Just two massacres for PM Cameron’s consideration
Posted on November 4th, 2013

Durand Appuhamy Negombo‚  Courtesy Island

November 4, 2013, 12:00 pm


Given the unending torrent of unsubstantiated accusation against our security forces and the abuse resorted to against the good name of our country by the British government and some of the British Parliamentarians-”a few of whom are alleged to be in the pay of the foreign LTTE-”I regard it appropriate to resurrect just two, out of many, massacres committed by the colonial British on the Kandyan freedom fighters. I offer no comment as I have dealt with them in my two books, viz. THE REBELS, OUTLAWS AND ENEMIES TO THE BRITISH and THE KANDYANS-â„¢ LAST STAND AGAINST THE BRITISH. Here they are:-

In an order signed by Deputy Assistant Adjutant General attributed to Governor Brownrigg dated 6th January 1818 one finds a massacre in a mountain cave near Madulla. “The number of about fifty men were in the cave, while the captain proceeded with the remainder of his brave soldiers to the front. The alarm was given within, the inhabitants set up a hideous yell (probably don-â„¢t shoot!) and rushed from the cavern. Twenty of them were killed by our troops and the remainder precipitated themselves down the steep declivity of the mountain, by which they must have severely suffered. In the darkness that prevailed, one woman and child were also unfortunately killed” (CO/54/70 Letter by Brownrigg to Bathurst, 30th Jan. 1818).

Lt. Henderson actively participated in the military campaign against Matale Kandyans in 1848. He admitted to the slaughter of Kandyans not only in his book but also when he appeared before UK-â„¢s House of Commons Committee on Ceylon 1849. The quotation is from his book, THE HISTORY OF REBELLION IN CEYLON P.24 et passim. The quotation refers to the massacre of Kandyans at Wariyapola coffee estate where he was one of the slaughterers of the Kandyans.

“The Kandyans who stood under the jack tree were panic struck. They stood with their guns in their hand without attempting to fire on us or fly. Had the rifle-men been led up in a soldier-likeway, and formed in front of the rebels, the latter on being summoned, would have at once surrendered and no lives would have been lost. However, this was not done. The first Riflemen who came up began firing into the body of the Kandyans. These did not appear to resist. The Malays now used their bayonets and krises, one who stood near me plunging the whole blade of the latter weapon into the chest of the Kandyan, till his hand rested on the chest of the man. Of all those Kandyans who stood under the tree, few or none escaped unwounded and most of them probably mortally. I think I am pretty accurate in stating that the panic-struck mob under the large tree did not use their fire-arms”. The official report mentioned the death of only a few Kandyans. But Governor Torrington had to admit the truth to Colonial Secretary Grey in London that ” it has since been ascertained that the total number killed and wounded amounted to little more than two hundred” (CO/54/250 Torrington to Grey 14th Aug. 1848)

However late it may be, the victims of those massacres deserve atonement and retribution especially from British politicians flaunting selective “tough talking” on Human Rights to humiliate Sri Lanka. Is there any compassion left in the still colonialist mind-set of these politicians? Your comments, please Prime Minister Cameron, on the above massacres by your ancestors.

Durand Appuhamy


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  1. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Durand – a very pertinent question to be posed at Cameron by the GoSL at the Forthcoming ChoGM. There are a catalogue of such questions to be asked from the British when Cameron says “he has som questions” for SL – FINE! You have your questions. We have OURS!!
    I have no intention to lit them all again. The GoSL preparation for the CHoGM should include all this – S de Silva – London

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Durand Appuhamy,

    Thank your for this write up.


    I cannot read accounts of Sinhela suffering under the British or other Colonists, without tears coming to my eyes. These were our own ancestors’ sufferings. These accounts of men and youth killed by Colonists and other horrendous accounts of treatment of the local folk were carefully left out of our earlier history books. Pres. CBK left History out of the school curriculum. Post Colonial Ceylon (it was still Ceylon when we were young) were Brit worshippers, fed on Pathe News, upping the Brits. Well, now the cats are out of the bags, and the British PM himself had the guts to admit that ‘most of the troubles in the world today are due to the British’. I repeat that we are glad for the PM’s candor. The British PM is an outspoken person, but his main aim would be to protect British interests in the Asian region. His very first foreign visit was to India first after he was appointed PM. India is important to Britain and Sri Lanka is included in the list.

    We hope fair play is brought about at CHOGM sessions and no more “divide & rule”. Tamils gained during Colonial British rule and Sinhela folk lost heavily. Will balance be restored ? Is GoSL, Jnt Opposition and concerned others ready to present the facts and figures ?

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Here’s the real massacre: Tamil terrorists who have donned disrobed soldiers’ uniform are killing the Army soldiers. This video all in Tamil language was later dubbed with Sinhalese and given to ‘channel 4’

    This is the original of the channel 4 video:


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