstacles at every turn which could lead to an eventual unacceptable perception by the Nation’s lawmakers that could land them in hot water.

In response to‚  what TNA sources have‚ said that “during the inaugural meeting of the Northern Provincial Council, the TNA group had resolved that Chief Minister of the Tamil-dominated northern province C.V. WigneswarIan must shun the CHOGM in Colombo‚ due to be held this‚ November .” But who invited him? as once again he is no head of Government nor has he the mandate to attend by the simplest of definitions.There also seems to be a matter of interpretation of Plain English about what CHOGM stands for.

It is almost as though the TNA are attempting to force themselves into the CHOGM which is what makes it laughable as they seem to be taking too much for granted over a single Provincial Council win ‚ while also presenting themselves as the overall representation of all Sri Lankan Tamils which seems the furthest from the truth as there are many within their community who would much rather give them a wide berth based on their pro Tamil Tiger stance‚ and pledge their allegiances to the Government of Sri lanka who has prioritised their needs today‚ despite opinions to the contrary stemming from deplorable and unacceptable sources.

2 Responses to “The TNA Are Mere Smalltime Political Representation With A Single Northern District Council Win, Not Heads Of Nations To Decline Attending The CHOGM Summit Which Is Laughable!”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    They are fishing for an invitation.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Ever heard of the Camel who in a severe sandstorm pleaded with its Arab Master to just let him put his head in the Arab’s tent and eventually wormed his entire self into the tent ejecting the poor Arab?
    Seems like this in an analogical sense is what the TBA are attempting to do now that they have Wigneswaran as their champion so has Mr W replaced VP already? Wukk the Sinhala nation be caught napping again?
    This is what the Government needs to be wary about as the TNA could end up being the enemy that lurks in the shadows to pounce at an opportune moment. Give them an inch and they want a mile !!
    Their continued tolerance could turn out to be a rude surprise to the nation!

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