Posted on October 31st, 2013

By Stanley Perera -” Melbourne

My Dear Vignesvaran,

You have lived all your life in Colombo amongst the Sinhalese brethren.‚  You received free education from the GoSL the country of birth.‚  You entered the law college and received free education and rose up to the highest position in the judiciary.‚  Until you contested to the C.M-â„¢s position in the North you were not seen in public places wearing the red pottu and verti.‚  The two children of yours are married to Sinhalese.‚  The silk that you wore in the Supreme Court was borrowed from a retired Sinhalese Supreme Court Jude who happens to be a relation of yours.‚  Since retirement you are drawing a handsome pension from Sri Lankan government.‚  You are travelling to India backwards and forward with a VIP Passport provided by the Sri Lankan Government.‚  The children of yours were also given a free education by the Sri Lanka Government.‚  A safe and peaceful environment was set up by the Sri Lanka Government in the North for you to contest the P.C.election by sacrificing 40,000 Sinhala soldier-â„¢s lives.‚  Large number of Sinhala soldiers lost their limbs.

Since becoming the C.M. the terminology often used by you is not at all suitable to a man of your state which are unconstitutional, unpatriotic and anti Sinhalese.‚  Hence, betraying the country that took care of you and your family well and truly.‚  The utterances are irrational and distasteful.‚  Very irresponsible for a retired Supreme Court judge at the age of 74.‚ 

If one says another scoundrel, he must be a scoundrel in the first place.‚  If one respects the other, naturally he will be treated in the similar fashion.‚  Respect is something that a man must earn through his or her-â„¢s behaviour and the attitude.‚  Judging by your recent behaviour or utterances you do not deserve any respect at all.‚  Hence forth the writer is unable address you as Justice Vigneswaran or Mr. Wigneswaran.‚  Therefore you fall in to the category of third grade or gutter type Tamil who bring disgrace to the moderate Sri Lankan Tamil people.‚  You do not deserve an iota of respect from the patriotic Sri Lankan.

Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans.‚  Any one not patriotic or anti-Sri Lanka is not a Sri Lankan.‚  They the ones you find in Tamil Nadoo.‚  At least two third of the Tamils in the North and East are illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadoo.‚  During the time of terror by the racist Tamil Terrorists, Vaiko, Nedumaran, Seaman, Krunasleeping and that fat mistress exported ship loads of starving Tamils who were imported by the Tamil Terrorist leader to build up their numbers.‚  They are the racists who have joined hands with the fat mistress and karunasleeping.

It must be borne in mind that there are 234000 Sinhala IDPs waiting to be settled down in the North and about 40,000 muslims.‚  GoSL is blamed for not settling the Sinhala and Muslim IDPs before the NPC election.‚  It is a warning to the GoSL at least before the next NPC election all the displaced IDPs must be settled down.‚  Ethnic cleansing is the priority of the Kallathonis.

Wigneswaran does not display any signs of stesmanship.‚  What he demonstrates is absolute racist ideology adopted by the slain Tamil Terrorist Leader and the bunch of racist and uneducated together with the uncivilised TNAIs.‚  This is a contagious disease amongst the Kallathonis.‚  If the GoSL did not treat this disease with the proper medicine forthwith, GoSL is not fair by the other eight provinces.‚  Preferential treatment cannot be given to one province alone.‚  What the TNAi and Wigneswarn expect is to be the parasite.‚  Here the writer wishes to quote by late‚  P.C. Siva, -the udder in the North and mouth on the South.‚  Sambanthnai and Wigneswaranai are proposed for the honorary doctorate on PARACITOLOGY.‚  LISTEN YOU RACIS BUNCH, LEARN TO LIVE AND LET LIVE.‚  DON-â„¢T BRING SHAME TO THE MODERATE TAMIL PEOPLE. ‚ 


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Most Tamils in the north including those pretend to be moderate Tamils voted for TNA!!

    Good we can’t tell who voted for whom! But 78% of people (mostly Tamils) in the north voted for TNA.

    Without Tamil people’s votes, TNA clowns are NOTHING.

    Viggi will turn SL into a vegi.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    In short, Wigneswaranai is a free loader. Kill the thurst from Sri Lanka and say thank you India. That is Kallathoni’s mentality. Decendent from the koolies, can Wigneswaran ever belong to the elite family in India?

  3. Nanda Says:

    The word “moderation” is the most practical opposite of “greed”, it aligns with “Noble Eightfold Path” or middle path.

    This word “moderation” is probably not in the Tamil vocabulary. You just look at a company headed by a Tamil. The best is the 40-60 basis, mostly 90(Tamil employees) : Sinhala even though the inverse proportion applies to applicant pool.
    This scoundrel has all the qualifications and connections to be a moderate but he remains a scoundrel.

    Similar to Tamil race , no living politician is moderate, when it comes to gathering power and wealth. Moderation has to be enforced.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    There is something GOOD about Viggi which we should CREDIT the loser.

    When Jeya, Karuna, Sambandan, NGOs and Ananthi DEMAND Man Moron Singh to boycott CHOGM, Viggi has INVITED MAN MORON to SL.

    That is very good because it SPLITS Tamilians!!

    Viggi is USED by MR like a condom to **** Jeyalalitha.

    Well done MR for that. Good tactical thinking.

    Now Viggi’s SECOND PLANNED MEETING with Jeya will be in jeopady!!

  5. mjaya Says:


    Viggi getting a bit of “heart pain” reminds me of someone else…

    Dr. JJ

    Looks like Viggi’s time is slowly coming……….

    Anyway as you have said Viggi is MRs best tool. He’s the one who enables MR to “cut the pig’s flesh on the pig’s body”!!

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:







  7. Lorenzo Says:


    “cut the pig’s flesh on the pig’s body”!!


    Vigneswaran is the condom MR wears when he goes up the end of the digestive system of Jeyalalitha WITHOUT catching her AIDS, gonohrea, hepatitis ABC, arses, syphilis, etc., etc.

    MGR spared this “avenue” for MPR!!

    Tamils have gone CRAZY! They might tear this condom.

    (Please don’t ban me for telling the truth.)

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Jeyalotita is a cinema actress, and she has many Cinema Holes, I mean Halls. She started a very big modern hall and had called Karu-ninthen to open it. Massive crowd at the entrance, Karu ninthen said, I have opened and opened many cinema actresses Holes, but this a very big hole Hall of Jeyalolita which Iam opening for the First time, Jayalolithas is the biggest hole, I mean the Biggest Hall in this area. MR HAD BEEN IN WITH THE CROWED AT THE ENTRANCE, HE borrowed condom bijneswaran to slide in. This is where everybody got clapped,after opening.

  9. stanley perera Says:

    It is a disgusting hole. Disgusting means absolutely disgusting and smelly hall. Wigneswaranai and Sambanthnai are also disgusting and absolutely smelly AHs. In india water is scares and Turban Singh uses his turban to wipe his AH after the big job. After the thingi wraps the turban on the head again.

  10. Nanda Says:

    I don’t like this conversation but I like the name “Bijneswaran”. Well done Susantha !
    I suggest slightly modified version ( more direct) “Bijjeswaran” to be used by everyone.
    Actually, Tamils claim that Bengal people cannot pronounce “V” , they use “B” instead.
    As originally from Bengal we are entitled to use the same.

  11. stanley perera Says:

    Let me correct you. Say VIGNESWARANAI.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “Vigneswaran shot dead in Trincomalee

    [TamilNet, Friday, 07 April 2006, 04:08 GMT]

    Mr.Vanniasingham Vigneswaran, President of the Trincomalee District Tamil Peoples’ Forum (TDTPF) was shot dead Friday around 9.30 a.m. by an unidentified person when he was about to enter the main branch of the Bank of Ceylon (BoC) located along Inner Harbor Road between the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police and Trincomalee Harbor Police. The assassination of the key Tamil activist has taken place when the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was about to announce the appointment of Mr. Vigneswaran as the national list Parliamentarian to fill the position held by Joseph Pararajasingham MP who was slain in Batticaloa on Christmas eve, TNA sources said.”

    OK. This is 7 years old news. Hope history repeats on all these terrorists.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    In ALL matters, let the ballot, not the bullet prevail.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    Not in ALL matters.

    The ballot and the bullet have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the situation that must be resolved.

    No amount of BALLOTING was able to free Sri Lanka of LTTE terrorism; but a well-planned sustained hail of BULLETS fired into the GUTS of the terrorists did the job nicely.

    Both TOOLS of resolving problems are effective, depending on the circumstances:

    In times of peace when the rule of impartial law prevails … the ballot is the preferred method.
    In times of war, when the rule of brute force prevails …. the bullet is preferred.


    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (If you desire PEACE, then prepare for WAR!)

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    The ballot first, and if that doesn’t work, bullet.


    Question: Who allowed so many TAMIL ILLEGAL MIGRANTS into Lanka ? Why aren’t the people who allowed illegal migrants in held responsible for at least part of the mess we are in ?
    Sri Lanka has allowed all sorts of experiments to be conducted here. Why ?

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    One more : Why aren’t we activating the 6-A to show that we do not tolerate separatism ? The 6-A is part of the law of the land, yet unused.
    No wonder we are forced to resort to the bullet.

  17. Marco Says:

    As much as i like a lively debate the earlier comments on this thread as digressed in to a level totally unbecoming of Sri Lankans and dragged it into the “pits”.
    Thankfully the disgusting comments are not from people living in Sri Lanka.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    “In ALL matters, let the ballot, not the bullet prevail.”

    NO WAY!

    Ballot won in 1977 election where TULF won!!
    Ballot won in 2013 NPC election when TNA won!!

    A bullet that COSTS LESS THAN A BALLOT PAPER could have SAVED millions of Tamils from BRAINWASHING.

    Sometimes violent is ESSENTIAL. That is why humans spend over $1.5 trillion on defence every year and rising. It is essential when peaceful means cannot bring or maintain peace.

    e.g. Peace was brought to SL after 26 years in 2009 by the bullet not the ballot alone. Lets be pragmatic.

    “Hitha honda gaeni hemadama bading”. No way mother Lanka should be that.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    We have to spare a thought for the GOOD USE of Viggi who is a condom in the tool of MR to batter Jeyalalitha on CHOGM.

    When Jeya begged Endia to boycott CHOGM, Viggi begged Man Moron to come to SL.


  20. Ananda-USA Says:


    Did Vigneswaran REALLY beg Man Mohan Singhe to attend CHOGM? He DID NOT according to him!

    Recently, he denied having done so and said he had just written a letter thanking India for supporting the Tamil cause and forcing PC Elections to be held in Sri Lanka, but he said that at no time had he ASKED Man Mohan Singh to attend the CHOGM!!! This was in rebuttal to the TNA accusation that he was kissing MR’s rear end!

    If his DENIAL is TRUE, he is not even A USEFUL IDIOT as you categorize him ….. and is ONLY an Eelamist Rattler who hid in Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court bench at Sri Lanka tax payer expense for a lifetime, and is injecting his venom into Motherlanka AGAIN at Sri Lanka tax payer expense (i.e., GOSL pension + Chief Minister salary)!

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz said,

    “The ballot first, and if that doesn’t work, bullet. ”

    No! Common sense should guide us to the appropriate tool, depending on the situation. The ballot should not be used when common sense tells us only the bullet will work.

    This was the PIVOTAL REASON why 30 years of dilly – dallying with ballots against Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka FAILED to solve the problem, while a sustained hail of BULLETS fired solved the problem in 3 short years. For every problem the APPROPRIATE TOOL must be used. It is a MONUMENTAL FOLLY to do otherwise!

    Use the ballot where law and order prevails, and the bullet where violent terrorism reigns. No point trying balloting first in all cases … that only gives TIME for the problem to grow to outsize proportions … as it did in Sri Lanka!

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    “This was in rebuttal to the TNA accusation that he was kissing MR’s rear end!”

    So he DID do it. TNA accused him and quickly retracted it.

    He has been a TYPICAL double speaking Tamil. He is still a USEFUL IDIOT because he is rattling the TNA (which the govt. is too chicken to do).

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ananda & Lorenzo,

    Let’s lend a wider meaning to the term ‘ballot’ as we are talking “ballot vs bullet” here which as just a rhetorical term to show the contrast. The meaning behind ‘Ballot’ ought to be widened and should include the Law of the Land and peaceful methods to eliminate social problems, in fact, have Preventive Care, before social problems escalate out of control. A smart and peaceful method than the bullet is best. Preventive Care is the most acceptable method.

    Preventive Care that should have been done decades ago :

    * For instance, should we not have applied the 6-A when Tamil leaders were yowling for Separatism ? The 6-A was made Law on 8 Aug 1983. Since then many Tamil leaders have broken this Law and got away with it. Was it because of the Cold
    War mode ? In that case, the GoSLs of those times ought to have explained to the people why the 6-A wasn’t put to effect.
    Why isn’t it put into effect now ? The Cold War is finished. So whom are we pleasing now ?

    * Tamil Illegal migrants have poured into Lanka for a long time, particularly during the time (we think) of ltte rule. Why were these people kept on in Lanka ?

    * It ought to be written into the Law that stationing of Armed Forces is a non-negotiable item.

    More ….

    * Channel 4 (UK) have put out yet another false video attempting to down the Army. What is the GoSL doing about it apart from saying it is false. It is up to the Tamil people who are for fair play to now stand up and accuse the CH-4 of the falsehoods, or else these citizens are not worth their salt.

    There are many ways to Prevent Separatism. We ought just ask the Public to submit ideas.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as : ” .. ballot vs bullet here as just a rhetorical term ….æ

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    And go beyond the 1983 trumped up Riots. JRJ should have declared a Curfew but he did not. Three days of rioting took place. Why did he not declare a Curfew and who forced him not to ?

    Each time negative events happen, the blame is placed squarely on GoSLs past and present – makes you puke ! Who is pulling the string here ?
    This is not Democracy.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    “It is up to the Tamil people who are for fair play to now stand up and accuse the CH-4 of the falsehoods, or else these citizens are not worth their salt.”

    I’m laughing from both ends!! (No disrespect to you).

    FYI, there are NO “Tamil people who are for fair play”. Even MOST TRUSTED Tamil paramilitary leader Douglas supports an independent investigation on that. Please stop running from one mirage to another searching for “Tamil people who are for fair play”. I bet you will NEVER find them.

    NEVER say never except if its about Tamils changing to love SL honestly. That is the only instance you can say NEVER.

    6-A could NOT have saved people from the LTTE even if enacted in 1948. Then Tamils would say law does not allow an avenue to get Tamil Elam leaving no option than to take up weapons.

    Don’t forget using violence is PART OF LAW!!

    We went to war following the law – constitution, PTA, emergency, etc.

    Let me submit the first idea on how to PREVENT separatism.

    1. KILL separatism promoters (TNA).

    This can save another 200,000 lives, prevent riots, etc., etc.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    Your idea of killing TNA is not a practical one – it will only give Eelam on a platter.

    ‘Hitha honda gaani hamadama ledding’ not budding. She is sick with and of Tamil leaders nonsense.

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran & Lorenzo,

    Lorenzo is CORRECT, when Special Rights unavailable to other citizens can be had by BLACKMAILING the GOSL with the help of the Eelamist Diaspora and self-appointed Drone Deploying Western “Human Rights & Democracy” Champions, GREED takes over the GOOD SENSE of even the most “Moderate” Tamils.

    Can you blame them … we have enabled them to have a CAKE of their own, and a EQUAL SHARE of OURS too …. who can resist the temptation with a deal like that?

    That is why ALL DOORS to EXTRA RIGHTS in Sri Lanka must be SHUT & SEALED not only to the Eelamists but to ALL Communal Groups in Sri Lanka demanding Special Privileges, unavailable EQUALLY to ALL Sri Lankan citizens.

    Douglas Devananda, hoping to get a piece of power in the Tamils-only PIE in the newly empowered Northern Provincial Council, is now TRYING HARD to prove his Eelamist credentials to the TNA, and is making Separatist noises. After all, the name of his EPDP Party stands for EELAM Democratic People’s Party … does it not? He too sees the GOSL giving ground to the TNA; and he is getting ready to JUMP SHIP to the other side at the opportune moment.

    That is why I say, the more you APPEASE these Racist Separatists, the MORE YOU ENCOURAGE their TREASON and DISLOYALTY. WEAKNESS BEGETS AGGRESSION & TREASON!

    The solution is to take the BULL BY THE HORNS, and do what is NECESSARY before it is TOO LATE. For example,

    …. REVOKING the foreign Imposed 13th Amendment and REPEALING the Provincial Council System, and replacing it with a District Administration System with GOSL Appointed Government Agents, and Municipal and Village Councils for administration of population centers,

    …. INSTITUTING a National Policy of Ethnic Integration, starting with SETTLING Sinhala People in the North & East; first by INCREASING the presence of the Armed Forces in those Provinces, and settling their Families PERMANENTLY on Crown & Legally Purchased Privately Owned lands, with ALL the FACILITIES necessary for the settlers to THRIVE and sink permanent ROOTS in those areas

    …. BANNING all Separatist and Communal political organizations with “Eelam”, “Tamil”, “Muslim” and “Sinhala” in their organizational names and constitutions. No party advocating a separate existence for any community … political, ethnic, linguistic or religious should be allowed.

    …. EXPELLING all foreign NGOs meddling in Sri Lanka’s internal matters under the guise of “democracy building”, “charitable assistance”, “human rights assistance”, “religious missionary activities” ad infinitum, ad nauseam

    …. CLOSING DOWN all Indian Embassies in Sri Lanka except the Colombo Embassy, taking back all military and strategic economic installations controlled by India (eg., Palaly airport, Trincomalee Oil Storage Tanks, Sampur Power Plant), and taking steps to LIMIT India’s ECONOMIC and PERSONNEL footprint in Sri Lanka

    ….. INSTALLING a Security System to protect, defend Sri Lanka’s Coastline, and ELIMINATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION from Tamil Nadu and elssewhere, with Coast Guard and Naval bases located within EYESIGHT of each other. Also, the 2012 Census data should be reviewed, and the citizenship status of all citizens INVESTIGATED in depth. The released data shows that INSTEAD of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka being reduced by the LEGAL and ILLEGAL emigration of over 1.2 million Tamils to other countries, there are over 1.6 million more Tamils in Sri Lanka. They could not have come from anywhere else but ILLEGALLY from Tamil Nadu during the years the LTTE controlled the Northern and Eastern Provinces. They must be IDENTIFIED & SUMMARILY DEPORTED back to Tamil Nadu. This is an URGENT High Priority matter that the GOSL MUST Address. The Tamils who formed Prabhakaran’s “Human shield”may have done so, BECAUSE they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Tamil Nadu who feared being DEPORTED to Tamil Nadu without Prabhakaran’s protection

    As Lorenzo intones like a Prophet Lost in the Wilderness …. Make the Eelamists FEEL HOPELESS!

    The GUIDING PRINCIPLE should be to make them LOSE MORE, the MORE they attempt to UNDERMINE and DESTROY Sri Lanka! Every TREASONOUS ACTIVITY, should EARN them ANOTHER PENALTY!.

  29. Nanda Says:

    Hitha Honda gaani hamadema budding is the correct one. Maha Ranee wants to show he is the “Hitha Honda Gaani” and therefore he should expect every one queuing up to make him “budding”.

  30. Lorenzo Says:

    “GREED takes over the GOOD SENSE of even the most “Moderate” Tamils.”

    This is EXACTLY true.

    FEW Tamils who love SL are ridiculed as fools because they are SELFLESS. They become poor, deprived, ridiculed and even EXCOMMUNCATED from the Tamil society.

    At the same time RACIST Tamils demand things and GET THEM. They are the symbols of success.

    One example.

    Last year or 2011 there was a big news in SL Tamil community in the north that govt. FEARING UNHRC, Endia, Pee-Illey, etc. giving away land to Tamils. THOUSANDS of Tamils (some from foreign countries) came down and begged for land for which they NEVER had titles. Govt. gave ALL of them CROWN land.

    We did not because it is THEFT despite many old neighbors telling us to do.

    Now they laugh at us!! So we are the fools for doing the RIGHT THING and NOT robbing the land. ALL those who robbed land with govt’s foolishness worked TIRELESSLY for TNA.


    For them it is TNA EXTORTION politics that gives them free education, free land, political solutions, business opportunities, etc.

    What MIGHT I do if I were living in SL? FOLLOW other Tamils and extort whatever!!

    This is the plight of few good Tamils. NO ONE cares about them because they don’t demand and they don’t get.

    STAND FIRM. Say get lost to TNA and federal Tamils. Then good Tamils will become respected people in the Tamil society. This is what happened after July 1983 to around 1987. GOOD Tamils (those who don’t believe in Tamil homelands) in Colombo, etc. became semi-gods to other Tamils. They knew LTTE, TULF, ITAK were USELESS. So they came after good Tamils for help.

    Foolish Premathasa disrupted it and Chandrika reversed it. Now good Tamils have to go behind racist Tamils for everything.

    Laxman Kadir and Jeyaraj Fernandopulle. Never again. Other Tamils will kill them before even joining a party.

  31. Lorenzo Says:


    “Your idea of killing TNA is not a practical one”

    That is the most practical one to save INNOCENT TAMIL MINDS from poisoning. The clock is ticking.

    I don’t propose the army does it. NO WAY. Get “LTTE” to do it. Like “LTTE” killed RAVIRAJ, SRINIVASAN, PARARAJASINGHAM, MAHESWARAN, AMIRTHALINGAM, etc.

    Practically, LTTE is immune from war crimes, aren’t they?

    IF Chelva was “put out of business” in 1949 when he started Tamil Elam nonsense, SL would NEVER have a TNA or a LTTE. Over 200,000 people would have survived.

    IF Wijeweera was “put out of business” in 1965 SL would not have 2 riots killing 50,000 Sinhalese youth.

    This is called SACRIFICE. Sacrifice a little for more.

    When our soldiers got their legs blown off in war, we CUT their leg off. It SAVED them. One soldier was adament he is NOT going to lose his leg and for some reason the medical team granted his wish and his leg was not operated. He lost his life!!

    We must cut this cancer cells off to save SL. There is no other CURE.

    In a perfect world peace, Dhamma, Bible works. But in this BRUTAL world where the law of the jungle rules, it does not UNTIL you get rid of the obstacles. Then yes.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ananda & Lorenzo,

    I still maintain that 6-A is the answer. It is the Tamil TNA leaders who are doing all the damage. Imagine them imprisoned and their property seized. Toothless Tigers will have stripes of bars to match their outer skins.

    The 6-A is/was NEVER activated. This is the folly of all GoSLs. Why ? In the answer is all we need to know.

    What a charade !

    Anyway, I close my case. Nothing more to say.



    Hitha honda gaani hamadama dukkeng, if not ledding ! At least we can open our eyes and analyze the events happening now, thanks to GoSL & Pres. MR.

    And where were all our ‘kerung karats’ who are shouting now when the war with the ltte happened ?

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    ‘kerung karayas’

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    One more …

    All CHOGM representatives ought to be ferried across (to show the easy access to Sri Lanka by Kallathonis) to Tamil Nadu to show the goings on in social justice there, some 95,000 coolies still carrying buckets of night soil in the 21st century, etc.

    Why did Tamil Nadu scuttle the Asian Games to be held there ? to hide 11 Million under Scheduled Castes ?

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