CHOGM a Club of old “friends” ?
Posted on November 4th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

‚ A club is defined as a formal association of people with similar interest.‚  Hence we could perhaps call the CHOGM a Club where the old Colonial Ruler and the leaders of its former colonies get together for a friendly pow-wow about each other and their concerns.‚  They have shed their Colonial garbs and meet as leaders of Sovereign States on equal terms.‚ 

‚ They meet as friends now‚  though‚  memory of the colonisation by the British is filled with hatred for the brutality‚  beyond‚  any comparison to -violation of human rights- with which it clamped the rebellions against colonial rule by the‚  native National leaders, who are still remembered by the people of these countries as heroes.

‚ That extreme ‚ brutality with which the Colonial rulers enforced their authority over the native population cannot be erased from the minds of the people however much they‚  Club out as friends.‚ 

‚ In addition to that is ‚ the modern idea of a -violation of human rights- with which‚  the former‚  Colonial British turned a Commonwealth member Nation,‚  and the members of the Commonwealth fraternity such as Canada, accuse Sri Lanka. It is an aberration of the whole purpose of being members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

‚ The different Nations of the Commonwealth having a grievance with any other Nation of the Commonwealth, ‚ should forget those grievances and give time for the people of the now‚  independent former Colonies to erase those ‚ memories of the past from their minds and make an effort to establish real acceptable political ‚ relationships ‚ for a meaning full ‚ existence of the Commonwealth of Nations.

‚ The members of the Commonwealth should evaluate concepts such as violation of human rights and examine the context in which it could be applied. Accusing any country for violation of human rights in the course of its fight against terrorism is not correct. Such cases should be ‚ taken out side the ambit of violation of human rights.‚ 

‚ Sri Lanka which suffered under terrorism for thirty years has, while ‚ making great human and material sacrifice eliminated terrorism, and at last breathes the air of peace and freedom and is going ahead with development of the country which had been neglected for over three decade.‚ 

‚ Is it now correct for the Nations that form the fraternity of the Commonwealth of Nations to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights at the ‚ last phase of the ‚ elimination of terrorism- ‚ terrorism ‚ which for three decades almost on a daily basis had‚  been massacring its innocent people, assassinating and wounding‚  its ‚ Presidents, intellectuals, Ministers, Military Commanders,‚  officials, and so on ?

‚ Sri Lanka is ready to forget‚  the past and forge ahead contributing to the fraternity of the Commonwealth of Nations, provided the other members understand the situation of Sri Lanka and in the spirit of the unity of the Commonwealth of Nations discuss matters concerning her in a civilised manner, without adopting‚  low tac-tics merely to reach out to ill informed expatriate Tamils in return for their votes.

‚ The CHOGM is ‚ the meeting of the Head of Governments‚  belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations.‚  It is held once in every two years in different countries of the Commonwealth in rotation.‚  The first CHOGM was held in 1971 in Singapore .‚  There had been 21 such meetings so far.‚  The venue is selected on the invitation of a Member State.‚  There is nothing special in the selection of the country of the meeting.‚  This year the CHOGM is to be held in Sri Lanka.‚ 

‚ There is an unusual and‚  unseemly uproar about the event being held in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had been one of the poor developing countries within the Commonwealth until now.‚  It had gone through an unprecedented upheaval‚  through ruthless terrorism introduced to it by a neighbouring Sate using the youth from‚  Sri Lanka-â„¢s Tamil Community, creating an ethnic bias. This ethnic bias ‚ continues to hamper Sri Lanka-â„¢s progress and development even after the elimination of‚  terrorism.

‚ It is this ethnic bias which has created present commotion with regard to the holding of the CHOGM in Sri Lanka.‚ ‚  CHOGM is only a normal event, but the elimination of the terrorism is being used by some interested parties as a discrimination by the Government against the ethnic Tamil Community to which the terrorists belonged. These anti Government Tamil population based ‚ in Countries abroad are forcing some Countries like Canada, India and even UK to boycott the CHOGM to be held in Sri Lanka.

‚ It is not in the spirit of the Commonwealth of Nations to uphold the voices coming from out side Sri Lanka against the participation in the CHOGM.‚  The venue for the holding of CHOGM is not selected for political, social or cultural reasons.‚  It is selected ‚ on an invitation extended by a Country of the Commonwealth, and accepted at the previous CHOGM.‚ ‚ 

‚ The last CHOGM was held in Australia, and it was then that the invitation to hold the next CHOGM in Sri Lanka was accepted.‚  The next venue for the CHOGM may probably be in Mauritius if the invitation is accepted at the CHOGM held in Colombo.‚  Therefore all the commotion that has been let loose in India , Canada, and UK‚  should not affect in any way the holding of the CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

The CHOGM‚  discusses issues such as , –¦. ‚ ‚ include international peace and security, democracy, climate change, multilateral trade issues, good governance, sustainable development, small states, debt management, education, environment, gender equality, health, human rights, information and communication technology, and youth affairs. -

It is said that, -After a formal opening ceremony and a formal Executive Session, the leaders meet privately in a -ËœRetreat-â„¢ setting. The atmosphere is informal, encouraging a full and frank exchange of views, and decisions are reached by consensus. -

They meet in CHOGM‚  to discuss matters affecting each other. They discuss how their relations could be improved and in what different ways the problems of one country‚  could be settled‚  by help and support from the others.

Therefore, in CHOGM there are no fist cuffs, bashes and brawls. It is not a‚  tribunal or an unfriendly get together where they accuse each other and‚  chose‚  winners or losers.‚ ‚  Nor do they behave like a pack of hyaenas‚  growling and snapping at each other over an animal carcass.

CHOGM helps to keep the Commonwealth of Nations together. They speak the same language, therefore‚  they can make each other understand, and better understanding brings better relationships.‚  At CHOGM they‚  discuss political , economic, cultural or‚  social matters in different ways and find remedies to problems.‚ 

They do that to help each other as ‚ Members of the Commonwealth of Nations and not to please outsiders, or win elections. Therefore both Canada and India should‚  attend the CHOGM as members of the Commonwealth, to discuss problems and offer solutions.‚  Their political problems are not the concern of the CHOGM.

Both India and Canada should learn to separate their internal political problems, from their affiliations with the Commonwealth of Nations, and attend the CHOGM at least through respect to the participating Nations of the Commonwealth.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The REAL reason for Endia and Canada’s behavior is NOT Tamils. It is CHINA.

    Tamils are used as a PAWN to get things done.

  2. Nanda Says:

    We should align with China block. I mean fully. That is , in case of war, we take China’s side by providing all facilities. In case of Sri Lanka’s war against India, China is required to attack India.

    In 1971 CHOGM , LKY noted the elder stateswoman foolishly proud of non-align policy. He told her Singapore cannot stand alone, so they aligned with USA for security. He says he did not talk much with due respect to Mrs. B.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indian Tamils should end discrimination against their own people instead of worrying about Sri Lankan Tamils, as CASTE WARS continue unabated in the Tamil Valhalla.

    In the article below, note that the attackers are referred to as “Caste Hindus” in contrast to the Dalits. According to the Indian Hindu caste system, Dalits are untouchables and “Outside” the Hindu Caste System that assigns to them the status on non-humans!

    This are the Ethical Underpinnings of the JayaLolitas, Karunanidhis, Vaikos, Ramadosses and Thirumavalavans who DARE TO ACCUSE Sri Lanka of Discrimination against Tamils!

    Monstrous Hypocrites …. ALL of them!
    Attacked by caste Hindus, Dalits knock collector’s door

    By Express News Service – TIRUCHY
    November 5, 2013

    Dalit villagers, who were allegedly attacked by caste Hindus on Deepavali day at Anthanallur in Srirangam constituency, approached Collector Jayashree Muraleedharan on Monday seeking to initiate action against their tormentors. They appealed her to shift a PDS outlet claiming that it is located at a place dominated by members of the other community.

    A large number of Dalits, including those injured in the alleged attack, thronged the collectorate.

    Explaining the chain of events, they told the collector that a section of people from their community were waiting at a bus stop at Mullikarumbur on Deepavali day when a group of caste Hindus approached them and picked up a quarrel. Mullikarumbur is a place dominated by caste Hindus.

    According to the Dalits, the caste Hindus used filthy language and addressed them by their caste name. When asked why they were targeting them, the group allegedly assaulted them. “They came there with an intention to attack us and as planned, they rushed towards us with lethal weapons and iron rods and assaulted us,” a victim said.

    The injured Dalits were rushed to the GH and were given treatment. Meanwhile, Dalit members lodged a complaint with the Somarasampettai police station, but the police allegedly refused to entertain the complaint.

    Meanwhile, when the caste Hindus learnt that a complaint has been lodged against them, they stopped the Dalits once again while they were waiting at the bus stop and warned them of dire consequences.

    In the petition to the collector, they also expressed fear that the situation may worsen if the people from their colony go to the ration outlet located in anarea dominated by caste Hindus. “People from our area, especially women, fear to go there to buy things and we appeal to open a PDS outlet so that we may live peacefully”, the petition further said.

    The Collector received the petition and asked police officials to look into the issue.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some points and questions re CHOGM :

    What does Sri Lanka get out of being in the Commonwealth ?
    What do we have to do/give in Return for being in the Commonwealth ?


    America, India & Sri Lanka are all ex-Colonies of the British Empire which was forced to fold up after American Independence (1783) and post WW II (1945). India & Sri Lanka are members of CHOGM. America is not. America is looking at and trading mostly with the Asia Pacific region, whilst it appears that Asia of Indian Oceon region has been left (mostly) to Britain & CHOGM.

    CHOGM is a way to keep the ex-Colonies together in a less aggressive more co-operative manner. India was the first foreign country that Mr David Cameron visited after he was appointed PM of UK. Sri Lanka is India’s neighbor. India is a loose collection of states held together by the Hindi language & Hindu religion. As Ananda points out, there is a flaw in the religious system through the Caste system, the Dalits catching it rough for over 3,000 yrs. These Caste differences are the weak points in India, as are the Tamil Caste wars. Lanka has got caught in the Tamil Caste war trap. Tamil SEPARATISM (for Federalism per Wigneswaran > Eelam) is used as a unifier and a distractor for disaffected (due to Caste) Tamils of Lanka & Tamil Nadu clamoring for social change. It remains to be seen whether CHOGM will exploit or help out with such cracks in the Tamil social fabric.

    Our view is that Empires & Colonists never quite give up their colonized countries. So proceed with preparedness and caution. All major commitments with CHOGM should first be put before the People, and a Referendum taken where security issues and integrity of the country are at stake.

    Be a friend to all and enemy to none. Proceed with great Caution.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    SL needs this. Fantastic. If they don’t have the money jail them until they find the money.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill that forces relatives of terrorists to pay for damages caused by their attacks. It also boosts penalties for launching, participating, or financing militant or terrorist groups.

    Under the law, all damages – including moral damage – should be compensated “at the expense of the means of the person committing the terrorist act and also at the expense of the means of his [or her] family, relatives and close people.”

    The term “close people” refers to those whose lives, health, and well-being are valued by the terrorist, due to the terrorist’s personal relationships with the individuals.”

    – RT

  6. Lorenzo Says:



    Be a friend to friends and an enemy to enemies.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo said “Be a friend to friends and an enemy to enemies”.

    Precisely! That is: DO UNTO as DONE UNTO. Failure to RECIPROCATE IN KIND will result in EXTINCTION.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Someone had previously commented at LankaWeb that Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka RESENT their compatriots working abroad when they come to Sri Lanka to setup new enterprises, for “not having shared the burden” during the war years. Nothing could be further from the truth: Expatriate patriots have not only done their best to turn back the tide of Eelamist Propaganda, but have also contributed MASSIVELY to Sri Lanka’s foreign income helping to keep the economy afloat.


    Investment in enterprises by Expatriates PALES in comparison to their MASSIVE CONTRIBUTION to Sri Lanka’s economy and finances, by the funds sent to support their families, build homes etc in Sri Lanka. This INFUSION of hard currencies by 26% of Sri Lanka’s working citizens employed abroad is the LARGEST SINGLE foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka!

    Without that INCOME in hard currencies, NONE of the INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENTS transforming Sri Lanka today into the New Wonder of Asia would be possible. Those programs, and the interest due on construction loans, are ultimately financed by the remittances of patriotic expatriates.

    Sri Lankans should be GRATEFUL to these worker bees who REFUSE TO FORGET their kith and kin in Mother Lanka!

    US$10 billion target for 2020; Expat remittances to hit $7 b. mark

    By Rasika Somarathna
    November 6, 2013

    Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera while noting that present trends indicate migrant worker remittances will hit the US$ 7 billion mark for the first time this year, said his ministry targets US$ 10 billion in remittances by 2020.

    Current figures show with over 1.7 million Sri Lankans working abroad, migrant workers constitute 17 percent of Sri Lanka’s working population.

    Remittances by the country’s migrant workers has shown a 10.9 percent increase in the first eight months in comparison to figures for the same period last year. Minister Perera expects remittances will surge to over an unprecedented US$ 7 billion at the end of 2013.

    He said if the foreign worker remittances go past the US$ 7 billion mark for 2013, it would be an increase of at least US$ 1 billion from the previous year. The minister said in 2012, migrant worker remittances rose to US$ 6.1 billion, the highest contribution from a single sector to the country’s foreign revenue. The workers’ remittances was 10 percent of the country’s GDP in 2012.

    He said in the first eight months of 2013, remittances rose from US$ 3.9 billion to US$ 4.4 billion. He said remittances for August alone had shown an increase of 16.3 percent.

    Meanwhile, the number of workers who went abroad for employment increased by 11,721 in the first eight months in comparison to figures last year. A significant feature is that the number of women migrants, especially domestic workers, has seen a sharp decline this year while the number of male skilled worker migrants increased significantly. In comparison to last year, there is a 12 percent reduction in females going abroad for jobs while males have shown a 29 percent increase.

    Minister Perera attributed the surge in worker remittances to the thrust adopted by his ministry to increase the migration of skilled manpower for better salaries and perks rather than unskilled female domestic workers.

  9. Nanda Says:

    Friends and Enemies

    OK. First must identify the Enemy.

    For 500 years Endia was SL’s enemy, time to time. Sometimes they pretend to be Friend.
    In the recent past,
    1. Helped to setup, train and protect most ruthless LTTE fools.
    2. Parippu drop
    3. Rape by 13A
    4. Never allowed defeat of LTTE
    5. Two times voted against SL
    6. Waiting until last moment for CHuGiam ( showing No-Bell qualities)

    For 1000 years China has ben our friend. I cannot name a single instant they behaved like an enemy.

    But our brainless shameless politikko keep saying “ENDIA IS OUR FRIEND”.


  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ananda & Lorenzo,

    Use the LAW to deal with Enemies. ACTIVATE the 6-A. We have yet to see the 6-A Activated under any GoSL !
    We have yet to see hoards of ILLEGAL MIGRANTS deported. We have yet to see the 13-a revoked via a Referendum.

    Look at the way Russia is dealing with terrorism. The relatives have to pay for damages, including moral damages ! Wow !

    Use the LAW !


    Do NOT get involved in COLD WARS of other nations as we did – was forced to – during the last Super Power Cold War. That was why India acted as an ‘enemy’. Preventive Care must be done to prevent involvement i.e. stay Non-Aligned, or else it is the small countries like Sri Lanka that get mashed.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Toronto is the largest Tamilian GHETTO in the west.

    This is their mayor!!!! No surprise.

    “(CNN) — Despite the call for him to step aside after he publicly admitted Tuesday using crack cocaine, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he will not step down and will run for re-election next year.

    “I was elected to do a job and that is exactly what I am going to continue doing,” he said during a news conference Tuesday at his office. “We live in a democracy and on October 27, 2014, I want the people of this great city to decide if they want Rob Ford to be their mayor.”

    Earlier Tuesday, after months of dodging allegations, Ford told reporters that he smoked crack cocaine about a year ago — probably, he said, during a “drunken stupor.”

    “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. But … do I? Am I an addict? No,” Ford said.”

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    Of course we should use the law.

    But law alone is not enough.

    Some laws cannot be changed. They need 2/3 and referendums. But national security problems cannot wait for that!! Quick action is needed.

    Besides you CANNOT win every legal battle but ALL national security battles MUST be won.

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