Ref- Why Commonwealth nations should boycott the Sri Lanka Meeting
Posted on November 9th, 2013

Ira de Silva Ontario, Canada

The Editor

Embassy Magazine
Ottawa, Ontario
Attention:‚ ‚ K. Shane
The opinions expressed by R. Thavaratnasingham that the Commonwealth should boycott the meeting are not surprising as he is the president of the Canadian Tamil Congress which organization is anti-Sri Lanka because they support the division of Sri Lanka to establish a mono ethnic, fascist, racist,Tamil only area which they call Eelam which was the same goal of the LTTE terrorists. SInce the end of the war, expatriate organizations with this same goal have not given up their efforts to achieve their ambition of‚ dividing Sri Lanka and are now concentrating on using‚  politicians in various countries to‚ achieve this goal.
He is correct in stating that in 2011 Mr. Harper first mentioned his intent to boycott the summit based on human rights in Sri Lanka. What he has omitted to state is the fact that this intention was made public at what was called an “ethnic media round table meeting” of Tamils in Toronto who were carrying on the campaign to harass Sri Lanka after the war. Those present claimed they were very satisfied with‚  Mr. Harper’s decision and were quite sure that with Canada leading the charge, the summit would be moved from Sri Lanka. What was not clearly understood was‚  that in the Commonwealth, countries are equal and have only a vote not a veto. Clearly the other members of the Commonwealth did not share Canada’s view including the other countries of the Commonwealth who have large numbers of organized Tamil groups who lobby their politicians against Sri Lanka. The other members believe that it would be more effective to attend, share their concerns, criticisms and proposals rather than threaten boycott.‚ This April, Mr. Baird went to the U.K. in a final attempt to carry out Mr. Harper’s goal of not letting Sri Lanka host the summit, a goal shared by the Canadian Tamil Congress.‚ Outside the meeting he greeted and was greeted‚ by the supporters of the LTTE in the U.K.‚ ‚ who saw in him someone who was supportive of them.‚ ‚ 
If human rights abuses is the criterion for excluding a country from the Commonwealth meeting, then Canada too would be excluded as it is also being investigated by the U.N. for humans rights abuses.‚ Perhaps all the members would not pass the test including the‚ founding nation whose‚ gross violation of human rights all over the world for hundreds of years is‚ known to all,‚  the Commonwealth‚  being referred to as an association of victims of plunder with the plunderer in the lead role.
A statement is made that there “may remain” some potential steps Commonwealth countries can take to show their commitment to human rights in Sri Lanka but their problem will be that those same “potential steps” would apply to all of them, not just Sri Lanka. If boycotting the meetings is the “only real one”, since all these countries have problems regarding human rights, the only real outcome will be the end of the Commonwealth.‚  It may be what the Canadian Tamil Congress wants, but the question is whether Canada wants this to be the outcome. The other members did not agree with Canada’s goal of not having the summit in Sri Lanka‚ so it is highly unlikely that they will agree with Canada and‚  the Canadian Tamil Congress on this issue either.

Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
Ontario, Canada

6 Responses to “Ref- Why Commonwealth nations should boycott the Sri Lanka Meeting”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo! NOW the GOSL can REDUCE Indian political, economic and military involvement in Sri Lanka, REVOKE the 13th Amendment, and DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System. Lets us GET OUT OF India’s DEADLY SUFFOCATING EMBRACE … NOW!

    Also, Mr. Kurshid and the rest of the Indian delegation should stay at home in India as well … They are missing Man Mohan Singh’s Party with the Tamil Nadu Racists!

    Indian Foreign Minister to lead delegation at CHOGM in Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 09, New Delhi: India’s External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid will lead the Indian delegation at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Sri Lanka next week, Indian media reported today.

    Indian media reports quoting government sources said the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has decided to skip the event in the light of the strong opposition within his own Congress party as well as from the Tamil political parties in Tamil Nadu.

    The PM’s decision to skip the event will be conveyed to the Sri Lankan government tomorrow, sources said.

    “The Prime Minister is likely to write to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa by tomorrow regarding his decision,” India’s PTI news agency said quoting government sources.

    However, there Indian government or the Congress party has not made an official announcement on the Prime Minister’s decision yet.

    The Prime Minister and the Congress Party core group headed by party president Sonia Gandhi had deliberated the pros and cons of PM’s participation in the summit for over an hour yesterday but the discussions had not produced any conclusive result.

    Some sections of the Indian government were of the view that non-participation by Indian PM yielding into the political pressure from Tamil parties would result in India losing the leverage it has on Sri Lanka and drive the island nation’s government more towards China and Pakistan.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    SL should refuse the Endian delegation.

  3. Nanda Says:

    This is a good thing. Let the KuruSHit come. Since the Old Jatilaya is not coming he will be feeling guilty and will talk in support of Sri Lanka. Soon this is over, kick all Endians out gradually. Impose huge taxes on Endian rubbish until people import everything from China.

    But what is important is MR openly stir up British pigs mention Wellassa Genocide in detail. Specially killing all males above 18 years old. I remember he raised this question passionately once when he was in Wellassa, but after that no more mentioning of it. Was he bribed heavily by British ?

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    WHAT A COME DOWN FOR THAT BEARDED TOORBHAN SINGHEE. A Country like India, being represented for such a big event by KURU SHIT, minion.


  5. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Ira de Silva, London, Ontario……….This is the very reason many people said INDIA could never be trusted. THIS IS GOOD in one way to get rid of all Indians from Sri Lanka.

    Indians should stay in their TOILET STATE & support TN, to get them elected next year. That is the case INDIA is pushing PCs in Sri Lanka.. So that we have to listen to NPC & EPC otherwise they too WOULD NOT corporate with GOSL in Colombo.

    Now the coast is very clear .. OPPOSE ANY proposal, suggestion or aid India provides & downgrade India to a second class power after CHINA & PAKISTAN.

    Hopefully our Presient NOW must decide to curtail any dealings with India. This is the final straw. Not that I personally want him(bearded guy) in lanka soil, its a Cancer that does not go away…….Thank you alll……..J

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    We Sri Lankans have to UNDERSTAND that these “Diplomatic Errors” are not isolated rare events; they ARE, and WILL BE, a CONSTANT RECURRING FEATURE stemming from the IRREFUTABLE FACT that Tamil Nadu is MORE IMPORTANT to India than Sri Lanka.

    As such, India will ALWAYS be more SUSCEPTIBLE to BLACKMAIL by Tamil Nadu and WILL ACT against Sri Lanka’s National Interests, EVERYTIME. No amount of APOLOGIES and EXCUSES by the GOSL to sustain the relationship with India can change that IMMUTABLE REALITY.

    So, what should the GOSL do? The ANSWER is AS OBVIOUS as it is SIMPLE: Initiate a DIVORCE from India NOW before the Indian Octopus ENMESHES Sri Lanka in its Suffocating Deadly EMBRACE and hands over Sri Lanka for Tamil Nadu to do with as it wishes.

    REDUCE involvement by India in Sri Lanka’s affairs AT ALL LEVELS: Diplomatic/Political, Economic, Military and Reconstruction/Rehabilitation work.

    Eliminate Indian Embassies in Hambantota and Jaffna, and allow only the Embassy in Colombo to exist, take back the Palaly airport and Trincomalee oil storage tanks, discourage ALL Indian investments in Sri Lanka, Levy high taxes on typically shoddy Indian products to discourage Indian imports, initiate import-substitution production on agricultural products (eg. dhal, onions, films etc), STOP military cooperation with India from which we cannot get arms and equipment anyway because of TN opposition, INCREASE military cooperation with China and Pakistan,

    INITIATE production of military equipment (small arms and ammunition, artillery, missile firing armored vehicles, IED resistant armored vehicles, robotic mine clearing systems, airborne surveillance and mine-detection drones, all types of airforce, naval and army missiles, small naval vessels upto frigates in size, transport vessels, radar systems to fill our own needs and to sell to other friendly nations to grow a PROITABLE self-sustaining military industry. The MODEL for the development of this military production industry should be Israel.

    GET India out of reconstruction/rehabilitation work in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. India is slowly but surely wedding itself to the Tamil community there, to cement its hold on those areas just as it pushes for devolution of greater powers to the TNA and its cohorts.

    SEVERELY REDUCE the ISSUANCE of Visas to Indians. This will promote retaliation by INdia against Buddhist Pilgrims, for example. SO BE IT … let us ignore the places of Buddhist worship in INdia, and concentrate on growing and developing those places in Sri Lanka. Country FIRST …. religious pilgrimages SECOND.

    BUILD coastguard and Naval bases within EYESIGHT of each other ALL AROUND the island, exploiting and expanding the LTTE’s own naval bases, to protect Sri Lanka’s natural resources, stem the flood of illegal Indian immigrants, gun runners, smugglers, and terrorists crossing over at will. Furthermore, do not restore the Railway link between India and Sri Lanka, and allow DIRECT flights between India and Sri Lanka only through BIA in Colombo.

    DISCOURAGE Indian business involvement in Sri Lanka. Give the Sampoor Power Plant project to another country, such as China, Japan, South Korea. Stop Indian banks, hos[ital chains, and oil exploration, production, refining and distribution compamies from doing business in Sri Lanka, discourage the importation of Indian built vehicles, machinery, wind turbines, power plants, construction materials, small tools etc into Sri Lanka with very high taxes. End involvement in Free Trade Agreements with India.

    INCREASE the number of bases of ALL BRANCHES of the Armed forces in the North and East. SETTLE them and their EXTENDED FAMILIES in these areas, providing every administrative and financial assistance, with top quality schools, hospitals, banks and other infrastructure to Take ROOT, GROW and PROSPER.

    ADOPT Ethnic Integration as National Policy with the OVERALL OBJECTIVE of REDUCING and ELIMINATING Communal Conflicts with the IMMEDIATE GOAL of Eliminating Ethnic Concentrations and Homogenizing the demographic distribution of communities throughout Sri Lanka. This will DEMOLISH the VERY BASIS of the Call for Eelam.

    STRENGTHEN & ENFORCE the LAWS AGAINST TREASON. Anyone collaborating with foreign countries, organizations and individuals to undermine the nation should be prosecuted and severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. Inviting Foreign Nations to ACT AGAINST Sri Lanka, for whatever reason, should be declared and PUNISHED as TREASON.

    STRENGTHEN and DEVELOP strong diplomatic, economic and military alliances with countries not wedded to INdia, including China, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Brazil etc.

    These are AMONG the steps the GOSL should take to WEAN Sri Lanka AWAY from DOMINATION by INdia, which cannot act Impartially in Sri Lanka’s Interest.

    India, as Sri Lanka’s 2nd largest trading partner, MUST be GRADUALLY REPLACED by other FRIENDLY nations

    We CANNOT CHANGE India’s Internal Politics or its susceptibility to Tamil Nadu BLACKMAIL; We must QUARANTINE ourselves away from India and INOCULATE ourselves against Indian DISEASES!

    Diplomatic error
    November 11, 2013

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to keep away from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo this week is a serious diplomatic error.

    After much dithering the government has decided that external affairs minister Salman Khurshid will lead the Indian delegation for the meet. This is against national interest and the best principles of foreign policy practised by governments in the past. The UPA government has been known as decision-shy or prone to wrong decisions during much of its recent tenure. The decision on the CHOGM summit shows this tellingly, and it will have a very negative impact on India’s relations with Lanka. The government has, as in the case of a number of other issues relating to economic, political or public policies, shown itself as lacking in authority, unsure of itself and vulnerable even to empty pressure.

    The Tamil Nadu government, the state assembly and all political parties had demanded a complete boycott of the Commonwealth meet by India. Union ministers from the state also demanded that the Prime Minister stay away from the meet. It was inappropriate that they made the demand in public. If they felt strongly about the matter they could have written to the Prime Minister about it. Ironically, all the show of concern over the rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka is sham. The postures are only meant for the elections. But they will not help too. Boycott or no boycott, the Congress cannot win a seat in Tamil Nadu without help. The DMK also will find the going tough however much it pleads the Sri Lankan Tamil cause.

    That cause has in fact been badly served by the government’s decision. Continued full engagement with the Sri Lankan government would have given India the leverage to persuade Colombo to protect and promote the interests of Tamils. There is much more to be done through devolution of powers to the Tamil-dominated areas. India will now have less of such leverage with a Sri Lankan government unhappy with its decision. An estrangement with India will push it closer to China which is trying to increase its presence and influence in the island. This is not in the strategic interests of India. It is very wrong to allow the country’s foreign policy to be held hostage to the narrow political and electoral considerations of regional parties. A weak government is setting a bad precedent for future, and no one gains from it too.

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