Sri Lanka: What are the names of the ‘40,000 dead’ – Where did they live and where are their relatives?
Posted on November 5th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

There appears to be a scramble among LTTE supporters to compete with each other as to whose guestimates can embarrass the Sri Lankan Government and its Armed Forces. What is preposterous is that the sources for these guestimates come from LTTE sources. Leaving aside the exaggerations behind these claims what must not escape anyone-â„¢s attention are a few simple questions a) Where are the 40,000 or even 125,000 bodies of the supposed dead? b) What are their names -” the dead must surely have names and those claiming anyone is dead must surely know who the dead person is c) where did these dead live -” give a list of addresses and d) who are the relatives of the dead and on what grounds can they claim it was the Armed Forces who killed them -” this again brings us back to the question, where are the dead bodies, at least the skeletons and how did the army manage to bury so many dead bodies without a single video footage landing in the hands of Channel 4 who are making merry and getting international notoriety by repeatedly concocting tales on the instructions of those funding them and winning awards from agencies that were pals of the LTTE too. So we have a nice web of international players all ganging up against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka should categorically say that the country will not waste time energy and money because a handful are paid to drop numbers of death figures without an iota of credible evidence. Therefore, produce the names of the dead – 40,000 or 125,000 even if its 300,000 it does not matter. Their names-” their addresses must be produced.‚  ‚ 

‚ The guestimate competition started with the appointment of the Darusman Panel. This Panel was appointed by the UN Secretary General in his capacity as UN Secretary General to appraise him of the final stages of the war. Note -Ëœappraise him-â„¢ thus the Panel, its investigation, its findings or even its conclusions were not mandated by the UN General Assembly or its Members. That is why the report was titled THE REPORT OF THE UN SECRETARY GENERAL-â„¢S PANEL OF EXPERTS. Thus, the Report should not have been allowed to gain international acceptance in the light of being the ONLY such personal appointment when there are scores of conflicts older than Sri Lanka-â„¢s which ideally should call for similar Expert Panels to be appointed.

‚ Excuse us for asking but what were these international figures and UN Secretary General-â„¢s including Ban Ki Moon doing for 30 odd years watching LTTE blast people to bits, kill pregnant women, babies and learned people and no sooner the LTTE is vanquished they are quick to come out demanding accountability, transparency, holding Geneva Rights all leading to demand why the LTTE were killed? What kind of hypocrisy are we witnessing?‚ 

‚ When Supramaniam Swamy says it is ridiculous for the Tamils to demand the release of the LTTE accused for killing Rajiv Gandhi simply because they are Tamils and the arrest hurts the sentiments of the Tamils. This needs to be reminded at this stage to all the international and local supporters of the LTTE. As Subramanium Swamy says the LTTE were killers and they deserve just punishment. If this is the rationale for Rajiv Gandhi and this should not change for ordinary civilians that the LTTE killed? Moreover, the East was liberated far before the North -” why did these same organizations not place the same attention to the East as they are doing to the North?

‚ Raising our eyebrows further is the fact that the Darusman Panel gives LTTE a certificate of approval as a -Ëœdisciplined group-â„¢ and simply copies what we know of the LTTE – -Ëœknown for its forced recruitment and use of child soldiers, including boys and girls-â„¢ while claiming to have -Ëœcredible evidence-â„¢ of -Ëœcredible allegations-â„¢ in the final report against the armed forces. What the sources are for the -Ëœcredible evidence-â„¢, how the evidence was examined, why allegations were accepted or rejected, how the credibility of eyewitnesses were qualified and other criteria was never disclosed which dampens the credibility of the Panel findings especially when it quotes Tamilnet the propaganda machinery of the LTTE. This is why Yasushi Akashi, Senior Adviser on Foreign Policy in Japan said -Ëœthe Darusman Report though intended only to be an advisory report to the Secretary General of the UN is IMPROPER-â„¢.

‚ Be that as it may the 3 member panel quoted 40,000 dead in its 2011 report.

‚ Thereafter Robert Blake, former US Ambassador started quoting 40,000 dead and used this figure at the US Congressional Hearing too.

‚ Then the figures became a sport and LTTE supporter Siobhain McDonagh (Labor MP for Mitcham and Morden) declared 100,000 people had died and 40,000 of them were civilians. She must have counted the dead!

‚ Amnesty International in a special report titled -ËœWhen will they get justice? Failures of Sri Lanka-â„¢s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission-â„¢ published in 2011 quoted 10,000 civilian deaths.

Gordon Weiss former UN official initially quoted 7000 dead. Then the entrepreneur in him took over and to boost his book sales, the figure changed to 40,000 which he changed to 10,000 at his book launch and disowned responsibility for the change of numbers attributing it to the printers! Thereafter plenty of other -Ëœauthors-â„¢ gained fame for joining in the bandwagon quoting death figures and they have amassed plenty of wealth by doing so. It has become a lucrative venture now to quote numbers of dead in Sri Lanka.

‚ The number of dead quoted by the UN country team in Sri Lanka was 7721 people. The UN Expert Panel however says that these figures are too low to accept. Does this next imply that bizarre guestimates is the way to go?

‚ The comprehensive survey by the Government in the Northern region at the conclusion of the conflict placed the number of dead and missing during the final phase at 7400 dead and 2600 missing. The 7400 dead included LTTE fighters killed in combat. Of the 2600 missing, 1600 had been with the LTTE whereas only 438 had disappeared in areas under military control. ‚ 

‚ Then there is the satellite analysis report on the graveyards in Mullaitivu by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. They identified 3 graveyards which had expanded to a highest number of 1346 and one of the graveyards belonged to the LTTE showing 960 burials. Why did satellites not detect 125,000 dead bodies or even 40,000?

‚ To have dead bodies there must be HUMANS. In July 2011 Tamil Officers (mostly teachers of the North) did a population survey of the North covering migration, deaths, untraceable persons from 2005 to 2009. These officers declare 7896 as dead including LTTE terrorists while the number of natural deaths due to old age and sickness was 1102.

‚ Then came the Charles Petrie review of the UNSG-â„¢s report which came up with another fantastical figure -” 70,000 completely ignoring the deaths reported by the UN Representatives office in Colombo as 7721. Let us also remind readers that even Tamilnet the LTTE propaganda wing reported a total of 7398 deaths. So for what reason or for whose agenda is these numbers being quoted without names, addresses or details.

‚ When the LTTE ran its defacto rule, they had their own courts, own judges own LTTE legal doctrines -” therefore it is not difficult to gage what happened to anyone standing on the LTTE dock before an LTTE judge in an LTTE court. The nonsense of treating terrorists on the same platform as democratically elected governments is a tragi-comic exercise by multicultural liberalists who have nothing better to do than turn accepted norms into bizarre secular theories.

How can a group of people who rule ONLY because they hold gun in one hand and bombs in the other have any credibility over governments that are elected by millions of people voting for them? If Governments are to be accused by LTTE terrorist sources and their stooges then voters are equally guilty and if voters are to be placed on the dock simply because LTTE sources say so then we would like to add that no one asked the LTTE to take up arms, no one forced them to kill or to adopt the murderous path of suicide terrorism and to plan and execute people. If the LTTE did so and thousands of innocent people became targets of their heinous agenda of crime and terror -” it is the justice for them that should be taken up first. Whoever has heard of terrorists being given justice totally ignoring the deaths of innocent victims they snuffed out?

‚ The Armed Forces have been too good to these murderers. Let it not be forgotten that TWICE the President of Sri Lanka appealed to the LTTE to give up their arms and surrender. The LTTE response was that they would fight to the last man and when the LTTE makes such a decision no one has any right to be pointing fingers. The LTTE threw a challenge, the LTTE was given umpteen chances to mend their ways. That they did not is no fault of the Sri Lankan Government or the Armed Forces. A Just War concluded in May 2009. If Tamil civilians and entire villages were taken by the LTTE for whatever reasons best known to them it is the LTTE that must be blamed for compromising their own people. The legality of combatants and non-combatants clearly denies any civilian the protection of a non-combatant if they had been taking part in hostilities. Hard as it is to accept this fact -” it is a fact that is legally enshrined. The LTTE itself declared the civilians were helping them -” if so they lose their civilian status. We continue to question how many of these -Ëœcivilians-â„¢ were realistically -Ëœcivilians-â„¢ But we are giving them the benefit of the doubt because if they had been digging trenches for the LTTE then it makes them no less guilty than the LTTE. If civilians were subject to the definition of a combatant -” it is the LTTE that has to be blamed not the armed forces.

‚ In wars there are collateral damage and no terrorist will handle with care any non-LTTE (be in military personnel or Sinhalese/Muslim) alive in their possession. The language the LTTE knew was to only kill and it is the language they only understand. So they must be treated in the language they comprehend for they have never shown mercy to others and we have lists of even Tamils who have been gunned down and killed.

‚ Yet, 300,000 Tamils were saved and brought to safety and nothing happened to 11,000 LTTE fighters -” most of them are now rehabilitated and reintegrated into society -” that speaks volumes. ‚ 

‚ If this ritual of screening a paid documentary sponsored by sources that are kept in the dark before foreign parliaments and even UN, gives the nod of acceptability why do we need to appoint learned people for roles and have local or international courts with internationally accepted benchmarks for judgements? Moreover, we knew Channel 4 would reveal a documentary close to CHOGM with Terrorist TV anchor Issipriya becoming the focus of the latest release. If we are to accept for argument sake that this is an authentic clipping we would next like to have answered why Channel 4, its director and the sponsors of the documentary kept this video for 3 years without releasing it if justice and not commercial and political mileage was being sought? Why did they keep this to use only on occasions specifically targeting the Government of Sri Lanka?

‚ Is this not why the Channel 4 documentaries are being screened across the world, its director sheds crocodile tears and the whole gang are invited for roundtable talks by Human Rights Organizations that invites ONLY LTTE apologists as panel members?‚ 

‚ What needs to be categorically said is that to have dead bodies -” there must first be people. For there to be people they must have names, therefore anyone making allegations must first come with a list of 120,000 names or even 40,000 names and not simply throw numbers into the air.

‚ Next is a Government elected by people is not answerable to a private channel that produces documentaries on sponsorships and funds. No Government or even citizens of Sri Lanka need to respond to any allegations that a private channel like the Channel 4 makes.

‚ If we are talking about victims -” victims starts from the very first person LTTE gunned and it is from the beginning that investigations should start not why the LTTE was killed because the LTTE chose death and it was the LTTE that opted to kill and no one else. That needs to be very clearly understood. LTTE took to guns, LTTE killed scores of people mostly civilians including Tamils and it is these crimes that were never taken up by the very parties that are now suddenly producing the red card. Why did they sit silent watching innocent Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims be killed by the LTTE over 3 decades and why are they now coming to action after the LTTE defeat is a question these international protagonists now need to answer.

‚ It is time these LTTE apologists started to answer some questions first.

‚ Whatever anyone says it was our BRAVE SOLDIERS who LIBERATED the Tamil people from the LTTE. It was Sri Lanka that suffered 30 years of TERRORISM, it was TERRORISTS who were defeated in May 2009 (not Tamils).

‚ Therefore on what grounds have we accepted the notion of reconciliation? Why do we need reconciliation when we fought a war with Terrorists and Terrorists are no lambs. They have no qualms about taking lives of others – who says Terrorists need to be given preferential treatment?‚ 



29 Responses to “Sri Lanka: What are the names of the ‘40,000 dead’ – Where did they live and where are their relatives?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good question.

    What are their names, dates of birth, NICs and where are their birth certificates?

    This is what GOSL should ask the UN.

    Until then GOSL should maintain it is a BS number.


    If they can give names say they DROWNED in the sea trying to go to Australia and a few DID reach greener pastures.

  2. Cyril D Says:

    The Documentary that Channel 4 refuses to broadcast.


    It is based on the true-life story of a former LTTE cadre Jayawardanee, who was shot at on her face by the LTTE and was badly injured, whilst crossing over to the government side at the end of the war.

    She was air lifted to Colombo by the army and several operations later, regained consciousness after six months. Although she made a full recovery, her face was disfigured.

    It has all the ingredients that Callum is allergic to:
    Ex LTTE cadre – now denouncing the organisation.
    The LTTE shooting at its own people.
    The family rescued by the Army and treated in Colombo.
    The family reunited and most of all, she was willing to tell her story.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Perhaps Rajayppu Joseph might be able to help on this score. GOSL should even question the origin of the 300,000 saved Tamils whether they are genuine Sri Lankans?

  4. Nanda Says:

    It is cruel and un-Buddhist but some times I wonder what happened if they got rid of that 300,000.
    Even now they call it Genocide , so what is the difference ?
    Bloody Fools don’t know how to enjoy good life. Revenged and revenge only in Tamil hearts.

  5. S de Silva Says:

    Yes Shenali, we seem to blame everybody else but not us (GoSL)! And where is the physical evidence of the burial / cremation of 40,000 bodies?? Even Hitler failed to do that without leaving behind evidence! The one thing we could do and the only language our accusers will understand is legal action for libel etc and all the outfits that should have been legally targeted like Adele B, Gordon Weiss, CH4 etc have been ignored by the GoSL. Once when I raised this with someone having links to the GoSL, I was told “oh it will be very expensive and there are no funds for that!!” My response was that the ’War Project” should have had a Provisional Sum for this contingency to deal with the political aftermath of the War…..-and I have said this before. That is the action that will permanently shut the mouths of LTTE propagandists. But sadly we have even failed in simpler tasks within Sri Lanka – Like kicking out the 13A, taking the TNA to task for their reference to separatism in their constitution etc – S de Silva – London

  6. Sarath W Says:

    40,000 dead? Nice round figure. Not 40,001 or 40,002?

  7. Christie Says:

    The question has been raised whether the cannibals who devoured these 40,000 Tamils be tried under local laws or International laws. The question has been posed to people like Mr Roach of HRW and other Human Rights businesses and UNHCR and the men and women who wrote books about the Indian terrorists out fit. None of them have answered the question.

  8. Christie Says:

    Those who live overseas should get involved with local politics and state the facts. Most of the people in the West understands.

  9. Sooriarachi Says:

    40,000 is the creation of Gordon Wheiss who was an employee of the UN office in Colombo during the last stages of the conflict. Like all others, he too did not have any access to the conflict zone, but for some reason he decided to come out with various accusations to discredit the Sri Lankan govt.. His first estimate of 7000 was flatly rejected by the UN itself. Thereafter due to his inexplicable statements, he was not given an extension and after returning to Australia, he floated the new figure of 40,000, which he used in his book. However, at his own book launch, he himself in answer to a question had told, the figure could be around 10,000.
    Even so, the UNSG’s Dharusman advisory panel took the 40,000 as a credible figure, though it failed to name any witnesses to substantiate any of its findings. Today interested parties and the ignorant, refer to this as a UN finding, when in fact it was the findings of UNSG’s Dharusman advisory panel, which was only for the UNSGs use and has no validity in the absence of any witnesses.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, write a letter to Gordon Weiss (through CHOGM) and ask him how he arrived at this nice, round figure of 40,000. Publish such a letter in all media.

    GW, just like the others who back the ltte, must have been rewarded by ltte dirty money for his book ?

    Similarly, CH-4 should be challenged via the CHOGM.

    That would be great new direction for CHOGM to take – the road to TRUTH & JUSTICE for its member countries.

  11. thurai Says:

    40,000 or 1 dead Tamil Terrorism (Group of Educated high rang Tamils who Cheats their own community for their own wealthy) will never give up accusing GOSL. To safeguard their own criminal activities and escaping from world
    attention on them they do something time to time against GOSL.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Bloody Fools don’t know how to enjoy good life. Revenged and revenge only in Tamil hearts ! cool mates – what can say is that our Tamil Karma?

    Nanda, you are another good Sinhalavan (Fran Diaz is first one) I founded in this forum .

    I always wonder why We Tamil not able solve our ethenic problem for last 2,500 years with Sinhalavarkal !!!

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    We see some reasons why it has proved to be difficult to sort out the so called ‘ethnic issue’.

    (1) Proximity of Tamil Nadu & India, TN especially plus their Separatist/Expansionist aspirations with Delhi Centre attempting to prevent Separatism. TN creates Institutionalised Discrimination through the ancient Caste Structure there. Tamils attempt to escape Tamil Caste Discrimination via Sri Lanka through illegal migrants, Eelam etc.

    (2) Cold War & Colonisation (carrying political ideologies, religions, culture, languages, etc) with adherents still competing with the local eastern established religions, cultures, languages, aiming for wide social acceptance, political power & wealth.

    All of the above creates a sense of destabilization and insecurity which is resisted as it is opposed to the peace & harmony that we crave.

    Any other reasons ?

    Answer to Problems : Take ONLY the best of everything in the right proportions, and throw out what is of no use. Activate the 6-A. which will put a stop to the world of the destabilizers, Separatism.

  14. thurai Says:

    Franz Diaz,

    My opinion in Tamil Nadu or in Sri Lanka there are no Tamil Leaders who love their own community
    If they love their own community they will try to live peacefully with other communities .
    Pirabakaren and LTTE killed Tamils,Sinhalese, and muslims. TNA want to Honour the Murderers of LTTE.
    How many DMK in Tamil Nadu? How Many Tamil Eeelam Liberation Organisations were in Sri Lanka?
    They killed each others why ? Only for Power to control the Tamil Community. not to serve for the
    poor people.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    I agree with you that the fault lines are mostly with the Tamil leaders. The initial Caste problems have wrecked havoc with clear thinking for them.

    As a result, it appears that the confused Tamil leaders are being hijacked/bought by vested interests, with false promises.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    This is what we want to hear: EQUAL TREATMENT for Sinhalese as well!

    Sri Lankan Tamil movement says Sinhalese should be allowed to live in Jaffna

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 06, Colombo: A Tamil movement in Sri Lanka says that Sinhalese who wish to live in the Jaffna peninsula should be allowed to do so.

    The Jaffna Tamil Buddhist Association says Sinhalese should not be prevented from living in Jaffna.

    President of the Association, Ravi Kumar issuing a statement has said that Sinhalese and Tamils in the North should be encouraged to live in harmony without any differences.

    He has pointed out that Tamils live peacefully with Sinhalese in certain areas in the South.

    He has made this comment in reference to statements made by some Tamil National Alliance (TNA) members against Sinhalese settling down in the North.

    According to Kumar, Sinhalese and Tamils should be allowed to live together and they will be able to find solutions to their issues.

  17. aloy Says:

    At the same time can we ask following question from GOSL that rescued 300,000 tamils from the jaws of tigers, fed them for many months and resettled all of them, all at the expense of tax payers in the south:
    1) Did GOSL maintained a data base on them after their rescue ?.
    2) Did they find out where they lived before being herded by ltte, their Grama Sewakas etc. ?.
    3) Where they have been resettled?.
    I believe the present army was rewarded for excellent job done in this process. Probably he is the best person to say at least there is such a data base.

  18. aloy Says:

    Correction: “I believe the present army commander………….”
    We are a bunch of fools if we did not know that we have rescued and fed a large number of kallathonies. I remember Shenali analyizing the figures and stating that the number in the human shield should not be more than 125,000 and some retired military officers writing in this collums that many of them did not look like SL tamils

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    SL govt. has issued visa to Callum of Channel 4.

    Even Endia and Malaysia refused him visa!!

    What damn fools in SL govt.

    Earlier SL govt. gave visa to a TN film director who made a film by the name WHITE VAN. It will be telecast when CHOGM starts.

    SL is like a ship without a captain. No one cares. Anyone and come and do whatever they want and go.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    no Tamil Leaders who love their own community- agreed with thurai
    this basic foundamental problm which is only reson we Tamil have that why we are not able to solve this ethenic problm !
    even though one Tamil leader talk about our community more than any thing else – nothing but big liers !!!

  21. Nanda Says:

    It is very possible that the sakkilis came in thousands to fight along with Tamils. They may have thought they could win and got stuck there realising Prabha was just a coward. Your 3 questions are very important. We must ask someone to raise these questions in the parliament.

  22. cassandra Says:

    What we are being asked to believe is that the SL armed forces indiscriminately killed 40,000 Tamils and got rid of their dead bodies leaving no trace, all this, mind you, during the bloody, final stages of the war, while fighting in enemy territory, with enemy bullets and mortars falling all around them. If that was indeed true, the SL armed forces must have some extraordinary capabilities. I doubt even the army generals would claim such competence on their behalf. And the alleged rapes and molestations by the armed forces are said to have occurred under the same circumstances, while heavy, bloody fighting was going on!

    Sadly, even otherwise intelligent people are prepared to swallow these propaganda myths, hook, line and sinker.

  23. SA Kumar Says:


    Database for all 297,298 with Govt agent & Red cross !SL Govt well organisted .

    sakkilis came in thousands last 2500 years include yours great & my great . We are ( from katchchatheevu) only 20 miles away from ….
    FYI, 150,000 SL Tamils in Indian various camps .

    Time to relation now !!!
    Maththra Maththaya completed his 50% job in May2009 & balance 50% will be completed in another two more his terms!
    Thanks to VP to elected him in his first president election (stop voters to Rani to win ) – Karma & Tharma always work in Lord Bhuddhas mother Lanka !!!!

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    I mean… Time to relax !!!

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka is awash with Kallathonis, mainly from Tamil Nadu. Most of the rescued during the last war with the ltte, are Kallathonis.

    India will gladly off load millions of their poor into any country that accepts them. They have a surfeit of poor. India should create a new country from some far off island that no one wants and off load their folk there along with hundreds of Indian grocery stores. That may be the only way to solve the Tamil Nadu & Indian problem.

    Meantime, Lanka will have to have stringent Laws re deporting illegal migrants, and not put ‘foxes in charge of the hen cages’ to implement the Law. Also activate the 6-A which has NEVER been put to action – strange. A part of an unwritten Indo/Lanka Accord not to activate the 6-A ?

    Wither Lanka ? Einstein said that repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result is called LUNACY.

    See how Britain protects herself. Britain was overrun by various European war mongers but mastered the art of self protection. Sri Lanka has to Learn fast and imitate to survive, or, “Learn or Depart”.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:

    thurai & Kumar/Andy,

    All Sri Lanka Tamils (leaders and others), ought to act with honor and respect toward the country (and the others of Lanka) that supports them daily in their human needs, Sri Lanka.

    If such a objective can be achieved, i.e. feeling in their Hearts that Sri Lanka is Mother Lanka, then Tamils would feel a sense of belonging and security.

    What has been happening is that because of the Tamil Caste structure, they do not really belong in Tamil Nadu. And because of the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976, per Tamil leaders), Tamils do not feel they belong in Sri Lanka either, but in some mythical Eelam. Time to openly erase the Vaddukoddai Resolution, through a written declaration, signed by leaders from all the Tamil political parties.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Another GEM from Russia.

    Russia has been impressive in 2013.

    “The head of the State Duma’s Constitutional Legislation Committee has blasted as “extremely dangerous” the suggestion to regulate some relations in certain regions by adhering to the norms of Sharia law.

    “We cannot leave an excessively large space of unregulated relations because when we do, other regulators start to fill that space in, and these other regulators are extremely dangerous,” MP Vladimir Pligin (United Russia) told a parliamentary expert council on Wednesday, according to Interfax news agency.

    Even if we discuss territories which have a certain mentality, it is not possible to let even a part of legal relations be regulated by Sharia law. This space must be regulated by Russian law and there is no doubt about it,” he said.

    – RT

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil Caste structure, they do not really belong in Tamil Nadu. And because of the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976, per Tamil leaders), Tamils do not feel they belong in Sri Lanka – Fully agreed !

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    It makes sense to remove both Caste & V’koddai Resolution.

    Caste is man made, not God made. If God made, it would be Universal and accepted Universally and a must to be observed by every person on this earth. Example of God made Universality : the breath, life, impermanence, joy, good/bad health, death, etc. The fact that Caste is not Universal proves that it is only man made and therefore removable.

    Also, Caste is put away when a Tamil becomes a Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. This again proves that Caste is merely a impermanent social structure and is man made, not God ordained.

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