Britain’s Mass Murder of Indigenous Australians (Aborigines)
Posted on November 9th, 2013


British Genocide in Sri Lanka to boot! Painting on British suppression of the 1818 rebellion.
British brutality in Sri Lanka

A word of advise to Messrs candid Cameron and vague Haigh people in glass houses should not strip in case you are exposed in the Emperor’s new clothing.

Just forget the promise you gave the LTTE Diaspora for any electoral and/or financial benefits.

You are the last people qualified to lecture Sri Lanka on human rights because your country’s hands are bloodied with acts of inhuman genocide against colonials‚  through out history–even exceeding acts committed by Genghis Khan, Hitler and such likes.
An apology to the present generations would be a start. Secondly,please institute an International inquiry to Blair’s role in the murderous so-called war against terror on deliberate deception of finding no-existing WMDs.
The Chilchot commission was insufficient. The world also eagerly awaits an honest inquiry in to the assassination of late Princes Diana. With these Albatrosses around your necks you have no morale right to ask for an International inquiry about our defeating a 30 year war of terror. After all old boy, was it not the English who said that Charity begins at home.
Oh we almost forgot—Bloody Sunday massacre in Northern Ireland where the so-called elite British Parachute Brigade mowed down innocent Irish women,men and Children who were marching for the return of their homeland.
Subsequently all the men who took part in the mass murder were rewarded with promotions.Thereafter late Edward Heath and many succeeding British political leaders had covered up this dastardly crime until about a 2 years ago and decades later guilt was reluctantly admitted.
By this time the perpertrators of the henious crime were either too old to be punished or had gone down to depths of hell to receive divine justice. Rule Brittania, Britannia waives the rules.You have no God given right to demand justice for anybodywhen Britain did or does not dispense such a valuable quality herself.
‚ Please dont bring contempt upon your selves If you fail to act like true British Gentlemen ( a fast depleting tribe) then you can only expect a Churchill gesture and be exposed as hypo critics par excellence to the world.

Please enjoy our typical Sri Lankan hospitality and we are sure that you would not misuse our kindness! Tally ho and all that

British BrutalityBloody sundayBritishbloody sunday2A Casualty one of 36 or more Irish Men, Women and Children killed by the so-called elite British Parachute Brigade. The civilians who were totally unarmed were mowed down unceremoniously for taking part in a peaceful parade against the illegal occupation of part of their Motherland by Britain. For their act for duty for and above the call of duty—they were all promoted with honours!

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